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Joanna was a beautiful African-American woman in her mid-forties with two beautiful children: a 19-year-old son Markus and a 21-year-old daughter Alison. She was recently divorced from her husband Bill whom she had been married to since she was eighteen who left her without an explanation why. She was left alone... and extremely horny. She honestly felt like the only two people in the world who cared at all about her were her two beloved children who stuck by her through her messy divorce from their father Bill. And she intended to repay them in a big way for their love and devotion!

Markus stopped by one afternoon to pay his mother a visit to see how she was holding up. Markus was surprised to see his mom sitting on the love seat clad only in this skimpy nightie that Markus had never seen his mom wear before. He tried not to act so surprised by his mom's flimsy--and sexy--attire as he walked in the door and said in his usual cheery voice, "Hi, Mom! How are you doing today?"

"Oh, about as well as can be expected," Joanna replied to her son flippantly.

"That's good," Markus said, trying to mask his concern for his mother.

He shut the front door behind him and sat down next to his mom on the love seat. He looked at his mom and smiled and she smiled back. Purely by accident, he happened to gaze down and catch a glimpse of his mom's pitch black pubic hair that just happened to be sticking out the bottom of her skimpy nightie. He, as quick as he could, turned his head away and immediately felt himself flustered by what he just saw. Joanna smiled broader when she noticed how embarrassed her son was at the discovery that his mother didn't have on any underwear.

"What's the matter, Markus?" she asked her son in an usually sexy tone. "Haven't you ever seen a woman's pussy before?"

"Mom!" Markus shouted at his mother shockingly as he gazed back at her in disbelief to hear her use such language, especially in front of her own son.

Joanna said nothing else to her son as she slowly leaned back in the love seat, causing her nightie to raise up even more. Markus knew he shouldn't, but he just had to look down and have another peek at his mother's naked pussy that was uncovered even more. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought she was teasing him like this on purpose.

"Tell me, Markus," Joanna said in a rather lustful tone as her only son was staring between her legs, "do you love me?"

That unexpected question caused Markus to abruptly stop staring at his mother's privates and stare directly at her. "Yes, mom, of course I do. You know that I love you!"

"Good," she said with a satisfied nod. "Then tell me something else, son: would you do anything I tell you to do?"

Markus shrugged his husky shoulders as he glanced away from his mom's rather lusty gaze. "Well, that depends." He looked back at her. "What is it that you want me to do?"

Joanna reached down with both hands as she grabbed the bottom of her nightie and lifted it up, fully exposing her pussy to her son. "Would you eat your mother's pussy... Markus?"

Markus was speechless as he was staring at his mom's naked vagina much less subtly than before. His mouth was agape as he tried to respond, somehow, to his mother's highly abnormal, and highly shocking, request. "I... I..." he stuttered and stammered, shaking his head.

"It's okay, Markus," Joanna said soothingly to her shocked son, spreading her legs further apart and parting her labia with her fingers. "I know you want to do it."

Markus looked back at his mother. She was right; he did want to eat her pussy. The trouble was, he had never done anything like this before. Even though Markus was a handsomely strapping lad at nineteen, he was still a virgin. Joanna, being the perceptive woman that she was, quickly figured out what was really bothering her son.

"You're still a virgin, aren't you, Markus?" she asked her son who was still gaping at her and reeling in shock.

Markus averted his eyes away from his mother's loving, lustful gaze as he slowly nodded his head. Joanna reached over and gently stroked her son's beautiful black hair.

"It's okay, Markus," she said soothingly to him once again. "We're all virgins at one time or another." She took her hand away and leaned back again in the love seat. "Besides, who better to teach you how to make love to a woman than your own mother?"

Markus slowly nodded his head in agreement with what his mother said. She did have a point, he reasoned to himself. Markus started to slowly get off the love seat. Joanna, being the considerate mother that she was, kept coaxing him as she said to him, "Come on, Markus. That's right. Sit in front of me so you can eat your mom's pussy."

