My name is Danyl, I'm an African American male with a caramel complexion, I stand 6' even with an athletic build, 23 years old. There are some things in life you can't control and you don't have the answer to them, you just go with the flow. I never thought the events of last night would happen, but they did (but I am not complaining.)

It all started at this year's family reunion meeting, the young adults wanted to plan something on the side so that we can have a little fun without the mature adults. My cousin Ebony and I were in charge of the planning so we exchanged numbers and emails to share ideas. Ebony is a probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, she was 21 years old, to go with her nice coconut brown skin was a nice medium sized ass and nice perky C cup titties I've ever seen, she was a model. Ebony and I weren't close at all, the only time we even spoke was at family gatherings.

After weeks of shared ideas and planning, the weekend of the reunion had come and gone. During the event planning we learned a lot about each other and found that we enjoyed some of the same things. From this Ebony and I became best friends; we hung out every weekend and talked on the phone just about every night. It started getting kind of weird for me because at times, I found myself day dreaming about my cousin. I imagined my lips and tongue raping her mouth as my 7.5" dick slid in and out of her juicy wet pussy, my hips thrusting over and over deep against her. I wanted her bad.

Ebony calls and invites me to her step-father's birthday party. We're having a good time, drinking and playing cards and she asks me to help her get the gifts for her step-father, which are upstairs. As we make our way up the stairs, I realize Ebony had way too much to drink and it looks like she was going to fall down the stairs. Ebony didn't fall down the stairs, but she did fall. I went to help her up and I fell on top of her (we are in a missionary position), as I fell I knocked over and broke a picture frame. Laying between Ebony's legs gave me an instant hard on and I was hoping she didn't feel it. We get up and Ebony says, "we need to do something about that." I agree thinking she was talking about the broken picture frame and go to get a dust pan and broom. She laughs and says, "Not that." She grabs my dick and says, "That!"

Embarrassed, I start to apologize and she begins kissing me. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop, I enjoyed it too much. She begins to unzip my pants and frees my dick and plays with it. She begins to kneel and starts kissing my dick, right when she is about to wrap her lips about the head, her mother yells up the stairs asking if everything was ok, halting my action. We get ourselves together and head downstairs with the gifts. At the end of the night I go home confused.

The next day Ebony calls me and starts apologizing for her actions and how she had too much to drink. After expressing her feelings, I assured her that everything was ok and that I dreamt of naughtier actions between us, she replied by saying she had as well. Ebony invites me over to her place and we talked more about how bad we wanted each other. I told her that I was in love with her and although this was taboo but I wanted to make love to her.

Ebony gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes out with my robe on. She asks, "are you ready for this pussy Danyl?" I then stood up, opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. I pulled her closer to me and began hungrily sucking her nipples while I held her plump ass in my hands. Her pussy became instantly soaked as my tongue fluttered across her erect nipples.

Ebony could feel my hard dick on her thigh and it only made her hotter. She grabbed my head and held it firmly in her hands as I licked and sucked her nipples, and playfully pulled at them with my teeth. Ebony could feel my hands reach between her thighs from behind, and one of my fingers slip between her pussy lips. Suddenly, I grabbed her hips and pushed her back a few inches as I looked into her eyes.

I then stood up and kissed Ebony passionately. We could hardly wait until we were both naked, so she furiously attacked the buttons on my shirt while I unbuckled my belt and shed my pants. In no time flat, they were embracing naked, my fully erect dick pressed against Ebony's belly as we kissed and caressed each other tenderly.

I began to kiss her neck, and Ebony was in such ecstasy she had to open her eyes just to ensure that she wasn't dreaming. She opened to see our reflection in the glass of that a portrait hanging over the bed, and she still couldn't believe what was. But as I slid two fingers inside her hot pussy, she closed her eyes again and sighed with pleasure. She definitely liked this relationship more.

Just the feeling of my thick fingers was about to make her cum, so she pulled my fingers out and sat down on the bed while I remained standing. Just Ebony's warm breath on my dick was almost more than I could bear. I squeezed her shoulders tightly and braced myself. Ebony slowly teased the head of my dick with her tongue for a moment before sliding as much as she could into her mouth. She sucked furiously, determined to make me cum in her mouth.

She didn't let up, it was like she wanted to taste my cum, but I wasn't ready yet either. Right before I reached the point of no return, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and quickly kneeled down and pushed her legs back until her fragrant pussy was right at mouth level. I proceeded to stick my tongue deep into her snug hole; I had to taste her sweetness. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy causing her to gently tremble and moan. It was when I sucked her clit that she really responded, "Danyl, please fuck me..."

I stood and walked to my pants. I pulled out my wallet, rifled through cards and cash. The last time I bought condoms they were for my cousin Keith, but I thought I remembered having some. I started to panic, thinking that I might not be able to do what I'd wanted to do for so long. "Daaaanyl..." Ebony teased in a sing-song voice. I turned to see that she had gotten on all fours at the edge of the bed. "I'm on the pill," she said. Without hesitation, I positioned himself behind Ebony, gave her wet pussy one last lick, and slowly entered her from behind. Our simultaneous sighs sounded like a two-part harmony of sexual satisfaction.

Ebony firmly but slowly pushed her plump ass back against me, matching the intensity of my stroke. I grabbed Ebony's shoulders and started drilling her pussy, moaning loudly every time I felt my balls slap against her clit. I reached around between her legs and started to rub her clit with my middle finger. That was all it took. Ebony screams, "Oh baby I'm cumming..."

She bucked, shook and screamed through her first orgasm, but I wasn't done with her yet. I rolled her onto her back and put the soles of her feet against my chest, angling her pussy up for perfect entry. I sunk my hard, hungry dick inside her pussy, banging the hell out of her. I exclaimed, "Damn girl, your pussy is so wet..." I pounded her juicy pussy for another twenty minutes, through two more of her screaming orgasms, before I felt like I couldn't wait anymore, I had to cum. I told her I was about to come. She begged me saying, "Oh shit yesss, please cum inside me..."

I didn't hesitate. I squeezed Ebony's shoulders so hard it almost hurt her. She moaned with every squirt of cum that filled her pussy, her pussy held as much of my explosion as it could, but it was too much, and my cum dripped out of her pussy. I slowly slid my dick out of her pussy, and opened she opened her eyes.

Ebony gets up to clean off and I hear her in the bathroom yelling, "SHIT!" I jump up to see what's wrong and she realizes that she hadn't taken her pill. I assure her everything would be alright and we go back to the room. Of course I didn't know if everything was gonna be alright but if it wasn't, it was worth it.

The End!

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by spoiler22m12/14/17


I liked it a lot. There isn't enough incest stories involving black families. I just have to caution you to becarefull with switching back in forth from 1st to 3rd person. The story almost read as amore...

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