tagBDSMEarning an A

Earning an A


I walked into Mr. Arnold's office with a bit of trepidation, but I thought that I knew what I was doing and could handle myself. I had gotten an F on my latest History test, and knew that with a grade like that my parents would kill me for sure. I couldn't afford to have that happen, so I had decided to see if I could sex my way into a better grade. I was far from a virgin. I had given plenty of blowjobs, and figured that was all that Mr. Arnold would require from me, but even if not, I was experienced with vaginal sex as well, and my specialty was titty fucking. My 36D breasts were great for it, and guys seemed to like it. How a chubby, bordering on fat, girl like me had gotten so many guys to sleep with me was a mystery to many, but I guess high school guys are just desperate.

I walked up to his desk to get his attention. I had decided to come in before history class that day, as I knew that he would be in his office then and I had a free period. I had a lot of free periods this my senior year, as I didn't really give a shit anymore. I laid the test on his desk and waited for a response. I got none.

Eventually I spoke up. "Mr. Arnold, I cannot afford to have an F go on my record. Surely there is something that can be done about it. If, say, a girl was willing to earn a little extra credit," I said, in my most sultry voice. He finally looked up, and stared me straight in the eyes. I was beginning to get a little unnerved when he finally spoke up.

"What exactly did you have in mind, Missy?" he asked me. I gulped, having expected him to lead me to it and not to have to admit what I meant.

"Well, I am a woman, and you are a man, and I thought maybe you could, you know, trade some physical pleasure for a better grade for me," I said, trying to sound self assured. "I am not a virgin or anything, I know what I am doing."

His answer was swift and sure. "Close the door, strip naked, slowly, and then bend over with your hands on the chair and your legs spread," he instructed, and I grinned.

"This is going to be easier than I imagined," I thought. "So I will have to have his dick in my pussy, big deal. It is so worth it to get an A. After all, he isn't too awfully ugly." I went to the door of his office and closed it quietly, returning to the center of the floor. I took off my clothes one at a time -- my shirt, then my skirt, then my lacy red bra, followed my my lacy red panties. I stood there in just my socks and shoes, having forgotten to take them off.

He did not say anything about my feet, rather he came over behind me as I bent over the chair, kicking my legs even further apart than I had them. With no warning at all, I felt him enter my pussy. I had made sure to masturbate before coming so that I would be wet enough if need be, and he had no trouble entering me. His dick was much larger than most I had fucked, but it was pleasurable, not painful.

He did not say a word as he fucked me, taking his time, slowly moving in and out of me. Despite myself, I began to feel an orgasm building inside me. I tried to restrain myself, but couldn't, and before I knew it, I felt myself cumming all over his dick as he continued to pound me. I cried out in pleasure as the waves overtook me. He still did not say a word, but continued to pound away inside me, until at last I felt him hold my body to his as he emptied his seed inside me.

He pulled himself out of me abruptly and told me immediately to put my panties back on. I did so, wondering why he was being so abrupt, and afterwards reached for my bra. "No," he said, taking it away from me. "First clean me off."

I gulped, not really wanting to taste our mixed juices on his cock, but did so anyway, really wanting that good grade. I could feel his cum inside me beginning to leak out into my panties. I finally cleaned him to his satisfaction, then was given my clothes to put on. By that time it was time for class, so we left his office together and headed down the hallway to the classroom.

I sat in my usual chair in the back row, got out my books , and began to daydream until I heard the bell ring. I had no idea that this class would be any different than any of the others, other than my panties full of cum. As soon as the bell rang, Mr. Arnold closed the classroom door. "OK class," he said in his usual dull tone, "today we are going to do a little show and tell, to change things up a bit." I wondered what was his deal today, but didn't think much of it until he called my name.

"Missy, why don't you go first?" he said to me, and I gave him a startled and confused look.

"I, um, I didn't bring anything Mr. Arnold," I said, confused.

"Yes you did, Missy, now get up here and show us," he replied in a stern tone. I still had no idea what he was talking about, but I made my way to the front of the class. Before I knew what was happening, Mr. Arnold grabbed me by the arms, spun me around, planted my upper body on his desk face down, and yanked my skirt up and my panties down.

