tagBDSMEasy Street Ch. 03

Easy Street Ch. 03

bybelted and teased©

"David" finally spoke. He reached between her legs and fingered her sweet honey pot that I had so recently devoured. She bucked up against him, as he said, "Aren't you forgetting something? You had a plan, remember?"

Mary stretched her neck so that she could look at me. Moaning, "yeah, you're right. Help me, I've got to hurry!" With that she took the keys to the cuffs and released me, but not for long. She took one arm and David took the other. I did not resist, and soon found myself spread eagle, this time with my head at the foot of the bed, right at the edge. Mary had brought some rope, and my wrists were tied to the legs of the bed, ankles tied to the headboard.

Mary quickly lowered her sopping cunt to my face. She was turned facing the foot of the bed. I didn't have to be told what to do and soon she was rocking back and forth against my tongue. She cried out in her first orgasm within seconds and didn't even slow down. I looked upwards from her sweet pussy to see David fondling and sucking on those beautiful breasts, which hung above me, two tender yet firm globes. After a couple of minutes and another orgasm Mary lay down on top of me. My view now was of her ass and pussy, the V of her beautiful buttocks resting on my chin. Before I knew it that huge cock appeared in my view. It dropped heavily on to my face, but only for a second. He placed the huge head against her velvety pussy lips. How could he possibly fit that thing inside of her?! He teased her with it until she almost screamed, "Stop teasing me! Give it to me, now!"

He slowly began to push into her. I could smell her sweet scent as I stared in amazement. Within an inch of my face that monster was slowly disappearing into her cunt. Her nether lips enveloped it, sliding across it as it slid across my nose. I didn't think it would ever end! She bucked against him, cursing in that sexy accent as she pulled him to her, ignoring me. She began fucking back against him until the entire thing was buried to the hilt. Unfortunately for me this meant that his huge balls were now resting on my face, impairing my view of her. Once he had stretched her to her limits she came violently, crying out in ecstasy. Her juices ran down the crack of her ass and into my waiting mouth. I licked them up like a mad man, then began tonguing the globes of her ass, wanting to contribute in some way to her joy. I found myself inadvertently licking across the underside of those huge balls occasionally. I was beyond caring at this point.

Once Mary had come down from her tremendous orgasm David began to slowly saw his incredible piston in and out of her stretched love box. They settled into a rhythm. I watched in fascination as that cock, twice the length and girth of my tormented meat, slammed in and out of her while she met him stroke of stroke. I was humiliated beyond belief and at the same time I was in heaven. Alternately his huge balls would slap my face, and then the tender globes of her ass would envelop my mouth. I began darting my tongue out when I could, stabbing it into her little rose bud. I couldn't tell if I was having any affect on her at all, because she was thrashing about and sobbing in ecstasy from the vigorous fucking she was getting from David. I couldn't believe his staying power! He fucked her long and hard, slamming in and out of her violently for at least a half an hour. Each time she would cum she bore down on me, and dug her fingernails into my sides.

Finally David groaned and grunted as I watched his ball sack draw up tight. I knew what was "cumming" and so did Mary. She bore down on my face as he lodged himself as deeply into her as he could. He cried out, "Oh, fuck!" as he filled her with cum. I didn't think he would ever stop. Much to my surprise and to Mary's joy he began to stroke that huge slab of meat in and out of her again. He hadn't even lost his erection!

Mary said, "Wait", and pushed him off of her. My respite was short lived, however. She simply turned over so that she was now in a "69" with me. She sat up momentarily and I watched as all of their mixed cum dripped out of her. I was mortified, but also incredibly aroused. I opened my mouth, preferring it in my mouth than sliding down my face. This had been a fantasy of mine for years! I stared up at her moist, beautiful pussy as she hovered over me for a few moments, then suddenly she dropped her lovely sex down onto my face. She ground it back and forth, up and down. The overwhelming feeling of her tender lips meshing with my lips and tongue took my mind off of the cum filling my mouth. I tried to swallow their juices as quickly as I could, intent on getting my tongue to work on her, wanting to be involved in her pleasure somehow. I began dancing my tongue across her swollen clit even as their cum slid down it.

