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Ebenezer Screwed Ch. 03


Author's Note The Story over all: I only I hope Dickens doesn't come and get me for this but the name came to me the moment I ready about the winter contest and I had to do it. Destined to be 5 chapters total with one chapter devoted to each spirit of Christmas, this is not going to be short. (This charter alone is over 5,000 words.) So if you are looking for a short simple read to a quick and easy jerk, wrong story. Also, the original tale is strongly non-consentual/voyueristic in nature so I will be taking those things into the sexual realm, so faint of heart don't apply.

Chapter 3 (Christmas Present)

Author's Note on this Chapter: As I said above Chapter 3 is 5,000 words. The sex themes are besides the voyeurism are non-consent/mind-control, lesbian, gay, and anal so if any of these things bother you, be prepared and don't read further.

Ebenezer feels relief wash over him as he realizes that it must have only been a bad dream, probably yet another result of the bad cheese that had given him his earlier bad dream/hallucination of Janice Marley.

Ebenezer closes his eyes preparing to resume his interrupted sleep until he hears the bank's clock chime 3 o'clock. His eyes shoot open expecting to see another pure white light ready to blind him.

At first there is nothing, and Ebenezer is ready to laugh at his paranoia but then he notices a soft green glow coming from beneath his bedroom door, and the sound of loud boisterous singing seemed to float over the air.

Ebenezer cannot resist his curiosity so he climbs out of bed and shuffles over to the door. When he opens the door he is washed in soft colors and light, the smells of foods rich and delicious, and the sound of joyful singing.

The singing came from a single large man who wore a green robe of velvet. His head and was topped with curly red hair matched by his full beard and moustache. His mouth showed perfectly white teeth with every word he sung out with a laugh, and often a mouthful of food from the bounty that surrounded him.

" What manner of spirit is this?" Ebenezer asks himself softly.

" The type of spirit filled with Christmas joy. Now don't hide behind that door and come join me at this great feast little man!" The giant of a man says turning towards Ebenezer with a smile.

" You then are the second spirit foretold to me?" Ebenezer asks cautiously.

" I am the spirit of Christmas Present!" The giant says with another smile and laugh.

" And all of this?" Ebenezer asks, his eyes taking in the large meal sprayed out before them.

" The bounty of human kindness, the feast of Christmas Spirit..." Present says with a smile.

" It seems like a waste." Ebenezer says with a snort.

" And if this were everyday food it would be, but by its nature, the more that is enjoyed the more that there is." Present says still smiling, " But perhaps you are right as it would be wasted on the likes of you."

Ebenezer looks up with a feeling of resentment clearly written on his face.

" You are the one who is at fault if it is wasted on you. If you cannot enjoy the spirit of others then it is your loss, and no one else's." Present says for a moment losing his smile but then he reaches over and slaps Ebenezer on the back with a laugh. " But then tonight is about trying to help you see that so... We must be off."

The food disappears and the lighting in the room disappears save for a torch Present holds in his hand. Ebenezer looks around in shock.

" I do not have near enough time, take my robe in your hand." Present urges and Ebenezer complies, doing as he is told.

Present starts walking for Ebenezer's bedroom door and Ebenezer follows, struggling to keep up with the spirit's large strides. As they step through the bedroom door they step onto a snow-covered street instead of Ebenezer's bedroom.

Ebenezer looks around in bewilderment for a moment not recognizing it at all.

" Where are we spirit?"

" You brought harm to couple of specific people today who are good people, I thought perhaps you should see for yourself who they are, what they do, and what you did to them." Present says softly before leading them to a somewhat dilapidated building.

They look in through the window and the two women from earlier today, Tracy and Erica, are seeing to the needs of several children who are dirty and obviously under fed.

" Okay I get it, I should have helped them with a donation." Ebenezer says exasperated sounding.

" In truth you don't get it." Present says firmly. " You only say that you should give them a donation in order to get past this. There is more in question in your spirit than simply Christmas spirit. You have a general disregard for humanity, punctuated by hate towards certain groups, the poor being the most obvious, but also for women, family, lovers, even more particularly same sex preferences. There is more involved than simple lip service, the thought and the act should be one and the same."

" Same sex love is unnatural." Ebenezer growls angrily.

