tagGroup SexEating Good in the Neighborhood

Eating Good in the Neighborhood


"Baby?" My wife called to me while I was in the shower. "They need me down at the gym- I'll bring supper home with me later tonight."

"OK." I called back, massaging shampoo into my scalp. I felt a slight sense of disappointment: we usually got to fit in some nice Saturday afternoon loving, and I had already been fantasizing about it, casually soaping up my dick.

"Tina's going to stop by and pick up something- I'm going to leave it on the table for her."

The mention of Tina got a response from the old one-eyed bandit: it jumped playfully at the thought of the curly-haired red-head. I rewarded it with a handful of shampoo suds.

"No problem." I shouted. "See ya tonight, honey."

Drying my hair with a towel, I walked through the kitchen in my bathrobe, heading out to the wash room where my favorite jeans were in the dryer.

There was a decorated gift bag on the table, and I peeked quickly inside it as I passed, still walking.

What I saw inside stopped me dead in my tracks. I carefully poked the top of the bag wider and my mouth dropped open in astonishment.

Inside the bag were several dildo's of various sizes and colors.

I couldn't believe my eyes. These weren't in a package or anything- they weren't some sort of party gift for a bachelorette party or a gag gift or anything- these were real, and apparently well-used.

My wife and I had been married for three years. We had what I considered a pretty good sex-life. Jillian was a personal trainer at a Cardio Karate studio, and she was in dynamite shape- long, muscular legs, a cute, heart-shaped face and streaked blonde hair.

We fucked three or four times a week, which was better than all my other married friends got-at least according to their laments at our weekly poker game.

True- it was getting kind of same old/same old: we'd start with a bit of fondling, then she'd give me a little head -- maybe I'd return the favor if we didn't just go ahead and get to fucking- usually her on top cowgirl-style. On Saturdays we'd usually have a light lunch with a bottle of wine, and maybe find our way into a little 69, which would very occasionally lead to a little anal sex.

I didn't have any complaints. Jillian never seemed to mind either- but then, we never really talked much about sex much either, I realized.

I certainly would have never guessed that my wife had a bag full of dildos lying around the house.

I took the bag into the front room and sat down in my favorite easy chair.

I pulled out the biggest dildo- a monstrous black thing shaped like an elongated bullet that had to be close to a foot long. It was a vibrator, I realized as I twisted the dial at the base of it. It nearly jumped out of my hand, and I quickly switched it off.

This massive thing had been inside my wife's tight little cunt? I sniffed the hard plastic, but didn't smell any whiff of pussy. I tentatively touched my tongue to it, wondering if I would taste a hint of my wife, but there was no trace.

I set it aside on the coffee table and pulled out another one. This one was a little smaller, but still huge, made of a softer plastic and covered with varying patterns of ridges and bumps. This one apparently needed more power than batteries could provide- it had an electric cord dangling from the end of it. I gave it the same smell and taste test, but again there was nothing.

The third one I pulled out was very life-like, and made of some fleshy-feeling material. I held it up and studied it closely from all angles. It occurred to me that this one was just about exactly my size, and I yanked my robe open to expose my hard-on, which I was kind of surprised to discover was raging at full mast.

I held the dildo next to it, and was pleased to discover that not only was I almost exactly the same length (at least when I pressed it in against my pubis a little), but I was actually a little wider- only a very little at the mushroom-shaped head, but quite a bit so further down.

I stroked my own cock with my free hand, and then stroked the dildo next to it. The feel was remarkably similar.

I noticed a pearly drop of pre-cum at the tip of my wand: without any real thought about it, I smeared it onto the head of the dildo.

I raised it up to my eyes, then inserted the head of the fake cock into my mouth and sucked, tasting the slightly tangy flavor of myself.

As I did this, my eyes went to the screen door. To my absolute horror, Tina stood there, her eyes cupped to the screen as she watched me.

I shrieked like a girl and shot to my feet, running out of the room in mindless terror. I found myself in the bathroom, the door locked, staring at myself in the mirror and listening in horrified shock and awe as I heard her footsteps approach the door.

Tina tapped lightly on the door. "Uh- you want to come on out, Scott? It's not like I don't know you're in there."

"Nah, I'm allright." I said, in a voice so normal that even I was surprised. "You're stuff is in the front room there. I'll let Jillian know you stopped by."

I could hear her fingernails scratching on the door. "Hmmm. I don't think so. You better come on out, or I might be the one letting Jillian know I stopped by."

My eyes widened in horror. "What? What -- what does that mean?"

"Just get out here." She said, and her footsteps retreated to the front room.

I hesitantly made my way to the front room, cinching my robe firmly. She was sitting in the same chair I had been, and she was holding up the dildo I had last been seen sucking on, examining it with interest.

She smiled sweetly. "You really looked like you liked this one." She said. "I bet Jillian never knew you liked to suck cock."

I bridled. "I don't suck cock!"

She shrugged. "I saw what I saw." She flipped it to me, and I caught it automatically. "Do it again."

I threw it down. "No fucking way. I thought you were Jillian's friend?" I said accusingly.

She smirked. "A lot better friend than you are: we don't have any secrets between us. None at all. This could be a first though. Do you want this to be our little secret?"

