tagInterracial LoveEbony and Ivory and Ebony

Ebony and Ivory and Ebony

byIrish Moss©

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the summer. I was home on break from college where home was actually my family's shore house. We'd been spending every summer at the beach since I was a little kid and I still looked forward to it each spring. As soon as I was old enough, I had started working so that I had pocket money for the summer and, as a result, I got to know the right people and was able to score better and better jobs each year. This year was no exception - I was working on the boardwalk with the enviable noon to 9 pm shift. This meant that I was in front of the public during the busiest time of the day and, therefore, I was meeting and chatting up hotties by the score.

The key thing when meeting numerous hotties is to first find out how long they are in town. Unless you are looking for some kind of commitment, you steer clear of anyone who's down there for the entire summer like yourself. It's better to seek out the short-timers; weekly renters are good, but weekenders are even better. It's also preferable to get yourself invited to her place; you don't want anyone paying you a surprise visit at your home at some future date, especially when you are staying with your parents. If all else fails, there's nothing wrong with a nice neutral location like the beach.

I could usually test the waters while I was working -- see who was interested, find out how long they were around, see if they wanted to party later. If I wasn't 100% sold on them, I would pretend I wasn't sure when I could get off work and have them come back later. If they were interested enough to come back later, and I hadn't found someone in the meantime who had greater potential, I'd set it up to meet them somewhere later when I was done working. It had taken a few years, but I'd worked out a really good system because you could never tell early in the night how many ladies you might meet and which one you'd want to hook up with after work. You didn't want to have definite plans if a better offer came along.

Another great thing about the noon-to-nine shift was that I could get off work at nine, party until around 2 am, crash between 2 am and 10 am and still get an hour on the beach before work. A morning swim in the ocean was a great pick-me-up and my skin was getting darker while my long, blond hair was getting lighter. It was on one of my morning beach jaunts, as I was heading in to get ready for work, when I spotted two alluring beauties sunning themselves. Very little of their chocolate brown skin was covered by the brief bikinis they were both wearing. Their physiques were very similar -- large breasts, flat stomachs and muscular legs. I was wondering if their pussies were shaved and thinking about how nice it would be to explore the pink treasure within, when one of them spoke up, asking where I thought I was going. I detoured over to their blanket to explain that I had to get ready for work and warned them that they might want to get out of the sun soon, themselves. When they asked me why, I told them that although I found their dark tans extremely sexy, they were going to piss off the other ladies on the beach by making them look so pasty.

They did me the courtesy of at least pretending to laugh at my lame humor but said they hoped the day job I was heading to wasn't at a comedy club. I smiled to show that I took no offense to their jab then introduced myself. As they introduced themselves as Carlene and Billie Kaye, I hoped that my mirrored sunglasses were hiding that my eyes were all over their scrumptious ebony bodies. We flirted for a few minutes, and I surreptitiously ascertained that they were weekenders, before I suggested they stop by my work later that evening. They tried to sound noncommittal, but I had a strong feeling that I'd be seeing them later.

I headed home for a shower before work and was pleased to find the house empty. Thinking about Carlene and Billie Kaye in their bikinis and imagining them without them had me sporting wood by the time I stepped under the spray. I washed my hair and cleaned the sunscreen, salt residue and sand off my body while occasionally stroking my tool and fondling my balls. Once I was fully rinsed, I took a handful of soapy lather and started stroking my stiff organ, thinking about the two black beauties from the beach, imagining them stripping off their bikinis, showering and shaving their pussies. With one hand sliding up and down my soapy shaft while the other fondled my balls, I happened to imagine them shaving each other's pussies. That thought sent me over the edge and I erupted, my knees nearly giving out with the intensity of my orgasm.