" Love is love. Love is the greatest gift of all, and the sharing of it is the single most human act of all. If it had mattered who people loved then the almighty would have had everyone born with their intended's name tattooed in their flesh to prevent confusion." Present says, as he seems to laugh at the very idea.

" The purpose of love is sex, the purpose of sex is procreation, same sex love can not lead to procreation therefore it is unnatural."

" Well I'm sure you are procreating the hell out of the world when you are jerking off watching other people have sex." Present says with a smile. " The difference is what form of sex you find acceptable, and quite honestly what you find acceptable is irrelevant, it is not your opinion that matters in the end. After all, your behavior takes advantage of others and you see nothing wrong with that, while what you are upset about is consensual activity between adults who have every right to decide what is good for themselves."

Ebenezer nods as if in acceptance but the spirit notes the defiance still showing in Ebenezer's eyes.

" Let us walk around inside." Present says with a smile he steps forward through the wall with Ebenezer holding his robe tight.

Ebenezer looks around in shock as he notices that they really had passed through the wall as if it really weren't there.

He looks around the room filled with grubby little children ranging in age from 3 to 12. The older children help Erica and Tracy with the younger ones, and despite the overall condition of things they are laughing and smiling to each other sharing the time together.

" This is the best Christmas ever." A little girl whispers

Ebenezer feels the shock of those words go through him. Even his worst didn't seem as bad in comparison. He always had enough to eat; he always was able to bathe...

" But you are never in the company of others." Present says with a smile following Ebenezer's thoughts.

" Is that really so important?" Ebenezer asks.

" You tell me." Present says with a laugh.

Erica and Tracy move down a hallway, which Present leads Ebenezer down to follow. They go into a room and close the door behind them as Present and Ebenezer pass through it.

" Are you okay?" Tracy asks.

" Just my ankle hurts from that bastard." Erica snarls angrily.

" Shhhh..." Tracy says with a smile taking Erica's hands into her own. " Let the world work itself out. It's Christmas, happy thoughts."

" Sure, my happy thought is my hands around that Ebenezer Scrooge's neck." Erica says in a menacing tone made light with a smile.

" That is not very Christmassy." Tracy lightly scolds as runs her fingers from Erica's hands up her arms and down her back. " What can I do to improve your mood?"

Erica's eyes half close as she enjoys the sensation of Tracy's fingers tracing her spine and then gently cupping her ass.

" I'm sure your imagination can come up with something." Eric nearly purrs as she reaches out her hands to pull Tracy's body closer.

" We can leave now." Ebenezer says.

" We could, but I thought you liked to watch." Present says with a smile.

" Not this..!"

" Well you've watched so many unwitting victims it's about time you watched something you didn't want." Present says firmly.

" They aren't willing..." Ebenezer says trying to use morality as a defense.

" Since when has that bothered you?" Present asks.

" But you just said it was wrong." Ebenezer says.

" It is, and yet... I have my reasons." Present says.

" Well you can't make me watch." Ebenezer says as he firmly closes his eyes.

Ebenezer's mouth opens into an 'O' of shock as his eyes open of their own will, and against his.

" I can, now watch Ebenezer, enjoy the show." Present says firmly.

Ebenezer finds himself unable to turn away and all he can do is watch the perversion unfold before him.

Tracy runs her hands up underneath Erica's shirt and gently pushes it up over Erica's head. Tracy then slowly pushes Erica back until she falls backward into their shared bed.

Tracy removes Eric's bra, as she removes first the left cup revealing her lover's full breast to her view she cannot resist placing the exposed nipple between her lips and sucking on it gently before exposing her right breast and then sucking that nipple between her lips.

Tracy tosses Erica's bra aside and as she massages Erica's breasts in her small delicate hands she brings her lips to Erica's and they begin to tongue wrestle both feeling the moisture collect between their lips as their breathing and pulse quicken with excitement.

Ebenezer despite himself feels his cock harden in his pants as he watches the two beautiful women excite each other. He almost wishes he could bring himself to start stroking his cock surprised at how arousing it was to watch the two women.

Tracy breaks the kiss pulling back so that she can pull Erica's pants and thong down her legs revealing her lover's full nakedness. She admired Erica's tanner skin, the supple movement of her muscles beneath her soft skin, and the sexy movement of her hips as she squirmed on the bed with excitement.