I was thrilled to hear Mary sigh and then moan in pleasure at my ministrations. She remained still for a few moments as I made love to her with my mouth. Then she leaned forward, laying flat across my chest and abdomen. She wrapped her arms around my thighs, digging her nails into my legs. I could feel her hot breath on the small portions of my cock that was exposed enough to feel it. My manhood throbbed desperately as I brought her to an intense orgasm. I continued my happy work, lost in her steaming sex. Suddenly that rock hard erection came into my view as David slowly pushed it into Mary. Suddenly his balls were slapping my face as he plunged into her. I couldn't decide whether I was more jealous of David because he was causing the joyous cries coming from Mary, or because HIS cock could get hard!

I could feel Mary's magnificent breasts pressed against my stomach, her thighs against the side of my face, her face against my leg. Once he had hit bottom, David seemed to mesh with Mary and stayed there. I could feel his hands massaging her breasts and felt his weight on her. I sensed that he was kissing her back and shoulders. It was if I wasn't even there, yet I was intimately involved. His throbbing cock was hard and buried in the beautiful pussy that I so happily made love to with my mouth, while my throbbing cock strained against its prison. I had gotten used to the feeling of manhood against the cage, but the frustration felt new each and every time. Which is one of the reasons I love it so.

I felt the weight above me increase and then suddenly decrease. The cock above me slid out of that beautiful female body slowly until the huge head rested against her lips. Unintentionally my tongue, which had been darting across her clit, passed across that head, my first taste of a cock, fleeting though it was. David slid in and out slowly several times and I could hear Mary groan, "Oh, God, yes. Do me, fuck me good." It seemed to take forever for that impossibly long piston to pass through my view each time. Then he began to gradually increase his pace until he was slamming it in almost violently, his balls slapping against my face and her sex each time.

Mary buried her face into my leg as she muffled her screams each time she rose through an orgasm. Her sopping pussy dripped her juices onto my face as I tried to keep on her clit, occasionally tonguing his cock as they moved above me. I lost count of her orgasms, loving the feel of her fingernails digging into my thighs each time she did so. For David's part, he appeared to have forgotten my presence altogether, repeatedly pounding that huge cock into Mary's tender cunt. I lost track of time, but I think that they kept this up for at least half an hour. Finally I noticed that his balls had drawn up close to his body. He grunted as he pushed all the way into her and stayed there. Then he kept pushing over and over as if he were trying to push his balls in too. Mary cried out passionately as his cum jetted into her body.

As if to rub in the fact that their minds were on each other, and that my presence was only secondary, David let his body fall heavily onto her back, placed his arms around her as they basked in the afterglow of their ecstasy. The musk of their conjoined bodies wafted into my nostrils driving me wild even more. Finally David pulled out slowly, letting his softening manhood plop onto my face. I was so humiliated as he laughed, and Mary laughed with him. Without him to "cork" her, a flood of their juices began to pour out of her into my mouth. Then she sat up, forcing me to work double time to take it all in and clean her up. They again forgot about me as they kissed and caressed each other. At least I thought I'd been completely forgotten until Mary shuddered and began rubbing her tender nether lips against my face, her orgasm coursing through her even as her other lips meshed with his.

When she had come down from the heights of her pleasure she got up off of the bed. She leaned down and kissed me, as sloppy as I was. "That was wonderful, thank you." And to my surprise, David put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Yeah, thanks. We'd a never done that if we didn't know you wanted it. And it was fuckin' great!" I truly was surprised. I figured David had lost all respect for me.

They worked together to release me, then invited me to take a shower with them. They both commented on my tortured cock as Mary soaped both of us men up, and then David and I shared the task of washing her. "Mr. Happy" never stopped throbbing, and precum dripped continuously from his prison. "Mr. Big", as Mary called David's member, grew as we showered to his impressive dimensions. Mary leaned against me for support, kissing me while David fucked her from behind until they both came again. Damnit, I needed to cum! My entire body was tensed and focused upon that one unattainable goal.