Markus was finally sitting on his knees on the floor right between his mother's parted legs. He stared anxiously at his mom's beautiful pink pussy. He was so nervous that his hands started trembling. Joanna, sensing his nervousness, reached out to her son with one hand and wrapped her fingers around the back of his head and began stroking his head to calm him down like she did before. It seemed to help as his hands stopped trembling less and less. Finally, when Joanna felt her son was calmed down enough, she grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face right into her pussy. Before Markus even realized what he was doing, he was lapping away at his mother's wet quim with his tongue.

"That's it," Joanna moaned as she bucked her hips back and forth on her son's long, pink tongue. "That's it, Markus. Eat your mother's pussy. Yeah, that's it! You're doing good! You're doing real good! Much better than your father!"

Markus, feeling an ego boost, briefly took his mouth away from his mom's cunt as he looked up at her and exclaimed, "You really think so, mom?"

Joanna impatiently shoved her son's face back into her pussy where Markus immediately started eating her out again. He pulled at her lips with his mouth and nibbled a little on her erect clit, which sent Joanna reeling into a screaming fit of ecstasy. Markus took his mouth away from her twat a second time as he glanced up at his mother, genuinely concerned that he was causing her pain, as he asked her, "Mom, are you all right?"

"Yes, Markus," she moaned at her son, "I'm doing just fine! Better than I've been in a long, long time thanks to you."

Joanna smiled sweetly at her son. Markus smiled back at his mom then she shoved his face back into her pussy one more time. This time she held his head between her legs with one hand so there would be no more interruptions. Although Markus was certainly no expert at pussy eating, he was, like she had told him, a hell of a lot better than his father ever was! Joanna kept her son's head between her thighs and eating her enflamed cunt for the next several minutes. She felt the intense sensations building in her loins, and she knew she was close to coming. She told Markus to fuck her faster with his tongue. Obeying his mother as always, Markus thrust his tongue in and out of his mom's pussy faster and faster. He could feel her nails digging deeper and deeper into his scalp. Joanna, after a few more thrusts from her son's tongue, threw her head back and let out a long, drawn-out wail as she came all over her son's handsome face. When his mother finally loosened her grip on his head, Markus slowly lifted his head once and for all away from his mother's cunny, her hot, sweet-tasting come dripping from his mouth and chin.

"Did I do good, mom?" Markus asked his mother with an innocence she had not seen since he was a child.

Joanna smiled once more at her beloved son as she told him in all honesty, "Yes, son, you were excellent!"

Markus grinned broadly, showing his pearly-white teeth, like any son would do who was just paid a compliment from their mother. Joanna sat up on the love seat and informed her son, "Now it's my turn to please you."

Markus gazed at his mother, perplexed by what she had just said to him. Not paying any attention to the confused look on her son's face, Joanna grabbed Markus by his muscular arms and led him back onto the love seat. He sat back and waited, wondering what his mother was going to do, or, rather, was going to make him do, next. Joanna sat on her knees on the floor in front of him just like he had done as she began unzipping his pants. Markus instintively started to try to make his mom stop what she was doing, but then he stopped himself as he remembered what he just got through doing to his own mother. Instead, he leaned back in the love seat and smiled as his mother pulled down his pants and boxers all the way to his ankles, exposing his bulging erection that had been hiding in his pants from the moment he first gazed upon his mother's naked, hairy pussy. Joanna, impressed by the size and girth of her son's beautiful penis, wrapped her fingers around the shaft and fondled his two big testicles with the fingers of her other hand. She gazed up lustfully at her son and cooed to her only son, "You've grown up to be quite a young man, haven't you, son?"

"Yes ma'am," Markus replied as his mother was holding his erection in her soft, warm hand.

Joanna gave her son a quick, lusty smile before leaning forward and engulfing her entire mouth around the bulbous, engorged head of his long and beautiful black penis. She went down on her son and gave him his very first blowjob. Markus, feeling sensations that he had never felt before, leaned his head back and moaned pleasurably as his mother picked up the pace of her sucking. Joanna had full lips, even for a black woman, and Markus watched with amazement as his mom's big, beautiful lips seemed to slide effortlessly up and down the entire length of her son's massive cock. She briefly took his cock out of her mouth and sucked on his big and hairy black balls while she stroked his cock with her hand. Markus felt a brief jolt of pain as his mother bit into his scrotum, but he enjoyed it nevertheless.