It had been a long time since they had time to themselves and they both wanted this so bad...

Erica suddenly takes the initiative rolling Tracy over onto her back and straddling her all in one quick movement.

Tracy's face registers shock for an instant, and then her eyes close in submission as Erica's lips meet hers with unmistakable hunger.

As Erica is kissing Tracy, she quickly unbuttons her shirt, and then unclips the front of her bra exposing her smaller pert breasts.

Erica presses her breasts into Tracy's, something Tracy always found incredibly arousing, and Tracy moans into the kiss as she feels her breasts pressed by her lover's larger globes.

Tracy completely relaxes letting Erica take her where she wants. Erica was usually the controlling on in sex and Tracy loved letting her have the control.

Erica breaks the kiss long enough to remove the rest of Tracy's clothes and pauses to a moment to admire her fair skin, the delicate nature of her long limbed body, the tightness of her stomach and sexy shape of her ribcage rising to the small mounds of her breasts ending in her hard nipples.

Erica climbs back on top of her submissive lover, straddling Tracy's thigh and thrusts her tongue between Tracy's lips as she grinds vagina against her leg.

As she probes Tracy's tongue and mouth with her own tongue Erica slides her hand down Tracy's flat stomach to her tightly trimmed bush.

Erica delicately traces the outer edges of Tracy's pussy lips causing Tracy to moan softly and raise her hips up to meet the fingers that were teasing her.

Ebenezer is almost surprised to find his hand rubbing his cock through his pants, he didn't recall doing that, but the sight before him had his cock so hard... Ebenezer tries to reach inside of his pajama pants slyly so that Present doesn't notice as he grips his hard throbbing member.

As Ebenezer begins to really stroke his cock he hears a deep-throated laugh coming from Christmas Present.

" Not so bad that you can't jerk off to it?" Present asks.

Ebenezer feels himself flush with shame and he moves to take his hand out of his pants.

" Don't stop on my account." Present urges with a smile as he nods back in the direction of the two women. " They are beautiful aren't they? Two perfect pieces of a sexy whole."

Ebenezer's eyes become re-glued to the scene before him as Erica straddles Tracy's face and lowers her cunt down to Tracy's mouth as she stretches her own tongue out to taste Tracy's pussy.

Ebenezer watches mesmerized as the two women begin to tease each other with their tongues, moaning softly into each other's cunts as they begin climbing towards orgasm.

Just as their moans become more insistent the scene fades and with his cock still hard in his hand Ebenezer looks around in shock in disappointment as they are in an entirely different room, a bedroom that was currently empty.

" What the hell?" Ebenezer asks in shocked dismay.

" Well, I wasn't going to let you eaves drop on people you don't even know at the most intimate of moments!" Christmas Presents says with a deep-bellied laugh.

" You did that on purpose." Ebenezer accuses as he turns to face the giant and stuffs his still half hard cock back into his pants.

" Of course, but there is much more for you to see, and my time is not that long." Present says with a smile.

Ebenezer looks around the room, and it doesn't seem at all familiar, somewhere, in a room beneath them a party is going on.

" Why are we here?" Ebenezer asks.

" Don't you recognize the place? Oh, of course, you've never visited your nephew at his home." Christmas Present says with disapproval clear in his voice.

" Then the party down stairs..."

" Is the one he invited you to for Christmas day."

" Then why aren't we there?"

" Because today's primary lesson is understanding, not in parties."

Just then the door to the room opens and Ebenezer's nephew, John, walks in with his head hung low, and before the door has a chance to close behind him, his boyfriend, that Ebenezer vaguely recognizes follows him in closing the door behind him.

" What's wrong?" John's boyfriend, Frank asks.

" You know... I really thought he might show up this time." John says quietly.

" You offered, you've tried, that is all you can ask of yourself." Frank comforts wrapping his arms around John's shoulders and kissing him on the forehead.

Ebenezer feels himself gag at this open display of affection but instead of being able to turn away he finds himself rooted in place, against his will.

" There must be more, my mother had said want a smart and caring boy he'd been."

" Well that boy turned into a sour man." Frank says disgustedly.

" But what if I wasn't..."

