tagInterracial LoveEbony & Ivory Series: Blackmail

Ebony & Ivory Series: Blackmail


Arthur Henderson hated his half-sister. He hated her so deeply that he would skip breakfast so that he didn't have to see her lily-white face across the table. Why did he hate her? Because she was white. The science of genetics was an unknown field to him, but somehow, his black father and her white mother had created a nearly white daughter. The only difference between Destiny and her mother was that she could tan without burning but she seldom did that. Destiny hated him as much as he hated her.

Add to that the fact that she was perfect. She was a straight A student, varsity cheerleader and head of student council and had packed more living in her 18 years of life than he had in his 20. Her body was also perfect, not that he spent a lot of time looking at it. Her breasts were huge, a generous C cup and her waist tapered into a nice juicy bubble butt, a hallmark of her black heritage. Her skin was clean and unmarked by pimples and her crimson-streaked brown hair fell in perfect waves around her angelic face. God, how he hated her!

This morning, his hatred was at its highest point. She had caught him stealing money, money that his dad owed him but was unwilling to pay him since he'd left the garage door open and the snow blower had been stolen. His father had been in the shower and his mother downstairs fixing breakfast when he'd done the deed. He had forgotten to check and see if Destiny was gone, too. She wasn't. She stood in the doorway, watching him take three twenties out, fold and stuff them into his pocket and quickly replace his father's wallet.

"Arthur! Destiny!"

When his step-mother called them, he knew he was in trouble even before he lifted his eyes to see Destiny standing there. "You're in big trouble!" Was all she said. And with a flounce of her cheerleading skirt, she skipped off towards the stairs, leaving him numb. Then, the shower went off and he swiftly left the room before his dad could catch him and with heavy feet, clomped down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table.

"Whoa! To what do I owe this honor?"

Arthur gave his step-mother, Anne, a smile. She had been a wonderful mother so he couldn't be angry with her. "Just hungry, Mom."

"Well, that's always good." She kissed the top of his head and began making the plates, dishing out fried potatoes, bacon and scrambled cheesy eggs.

His gaze swung to Destiny, who was chewing on a slice of bacon, a wicked smile playing on her face and his stomach dropped again. His dad would be livid. He might even throw him out of the house. The money felt like it was burning a hole in his pocket.

"Good morning, everyone." Bill Henderson's voice boomed into the room and he immediately demanded and got a kiss from his wife, giving her robed ass a smack. She laughed happily, pulling her blonde hair back. "Hey, Anne, you didn't happen to take any money out of my wallet, did you?"

"No, hon, but it's a good idea."

His father laughed, his eyes turning to his son. "Son?"

"No, sir."

"What? I couldn't hear you."

"No, sir."

"I did it, Daddy." Arthur was glad that his father was staring at Destiny or else, he'd have noticed the look of amazement on his face. "Sorry, I needed it for the yearbook. Today's the last day to order one and I didn't know if you'd be out of the shower before I had to go to school."

"Oh, that's okay, baby girl." Bill patted her hand. "Every senior has to have a yearbook."

"Yes, Daddy." She finished making her bacon and egg sandwich, wrapping it in a napkin. "Time to go. Bye, Daddy and Momma. Bye, Arthur."

Arthur worked the tasty fried potatoes in his dry mouth, gulping with great difficulty. His sister was up to something. He knew it as surely as the hatred that boiled in his bones. *****

Destiny ignored him the rest of the week. Their parents left for Aunt Matty's house on Friday, with plans to return on Monday, so that left them alone in the house over the weekend. He was playing video games when Destiny sashayed into his room, a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Yeah, what do you want?"

"I need a date."

"So? Go call one of your little flunkies."

"Why do you think I'm here?"

Arthur turned around and glared at her, putting his game on pause. "Des, I'm not one of your flunkies."

"Yes, you are." She smiled her sweetest. "Or Dad finds out that you're a thief."

"That's blackmail."

