tagInterracial LoveEbony & Ivory Series: Black Tie

Ebony & Ivory Series: Black Tie


Curtis Montgomery pulled into the valet parking cul-de-sac and grabbed his cell phone before stepping out of his Porsche Boxster. The wild-haired valet gave the black man a second look as he emerged from the expensive car but bit back any words he might have said, accepting the keys and taking the car away. He navigated the stone steps, showed his black tie-only invitation at the door of Washington, D.C.'s National Gallery of Art and walked into the concourse.

The noise was the first thing he noticed. Hundreds of squawking voices filled the museum's entrance hall, bouncing off the high-arched ceilings and reflecting back on the marbled floors. He wasn't concerned with the gentry in attendance; he was interested in the reason he had come tonight: the traveling Matisse collection.

It was the single most extensive collection of Matisse's works that had ever been gathered in one show. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia had loaned four paintings and three bronzes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art had loaned six pieces and several other museums, including the Chrysler and Minneapolis Museums had loaned pieces for the exhibition. He was excited. The Icarus piece was enough to be excited about seeing but to hear that the Vase of Flowers and Harmony in Red was here ... his gut twisted.

An ice-blonde with a healthy bosom gave him a generous smile and handed him a glass of brut. "Welcome to the Matisse Exhibition, Mr. ... "

"Montgomery. Curtis Montgomery."

"Ah, yes. Mr. Montgomery. You're from the Cleveland Museum of Art, yes?"

He smiled, gracing her with his perfect white teeth. "Yes."

"Then I spoke with you this morning." She strode forward, handing the tray to a uniformed underling. The silvery material of her dress shimmered as it slipped and slip over her generous hips. "I'm Katrina Carlsson."

Curtis recalled his phone call with Katrina this morning. She had been bubbly and flirtatious, asking for her trip particulars and giving him a promise of a personal tour. "Nice to meet you in person."

Her deep blue eyes darkened to a delicious shade of indigo as she shook his hand. "The same to you, Mr. Montgomery."

"Call me Curtis." He released her palm, wishing that he could lick its ivory softness. "If I remember correctly, you owe me a personal tour."

Her smile was blinding. "You remember correctly," She grabbed an unopened ice-cold bottle of champagne from a passing porter. "Curtis."

That wasn't the only thing he remembered. His prick remembered the way her throaty purr had affected him. Even via long distance. He followed her past satin curtains and a few gruff security guards who eyed him with a certain amount of disdain as they watched a black man following a white woman into the bowels of an artist's paradise.

"I was very glad that you decided to come to the exhibition, Curtis." Her accent-tinged voiced echoed in the twilight-lit halls. "You sounded so ... interesting on the phone."

"As did you. I would never have guessed that someone so beautiful would be so well-versed on Henri Matisse."

"I have loved Matisse for most of my life. Some of the paintings at this show belong to my family."

"Then you are very fortunate."

As they reached their final destination, one of the terraces on the mezzanine level, she found a partially-darkened corner and set her glass on the ledge, refilling both of their glasses. "That I am." She drained her glass, then filled it again. "Tell me, Curtis, do you like white women?"

Curtis took a long drink of champagne, trying not to choke. "Love them. Why?"

"Well, I happen to crave black men. I thought that maybe we could ... "

Curtis didn't give her another moment to talk. He set his glass down and pulled her into his arms, crushing her tightly against him as his mouth bruised hers. She whimpered, momentarily giving him the impression that she was in pain but when her leg wrapped around his body, he knew that she wasn't hurting. He reached down and cupped her buttocks, pulling her soft pussy against his hard cock.

"You thought we could what?" He let his whiskers tickle her silken skin and smiled at her response.

"Have a little naughty business."

Curtis ran his hand over her sequined ass. "Hm, that sounds like an invitation."

"It is."

He took her pink-lipped mouth again, her hum of pleasure resonating through him as he took control. He knew by her body language that she didn't mind and thrust his tongue more firmly into her mouth, scouring every inch of her. She was a tasty Swedish morsel and one he definitely wanted to taste tonight.

"When you give someone an invitation, you give them carte blanche."


"I want to taste you."

She pulled back, her ice-blue eyes searching his intensely. "I've never had anyone offer that before."

"You've never had a little naughty business with me, either."

