Earning a Dollar


Being an escort was proving to have many advantages lately, being insatiable I'm thankful business was good. The limousine ride to the city seemed so long ago, though it was just 24 hours ago. Here I was getting dropped back off at my humble apartment wishing that somehow I could start the previous night all over.

I had prepared myself for the date in the usual manor, with a long hot shower and a very thorough cleaning. Baby oil, body oils and a soft application of my makeup and perfume. The scent of it seems so part of my life now, making me feel all the more the woman that someday I could completely be.

During our chat he was very specific on what to wear. What had me wondering was why he wanted to know my clothing sizes. I put on my red lace panties and bra and slid on my thigh high black stockings, never knowing which made me felt better, the satin or the nylon. I'd taken hormones so my breasts fit snuggly in the bra, and I decided I liked that feeling as well.

I slipped on my short black leather skirt, my favorite because of the scent as well as the way it accentuated my slender form and legs. Of course I wore the patent leather black 5 inch heels, certainly not designed with walking in mind, they made my desire for sex even more so. To top it all of there was my black silk shirt and an assortment of jewelry.

On the 45 minute ride to the city I could only contemplate what it must be like to have the money this man had to afford a two thousand dollar date and maintain a limousine , the wife he'd described to me, and a plush apartment overlooking Central Park.

None the less my mind was focused on the task ahead . I looked at it as a more a hobby than a job but still believed the customers' satisfaction came long before mine. When the drive was over the driver was kind enough to accompany me to the apartment door. When the lady of the house opened the door he excused himself and I thanked him.

As I entered the apartment I was immediately drowned in her beauty. Not the perfect trophy wife as I'd expected but a finely sculpted creature whom I immediately desired. Her imperfections were actually what made her perfect. She was taller than I'd expected and her walk was stronger than most women of that class. Her long Auburn hair reflected all the richness of the apartment and as she introduced herself to me with a long, slow, deep kiss I was immediately reminded why I was here.

She handed me an envelope and I put that in my purse as she walked me straight to the bedroom. I couldn't help but look at her delicious ass in the white silk kimono she was wearing. She stood me by the bed and asked me to wait just a moment after another sweet kiss and excused herself to get her husband.

He entered and merely said "hello" from the far side of the room and little did I know that would be his last word for the day. He sat in a chair by the door, so I hadn't much time to check him out. I already knew he was one of a few men I would have loved to date for free. An athletic man, handsome and well groomed. He was in his 50's but looked like what money does best, hold back the sands of time.

She came up tome and immediately swooped down upon my body. She started on my neck and slowly worked her way down my chest and removed my shirt to suck on my nipples and give soft bites. She held my arms back and wouldn't let me touch her for the moment. I could do nothing more than stand there and feel the blood rushing through my veins and feel my hardness grow. She unzipped my skirt and I remember hearing it fall to my feet.

She pulled my panties down and started sucking my cock like she had been with me all my life and knew all the sensitive spots and all my favorite moves. All the while her husband sat in the chair just rubbing himself through his pants. She stood back up and dropped her kimono, revealing all I could merely dream of that I always wanted to be. She was naked under the kimono as I'd suspected before when I was admiring her ass.

She took my panties and wiped them up against her wet pussy and then lifted them to my face and kissed me and we both licked the wetness from the satin. She again rubbed them on herself and then brought them over to her husbands side where she knelt down and unzipped him. She pulled out his truly beautiful cock and encased it in my panties.

She licked his cock and sucked it for a moment and then returned to me.

We kissed and rubbed and she let me feel her soft skin finally and then she lay me down on the bed and as she sucked my cock again she let me taste her sweet, wet pussy and we stayed that way for quite some time. She pulled her dildo out of the nightstand and shoved it immediately up my ass.

I could no longer access her as she devoted her total self to my ass and cock. Gliding her tongue up and down my shaft and under my balls to where the dildo was vibrating away and going in and out of me faster and faster.

I couldn't believe I was getting paid for this right from the start but I was the one being serviced , not either one of them. I wasn't sure I could hold back much longer when she squeezed my cock hard and pulled the dildo all the way out and lay back down at my side.

I returned her favors and kissed and sucked my way down her graceful body and had removed my shoes and stockings to feel our skin together with no barriers. I ate her pussy until she bucked her way through two orgasms and then lay back down along side her and she sat back up and straddled me and slowly slid my cock inside her sopping wet pussy. As she did this I guided the dildo into her ass and she kissed me and bit my lip.

She was going wild and I had almost forgotten her husband sat across the room just watching.