"Whatever." She checked the edge of one of her fingernails. "I still need a date."

Arthur huffed, already knowing that he'd have to say yes. "Where are you going?"

"We're going to a party. Jennifer Chamberlain's having a grad party."

"Two months early?"

"Why not? There'll be too many parties at graduation time to have one."

"I never went to any of the parties."

"That's because you weren't popular, dear brother. Nor were you a cheerleader."

"Thank God for small favors."

Destiny slid off of his bed, her long legs catching his eyes. He looked away quickly, not realizing that she'd caught him looking. "Tomorrow night, bro. We have to be at Jen's around ten." She headed toward the door. "And Arty, no hip-hop clothes."

"Fuck that. I'm not wearing Abercromie and Fitch shit."

"Arty ... "

"No. Either take it or tell Dad and I'll suffer the consequences. I'm not gonna take my cheerleader sister to some stupid prep party, dressed like a stupid prep!"

It was Destiny's turn to huff. "Oh, all right. But at least keep your ass covered."

"It's a deal."

She didn't bother Arthur for the rest of Friday, not Saturday morning. When he awoke, she was gone. She'd left a note that she'd gone shopping and probably wouldn't be back until six. Arthur rejoiced in not having to see her first thing in the morning but strangely found himself rifling through his clothes in an effort to find something to satisfy her. He would never admit that to himself but it was true. By the time six o'clock rolled around, he had made his selections and called his friend, Swifty, to come and get him so they could hang out at the mall.

"You're kidding."

"No, I'm not."

"Then you must be high."

"No, I'm not high, either. I just promised her."

"Art, are you crazy? A prep party?"

"Yeah, I know. Well, at least they'll play some Eminem."

"Man, that reminds me. I gotta pick up the D12 CD for my mom. Let's hit the music store."

After several purchases, Art and Swifty sat in the food court, munching on fries and watching the girls go by when one caught his eye. She was wearing a gothic plaid skirt, her long legs covered in fishnets and finished with chunk-heeled boots. Her streaked hair was gathered in two pigtails and her darkly-limned eyes connected with his, bubble gum snapping between her lips.

"Oh, my God! That's my sister!"

"No way, man. Des would never been seen in goth wear."

"That's her, I tell you. Come on. Let's catch up with them."

The three girls stopped when the two men jumped in front of them. Arthur cornered the girl that he knew as his sister and glared at her. "Des?"

"Yeah, what the fuck do you want?"

"What the fuck do I want? Are you fucking kidding me? I go to the mall and find my 'perfect' sister dressed like a gothic slut!"

"Just go home, Arty."

"No way. Either you tell me what's going on or our deal is off." Destiny started to open her mouth and spit out a quick retort but thought better of it. She suddenly just didn't have the heart to fight her big brother. When Arthur started to see her eyes well up with tears, he threw an arm around her shoulders and gave her a quick hug. "Let's go home. We need to talk." *****

Destiny had been silent the entire way home. Arthur sat in the back seat of Swifty's car, his arm casually thrown around her shoulders, throwing furtive glances at his sister and wondering what was going through her mind. He had never seen her cry before, even when the Backstreet Boys had canceled a concert she was supposed to go to years ago, so he knew that she was upset. He just wasn't sure of how to approach her ...

Swifty dropped them at the house and Destiny walked into the living room and threw herself on the couch, dabbing at her running eyes. Arthur sat down next to her, trying to patiently wait until her tears were all cried out.

"It's so easy for you." Her first words stunned him into uncomfortable silence.


"Life. Existence. Must be easy being a black guy. Wear hip-hop clothes and hang out with your homies ... "

"Des, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. It's goddamned hard to be black." Arthur's defiant browns met Destiny's uncertain blues. "What do you think this is? 'Save The Last Dance?' Think it's some fucking MTV reality show? Well, it's not!" What the fuck was wrong with her? How dare she think that his existence as a black man was easy? Something inside him snapped. "I may have it a little easier than most, having a nice house and a good job, but I still had to deal with assholes every day who gave me shit about my black father and my white step-mother."

