Easy Street Ch. 02

bybelted and teased©

I got her back, though! I had some other tricks up my sleeve, so to speak. As she was bucking through one of her climaxes, I suddenly grasped her buttocks and stabbed my tongue into her little brown hole. Then added sensations sent her into frenzy and she practically leapt of the bed as she screamed through what seemed like and endless orgasm. "Oh, God, Oh fuck, Oh, you fucking bastard! Yes, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me!!!!" It sounded so damned hot in her Texas tongue.

When Mary had finally had enough we cuddled for a few minutes. I caressed her to calm her down. We talked about our families and our careers, then; at length decided it was time to part. Mary said she knew the other girls were waiting for her to finish. She got dressed and left me with a tender kiss.

The next several hours were a blur. Several women came and went, and I happily serviced them all. I felt at once sorry for and happy for the girl from Indiana after our liaison was done. I remembered what she had said at lunch about not being able to have more than one orgasm and had detected her disdain for men's lack of attention to, uh, detail. I started her with a full body massage, telling her to relax and let me do everything, to let me worship her body as she focused only on herself. I had gone down on her as she lay on the end of the bed, with me kneeling between her legs. I made sure to tell her how beautiful she was and how honored I was to make love to her. Her sex was covered with a thick bush of pubic hair. It was truly beautiful, although I do prefer the shaved pubis because of how much more sensitive it is. She had a lot of tension built up, and I worked hard to make sure I released as much of it as I could. I was so happy and proud as I took her through her tenth shattering orgasm, her convulsions and cries inspiring me. When she gently pushed me away because she couldn't take any more, I knelt up in front of her on my knees. She sat up and pulled my face to her bosom and?cried. I held her as tightly as she held my face to her as her sobs wracked her body for several minutes. When she had calmed down she tilted my head up and looked into my eyes, saying thank you for what I have given her. For showing her that this type of loving really was out there. Then she kissed me tenderly and stood.

I never even got her name. To this day she is "Indiana" in my mind. After she left I lay on the bed for a few minutes, basking in the joy of having really affected someone on a level deeper than sex. My attempted erection had actually subsided for the first time all day. Not because she hadn't aroused me, but because my satisfaction from her was more emotional than sexual. Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not talking about love when I say she affected me emotionally. I love Donna. It's just that I felt I had changed her perspective on more that just sex and it was very rewarding.

I had a few minutes to recuperate after Indiana. Then several more women came in and I was thrilled to send them away satisfied. In one encounter two of them who were close friends actually came in together. They lay me on my back and alternated---one of them would ride my tongue while the other one sat astride my poor tormented cock-taking great pleasure in tormenting it even more. While one of their muscular bodies muffled my hearing I heard them say something about being sorry for punishing me so, but they were working off feelings about asshole boyfriends. After they were finished riding me they had me stand against the wall, facing it and placing my hands behind my head. I wondered what was going on until I first felt the sting of my own belt against my ass. They took turns lashing my buttocks with the belt with incredible force until they were both exhausted. Now it was my turn to cry. After they were done they dressed and left without a word.

Another notable experience was with Audra, the very well endowed Tuscon beauty. She told me to undress her. As I did so, I stared in amazement at her fantastic breasts. They were large, firm and perfectly shaped. And there was no silicone involved. When I unfastened her bra, they swung free and jiggled sexily. I knelt as I pulled down her jeans and her panties, coming face to face so to speak with her well-trimmed pubis. She was not shaved, but I could tell she paid attention to her sex. Her pubic hair formed a soft light brown downy covering over her nether lips.

Audra lay me down on my back on the bed. Then she asked if I had my handcuffs with me. I told her where to find them and she secured my wrists to the headboard, straddling my chest as she did so. I could smell her moistened cunt and my cock strained against its cage. She leaned down to kiss me, then placed her pendulous breasts to my waiting mouth. I kissed and sucked them ravenously, tonguing the silver dollar sized areola. She laughed, "You like those, don't you, little boy?" My only answer was a moan of pleasure. After a few moments Audra lifted herself up and turned around. I felt those incredible breasts mold themselves to my torso as she lowered her pussy to my lips. I began making love to her sex like a madman. I didn't think this could get any better, then she almost drove me insane. She began attending to my straining cock. At least as much as she could while it was imprisoned. The CB 3000 has a slit in the tip so the wearer can urinate, and then three vent holes on both the top and bottom for cleaning. She worked the cage in her mouth as if she were giving me a blowjob, then stuck her tongue in through the slits, and sucked and tended to my balls. Oh, man how I needed that attention! I worked as hard as I could to take her to orgasm after crashing orgasm to show my appreciation.

After she shuddered through her last climax, she let me make love to those fantastic breasts again, then kissed me. "I think I'll leave you cuffed up for the next girl. I'll put the key on the dresser."

With that she dressed and left me with a smile.

I lay there waiting for the next girl to appear. Unbeknownst to Audra or to me, she had been the last one. So after awhile I drifted off to sleep, hoping housekeeping wouldn't be the ones to find me cuffed to my bed the next morning. I was exhausted, and slept well, at least when I was asleep. Numerous times during the night "Mr. Happy" woke me as he tried to escape in vain from his prison.

I was sleeping at eight a.m. when I heard the door opening. From where I was restrained I could not see the door. Not knowing who was going to be viewing me cuffed naked to the bed in a few seconds woke me up very quickly. Was it Liz? One of the other ladies? Or was I about to hear a maid scream as she found the pervert in the room she as about to clean? My heart rate raced, and at the same time my cock rose quickly to the limits of its entrapped tumescence. I heard the door close softly. A moment passed, then another. I heard what sounded like the rustling of clothing, perhaps being removed. At least that meant it wasn't a maid. But who was it?

Finally Mary appeared, walking into my view already nude, her huge nipples erect. I began to breathe easier, but it didn't last long. I thought my heart would stop altogether when a man stepped into the room behind her, nude except for his boxer shorts. I scared myself silly; trying to figure out how I could at once want to rip myself loose and run from the room while my cock throbbed in excitement inside its cage. I am not gay! Then it hit me. What turned me on WAS the uncertainty. Part of why I liked the chastity was the complete lack of control and the humiliation. Apparently Mary had figured this out, or at least had instincts to draw her to it. Or perhaps she simply was focused on herself and the affect it might have on me didn't enter into it.

I didn't think I could get any more excited. Wrong again. When Mary saw that my body was betraying me as my throbbing attempt at a hard on strained against the cage she began laughing at me with that Texas twang. I thought I was going to cum in spite of my condition. I sure as hell wanted to! Realizing what the humiliation was doing to me, Mary took the conscious tact of ignoring me. She began talking dirty to the other guy much as she had spoken to me the previous evening. She kissed him deeply, then worked her way down his chest and abdomen. Obviously she had never been with him before, because when she pulled his boxer shorts down she was as shocked as I was. The biggest cock I have ever seen sprang free, and it wasn't even hard yet. Mary cried out, "Oh, my Gawd, David, you didn't tell me about this!"

My eyes must've looked like saucers. A huge slab of meat hung down from his midsection, stretching almost to his knees and as thick as her arms! The head was bulbous and at least half again as thick as his cock. I was at the same time envious and terrified that she may intend to use me with that thing. Mary began kissing it and sucking on it like a sex crazed slut. He had incredible control. Finally, after a couple of minutes it began to rise and harden. Mary moaned in what sounded like passionate desperation until it reached its full capacity. Damnit! It was at least 12 inches long and looked like a bat. Mary lay on the bed at my feet and demanded, "Fuck me! I've got to feel you inside me!"

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