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"I was taking a bath this morning and I thought of you." Sarah purred into the phone.

"Wow. I'm flattered." Rob said flatly.

"Seriously. I was thinking about our talks and how excited you'd get if I told you what happened last night."

"You're cruel. Tease." Rob snorted.

"I know you love it. Why else would you call every single day?" She smiled into the receiver.

"Okay, I relent. Tell me your sordid tale of debauchery. Lemme just get comfortable." Rob put the phone near his crotch and Sarah heard him unzip. She licked her lips.

"Ready?" She asked.


"So I told you I was going out with that guy from the bank, Muir, right?"

"Muir." Rob snorted again.

"Yeah, shut up. So the date was pretty run of the mill. We went out to Domenics', had a couple drinks, and went back to his place."

"The usual."

"Right. So, his apartment is HUGE and its' got this big patio in the back he called 'the lanai'. Tiki torches, plants, the whole bit. And this big redwood hot tub, but we never went in it.

So, we're sitting on his couch and he asks me what I'm into. I really laid it on thick. I started telling him how much I like to suck cock and feel cum shooting in my hot, warm mouth and he was getting HARD. I could tell by the way he kind of readjusted in his shorts and there was that big bulge again, like at the bank.

So I moved across from him and put my sandal on his crotch and asked him if he'd mind taking it off. He had these big warm hands with long fingers and perfect nails and I watched him move them as he loosened the strap on my sandal and I was like, WOW. I was getting wet just watching his hands move. He saw me watching so he splays his long, beautiful fingers around my ankle and up my calf."


"So he slips of my sandal and starts massaging my foot and I start moaning like I'm really into it. This sets him off. He takes my foot and starts licking my toes, one by one, then he sucks my second toe into his mouth and tongues it like a delicate piece of fruit. His mouth was warm and slick, and I start thinking about his tongue and lips and really start moaning. I put my other foot over his crotch and start moving it lightly, so, with his mouth still holding my toes he takes the other sandal off so I can feel everything. He trades my feet off and sucks my other toes, and I move my still damp foot up his shorts to play with his hugely hard cock. He groans a little, so I remove my feet from him and run my hands up his legs. I moved his shorts over and his cock springs free. I run my fingertips over it then close my hand around it and he starts bucking a little. And that turned me on. My pussy is getting noticeably moist through my shorts, so I take them off. He immediately stands up and takes his off too so we're both standing there in T-shirts in the middle of his living room.

So he kneels at my feet and runs his hands up the outside of my legs, then the inside, moving up far enough to spread my thighs a little, but avoiding my pussy. He bends and sucks the inside of my knee lightly and I'm saying little encouraging things. Then, like he couldn't stand it anymore, he gently pushes me on the couch and delves his warm tongue into my soft fur down there. And then he's licking my clit over and over, keeping the tempo right so I am almost to the brink of coming. Right as I start moving against him, he takes my entire clit between his lips and sucks in this long, slurping lick and I come hard, bucking against his mouth and moaning like an animal. Then I looked down and realized he'd been stroking his cock along the couch, and it was big and hard and red. I grabbed him around the hips and pushed him to the floor so his back was propped up against the couch and his knees were spread wide. Then I try to take the head of his cock into my mouth, but it's a bad angle so he slides up onto the couch. There was no way I could take the whole damn thing into my mouth, so I suck down what I can and lick around the sides. This seems to be satisfy him quite well, so I lick my hand move it up and down his long shaft, rotating my wrist a little and sucking the head in and out in the same motion. This just about does it for him, so I make little circles with my pointed tongue right under the head as I'm sucking. He moans quite loudly and his breathing is terribly raspy so I decide to let him come. I moan on every withdrawal and flick my tongue up and down from the tip down to where my hand is. I'm looking up and him and he makes this face, oh, it was so hot. He grits he teeth and sort of growls and I'm dripping all over again. So he starts saying 'I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come' like a warning so I bear down, sucking faster and harder and more deliberately. Then, right as he comes I move my finger up the underside of his cock and push in and he just EXPLODES into my mouth with this huge growling groan. And he's squirting inside my mouth and I'm swallowing the tip to get it all. Then I pull back and wipe the spit and come off the side of my mouth discreetly and he's laying there with this cute little grin on his face and I say 'That's what I'm into.' Was that cheesy or what?"




"How you doing there, champ?"

"Just fine, baby. I love our little talks."

"Me too."

"So, talk to you tomorrow?" Rob asks.

"Yeah, I'm going out with Muir again tonight, so..."

"I'll call late."


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