"Mmmm, Markus," Joanna moaned, holding her son's penis up to her face. "You're so much bigger than your father!"

Before Markus could respond to the immense compliment his mom had just paid him, Joanna took his cock back into her mouth and started sucking her son off again. Markus began thrusting himself in and out of his mother's mouth and fucked her mouth as he would her pussy. Within minutes, Markus felt those familiar sensations begin to build up in the back of his legs like they did whenever he masturbated, only these sensations were way more intense than they ever were before. He figured it was probably because it was someone else other than himself who was working him over, even if that someone else was his very own mother! Markus opened his mouth and groaned out loudly as his mother, as if she knew what was about to happen, was sucking him off faster and faster. Markus soon felt the sperm that was filling his testicles shoot up from his nutsack through his penis and out the tiny opening of the head of his cock. Joanna quickly removed her mouth from off her son's cock and jerked him off as he shot a huge white load of his hot, sticky semen on his mom's chocolate-colored face. She held her opened mouth over the purplish head of his cock as streams of his come shot out of his penis and splashed onto her face. Joanna kept fisting her son's prick until there was nothing coming out of him but air. Joanna then took her hand away from his dick and looked over at her son. Markus was still breathing heavy as he was trying to recuperate from his very first blowjob given to him by his very own mom. Markus couldn't help but smile at the sight of the lines of his own come that had streaked across his mom's face, which contrasted with her ebony skin. Joanna didn't take her eyes off her son's smiling face as she wiped her son's semen off her face, especially around her mouth, with her fingers and licked it off her fingertips. Markus thought his incestuous experience with his mother was over, but, once his mom had finished licking herself clean, she stood up and announced, "Now, son, it's time for you to fuck your mommy."

Markus quickly sat up as he protested, "But... but... I can't, mom! Not now anyway!"

Joanna smiled once again at her son's innocence and naivety as she patted him on the shoulder and said, "Bend over." Markus relunctantly did as his mother told him to do and bent over the love seat. Joanna licked the first two fingers of her right hand and started inserting them into her son's rectum. "This used to get your father going," she told him.

She plunged her two digits all the way into her son's anus, causing him to jerk upright as his whole body tensed up from the feeling of his own mother's fingers buried all the way inside his tight, virgin asshole. Markus loosened up when he felt Joanna's fingers begin to massage his prostate. Suddenly, as if a switch had been turned on inside his penis, his dick, which had become flaccid after his mom had finished blowing him, stiffened up again even harder than before. Once his cock had regained its full erectness, Joanna slipped her fingers out of her son's ass and told him to stand up. Markus got up from the love seat and stood next to his mom. With her back turned to her son, Joanna sat on her knees on the love seat as she raised up her nightie, exposing her still-firm ass, and looked back at her son.

"I want you to fuck me from behind, Markus," she told her son.

Markus was stunned by his mom's request. Not even in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine getting the chance to fuck his own mother, the woman who gave him life and whom he loved very dearly and would do practically anything for, including fucking her brains out if she so requested like she was doing now. Markus, like the obedient son he was, took off his clothes and positioned himself behind his mother. Being a virgin, he didn't know what he was doing. After a few unsuccessful attempts to penetrate his mom, Joanna reached behind her and slowly, gently, guided her son's throbbing cock into her wet, waiting pussy. Markus groaned as he felt the moist, silky walls of his mom's vagina enclosing around his virgin member. He had always heard others, mostly his friends, talk about how great it was to be inside a woman. Now he understood totally what they were talking about. He began to thrust his penis in and out of her, slowly at first, then he picked up the pace until he was virtually banging the shit out of his mom's hot, drenched cunt. Joanna moaned louder and louder as she felt her son's engorged testicles slapping wildly against her clit, which was, by now, just as erect as her son's dick. Markus gripped his mom's hips and fucked her with harder and faster thrusts as he felt himself on the verge of the biggest orgasm of his young, inexperienced life...

That's when the door flew open and in walked Alison!

Alison stood in the doorway shocked--to say the least!--to find her brother with his erect penis buried deep inside their mother. "Wh-what are you two doing?!" she gasped in both shock and horror at what she was seeing.

