Earning Forgiveness Ch. 03


Finally, they let her stop. "You were very good today," William said kindly. To her surprise, it made her feel slightly better to hear the praise. "You obeyed orders and you didn't show us up. As a reward, you will sleep in a bed tonight."

Emma felt like crying in relief. She was going to sleep in a real bed, with sheets and a soft mattress. She would finally be able to rest her aching body.

James took hold of her lead and she padded up the stairs behind him. When they got into the hall, he passed the lead to William and disappeared into his bedroom. Emma waited patiently to be taken into the spare room, but her heart began to sink when William led her in the direction of his own bedroom.

He pushed open the door, and pulled on Emma's lead. She obediently followed him inside. She could hear him moving around, but didn't dare look up at what he was doing. She just hoped that the night was coming to an end soon; that he didn't have much more in store for her.

William had moved close to her; she could feel his breath on her skin. "Look at me, bitch." She flicked her eyes up, and found herself almost nose to nose with him. "Did you enjoy yourself this evening?"

"Yes, master." She wanted to close her eyes but she couldn't. Her gaze was locked onto his and she couldn't bring herself to disobey him and look away.

He smiled softly. "Of course you did. I bet you loved having all those eyes on you, didn't you?"

"Yes, master."

"Did it feel good to be doing things that you knew were so wrong?"

"Yes, master."

"Is that how it felt when you were fucking that man from the club?" Emma cringed and flicked her eyes away from William's. They would never let her forget her infidelity, would they? William gripped her face hard and the message was clear. She looked back into his eyes. "Answer the question," he said quietly.

"Yes, master."

"Did you enjoy having his cock inside you? Did you like the fact that it was forbidden?"

"Yes, master." Why was he doing this? He must know that she regretted what she had done; why else would she have agreed to take part in this humiliating spectacle?

"Did you kiss him?"

Emma flushed and fought the urge to look away. Should she be honest? Yes; he would know if she lied to him and then he'd punish her further. "Yes, master."

"Show me how you kissed him." Emma hesitated. She was still looking into his eyes; his face was almost touching hers. Surely he didn't mean what she thought he meant? He tilted his head slightly, just enough to make sure his meaning was clear. "But keep your eyes open," he whispered. "I want you to look at me while you do it."

Eyes open, Emma tilted her head and braced herself for the moment when their mouths met. His lips were softer than she had been expecting. He parted her lips expertly with the tip of his tongue, and gently pushed into her mouth. His eyes were open too, locked onto hers, and they looked almost tender. Emma relaxed in his embrace and felt confused. How could she enjoy kissing a man she had always hated; a man who was her boyfriend's best friend; a man who had spent the past two days tormenting her?

Finally he pulled away and stared at her. "Answer me honestly now," he said. "Were you thinking of James when you kissed that man?"

Emma flushed. "No, master."

"Were you thinking of James a moment ago, when you kissed me?"

Quietly, Emma replied, "no master."

William sneered at her. "You'll never be faithful to him, will you?" Emma's eyes widened. She wanted to protest, and he knew it. "How can you kiss me, knowing that James is in the room next door? Why don't you think of him when I make you kiss me?" Emma couldn't answer him. "You're still a cheating little whore, and I think you always will be."

Emma didn't know what to say. For the first time, she started to doubt herself. She had come here to prove that she loved James; that she was sorry for cheating on him; and yet she had allowed William to touch her, hadn't she? She had eaten out Joanne's pussy, hadn't she? For the first time, she wondered if they were just telling the truth when they called her a bitch, a whore, a slut.

William's harsh voice broke into her reverie. "What are you?"

"I'm a cheating little whore, master," Emma replied, and part of her believed it.

"Do you want to make love to me?"

Her mind protested his phrasing; the thought of doing something so intimate with William revolted her. But she had no choice but to agree. "Yes, master."

"Come to bed, then." William unclipped her lead and pushed her in the direction of the bed. She lay down, and he undressed and clambered on top of her. His weight pressed down on her and made her uncomfortable, but she didn't complain.

William's fingers quickly found her clit and started rubbing it. Her body responded to his touch instantly, and she gasped and closed her eyes. He twisted her clit roughly and her eyes flew open again. He expected her to keep her eyes open at all times, of course. He wanted her to know at all times who was fucking her; he didn't want her to close her eyes and imagine it was James.

He began flicking his thumb over her clit and she felt herself getting wet. With his other hand he gently stroked her hair and face, and somehow this felt like the worst intrusion she had suffered yet. She could barely cope with him being so tender; it felt like a betrayal. Yet still her body responded to his touch. Her skin tingled and her legs opened wider, willing him to enter her.

He moved her hand down to his cock and made her rub it slowly while he slid three fingers inside her wet and waiting pussy. When he was hard enough he removed his fingers and slipped them into Emma's mouth and she sucked hard on them as he pushed his cock inside her.

She let out a treacherous moan, and William smiled. He moved slowly inside her, easing his cock in and out of her torturously slowly. He brought her to the brink of orgasm over and over again, each time stopping before she came, never allowing her release.

She said nothing but her eyes pleaded with him to just do it; to let her come. He laughed softly. "Not until you beg for it, bitch."

Emma didn't need telling twice. "Please master, please make me come. I'll die if you don't let me come, master," she moaned breathlessly. He grinned and shook his head, slowing down even more, until the movement was so slow she thought she would be on the edge of orgasm forever. "Please," she begged, "please fuck me harder."

William laughed and sped up his movement, thrusting inside her, and brought one hand down to tease her clit while he fucked her. Emma could feel the pressure building up inside her, and finally she came, moaning and clawing at his back, pulling him deeper inside her. At the same time she could feel his orgasm; could feel his cock spurting hot come into her pussy.

He pulled out of her and she was too exhausted to do anything by lie on her back panting. He sat up and stared down at her heaving chest, her flushed cheeks. "You'll always be a cheating little whore," he said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Emma, still wet from his orgasm and her own, thought that he was right. Why else would she have pleaded with him to fuck her? Why else would she have come with him? "Yes master," she agreed meekly.

"Get up; I don't want you lying next to me. You can sleep curled up at the foot of the bed like the bitch that you are."

Relieved that the day was finally over, Emma did as she was told. Her limbs were aching and she silently thanked her masters for not making her sleep in the cage. Despite the full and humiliating day, she fell asleep almost immediately.

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