Earth Day Mutual Masturbation


"So, tell me, what happened next?"

"She moved the blanket so that she could see and I watched her staring down at my cock, while fondling it. It was so hot to watch her staring at my cock, while fondling me. All the while, she was still masturbating her pussy with her right hand under the blanket, while fondling my cock between her fingers with her left hand, and then she looked up at me, while running her tongue across her lips."

"I love an ambidextrous woman. Sheila's that way, too. She can masturbate me with either hand, even her feet, and with her tits."

"Wow," said Larry. So, who's the lucky bastard now, having a wife that can give a hand job with either hand, her feet, and with her tits?"

"Did she blow you, Larry? Is that why she licked her lips? Did she suck your cock? Good God man. Tell me. Finish the story. Hurry, before Sheila comes. This is incredible," said Charlie.

"Wait, before you jump ahead, let me tell the story, as it happened. I don't want to ruin the ending."

"Sorry, please continue, Larry."

"She was getting me so excited. She was making me so hard. Never have I gotten an erection so quickly. Then, when she slowly started stroking me and with our plane being so high up in the clouds, I thought I had died and went to Heaven and had an Angel sitting right there beside me."

"Jesus fucking Christ, Larry, this is an unbelievable story; this is just so unbelievable."

"I don't know, maybe because we were on a plane and in a public place with a chance of being caught by another passenger or by the stewardess, but the action of her hand was so much more erotically exciting, than if I was just getting a hand job in my hotel room, which is what I usually do with a woman, uhm, never mind all that," he said with an embarrassed laugh.

"For sure, I'd be afraid of being caught. How embarrassing would that be and I'm sure there's some law against masturbating in public on a plane. Imagine if they arrested you and your face was in the newspaper. The tabloids would blow it all out of proportion and make a national story out of it. No doubt, you'd be fired from your teaching position at the university and all your lectures would be cancelled, well, that's a terrible thought. You'd be the Tiger Woods of the scientific community, Tiger," said Charlie with a big belly laugh.

"I thought of that, but we were hitting a little turbulence and, when I looked up, the fasten your seatbelt light was lit," said Larry. "So, I figured there'd be no one walking around. Besides, we still had the blanket concealing our sexual escapade. Yet, with the turbulence exaggerating the motion of her hand, her hand job was suddenly inspired."

"I still can't believe some broad that you don't even know gave you a hand job on the plane. No doubt, she must have been a hooker on her way to Vegas for the Earth Day convention. Did she ask you for money?"

"Money? No. If she was a prostitute, she was the best looking prostitute I ever saw. I've been with some nasty hookers, uhm, never mind that."

"She was probably one of those high priced call girls, then, a real professional. Did she give you a business card? Usually they're attached to an escort service, a legal business they use to hide what they really do," said Charlie putting his hand to his mouth and moving it back and forth, as if giving someone a blowjob.

"No, she didn't give me her card either. If I had to make an off the cuff assessment of her, in the way she carried herself with confidence and poise, and in the way she spoke with enunciated articulation, I'd say that she was very well educated. I'd say she was some sort of professional, career type woman," said Larry.

"Yeah, well, many of those professional call girls are well educated. They even speak several languages," said Charlie staring at his friend. "So, what was her name?"

"Her name? Gees, you know, I don't know. I was so sexually excited that I didn't even think to ask her name," said Larry with a dazed smile, replaying all that just happened to him in his mind. "We never even got that far to introduce ourselves and exchange names. That's quite bizarre, actually, now that I think of that."

"Damn, that's so hot having sex with a woman and not even knowing her name," said Charlie. "That's always been one of my secret fantasies, having random sex with a stranger. I'm going to have to role play getting a hand job from a stranger with Sheila."

"It wasn't just a hand job, Charlie," said Larry with a big smile and a wink.

"What do you mean it wasn't just a hand job?"

"Well, it only took me a few minutes for me to get so excited, especially when I reached over and started fondling her big tits through her blouse and fingering her hard nipples through her bra."

"No way! She allowed you to fondle her tits?"

"You betcha. She even allowed me to stick my hand down her blouse and inside her bra. She had an amazing rack. Her nipples were the size of nickels and as hard as buttons."

"Jesus, Larry, Jesus. Sheila has big nipples, too. I love big nipples and her nipples get really hard. Every time I suck them, they pop from my mouth, as if a cork from a bottle. Yeah, so, tell me, what happened next?"

"Well, when I started feeling her tits and fingering her nipples, that must have put her over the edge because the movement of her right hand and her fingers in her pussy, suddenly moved at a feverish pace. Then, she leaned over to me and kissed me, Charlie. She French kissed me. We were making out like horny teenagers in the back of a car at a Prom."

"Oh, my God! You're such a lucky bastard, Larry. That's what you are. You're a lucky bastard," said Charlie. "Sheila loves having her nipples played with and she gets so excited, when I French kiss her, while fingering her nipples."

"Wait, there's more," said Larry.

"Oh, good God, Larry, I don't know if I can take anymore," said Charlie.

"With me feeling her tits and she French kissing me, while still stroking my cock faster and faster, I pulled away from her. I couldn't take it. I was getting ready to explode and I didn't want to make a mess and cum all over our clothes. I'm gonna cum, I said. Do you have a napkin or a tissue that I can use?"

"No, she said, "but I have my mouth. You may cum in my mouth, if you'd like. I'd really like that," she said.

"I'd like that, too," I said.

"No fucking way! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, my fucking God! Fuck me. Are you kidding me?" Charlie looked at his friend, as if he had just told him he had won the lottery. "This is the most amazing erotic story I ever heard in my life. She actually asked you, if you wanted to cum in her mouth? I can't believe that," said Charlie with his mouth gaping open. "I hope you said yes. I hope you took her up on her offer."

