tagMatureEasing the Pain

Easing the Pain


As I looked at my future wife, I contemplated the events of the last four years.

The changes all seemed to begin during the last few months of high school. I was a sort of nerd at the time. At 6'3" with a muscular build and good hand eye coordination, you would have thought I was a super jock. In my freshman and sophomore gym class I could easily hold my own with the varsity players. But I had no great love of sports for several reasons. I finished all my physical education requirements in the first semester of my junior year. Thank god! My build came from daily workouts and working at my father's construction company during the summer and school breaks. The nerd part came from an extremely high I. Q. and my love for books and learning in general. I was happiest away from crowds and learning something new. I could have finished high school early, but my parents did not think it was a good idea. I did, however, take quite a few college level courses offered at a nearby high school with an accelerated program. In the end it all worked out, I received a full scholarship to one of the best high level universities in the state.

My parents were great. Always there for me and encouraging me in whatever I wanted to undertake. Even though the coaches hounded and sometimes tormented me to participate in sports, my father never pushed me in that direction. I think he knew something was bothering me in that area. He was one of those rare dads that just wanted me to be happy, as long as I worked hard at it. That was more than great with me. It seemed very few people understood me. One of the things that turned me off from athletics were the remarks and laughter generated from the constant stares. At the time I believed I had a physical deformity, not realizing the future benefits.

I had an oversized penis. Not the monster 14" one displayed in adult movies, but a 9" thick headed cock that hung over one of my other major problems. My balls were huge. The size of two tennis balls. They dangled from a massive sack swinging between my legs. Not only were they embarrassing, but they were a source pain and discomfort. They were always being pushed and squeezed throughout the day. I finally developed a method of sitting down that eliminated any sudden squeezing. I also could never cross my legs as that was just asking for trouble. In addition to their freakish look they created another one of my perceived problems. My cock spurted cum like a fire hose in more ways than one. The first phase, as I called it, was eight or nine huge blasts of cum that would sail up to my face if I was lying down. The second phase was a steady leakage as my cock deflated. It leaked out like ketchup from a bottle lying on it's side. Eventually the amounts were the same. I could fill a good sized coffee cup with molten hot jizz. It was so bad the only place I could jerk off was in the shower. The mess was too much to hide from my mom anywhere else.

Being somewhat depressed over the situation, I went to my dad and asked his advice. He was very understanding about the problems. I told him no girl would touch me now because word had gotten around about the only hand job I ever received. I came so much she had to stop at a girlfriend's house for a change of clothes before going home. No one wanted to risk that and I was taboo in the dating world. Imagine my surprise when my dad smiled, leaned over, rubbed my head and said.

"Don't take it so hard for now. Someday you'll find a woman just like your mother."

He shook his head and chuckled as he walked away. I thought about what he had said. Then I realized I had never seen my father cross his legs. I wondered.

In October of my senior year there was an accident at one of the construction sites. My father was hurt. He pulled through with flying colors and had no apparent physical problems except a slight limp. Mom and he decided to sell the business and retire early. I thought the accident put some sense into them. My dad did not have to work. The company was extremely successful and had a sterling reputation. The offers came in fast and furious. Eventually three of his employees purchased the company for $11,000,000. They the house on the market and it was gobbled up just as fast for a fantastic price. My parents were set for life. It couldn't happen to two nicer or more deserving people. The only problem was me, they had to be out of the house about six weeks before school ended. Even though I had way more than enough credits, I had to finish two courses that required attendance.

The problem was solved by our next store neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Watson. I had known them almost my entire life. Mr. Watson was kind of a stick in the mud that worked ungodly hours. He was highly successful and I'm sure pulled down the high six figures. Mrs. Watson on the other hand was another story. She was fun, intelligent and quite good looking for her age. She was about three to five years older than my mother. They were the best of friends. You rarely saw one without the other. My mom spent many hours at their house keeping Mrs. Watson company while her husband was away on his long business trips. They had two kids older than me that had moved to the west coast.

So it was decided that I could spend the last few weeks at their house. It worked out well as Mr. Watson would be gone the entire time and I would fill in for mom keeping Mrs. Watson company. After graduation I would be staying with my widowed aunt who lived close to the campus I was going to attend. She had no kids and there would be no cost as she was filthy rich from insurance and investments.

Everything was falling into place. Dad gave me his 53 Chevy convertible. They opened a checking account with more than enough money to last until I saw them again, Thanksgiving. After a tearful goodbye, they headed off to Florida. It was then that I realized how blessed I was to have them.

Staying with Mrs. Watson was the real beginning of the roller coaster ride to adulthood. I found she was a super lady, extremely attractive and kept herself in very good shape. Mom and she worked out on a regular basis. She was maybe six or seven pounds over weight. It looked good on a lady her age, giving her ass a well-rounded look and emphasizing the cleavage made by her ample breasts.

