tagInterracial LoveEbony & Ivory Unite For A Hot Night.

Ebony & Ivory Unite For A Hot Night.


I live in a small town in the south. The population of black and white is 50/50. At the time I was working at a local gas station. As I got off work I head off to the bar. This bar I was in had customers from the local businesses and factories. It was the kind of bar that blacks and whites were welcome to. But by living in the south the blacks would sit separate from the whites, but sometimes you had your friends that sat together. I met four of my friends at the bar, two guys that were black and the other two were white. We all went to high school together. We were sitting at a table eating some dinner that the bar served and drinking some beers. We were almost out of beers so I walked up to the bar to order some. And when I did there was these two black women sitting at the bar having their drinks and talking their talk.

One of these ladies caught my eye. I stared at her and she caught me looking and she said out loud to me, "hey white boy! you got a looking problem?” Her words to me were in a angry manner. I have seen her around town, she worked at the local yarn factory. So my reply was, "yes I got a looking problem and the problem is you" As I walked up beside the two beautiful ladies.

I said "I come in peace!" with a humorous laugh.

One of my friend's walked up to me and said, "Hey where's the beers?”

It was my black friend he looked at me and smiled and said "Are you trying to pick up these sistas?” as he laughed.

I said "Nah man I’m just being friendly."

As he got the beers I told him I would be back to the table later. So the woman I was looking at she said "so what’s the problem?"

I replied to her that I found her very attractive. Her mouth just dropped, she whispered something to her friend. So her friend got up and walked away from us.

She told me to have a seat beside her. We introduced ourselves. Her name was Chaneka. Chaneka said she was sorry for having an attitude, but with some of the white men around always stare because they don't like blacks. I understood that considering all the rednecks that surrounded our town. I told her that it was understood. And I let her know I was different. So her first question to me was what’s makes me think a black woman as herself would even think about getting up with a white man. I told her that all the women

I have dated in my past were white and black, but I have found myself more comfortable with the black women and that black women to me were more beautiful. I also mentioned that her beauty was unreal to me. Chaneka had coal black skin tone, she had a slender body, her ass was big and firm looking, her breasts were the size of d-cups, she had tall hair that look as she had a weave. She explained to me that she has never been with a white man in her life and that she has heard of the stories about us. She laughed as she told me about one of the stories that white men had very small dicks. I just laughed at the story. We sat there drinking and talking about things. my friends said they were taking off, and her friend was talking to a black guy.

Chaneka then asked me if my cock was small, my reply was average size. She then put her hand under the bar and touched my leg, rubbing her hand on it. Within seconds my cock got hard. She then put her hand on my cock and rubbed it through my jeans. She smiled and said, "I guess that story is wrong", as she laughed. The beer was taking effect on the both of us and the desire was getting hotter for the both of us. So we whispered to each other that we gotta go somewhere private. We both knew how it was with people looking and gossip. So we had to come up with a plan. So we agreed to meet in a parking lot in town. So I walked out first and she followed out behind me 10 minutes later. So that we could keep it kind of secret so the gossip wouldn’t start up or some drunk ass would start trouble.

I was waiting for her in the parking lot, I saw car lights pulling in the parking lot. her car pulled in beside mine. Chaneka said she had her own place which was a mobile home located in a small black neighborhood. So I locked up my car and got into hers. As we arrived at her place. We stepped into her place. I sat on the couch as Chaneka said she was going to make some coffee for us. We sat and talked for awhile as we sipped on our coffee. She explained that she was in a long term relationship that lasted for 3 years, that ended a year ago. And since then it has been one year since she's been with another man. Her being the age of 34 and me being the age of 25. She said it didn’t really concern her with my age it was the difference of our skin that intrigued her the most.

As we were finishing up our coffee I placed my hand on hers. Then our eyes met in a stare that seemed like a erotic trance. Our lips then met, she put her tongue deep into my mouth. She then pushed me on my back as my she ran her fingers through my hair, then she had one hand rubbing through my jeans on my cock. I was moving my hands on her back then to her ass. I squeezed her firm black ass with both of my hands. Chaneka stopped kissing me then whispered that we should go to the bedroom. As she led me to her bedroom I could feel my cock getting harder and harder it felt like it was going to bust through my pants.

She sat me on her bed as she started to remove her clothes. As her jeans drooped to the floor and her shirt was tossed across the room, She was wearing nothing but a pair of white panties, a white bra and a pair of long white socks. The contrast of the cloth to her body made me light-headed. I stood up and helped her with her bra then slipped her panties off. She stood before me naked. The lights were dim, but the shine of the dim lights shined off her coal black skin. I slid out of my shoes and socks. She then unbutton my jeans and pulled them off. I pulled off my shirt.

Chaneka got on her knees and in between my legs. She started to put my rock hard cock in between her full lips. The warmth of her mouth felt so damn good, she then moved her tongue to my balls and then sucked and licked on them like a sucker. After about 10 minutes of her sucking my cock, Chaneka laid on the bed, I told her I wanted to eat her pussy. Chaneka mentioned that she has never had it done. So I buried my face deep into her pussy.

Her pussy was so hairy like it have never been shaved. I drove my tongue deep into her slit, she was moaning as her legs wrapped around my neck. She was using her legs to push me in closer to her pussy. I then started to nibble on her clit as I slid my two fingers deep into her cunt. She was moaning so loud I swear the whole neighborhood could hear her. She started cumming, I could feel her lips tightening up. She then told me that she wanted me inside her. So I spread her legs then slid my white cock deep into her tight black pussy. I thrust deep with long strokes. I leaned down a few times to kiss her and to suck on her nipples. Chaneka whispered into my ear that she wanted to get on top. I laid on my back as she lowered her pussy on my cock. She rode my cock hard and fast. Chaneka then got off my cock and started going into multi-orgasms. I held her close to me as her body shook into ecstasy.

Chaneka said she wanted me to fuck in the ass. With me never doing anything like that I said to myself "what the hell why not?” So I told her I would be glad to do it, she then said "you know this my first time too" She explained that one of her friend's told her about it. So I lubed my cock up with some K-Y and proceed to bend her over doggie style. I pushed my cock deep into her black ass, her ass was so tight. I plunged my white dick deep into her black ass.

Within minutes I felt my balls rumble and tighten up. Chaneka was moaning"oh yessssssss. . . . . . oh shit. It feels so good!!"

Then I screamed out "oh Chaneka. . oh baby. . I’m gonna cum!” I pulled out of her ass, and she laid on her back and moaned for me to shoot it all over her face. I jacked my cock off all over her face and tities. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I could feel my balls jerk hard as I shot it seemed like gallons of hot white cum all over my black lover.

We then got up and showered then got back in bed and made love some more. After our love making we just laid in bed together talking. Her head was laying on my shoulder with arm wrapped around her. Chaneka laughed and said "So the other story is true then."

I replied, “What other story?”

Chaneka said, "You have not been licked right until you've been licked by a white.”

We laughed so hard at that. We started a relationship and now we are still together today. Even the whole town knows about our relationship. But I am happy and she is happy, what more do we need?

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