tagBDSMEarly Night

Early Night


The bath water lapped over her naked breasts as she turned each page. She read a few chapters and then set the book down, deciding to bestow herself a well earned early night. Warmed and relaxed she stepped out of the bath, droplets of water hit the tiled floor as she smothered herself with a hot towel from the radiator. She dried herself off and padded confidently into the bedroom.

As she entered she was greeted by her husband, lying almost naked on the bed. Dressed only in black tight fitting underwear, his muscular body was completely on show. She chuckled to herself, so much for her early night. He got up from the bed and in one suave move flicked off the light, the room was immersed into total darkness. He stood directly behind her and removed her towel. She could feel his hands on her sides and his breath on the nape of her neck. He moved closer still and whispered in her ear.

"I know you always like to be the one in control of everything in your life, but tonight I'm in charge and you.... you will do as I say, when I say. I will be making all the decisions and I will tell you when you can speak, when you can beg, and when you can fuck me."

With that, gliding his foot across the floor brushed her ankle to spread her legs wide apart. Standing there naked in the pitch dark, she felt nervous and vulnerable. His hand graced the inside of her thigh just above her knee. She felt his smooth fingers run towards her vagina, but they never arrived, he teased just millimeters from her already moistened lips. Taking both hands he slowly caressed her buttocks and soothingly progressed up her back. Tingles of pleasure ran through her entire body. When he reached her shoulders he pushed them forward, she stood planted but her to two hands were now outstretched on the bed, she was bent over, her pert buttocks paraded for him.

The room fell silent, she could hear him right behind her, unhurriedly taking off his underwear. In a true position of submission, she was not permitted to turn around, and faced down staring into the darkness before her. Without warning she felt his hardened cock position itself between her ass cheeks, it felt wonderfully sexy for both, his cock flanked by her ass. He gently poured some lube over his cock and it dribbled down her cheeks trickling down to her vagina. She was very horny. He knew it.

"I know you love being told what to do and I know you like being teased, and right now I know you want my thick cock deep inside you."

Only a little louder than a whisper, there was still strength and authority in his voice. He started to leisurely run his erect cock up and down between her ass. With his hand taking control, he glided the smooth head of his cock down over the tip of her seeping wet lips. He sensuously teased her, lightly gracing her clit over and over again. She shivered with want and desire.

"You want me so, so bad, I can feel just how wet you are. You want my hard cock inside you, you want me to fill you and fuck you! Tell me how much you want it."

"Oh please.... please"

She managed to say, almost breathless.

"Please what?"

He commanded

"Oh...... please, please fuck me, fuck me hard"

Bent over, controlled and humbled, she waited in darkness. Moments passed, what for her seemed like minutes and then his cock slid itself between her lips enveloping itself inside her. She was immediately consumed by a wave of passion. Teasing her with his cock he positioned himself just barely within her wet lips, holding back from thrusting deep inside her. She could really feel the head of his cock as it entered, rubbing her clit with each slow thrust, and then intense stimulation as he withdrew.

Teasing her mercilessly he withdrew fully and began to rub his throbbing cock all over her drenched lips. Not wanting her to obtain too much pleasure he moved away from her. She could no longer feel his cock touching her soft skin, but sensed him very close as it graced her pubic hair. He was standing behind her, he controlled everything, she just longed to be fucked, and fucked hard. Waiting for him, deflated and frustrated, the teasing was unbearable.

Waiting for his instruction, she stood there, fully exposed, her legs spread, her vagina lips dripping wet, feeling incredibly horny and hungry for more cock.


One word was all he said, but it sent shock waves through her body, she would have to plead and beg to be fucked, and she loved it.

Full of frustration, her voice stammered.

"Please, please fuck me, please let me cum, I beg you!"

"Mmmmm, I didn't hear you. Say it louder, say it!"

With palpable anticipation, she repeated it.

"Please fuck me, please let me cum, I beg you".

He let her wait, he knew she craved his touch, anywhere on her body. The interlude only lasted a minute but it was ample time to whet her appetite and keep her juices flowing. And then without warning he grabbed a handful of her hair, and synchronized his hard cock to thrust deep inside her. Relentlessly he fucked her hard, his right hand held her hair and caressed her neck, his left hand rested just above her thigh to support her as she recoiled back into his body in excitement. She could feel his erect cock pulsating between her lips and fusing with her clit.

"Do you think I should let you cum?"

"Oh...Please, please let me cum"

She replied instantly, but he drew out his answer.

"No. Not yet"

He pulled out his cock and ran his hand across her bare ass. He lay down on the bed but said nothing immediately, as was the pattern tonight, he was in no rush.

She waited for his direction, legs spread, straddling the bed, naked.

"Have you been a good girl or have you been a very naughty girl?"

"I've been a very naughty girl, I need to be punished, punished with your hard cock. Oh please, please fuck me."

She couldn't see in it the darkness, but the authority of it all made him smirk.

"You are my dirty little slut and you're orgasms belong to me. Now get over here, I want you to hover over my cock"

She moved up on to the bed, throwing her leg over his body, she was kneeling directly over him, her yearning vagina inches from his cock.

"If you even attempt to cum before I have given you permission, you will be tied to the bedposts and I will tease you all night long, and just so you're sure about it, you won't get to cum!"

She quivered at the thought of not getting to cum, she was so close, she had been all night. See held her position and bit her lip in frustration.

"You are going to sit on my cock, and I'm going to make you cum, but I want you to tell me when you're close, because, I want you to beg for it!"

With that his hands gently persuaded her body on to his, his cock immediately separating her moist lips and gliding upwards as she sat and swallowed it deep.

She rubbed herself hard against his cock, building up momentum. His cock felt whole inside her, stimulating and filling her. It wouldn't take long.

"Oh Please, please may I cum."

She managed to say through her heavy breathing. Her wave of pleasure was imminent.

Calm and confident, he uttered the words she had longed to hear.

"You may cum."

Holding the rhythm, feeling her edge towards orgasm, he slowly lifted his head and whispered in her ear.

"Cum. Now."

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