"No." She graced him with a rare shy smile and sat down on one of the Grecian stone benches, then in her sexiest voice, said, "Eat me, Curtis."

"My pleasure." Curtis strode over to the bench and dropped to his knees in front of her, looking up into her sweet face. Katrina briefly cupped his face, silently thanking him with her eyes and the soft touch of her lips on his. As he fell into the tenderness of the kiss, he placed his hands on her thighs and began to push the dress upward, past the tops of the silk stockings to her lace-covered juncture. He pulled her forward, lifting her bottom for a moment to clear the dress from beneath. She gasped at the coolness of the marble against her skin but his mouth warmed her quickly.

Curtis couldn't resist licking the triangle of white lace that covered her fragrant pussy before deftly removing it and enjoying the landscape underneath. Her heart-shaped pussy was trimmed with silver-blonde hair, clean as a stand of silver birch in winter snow. Giving her one last sexy look, he pushed her knees farther apart, leaned forward and began to eat her pussy in earnest, enjoying the play of light on the glistening lips. She was already wet and the touch of his tongue sent her spiraling into the arms of an orgasm that kept going with his every touch.

"Please!" She begged after several minutes, her face red and sheened with sweat. "I can't take any more."

"That's a pity." Curtis smiled, squeezing her raisin-sized clit and feeling her pussy walls convulse around his fingers. "You have a pussy that I could eat all day."

Katrina clamped her thighs together, milking the aftershocks from his wriggling fingers. When she could sit up, she released his hand and went for his belt buckle, raptly gazing at the thick, black cock that sprang through the fly of his boxers. "My! I could say the same thing about your cock!"

Curtis remained on his knees, looking down at a picture that would rival any that hung in the museum. Nothing could beat the beauty of this silver-blonde nymph doing her best to get the head of his enormous black prick past her lips. It took her a few long moments before she succeeded and keeping one hand wrapped around the broad base, she sucked the head, sending shivers down her spine. She was very good, even though she couldn't get past the head. Just that thought made him harder and she noticed, pulling back with a mouth held open in awe.

"You're so big, Curtis. I don't know if you'll fit."

"Why don't we try it out?"

Katrina nodded. Curtis took his jacket off, folded it and placed it beneath her knees, having her place her hands on the back ledge. This was his favorite position. He pushed the dress up again, exposing her puffy pussy lips and sank a finger into her honey pot, aching to taste her juice again. "Quit teasing me!"

"A little anxious, aren't we?"

"Please, Curtis. I want that fat prick inside me. Shove it in!"

He felt like doing that. The scent of her cum and the taste on his tongue was driving him crazy but he wanted to enjoy this tryst a little longer. He lined the fat head of his cock up with her dripping slit and lazily dragged it down her trough, slapping the underside of her pussy and connecting with her clit. She jerked in surprise and her pussy creamed again as he repeated the action. Finally, when the mushroom head of his prick had been slathered with her thick fluids, he flexed his hips and pressed it past her silver-pink lips.

"Oh, God!" Katrina moaned as her pussy was stretched by his cock and sweet sensations followed, bringing a deep heat into her core. "More. Give me more!"

Inch by maddening inch, Curtis pushed into her, holding his breath and gritting his teeth until he'd reached the bottom of her cunt. An orgasm ripped through her and he steeled himself against wanting to plow her when he felt that. It took him a few minutes before he could move and he pulled back, enjoying the sight of his black pole splitting her pink pussy lips. "You're nice and tight, princess."

"Oh, God, and you're so big!"

No other words were spoken for several minutes while Curtis slid in and out of her dripping pussy, growing yet harder when he saw the white streaks of her cum on his glistening pole. Katrina groaned, feeling him harden inside her and came again. As hard as he tried, he couldn't hold out any longer. He grabbed her hips and began to pound her, driving relentlessly into her plump cunt and drawing groans from her.

When she called his name in the midst of her hardest orgasm, Curtis let it fly. His prick exploded within her, spraying her pussy walls with his huge load and she shuddered at the sudden infusion of warmth. They both caught their breaths and he pulled out, tucking his wet cock back into his sodden boxers and watching as she quickly pulled her underwear on.

"That was very nice, Curtis." She filled his forgotten champagne glass and tucked her hand into the crook of his arm as they headed back into the event. "You know, I'll be here for a month with the show ... "

Curtis toasted her with his champagne and just smiled.

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