At work, a little while later, I actually found myself hoping that they would stop by. As the beaches emptied and the boardwalk filled, I realized that I was looking for them. It wasn't like me to get my hopes up too much, but I really felt that if they didn't show up my heart really wouldn't be into trying to hook up with someone else. I tried to act casual when they did eventually show up, still looking completely hot even though they'd changed out of their bikinis. Of course I paid them more attention than I did any of our other customers and flirted like crazy. When I got a positive reaction and reciprocation, I floated the idea of getting together after I got off work. They were game immediately and with these two, I didn't even bother setting up someplace to meet; I asked them to come back right at quitting time.

There was never any indication that one of them was more interested than the other but I was afraid to even think that I might be in for a threesome with two hot, ebony babes; the idea was just too good to be true. As soon as the clock struck nine, I was out the door and there were my two new friends waiting for me. They said that they were a little tired of walking the boards and wondered if I'd be interested in heading back to their hotel to maybe go swimming or soak in the hot tub. I didn't bother to mention that I didn't have a swimsuit because I didn't think it was going to matter. Their hotel was a nice enough place though the room was only big enough for one bed; luckily it was king-sized.

I made myself comfortable on the bed while they stowed their purchases from the boardwalk, their purses and their cell phones. When Carlene asked what I wanted to do, I brazenly told them that I wanted to see how they'd made out on the beach that day; I wanted to see their tan lines. I could see the attitude turn on immediately and it made me smile. With her hand on her hip, her finger wagging and her head bobbing, Billie Kaye said that since I spent so much time on the beach, I should show them my tan lines. I shrugged and told them to come and see them.

They looked at each other, then crawled onto the bed where Carlene started pulling my shirt off and Billie Kaye worked on my shorts. My shirt was quickly gone with Carlene reporting to Billie Kaye the lack of any tan lines, which they knew anyway because I'd been shirtless on the beach. Billie Kaye got my shorts open and reported that she'd found some and asked Carlene to help her find out how extensive they were. While they worked to slide my shorts and boxers down, my cock was growing at an impressive rate. By the time they exposed it, it stood almost straight up and they both sucked in their breath while Billie Kaye exclaimed that I was "hung like a brutha." I knew I wasn't lacking in the size department, but this still was a huge compliment to me.

While Billie Kaye got my shorts off and cast aside, Carlene took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it before lowering her head and running her tongue over it. Billie Kaye quickly joined her and I had the pink tongues of two hot black beauties running up either side of my rigid cock; I couldn't believe it. Billie Kaye started to lick and fondle my balls while Carlene wrapped her lips around my cock and slid her mouth down as far as she could. Pumping her hand on the base, she slid her mouth up and down a few times before offering it to Billie Kaye. She raised her head from my balls and ran her own mouth up and down a few times while Carlene continued to pump it. They alternated this way, with Carlene pumping my shaft and Billie Kaye fondling my balls until Billie Kaye finally stood up and started to undress.

Carlene continued to suck my cock while I watched Billie Kaye peel off her halter top. Her large tits were practically spilling out of her bra, but she opened and dropped her shorts next. I could feel my cock swelling more as she turned to show me that the panties that matched her bra were, in fact, a thong, which she then started to push down with her back to me. Her ass looked outstanding and she did, in fact, have tan lines. Once her thong had hit her ankles and she'd stepped out of it, she turned back to face me as she worked on unfastening her bra. I registered the narrow strip of black fur above her pussy before my eyes were drawn to her full breasts as her bra slipped away from them. Her nipples were dark and hard, surrounded by large and equally dark areolas.

Standing naked before me, she nudged Carlene who looked over and, seeing her naked, slipped her lips off my cock and stood up. Billie Kaye took hold of the bottom of Carlene's top, pulling it up over her head and exposing another luscious pair of tits in an equally sexy bra as Carlene raised her arms. Carlene started opening her own shorts as Billie Kaye fondled her big breasts through her bra, then reaching behind Carlene to unfasten it. Carlene's shorts were dropping to the floor at about the same time that Billie Kaye was pulling her bra off to expose Carlene's breasts. I didn't think my cock could get any harder. Billie Kaye dropped to her knees and started working Carlene's thong panties down, exposing a black bush trimmed similarly to her own.