I had a date the first Friday night I was there. I asked Mrs. Watson if I should stay home, but she said I should go and enjoy myself.

It was one of my typical dates, no chance for sex because of my freakish reputation. The girl was a bore with an I. Q. of about 30. I think she just wanted to see if the rumors were true. I finally made an excuse about needing to go home and dropped her off. Before she got out of the car, I let her squeeze my crouch. She let out the typical remarks and ran to the door. I drove to the Watson house and pulled in the driveway to a somewhat dark place. Opening the door I assumed Mrs. Watson was sleeping. Instead I found her sitting on the back porch drinking a glass of wine.

"I don't think your parents would mind a small glass of wine before retiring. Do you?"

"Thanks, I'll get it myself."

Coming back on the porch I sat down and sipped the wine.

"So how was your date?"

"Typical of them all. A boring girl with no real desire to be with me."

"Why Tommy. You must be kidding, I would think a boy like you would be the center of attention. Although your mother an I have talked about your lack of dates. She thinks you just like to be alone."

"It's not that, I seem to have a small physical problem that has made the gossip rounds. No girl really wants to go out with a guy like me."

"You just haven't found the right girl. As girls get older and mature, little things aren't so big a thing. I should know."

The last statement left me wondering about a lot of things. We talked some more about how we both really missed my mom and I was surprised that she missed my dad too. They never seemed to have much contact. And when they were together my mom was always in the middle. We made some more small talk and decided to shower and get to bed.

I went to the guest room while Mrs. Watson took the first shower. I heard the water stop and waited several minutes before going into the hall. The door was slightly ajar and I assumed she had gone to her room. I pushed the door open and was startled to see Mrs Watson reaching into the medicine chest in all her naked glory. And from my quick glance it was quite an attractive glory. Her breasts were full with dark brown circles surrounding pert little nipples. The slight sag in her breasts pointed down to a neatly shaved triangle of dark brown hair atop two surprisingly shapely legs. She jumped back, losing her balance on the wet tile floor. I reached and grabbed her to stop the slide. My towel fell to the floor and I was suddenly pulling a beautiful naked woman against my now hardening cock. I can't ever remember my cock getting as hard as fast. This was the first live naked lady I had ever seen and here she was in my arms. We both stammered out apologies and she stepped back to get a towel all the while trying to cover herself. Me trying to see as much as I could. As she stepped back, it allowed my rigid cock to flop out at a 90-degree angle pointing directly at her.

As she grabbed the towel, she looked over my naked body and froze. My mind was in a fright. Here it comes, the comment. I cringed as I awaited the inevitable comments describing my condition, accentuated by rapidly deflating penis.

"Oh my" was all she said as she now stared at my cock. Standing very still I saw her tongue slide across her bottom lip. She continued to just look at my cock moistening her lips more and more. I think deep down I knew something was different. Maybe I realized the effect a large cock can have on a beautiful mature woman. Whatever was going through my mind went directly to my cock. It sprang to attention with a renewed vigor. As it pulsed upwards, I looked into her eyes. She never took them off my manhood as she slowly reached for a towel. I saw her knees begin to shake ever so slightly and a strange smile come across her face.

Then I got the first of many surprises I was to have that night. Instead of covering herself with the towel, she neatly folded it and placed on the floor in front of my feet. As she bent over to place the towel her cheek brushed against my cock. Electricity stung my body as I almost jumped out of my skin. Keeping her face close to my prick, she dropped to her knees and came face to face with my blood engorged member.

"Can I touch it? It's so big and hard and beautiful."

The lust in her voice was unmistakable. I mumbled some incoherent reply and sucked in my breath as her hand gently caressed my rod. I thought I would come right them and there. I somehow managed to hold back with all the will power I could muster. Her other hand slid underneath and gently cupped my balls. No one had ever done this before. I struggled not to come for fear I might miss what was next.

"They are so full of nectar. I want to taste them. I want to feel the seed they hold within. I want to make them dance."

I was going absolutely crazy. One hand stroked the length of my cock and the other massaged my balls. This wasn't going to last much longer. The end of my cock was like a leaking facet. Pre cum bubbled at the end dripping down on her hand. She used is as lubricant to easily stroke my cock. She pushed it up to my stomach, leaned forward and nestled her face into my balls. She seemed to be in a trance as she rubbed and kissed my sac. Gently pulling it toward my knees.

"Mrs. Watson! Please! I'm going to come and make a giant mess. You have to stop. Now! I'm going to cum!"

If I had been surprised up to this point, I realized it was nothing. She pulled her head out of my crotch, grabbed my cock and quickly swallowed half of it. The top of my head popped off. My eyes bugged out as I watched this incredible woman suck my cock like is was the last thing she would ever do.