I stood there, heart hammering in my chest, my mind whirling. "So...what do you want me to do?"

She walked over and picked up the toy cock, examining it with a frown, her bright green eyes twinkling mischievously. She lifted if up and slipped the head in her mouth, her lips spreading to envelope the mushroom shaped knob as her eyes drilled straight into mine.

I felt my knees go a little weak, but the treacherous snake between my legs gave an eager little twitch.

She removed the cock from her mouth and held it out towards my face. "Your turn."

I paused, still unsure, but when she licked her lips and winked at me, she pretty much had me. "Come on, Scottie." She said in a husky voice. "Maybe if you show me how you like to be sucked I might learn something. Maybe I'll try it out on you."

That was a deal-breaker: without another moment's hesitation I swallowed the knob again, watching her smile up at me seductively.

"Mmm. That's the way, baby." She purred. She walked backwards to the loveseat and sat down, pulling me along with the dildo as a leash the whole way. I sat down beside her, the dickhead still in my mouth. She brought her other hand up and wrapped it around the rubber shaft and sort of began jerking it off- simultaneously inching it a little further into my mouth with each stroke of her hand.

She seemed to know when I was about to choke, and she laughed throatily. "You took it to right here." She said, marking the spot with her finger and easing it out of my mouth. I was shocked to see how far down the shaft I had been able to go: better than half-way.

She tilted her head up and almost casually took the whole thing into her mouth, swallowing it all the way down to the base. It had to be several inches down into her throat.

The fact that this meant she could do the same to me was not lost on my tool, which was now tenting the robe up like a circus big top.

She pulled the toy back out of her throat, and it was coated with saliva. She poked it back up towards my face. "Your turn again." She said as she twisted down to the floor.

She pried my knees apart as I began licking the length of the shaft, my tongue twirling out to encircle the girth. She opened my robe and darted her head down to do the same thing to me, her tongue hot and electric on my meat. She pulled back and looked expectantly up at me. I grabbed the dildo at its base and worked my hand upwards: her hand did the same to me.

I took the head of the cock again into my mouth and winced in pleasure around its bulk as she again mimicked the action.

The next few minutes were a lesson to me: I would think of what I liked and try to do it on the toy, and I would get instant reward on my cock. I began to appreciate the artistry that went into a good blowjob.

Finally I pulled it out and groaned in frustration. "I can't take it deep enough to get you to deep-throat me."

She grinned again, her face and neck flushing red with her passion. Holy frigging shit, this is one hot fucking woman, I thought! She quickly sprung up and shucked off her sweat pants and panties. She had a little red landing strip pointing down to her honey-pot.

She held out her hand and I placed the toy in it. Without a word she placed the base of the toy against the floor and sat on it, easing herself down its length.

I watched her face as she did it, and saw the rapture and the fluttering eyelids as it penetrated her. She sighed when she was at last fully impaled, and then lunged forward and gobbled up my dick again.

Within minutes I was groaning in pleasure as she did things with her throat and tongue that I knew I would never learn, no matter how many toy cocks I swallowed.

She was by far the best cock-sucker I had ever

known, and I could soon feel the rush of an orgasm coming on. "I'm going to come." I moaned, but she only increased her frenetic and mysterious action.

I practically whimpered as she pulled the seed out of my balls in long, shuddering spasms. She began a long, grunting moan of her own, which only added to my own sensations.

She milked me for several long moments, way past the point where my dick was still hard. She was bouncing up and down on the toy as she continued, and when she came for what I thought was her second time she finally let my semi-limp rod slip out of her mouth.

I helped her to her feet- her knees were trembling- and laid her on the loveseat. "Clean that up again, Scott." She murmured, and I glanced down at the dildo. About an inch and a half of it was poking out from between the engorged lips of her pussy, and I felt a new twinge of excitement in my cock as I reached over and eased it out.

She sighed as it cleared her cunt, but I only gave it a cursory lick or two before I knew I had to taste this nectar right from the font.

I dropped to my knees on the floor and repeated her little prying action. She moaned as my mouth made contact with hers, and I began by sucking up and down the entire length of her gash, sucking each of the lobes into my mouth in turn before titillating her clit with the tip of my tongue.

She writhed as I began a rigorous lapping of her clitoris, and then began alternatively probing into her with my tongue. With one hand I massaged her inner thighs, and the other reached up to feel her tits through her T Shirt. She was wearing a sports bra of some sort, but I could tell they were round and firm.

She came surprisingly quickly, taking me by surprise. She was a gusher, too, and it was something of a chore to keep up with the juices flooding my mouth.

I kept at her until she finally grabbed me by the hair and lifted me off her mound, bringing me up for a fierce, passionate kiss.

"Damn- you're almost as good at that as Jillian." She said.

MY Jillian, I thought? "MY Jillian?" I said. My Jillian wasn't a lesbian.

And she didn't have a bag of dildos either, a random thought shouted.

Tina smiled wickedly. "I was coming over to seduce you tonight, you know. We figured it was time to bring you into our little world. Jillian was afraid of how you might react."

"Say what?" I said, all my fabled wit and sarcasm vanished.

"I think this went rather well, don't you?" She asked. "Now where do we go from here, I wonder?"

End of Part One

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