Joanna slowly stood up as Markus slowly took his dick out of her. Both mother and son stood next to each other and faced their accusing daughter and sister. Alison had grown up to be quite a beautiful young lady with her long, flowing jet-black hair, slim figure and full, pouty lips. She looked like a younger version of her mother. Both her mother and her brother wanted her very much to join in on their fun, which they would soon discover would be much easier than they initially anticipated. Joanna first tried to calm Alison down by saying to her in her gentle motherly voice, "Calm down, Alison. It's all right. Everything will be--"

"No, no, it's not all right!" Alison shouted, interrupting her mother. "You and Markus were just... just... Ooh, I don't even want to say what you two were doing to each other!"

Alison ran her hands over her face trying to make sense of it all. When she took her hands off her face, she found herself staring right at her brother's still-erect penis. She stopped shouting at them and just stood there and stared at her younger brother's throbbing erection. Joanna smiled when she noticed what her daughter was doing. She reached down and took her son's erection in her hand and waved it around in front of Alison.

"He has such a gorgeous cock, don't you think, Alison?" Joanna asked her daughter lasciviously as she kept waving her brother's prick in front of her.

Alison didn't respond to her mother's question. She didn't have to. The lustful gaze on her daughter's beautiful face gave her mother the answer that she needed... and expected.

"Why don't you come over here and suck your brother off, Alison?" Joanna suggested to her daughter.

"Mom!" Alison exclaimed much in the same way that Markus did earlier as she placed her hands over her mouth in mock surprise.

"Don't give me that innocent look, Alison," Joanna told her daughter. "I know you all too well. This is your mother you're talking to, remember? I know you want to do it. Besides, I gave your brother head right before you came in and, I've got to say, your little brother tastes great!"

"Mother!" Alison exclaimed again much more merrily this time.

Alison laughed and Joanna and Markus laughed along with her. When their laughter died down, Alison, taking her mother's suggestion to heart, shut the front door and then strode over to her waiting brother. Joanna took her hand away from his cock as her daughter slowly got on her knees in front of him, took her brother's erection in hand and sank her whole mouth down on his shaft. Joanna watched with a motherly pride as her older daughter was able to get almost the entire length of her brother's enormous cock into her mouth. Markus moaned with a lustful appreciation for what his sister was doing to him. Alison sucked off Markus some more when Joanna suggested, "Why don't we all get on the love seat and have some fun? What do you kids say?"

Alison relunctantly took her mouth off her little brother's beautiful black cock as they all three--mother, daughter and son--got on the love seat as Joanna and Markus sat on either end while Alison was lying between them. Alison eagerly took her brother's cock back into her mouth and sucked him off with an exuberance that surprised even their mother. Joanna decided to get in on the fun herself as she lifted up her daughter's skirt, pulled her soaking wet panties to the side and dove her head into her pussy.

"Oh, Mom!" Alison exclaimed once again, briefly taking her brother's cock out of her mouth as her mother started eating her out.

Now sister was sucking off brother and mother was licking off daughter. At one point during the incestuous fun, Joanna sat up on the love seat and straddled her daughter as she mashed her pussy up against hers. She ground her cunt into her daughter's as her daughter sucked off her brother more fervently than before. This incestuous threeway lasted for what seemed to them like a small eternity until Joanna ended it--but only briefly!--by again suggesting to her lascivious children, "Why don't we go to the bedroom? I have a surprise waiting for you in there!"

Alison and Markus gazed over at their mother with an excited look in their eyes like two kids on Christmas morning as they excitedly jumped off the love seat and ran into the back bedroom where Joanna soon followed. Joanna walked into her bedroom and saw Alison taking off her clothes until she was completely naked just like her brother. She instructed her children just like any normal mother would do to get on the bed, which they both obediently did. Joanna told Markus to lay on his back and told Alison to get on top of him. Markus laid down on the bed on his back just like mom told him to do while Alison sat down on top of him and, without having to have mom tell her what to do, she straddled her brother's cock and inserted all the way into her pussy. Again, without their mother having to tell them what to do, siblings Alison and Markus began fucking each other wildly and passionately on the bed. Joanna, meanwhile, got her "surprise" from out of her closet: It was a strap-on dildo. W

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