I wanted to die of embarrassment as I heard the class' collective gasp. I knew they could all see cum running down my legs and all over my panties. I knew they could also see my perfectly shaved pussy and my little asshole. Mr. Arnold spread my pussy lips with his fingers. "Missy has brought to show for us today her sluttiness," he said, as he held me open for all to view. I began to cry into the desk, but I had a feeling the worst was yet to come.

"I also brought something for show and tell today," he told the class as he held me pinned down on the desk. "Stay put Missy," he told me, giving me a firm swat on the ass, as he moved away from me. He walked over to the classroom computer and inserted a flash drive. He then booted up the projector and I got extremely nervous. Soon, on the room's big screen was me, asking Mr. Arnold to fuck me for a better grade. Then, of course, him fucking me, for all of my classmates to see. I began to cry even harder. When it finished, he turned off the projector and came back over to me.

During the video I had heard several of the guys in the class making sounds that led me to believe they were aroused, and I blushed deeply. Mr. Arnold stood me up and spun me back around so that I was facing my classmates, my tears streaming down my cheeks. I looked down in shame, but he forced me to hold my head up. "No no, Missy, look at your classmates, look them in the eye. Look at the lust in their eyes," he said in my ear. I forced myself to look around and did indeed see the guys, and some of the girls (although our class was, oddly, mostly guys), undressing me with their eyes.

Mr. Arnold soon did the job for them, though, grabbing a pair of scissors from his desk and cutting off each article of my clothing, except for my underwear. Those he took off and shoved into my mouth. "Wouldn't want you making too much noise, slut" he told me, and I could taste his cum on my panties.

He then told me to take off my socks and shoes. "What kind of dumb slut fucks in her socks and tennis shoes?" he asked me, which got a laugh out of the entire class and another deep blush out of me. He then did something I never would have expected. He took one of my shoes, put my sock in it, and began to piss in it. I gasped in disbelief. "If you want to wear your shoes so much," he said, "I want to at least make sure they are in a state befitting a whore like you. Any volunteers to help?" he asked the class.

One of the jocks in the class immediately reached for the other shoe and sock, unzipped his fly, and pissed a big long stream into it. When Mr. Arnold was done with the shoe he had, he passed it to another guy who also pissed in it. By the time the volunteers were finished, I had four or five people's piss in each shoe and sock. Mr. Arnold then ordered me to put them back on.

The socks were soaked completely through, so I had a hard time putting them on, as the class snickered at me. I then put the squishy wet tennis shoes back on as well, and felt utterly disgusted at myself. I hoped that this would be all of my torment, but deep inside I knew better.

"Now that we have that out of the way," Mr. Arnold started, "let us see if we can't teach this dumb bitch a lesson about trying to get better grades with sex. First, I think we should start with a good spanking, don't you class?" Many heads in the class began to nod, especially many of the girls.

No one had ever tried to spank me before, so I was nervous as hell. "I think I may need some help holding her down, can I have four strong male volunteers?" Four of the jocks stepped up, and Mr. Arnold assigned them each a limb, holding me in a spread eagle position with my back to the class. I then heard him taking off his belt, and knew what was coming next.

I tried to mentally brace myself for the pain, but I was still completely unprepared for the first blow of the belt on my ass. I cried out into my panties as the blow hit, but thankfully they muffled the sound pretty well. Mr. Arnold showed me no mercy, landing blow after blow on my tender ass. I was crying like a baby, writhing in pain against the men who held me, but they were strong, and I could not get away or hide my tender ass from his belt.

After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He grabbed my ass cheeks hard in each hand, squeezing them painfully and causing me to cry out again. "That looks very nice now, don't you think?" he asked the class, which was met with a loud applause. He then had the jocks turn me around so that I was still spread eagle, but now facing the class.

"I think that her tits need to match her ass, don't you?" he asked the class again, which was met by many nods of agreement and a few cat calls. Before I knew what was happening, he began to belt my tits. This was even more painful than my ass, and I struggled even harder against those holding me in place, causing their hands to dig painfully into my arms and legs, but I could not escape. Every now and then, he would land a blow directly on my sensitive nipples, and I thought I would pass out each time.