After our shower my odyssey was finally over. The three of us got dressed and went about our business. The ladies all picked on me mercilessly of course. David on the other hand talked to me often as if we were best buddies, never saying anything at all about the threesome we shared with Mary. By the time we were to leave for our respective homes, I was half-crazy with lust. In a strange relationship, the girls teased me to constant distraction, but also helped me get through the classes because they knew all too well my "condition". When the classes had all ended we each exchanged business cards and promised to stay in touch. Usually these are empty promises, but I had a feeling they weren't this time. Especially when I told David that my wife would probably love to meet "Mr. Big" in person.

I couldn't wait to get home to share my experiences with Donna. I had a feeling that once she found out about them that I would find that my adventures had just begun. When she met me at the airport I discovered that I was right.

Part II

On the drive home from the airport Donna had me tell her about everything that occurred on my trip. While it was obvious that she was getting very aroused by the tale, I could also tell that she was analyzing the story for things that she could use later. She asked in-depth questions about what the ladies had done, and seemed very interested in the story about Mary, David and "Mr. Big". She asked several questions about that last incident.

Rather than go straight home, we went out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. After we had ordered she reached across the table and held my hand, "So, now that you've actually experienced being chaste, tell me what you think."

"I think that after all that happened, I am about to go mad. I have GOT to cum! I can't wait to get home."

Donna laughed softly, "Then you are really going to have a problem. I didn't get to watch any of the torment you experience this week, so none of it counts. You will cum when I'm ready for you to do so. Understand?"

I shifted in my seat as an erection tried to grow in vain, "Yes, ma'am, but I gotta tell you it's killing me."

"Are you wanting to stop? To go back to the way it was? Think about your answer, because you can't tease me with this, I am enjoying it too much. We aren't doing this part time anymore. Either we do it all the way, or not at all."

I really needed to cum badly. But I couldn't even think of going back after experiencing what I'd gone through over the last week. Nothing was worth giving that up, and I told her so.

She smiled, relieved, "Good. That was definitely the answer I wanted. So, no turning back? If you can't handle it, you need to tell me now. Because I want it to be permanent."

I thought about that for a minute, "When you say permanent, what do you mean?"

"I mean for the rest of our lives."

"But do you mean I will never get to cum again?"

Donna laughed wickedly and it took her awhile to answer, "No dear, of course not. But I do mean that you will only cum when I say, and that there could be extended periods between your orgasms. I could never completely ignore your needs, but the tease turns me on more than I ever expected it to. And we both know what it does to you."

I stared down at the table for a few moments until she prompted me.


I looked into her eyes and told her that this was my dream come true. And that I would happily abide by her wishes.

"Good! Then lets test that. Go into the men's room and take off your underwear. Then bring them to me."

"Of course I will do as you say. But do you realize that I've been leaking precum like mad? It might show through without my underwear on."

"Yes dear, I realize that. That's what I had in mind. Good luck!"

As I walked back to the table I noticed that Donna was grinning mischievously, watching me. And I knew why. Without my fairly tight underwear to hold it in place, my CB 3000 made an obvious tent in my khakis. Crap. It wouldn't take much teasing for precum to stain the front of my slacks, and it looked like Donna intended to make certain that happened. I was right. No sooner had I sat down than I felt Donna's foot rubbing my crotch. Then she started telling about what she was going to do with me when I earned an orgasm. And started to go into detail about some of the things I would be doing before then. My cock was throbbing by now. I glanced down and saw the spreading dark spot on my pants that I knew would be there.

When we had finished our meal and paid our check she looked at me seriously, "O. K. honey, time to go." I looked at her pleadingly, but she just shook her head and motioned for me to lead the way. I know that several people, mostly the females, noticed what looked like an impressive bulge in my pants and a very noticeable dark spot. It felt like everyone was staring at me, and it was apparent that several of them actually were.

I thought I had suffered a lot of humiliation until we made it to the car. Donna had the keys and before she would let me into the car she demanded that I take all of my clothes off. Then she ordered me to chauffeur her around town in the nude, wearing only my cock cage. I concentrated intently on not violating any traffic laws!

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It''s fantasy. You have to suspend your belief in reality. Once you've done that . . . I enjoyed it. I thought the writing was quite good, smooth and even paced.

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