They stood at the end of the bed facing me while I tried to fully absorb what was about to happen. My cock was stiff and throbbing and I imagined that they were probably dripping wet, as well. I encouraged them to join me on the bed and alternately made out with each of them and fondled their respective breasts while they fondled my cock. Wanting to more thoroughly explore their luscious bodies, and finding it a little awkward to do while we were all lying there, I got up on my knees between them, facing the head of the bed. With one hand on each of them, I fondled their breasts, feeling their hard nipples, which I would alternately lean down and suck or run my tongue over. My hands gradually slid down over their flat stomachs to their trim bushes while my mouth continued to work on their tits.

I found their lips smooth and slippery with juices, so I slipped a finger into each of them, pumping it in and out a few times before gently massaging both of their clits. By this time, they had moved their heads together and were making out as I used my hands on their pussies and my mouth on their tits. My cock was still throbbing, though it had calmed down enough that I wasn't afraid I'd start spontaneously shooting my load at any second. I felt a hand slide up my thigh until it found and began to lightly stroke my cock. It wasn't long after that Billie Kaye came up for air, gasping that she wanted my cock inside her.

I raised my head and licked my fingers as Carlene and Billy Kaye both sat up. I lay on my back between them, my cock standing straight and tall, and suggested that Carlene straddle my face while Billy Kaye was riding my cock. I gazed up at Carlene as she moved over me then focused on her approaching pussy. Below the narrow strip of fur, her lips were shaved smooth and clean. As soon as it was close enough, my tongue was running up her slit collecting all of the juices she was producing. I could feel Billie Kaye getting into position and guiding my cock toward her pussy. We both groaned as she lowered herself onto me, my girth completely filling her.

As Billie Kaye started slowly moving her sweet pussy up and down my shaft, I moved one of my hands from Carlene's ass and pushed a finger up into her slick pussy while starting to tongue her clit. Both young ladies were moaning and, glancing up, I could see that Carlene, at least, was playing with her tits. I licked and slurped her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her. Her pussy felt very hot and very slippery, so I was looking forward to sticking my cock into it. Billie Kaye's pussy was nothing to complain about, however; it felt incredible as it slid up and down my cock, gradually moving faster and faster. I was pushing my hips up off the bed, wanting to get as deep into that sweet thing as I possibly could.

Carlene started moving her hips, humping against my face, and dropped her hands to my head to hold it in place. I glanced up again to see her tits hanging freely and bouncing with her enthusiastic hip thrusting. I still had one hand gripping her round, muscular ass as she rode my face faster and faster. I actually had a pretty good rhythm going with pushing up into Billie Kaye, fingering Carlene and licking and sucking Carlene's clit. As Carlene's movements got faster and moaning got louder, it also became apparent by how much more slippery and engorged her pussy became, that she was on the verge of cumming. Billie Kaye just kept riding me, bouncing up and down on my stiff cock, but I wasn't sure how close she was to an orgasm.

Finally, with a cry, Carlene pulled my head against her pussy while forcing it against my face and began to shudder as her orgasm washed over her. Billie Kaye continued to ride me as I continued to push up into her and I'm not sure whether she knew what else was going on. When Carlene finished cumming, she let go of my head and swung her leg over me, my finger slipping free of her pussy. Kneeling beside us, Carlene reached out to caress Billie Kaye's clit while she rode me, but told her that she wanted to get fucked now. Billie Kaye asked if she would get her pussy licked then and Carlene said yes, but that she would be doing it; she didn't want my tongue to get worn out so early in the night.