"Yes, she did, Charlie, and yes, of course, I did. She leaned down, put her head in my lap and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me, really blowing me, while I put a hand to the back of her head and fucked her mouth, while sticking my other hand down her blouse and fingering her nipples. I was really humping her face, Charlie. I was really fucking her face and mouth with my cock really good and she just took me deeper and deeper," said Larry suddenly lowering his voice and looking around to make sure that no one was listening. "Do you know how some women just dabble and pretend they are blowing you?"

"Yeah," said Charlie. "Not my wife, Sheila, though. She's a real cocksucker. She gives me the best blowjobs I ever had in my life. Now my wife, doesn't dabble. She loves sucking cock."

"Well, anyway, this woman knew how to suck cock, too. Almost immediately, I exploded all that I had in her mouth and she swallowed. I swear to God, I never shot so much cum in my life, even when I was a horny teenager. She sucked it out of me from my toes," said Larry.

"Gees, Larry. That's how I feel when Sheila sucks my cock, as if my cum wells up from my toes. Where do these women learn to suck cock like that? It's a lost art, I tell you, a lost art. These young women today, not that I'd know, but I'm just saying that these younger women don't know how to suck a cock in the way that the women of our period do."

"When I exploded in her mouth, is when she had an orgasm, too, at exactly the same time. Then, she licked me clean. There wasn't a drop of cum left. Never in my life, have I had such an incredible blowjob."

"Is she here? Do see her?" Charlie looked around the terminal with Larry. "I'd love to see what she looks like. Maybe we could get her number, you know for research purposes, of course. I certainly could use a research assistant, one with special skills for those late laboratory nights, when I just can't stay awake. I'm sure she'd keep me at full attention, if you know what I mean."

"No, I don't see her, Charlie. Wait, that woman looks a little like her, but she's wearing a coat and a hat," said Larry. "It's hard to tell."

"Where, which one is she? Show me, Larry. Point her out," said Charlie in the way of an excited teenager.

"The one wearing the red coat and red hat," said Larry. "Yeah, that looks like her a little, but I'm not sure. I think it's her. Yeah, definitely, that's her."

"You're mad. That can't be her, you senile, old fool," said Charlie with a sudden angry tone to his voice and giving Larry a dirty look.

"Pardon? How do you know? Why can't that be her?"

"That's my wife, you asshole," said Charlie giving Larry a mean and nasty look.

"Oh, sorry. You're right. My error. That's definitely not her," said Larry blushing and not making eye contact with his friend. "Now that I remember, this woman was wearing a fur coat, yeah, a fox, a big, fluffy fox coat. Yeah, definitely, absolutely, she was one of the hookers, a prostitute, or a call girl, no doubt, going to the Earth Day convention. Absolutely. Listen, Charlie, oh, my God, look at the time," said Larry looking at his watch. "I've been talking so long that I'm late. Listen, I have to go. I just remembered that I forgot to do something."

"Don't you want to meet my wife?"

"I can't. I'm so sorry, but I'm late. Another time. Give her my regards, as well as my apologies," said Larry putting up his collar and walking away, as fast as he could.

"What about your ride?"

"I'll rent a car," said Larry waving his good-bye without even turning around.

"Who was that?" Sheila looked after the man hurrying away.

"Oh, that was Larry, Dr. Chobani, my Greek friend. He's loaded. His family makes that Chobani Greek yogurt. He's giving a speech at the Earth Day conference about global warming."

"Oh, yum. I love Greek yogurt. I would have liked to have met him to compare notes on the Earth Day symposium," said Sheila to her husband, still staring after the man, as if recognizing him from the back.

"Maybe we can have dinner later," said Charlie giving his wife a kiss and a hug.

"I'd like that. I'd love to have more yogurt."

"Yogurt? Boy, you really love your yogurt. You just can't get enough of yogurt, especially that Greek yogurt."

"I can't get enough of all that protein," she said with a laugh. "I love my daily dose of protein."

"How was your flight, Sheila?"

"Oh, the usual. I had some fat man groping my breasts, while I was sleeping," she said with an exasperated shrug.

"Son of a bitch, no good dirty bastard," said Larry. "Just once, I wish I could get my hands on one of those perverts. I'd show him a thing or two with a Karate chop to his groin and a kettle bell to the face."

"What else is new? It's always some sad, lonely, and horny man on the plane trying to take advantage of poor, little me," she said with a sad smile. "He actually stuck his fat hand down my blouse and bra. I must have been sleeping so soundly that I didn't feel his hand, until he started playing with my nipples. You know how sensitive my nipples are. I thought I was dreaming," she said with a laugh.

"Did you report the bastard?"

"I would have, but I felt bad for him, Charles. He had his little, fat cock out and he was masturbating on the plane. He looked so sad, Charlie, so I handed him a tissue, closed my eyes, and went back to sleep."

"Son of a bitch. Why does stuff like that always happen to my poor, innocent Sheila? Just once, I'd like to get my hands on one of those perverted bastards," said Charlie. "Just once, I'd like to show him how a lady needs to be treated."

"It's okay, dear. There was no harm done," she said with a sad smile and a sudden excited glimmer in her eyes, while watching Dr. Chobani disappear in the distance.

"You have a little bit of white stuff in the corner of your mouth, Sheila. It looks like dried yogurt. Let me get that for you with my handkerchief," said Charlie.

"That's okay, I have it," said Sheila flicking out her tongue to lick it away. "I had some Greek yogurt on the plane."


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