He did not spend as long on my tits as my ass, mercifully, but when he finished he once again grabbed them, like my ass, very firmly in his hands, causing me great pain. "Oh yes," he said breathily, "much better." He grabbed my nipples then, pulling them far away from my body, then let go.

"There is one more area that I think deserves to be punished on your nasty body, slut" he told me. "Well, other than this ugly jiggly stomach of yours, but I cannot do much about that right now," he added, jiggling the excess fat on my stomach and causing me to burst out into tears again as the class roared with laughter. "What I mean though, is your cunt -- the main offender in this crime, don't you think?" he asked me rhetorically.

I did not think he could possibly mean that he was going to belt my actual pussy, but I was very very wrong. Still spread eagled, I was in the perfect position, and he drew back his belt and took aim at my most tender region. The blow landed, and I convulsed in pain. My pussy lips immediately ached and my clit felt like it was going to explode, but he landed another blow, then another. I lost count of how many blows he landed there, but by the time he was done I did not want anyone to touch me there for a very long time.

That was not to be, however, as, according to patter, he grabbed my pussy very firmly in his hand, squeezing me painfully, before letting me go. I thought he must surely be done punishing me now, but I was yet again wrong. He instructed the jocks holding me (now all obviously sporting massive boners) to turn me around again and hold me, still spread eagled, bent over his desk.

I had no more fight left in me, and so lay there limply, but still held in place by their hands. Mr. Arnold ignored me for a minute and turned again to the class. "Now, Missy here has been punished somewhat for her crimes. But since I think the punishment needs to fit the crime, the rest of her punishment shall be in the form of the crime -- that is, sex. Only this time it will be in the way that I choose, that is, anal sex." He heard my gasp and came over to me.

"That is right little Missy, I am going to take your anal cherry," he told me. This brought more roars of applause from the class. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of lube, and I knew that he had been planning this since I walked into his office. I felt his cold wet finger probe my asshole, and I instinctually tightened it up. He told me to relax, and I tried to do so, but soon I felt his hard cock at my tight entrance and could not relax at all.

He began to push himself slowly into me, and I cried out at the pain. One of the guys holding me down reached underneath me and began to fondle my breast, and soon the other one on my arms followed suit. The guys holding my legs began to play with my still-sore clit and finger my pussy while Mr. Arnold continued to push his way inside me.

Before I knew it, I felt him all the way against me, and knew that he was all the way inside. He gave me a moment to adjust before beginning to fuck me for real. He started slowly, but began to pick up speed, and before long my cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure. The guys holding me in place eventually let go of me completely in favor of fondling me while Mr. Arnold took my ass. From all of the sensations flooding my body I soon felt another orgasm building. This time I did not even try to resist, knowing it was inevitable, and let wave after wave of orgasm crash over me, as my audience laughed.

Mr. Arnold continued to fuck my asshole furiously, and I could tell that he was getting close to his own orgasm. When it came, I felt his hot load shoot into my ass, and was relieved that it was over, although when he pulled out of me I felt a moment of abandonment. As soon as he had pulled out, he grabbed my panties from my mouth and put them back on me.

"There," he said to me, "now you can once again wear my cum around for the rest of the day." I groaned inwardly, but knew better than to complain. "You do not seem to have any clothes, though, besides your squishy shoes and your cum filled panties. I do have some clothes in my drawer that I have collected over the years for various reasons, let me see what I can do."

He went over to his filing cabinet, and pulled out a wifebeater and a plaid miniskirt. "Here you go," he said to me, holding them out to me. I had no desire to walk around in those clothes the rest of the day, but did not really have a choice, so I put them on. My large breasts sagged without a bra and I looked ridiculous.

"Better hope it doesn't rain" he said to me, and the class laughed again. "I think that is all for today's class," he said in general. "Oh, but for anyone who wishes to earn a little extra credit, please stop by my office after school today and use Missy's body however you wish. Fuck her in any of her holes, or, ladies, make her eat you out, I do not care. Extra credit for all who debase our little princess a little more."

At his words, I buried my face in my hands, but knew he was serious. As soon as the bell rang I grabbed my books and ran out the door in my still very squishy shoes, but knew that there was no avoiding this afternoon. I decided to face the fact that I was to be the class slut for the rest of the year, and realized that I had earned that A.

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