"I'm coming! I'm Coming!" I screamed.

The first shot hit the back of her throat and she struggled to swallow. She was pleased that she took it but was in no way ready for the torrent that followed. The only thing she could do was slightly tip her head back and open her mouth. As she breathed through her nose, my cock completely filled her mouth to overflowing. I had come in the past but nothing to resemble this. Cum poured out her mouth, down her chin and onto her breasts. Finally it stopped and my cock began to soften. She then slipped the whole thing into her mouth and started to gently caress it with her tongue. It was then her eyes bugged out as phase two started. Cum began to flow from my cock in a gentle stream of hot juice. She went nuts. I looked down and saw her hand pumping away at her own crotch. The other pulling at a nipple like she wanted to tear it off. All the while slowly moving my leaking prick over her entire face. Her eyes were covered, her nose full, there wasn't a dry spot on her face. Suddenly she stiffened and as she shook she held my cock over her open mouth letting the last drips disappear down her throat. As she came down from what I thought was an orgasm my cock began to harden as it just lay on her tongue.

"It's getting hard again. You wonderful boy."

Standing up she led me across the hall to her bedroom and over to the edge of her bed. She turned and sat on the edge, her legs hanging over the side. Spreading her legs and lying back on the bed she just said.

"Fuck me. Please just fuck me. Stick your big cock in my cunt and fuck me."

My cock became rock hard just looking at her. Lying on her back, her face covered in cum, it dripped into her mouth as she talked. Her teats hung slightly to the side as cum puddled in the valley between them.

She just kept begging. She knew this was all new to me and began to take charge.

"Grab my ankles. Lift them up and push them apart."

I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up and apart. This gave me my first view of the promised land. Her cunt was super soaked. The lips puffy and wet. The wider and farther back I pushed her legs the more she opened up.

"Put it in! Fuck me now! Fuck MEEE!"

I leaned in and pushed the head of my cock into the folds of her lips.

"Easy. Just a bit at a time until I get used to that monster."

I slowly pushed in inch by inch. I'd retreat a little and gain more. This went on until I was half way in her. Her eyes rolled in her head and she moaned, spraying cum as she breathed pushed her legs still farther giving me an unobstructed view of my cock sawing in and out of her fully stretched cunt. Suddenly every muscle in her body seemed to tense. Her mouth opened and her pussy squeezed in spasms around my cock.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh god it's wonderful. I'm coming."She screamed as convulsions seemed to reek havoc on her body. However, every contraction of her cunt muscles allowed me to sink in a little further. I hit bottom with about 1 ½" left outside.

"Harder! Harder! Give it to me now. I want it all. I don't care, tear me apart! I Want it all NOOOOW!"

I pulled back until just the head was in and lunged forward. As she screamed, it felt like I cleared a barrier. My balls slapped against her ass. I pulled out only to plunge in again. Suddenly I realized all the fears I had over my deformities evaporated in the cries and moans of this wonderful lady. I now knew I had an asset, just needing the right bank to deposit it in.

"God don't stop. Don't ever stop. Give it to me. Shoot your wonderful cum into my belly. Ram your fucking cock into my cunt. Please don't ever stop."

I pounded her cunt with every inch of cock I had. I felt myself reaching the point of no return. My cock started to expand in time with my onrushing orgasm. As I came she let out a tremendous cry. Her toes curled into knots and her body shook again. I could barely hold her legs as she trashed back and forth. My body stiffened as I pump hot cum into her quaking body. As her endless orgasm started to subside, I watched in amazement as her hands pushed the cum covering her face towards her mouth. Lapping and sucking the sticky fluid as fast as she could. She was like an addict. Pulling her teats to her mouth she licked whatever she could reach. She sucked on one nipple, elongating it with her lips. Then she grabbed it in her teeth and held it as she let got of her breast. Her teat tried to flop down and it seemed she was going to tear the nipple off as she continued to hold it while it stretched under the weight of her boob. Only when I started to pull my softening cock out did she let go and shout.

"NO. NO. Just roll us over onto your back."

Her legs locked around my waist as I turned over. I ended flat on the bed with her sitting on my semi hard cock. She lifted up causing my cock to plop out of her pussy. Pulling huge amounts of our combined juices from her stretched pussy. Cum of both kinds was settling on my stomach and leaking down between my legs. She lifted one leg and got of kneeling on the bed facing my stomach. I was almost embarrassed as phase two started and cum began to gently flow from my cock. My embarrassment was short lived as she leaned over placing her cheek in a puddle of cum and slipping my cock into her mouth. Rubbing her face into our mixed juices she slowly sucked my prick dry. Her tongue then strayed down between my legs and licked me clean. Then suddenly she got up and left the room.

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