Destiny's innards crumpled into a ball. She was so concerned with being perfection. How could she have been so wrong? And about her own brother? "Arty, I had no idea ... "

"That much is obvious. When you came along my senior year, I had to listen to all the guys talk about how much they wanted to ball you and none of them believing me when I told them that you were my sister." The nasty comments and brutal shoves of his high school life seemed to suddenly catch up with him and he used every bit of his strength to keep from succumbing to his emotions.

It happened without warning. Destiny jumped up from the couch, flung herself into Arthur's arms and pressed her mouth against his. Her heart thumped uncomfortably. "Arty."

Arthur was as stunned as she was but it didn't take him as long to react. He wrapped his arms around his sister and pushed his tongue into her mouth, filling his hands with her ass and rubbing his hardening cock against her. "Don't start a fire you can't put out."

Destiny shook against him, sucking on his tongue and moaning at the touch of his hand on her breast. "Oh, Arty, I intend to put it out."

Arthur broke the kiss and grabbed her hand, leading her up the stairs to his bedroom and pressing her against the wall. "Des, I've wanted this for a long time."

"What do you want to do? You want to fuck me."

"Oh, yeah!" He cupped her breasts, making circles around her hard nipples.

"Then let's get the quick fuck out of the way, go to the party, then come back and spend the rest of the night finding out how many times we can make each other cum."

"Sounds like a plan." Arthur murmured against her mouth, his fingers sliding under her shirt and finding her hot flesh. Destiny moaned and shuddered, pulling the shirt and skirt off to give him total access to her body. "Lay down." He hesitated a moment once she'd done so, admiring the beauty of her white skin and hairless pussy. He wanted to part those lips with his eight-inch black prick but he wanted his tongue to be first.

"No!" Destiny clamped her legs shut. "Don't do that!"

"Why not?"

Yeah, why not? "I ... I ... "

"Don't tell me you've never been eaten out!" Arthur was surprised to see the expression on her face so he leaned up and kissed her. "Trust me." Taking her nod as a sign of acquiescence, he pushed her legs open, instantly falling in love with the flower-like pussy that opened to his sight. It was looking down the throat of a snow-white orchid, various shades of pink stretching from the edges of her shimmering lips to the magenta-red of her hole. Arthur was instantly in love.

Destiny held her breath and closed her eyes, anxiously waiting for the first touch. When it came, it was nothing like she'd expected. Arthur's flat tongue lapped from her hot, weeping hole to her hooded clit and she shook at the spurt of warmth that erupted in her pussy. His tongue looped into her slit, exploring every inch of her cunt and leaving her breathless. She thought the world had stopped spinning.

Arthur buried his head in her twat, licking and sucking until she was cumming and screaming his name. It took a few long moments before she was ready for him to slide his thick stump into her waiting pussy. He took his time, sliding in, ignoring her desperate pleas and instead watching the lust that flooded her face. She was impaled on his pole, every inch of her hot pinkness engulfing his hard darkness.

"Oh, Des."

"Arty, fuck me." Arthur couldn't think any more. He started pumping into her slick pussy, staring into her eyes as he humped her. Her pristine white skin and his dark chocolate skin moving together in an incestuous symphony of lust. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me, big brother. Fuck me raw."

Destiny didn't remember when it happened but she knew it was coming. Tingles traveled up her spine and the heat in her pussy grew so hot that she finally exploded. Arthur came with her, pulling out to spurt his cum all over her belly. Destiny just laughed, scooping up fingerfuls and sloppily smacking them as she swallowed.

"Come on. We have to get ready for the party."

"We're still going?"

"Of course." Destiny jumped up, grinning as Arthur's eyes followed the curves of her hips and ass. "Unless you want me to tell Dad ... "

"You little shit!" Arthur chased her into her room, laughing.

Neither made the party that evening.

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