" Don't even think it! You are what you are, and I'm glad you are or I wouldn't have my soul mate. Call me selfish, but I'd rather I had you, than that asshole get what he wants, besides with the way he acts even then he wouldn't love you for who you are, so what would it get you."

" He is my family..."

" And I am not? Friends, loves... those are the family that we choose, don't let the family you had no choice about destroy that."

" One day he might accept me." John says with a smile, " And you are right, it is better to be hated for being who you are then loved for who you are not."

" Damn right!" Frank says with a smile. " Now let me help you forget unpleasant thoughts so you get back into a party mood."

Frank brings his lips to John's partly opened eager ones, as their lips meet Frank begins to unbutton John's pants. John moans excitedly as Frank reaches into his pants and grips his shaft firmly in his hand.

Ebenezer tries with all of his will to look away, but his body is unresponsive to his mind's screaming.

" Take me from here spirit!" Ebenezer cries.

" I thought you liked to watch." Christmas Present says with a smile as Frank drops to his knees before John taking John's pants down with him allowing his cock to spring free.

" I don't want to see this!" Ebenezer pleads.

" Perhaps you are right, the best way to understand a man is to walk a mile in his shoes." Christmas Present says, his smile widening. " Come here Ebenezer."

Ebenezer feels his feet moving, but not with any of his own control, towards the giant of a spirit that smiled down at him and his discomfort.

" On your knees Ebenezer." Ebenezer's legs fold beneath him and Ebenezer finds his himself nose to cock with the Spirit of Christmas Present.

Ebenezer's eyes widen seeing another penis so close to his face and he feels himself trying to shake with fear and horror, realizing what is about to happen.

" You are going to do as Frank there does to your nephew."

" No spirit, please, I will show consideration to my nephew, I will show kindness towards the gay community..."

" I'm looking for understanding Ebenezer, and even yet your mind screams that what they are doing is wrong."

Ebenezer sees Frank reach for John's hard cock and he feels his hand do the same to the Present's cock. He feels his fingers delicately stroke the hard shaft, so different and yet similar to his own cock. Then as he notices the glistening of pre-cum on the cock in front of him he sees Frank lean towards John's cock.

Ebenezer feels himself drawn towards the small amount of leakage at the tip of Present's cock, and despite his internal revulsion he also finds a smaller corner of his mind gnawing at curiosity, how was it going to taste? He would soon find out.

Ebenezer's tongue stretches out as he leans forward his hand still stroking the shaft, causing the amount of pre-cum to increase in small amounts with every stroke. Slowly the tip of his tongue glides over the head of the cock and he tastes male cum for the first time.

The taste was strong, but sweet and Ebenezer finds himself pushing his tongue against the head of the cock trying to get more.

Internally he was horrified. He liked it!

He takes the head of the cock between his lips, no longer paying any attention to what the other two men in the room were doing, he wanted to close his eyes, but that was denied him. He his forced to look straight at the cock he was taking between his lips.

Slowly he slides his mouth down the shaft, and he feels his tongue sliding over the ridges and veins of the shaft, exploring the sensation of the cock in his mouth.

As Ebenezer's mouth lowers further and further down the shaft Ebenezer notices something else that upsets him further, his cock was fully hard!

He takes nearly the full length of the Spirit's cock into his mouth, and then feels himself stoking his cock through his pants. The feel of his hand brushing his excited cock elicits a moan from him, which comes out muffled around the cock he still had in his mouth.

" Excited are you Ebenezer?" Present asks as he smiles down at Ebenezer.

Ebenezer tries to shakes his head no, but he simply looks up at the powerful Spirit and slowly slides his mouth to the top of the shaft. Ebenezer reaches inside his pants and pushes them down to his knees even as he continues to suck the head of the cock in his mouth.

As more cum leaks from the cock Ebenezer licks it up and he moans at the flavor of it, and the pleasure he was giving his own cock.

Slowly Ebenezer begins to bob up and down on the shaft pausing only to lick up the juices flowing freely into his mouth.

The excitement begins to over come Ebenezer and he starts to feel orgasm build in his balls and then he hears John's voice.

" Fuck me Frank."

Ebenezer is released enough that he can see his nephew get on all fours on the bed and wiggle his ass invitingly to his boyfriend, like a bitch in heat.

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