Billie Kaye got up, my cock slipping out of her hot pussy, and I got up onto my knees, my rigid tool bobbing in front of me. Carlene lay on the bed while I propped her ass up on a couple of pillows. I knelt between her spread legs and admired her physique laid out before me -- big tits, dark skin and a mostly smooth pussy, who could complain? As I guided my cock into her waiting slit, Billie Kaye straddled Carlene's face, but she didn't face the headboard, as Carlene had done while I was eating her; Billie Kaye positioned herself over Carlene's head facing me. I slid my cock into Carlene's slippery pussy, moaning happily as I did, then leaned toward Billie Kaye and pressed my lips against hers.

This was the first any of us had kissed since we'd been together and as I felt Billie Kaye's tongue slip into my mouth, I heard and felt her soft moan as Carlene licked her pussy. I brought my hands up to fondle Billie Kaye's big, round tits while pumping my cock in and out of Carlene's pussy. Billie Kaye let one of her hands drop down to Carlene's pussy to massage her clit while my cock slid in and out. As Billie Kaye began moaning louder and more frequently the longer Carlene licked her pussy, she had to pull her face from mine. I continued playing with her succulent breasts and pumping my stiff cock in and out of Carlene's pussy while she humped Carlene's face with her eyes cinched shut.

Carlene's pussy felt so hot wrapped around my throbbing tool; I wished it was humanly possible to fuck both of them simultaneously. Billie Kaye seemed to be rubbing Carlene's clit faster the closer she came to cumming herself and even dropped her head down to give it a few licks before she finally started shaking as she came. Her orgasm was long and intense and when it was over, she moved off of Carlene's face and repositioned herself. I no longer had access to her titties, but when she lay on top of Carlene so their tits were touching and they could make out, her ass and pussy were right in front of me.

I ran my hands over Billie Kaye's big, round cheeks as I continued to fuck Carlene, but soon pulled my cock from Carlene and slipped it into Billie Kaye. Grabbing her by the hips, I slammed my cock into her for a little while, then pulled out again and slipped back into Carlene. They were making out passionately, moaning and massaging each other's clits while I fucked first one, then the other. If I'd had to choose just one of their pussies to fuck, I don't know that I could have done it; they were both so damn hot! I fucked them harder and faster as my own orgasm finally started to well up within me, swapping back and forth between their two sweet pussies until I felt as though I was on the verge of cumming.

I finally pulled out and didn't slip back into either of them, just announcing that I wanted to blow my load in someone's mouth. They untangled themselves and moved around in front of me as I knelt on the bed with my big, stiff cock standing straight out. Billie Kaye took me in her mouth first and slid her lips down my ivory shaft as far as she could while Carlene grasped the base of my tool and pumped it. When Billie Kaye slipped her mouth off, Carlene immediately replaced it with hers and I groaned as her hot mouth engulfed me. My cock was growing harder as I got closer to cumming and when Billie Kaye took me back in her mouth, I was pushing my hips at her, fucking her face. When Carlene took over again and worked her oral talents on my tool, I thought I might fill her mouth with my cream. Just as I was about to spew, however, she turned me back over to Billie Kaye. A couple of passes of her full lips and I exploded with a grunt, releasing my seed into her mouth. She swallowed the first couple of spurts, then quickly passed me back to Carlene, who swallowed the rest.

We collapsed briefly on the bed to catch our breath, but the night was still young and we had much more playing to do. I ended up fucking both sets of luscious tits and convinced them both to let me completely shave their pussies. After that, there was a lot of pussy eating going on. I spent the night with them and we headed to the beach together before I had to get going to work. We met up immediately when I got off again that night and I suspected that they hadn't been absolutely chaste since I'd left them that morning. With an entire day to think and plan, we came up with a lot more activities for that night, some of which did not occur within their hotel room.

They stopped by my work to say goodbye before they had to head out of town and I actually gave them my cell phone number and one of my email addresses. There was no doubt that it would be tough to top that weekend even though I had more than half of the summer still ahead of me. Consequently, if there was ever another opportunity to hook up with these two luscious ebony hotties, I wanted to be able to take advantage of it. Plus, they promised if I emailed them some pictures of me showing of my thick cock, they would reciprocate with pictures of themselves.

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