Finally after what seemed like hours we both came together. As I reached a tremendous orgasm and she convulsed on my cock I could see out the corner that her husband was cumming all over my panties in his hand. We slumped together on the bed, catching our breath. We just snuggled and kissed for a while.

Then she started again on my cock with her hot mouth and suddenly got up and went to her husband retrieving the panties she put them on. They were now wet with his cum and hers and she came to me and I licked them and sucked the juices from her.

As she stood there I had gotten out of bed and was kneeling in front of her. I sucked her clit and fingered her deep inside and then stood and she guided me back inside her. Her husband got up and left the room.

We fucked standing up and then she bent over across the bed and I fucked her ass until we both came again. I remember collapsing next to her and we lay there recovering and myself amazed at the whole situation and the fact I had cum so soon a second time.

We both went to the bathroom and took a shower together, washing each others bodies and kissing and nibbling every so often. After the shower she brought me back to the bedroom where there was a bag full of clothes, lingerie and a beautiful silk kimono matching hers.

We did our makeup together and then she helped me and I helped her dress. We walked to the dining room, where we were served a dinner and had several bottles of wine. The whole dinner he never spoke a word and sat at the far end of the table while she and I chatted and sat side by side almost in the same chair.

As the dinner came to an end I suddenly became the desert.

She had started by rubbing my cock into the silk kimono getting me hard and talking dirty to me in front of the servant as he cleared the table.

She had me go to the servant as he stood at her husbands side and I pulled his cock from his pants and began sucking him only inches from her husband.

That's when she came up from behind me with a strap on and entered my ass making me her bitch and telling me I was. I was in heaven, getting it from both ends and she was rubbing my cock as well with the kimono bunched up around my chest. When he flooded me with his cum I could hear her cumming from behind me and that was all I could take, cumming a third time, a first for me inside of one day.

The servant zippered up and left the room and she came over to her husband and sucked him off while I licked at her ass and pussy from under her. I could tell when he came as she began to cum all over my face. He got up and left the room, and we returned to the bedroom. I was never to see him the rest of the night.

We both undressed and got into bed. We were both spent and knew it but we continued to caress and suck each other through the evening until after hours of talking we slept a deep and peaceful sleep. When I woke up she was still at my side, sticking her tongue in my ear to wake me.

We kissed and I started sucking her delicious tits, when I felt her reach around and guide the dildo in my ass. I didn't believe I was ready for another round but she had me convinced moments later with her warm mouth.

As son as she got me hard she guided me into her moist pussy and started talking dirty. Telling me she wanted me to fuck her ass and fill it with my cum.

She told me to take the dildo from me and put it in her pussy and stick my cock in her ass. So I lifted her legs to my shoulders and slowly slipped my lubed cock into her ass while I pulled the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

I was deep and could feel the vibrations of the dildo on my cock as well.

It was then that I realized her husband was in the chair watching us and again rubbing himself in my red panties. I had wished he would get up and come over to me and take me as his wife had done the night before. But at the moment she was keeping me very occupied.

I was rubbing her breasts and she was rubbing mine still talking dirty the whole time. She was begging me to fill her ass, and told me I would get to taste her husbands cum again.

Finally she came with thunderous emotions and talking so dirty it took me over the edge while watching her and her husband both cum , I came again inside her ass. She then rolled me over and sat on my face and let my face get smothered in her juices and my cum dripping from her ass.

I licked her and sucked her pussy and ass and she again came and then got up and got the panties from her husband. She brought them over to me and I sucked the cum off of them while she fingered herself and watched me clean them once again.

Her husband had gotten up and left and we lay in bed snuggling until the servant from the night before with the 8 inch cock brought us a tray of fruit and tea.

She lay the tray beside us and told him to show me if he appreciated the night before. He pulled his cock out and I played with it and licked it until he was good and hard. Then I got up off the bed and lay across it bent over and guided his wet cock into my ass.

I ate her pussy while he fucked me from behind and then he came inside me while she came all over my face. I thanked him and he zipped up and left the room.

We lay there a while sharing the fruit and then we took a shower together. Again we did our makeup and dressed together. She put all new clothes on me and stuck my old clothes in the bag.

We went to the living room. She told me her husband was keeping my red panties and that they were both very happy. The driver was there at the door.

The next thing I knew we were pulling up in my driveway. He woke me gently with a soft toned, "ma'am". I got out of the limo, then realizing how sore I was, but it was in a good way. I entered my apartment and opened my purse and the envelope to find an extra thousand dollars in it. I knew then I could afford to spend the rest of the month recovering.

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