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Economic Growth Via Lie Propagation


Lies are constantly perpetuated by organizations and believed by enough voting citizens to create illogical laws that cripple and disable our society. Because the United States is a pure capitalist society, most of the ongoing problems American citizens face can be directly or indirectly attributed to private and public organizations' desire to increase income. The logical, thinking person can easily come to the conclusion that many of our laws and forms of justice are based on irrational ideas.

There are various detrimental aspects of our society that are needlessly perpetuated to maintain monetary flow to organizations. The first, and most discordant of these would be the racial tension that abounds in America. The seeming different ways of life and methods of living that various cultures have, and the lack of understanding or acceptance of those cultures form racial tension. When two or more groups of people are separated from one another due to a supposed lack of cultural understanding or due to "cultural racism" a rift occurs that allows opportunities for financial gain. In the United States, it is supposed that the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) is in control of anything of importance. If this is true, it is only due to a lack of willingness of other races, religions or cultures to fight hard enough to take their rightful place. Humans are humans and the same pitfalls that affect one group affect another. Drugs, alcohol, lack of motivation affect all groups equally. What makes the difference is the personal decision to embrace or reject the problem. In the world today, we have "black music" and baggy pants and various other forms of expression that are to appeal to a certain group. When people are divided as such, the opportunity for more business and money flow is created. One group listens to one type of music; one group is expected to wear a certain style of clothes. This isn't limited to racial boundaries, however, as companies market different brands based on preference in sport, age, sex and religion. Of all these, racial lines are the most noticeable.

Capital punishment or rather, the lack of capital punishment creates a lot of money for a lot of people. Logically answer this question: Which costs more: To put a convicted murderer to death or to keep him in prison for the rest of his life? The answer is evident. The money made from keeping someone incarcerated for decades benefits the prison building contractors, the food and laundry contractors, the lawyers and the guards. More jobs and more money are produced by sentencing someone to life in prison than spending forty-seven cents for a bullet to end the problem once and for all. The idea of capital punishment is a great deterrent as demonstrated by the Arab nations, which chop off the hand of a thief, or castrate a rapist or stone a murderer to death. If there were fewer criminals, there would be fewer police, fewer lawyers, fewer security system companies, fewer insurance agencies and definitely lower premiums. A law abiding, calm society brings in less money than a society full of rowdy criminals. Criminal activity is good for business; therefore criminal activity is good for a capitalist society.

Especially in our society, the police force needs to concentrate more on investigating and ending criminal activity than on traffic enforcement. The United States tends to ignore tried and proven methods for problem solving, possibly because it is the "Greatest Nation on Earth". Pride will not allow us to use the ideas of other countries, even if they're older. Germany has an excellent and highly effective method of speed enforcement that has been in use for close to two decades. Portable speed traps consisting of laser-tripped cameras can be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes, do not need manning and provide unequivocal photographic proof of the vehicle (German license plates are placed on the front as well as back of the vehicle) as well as the driver.

The health care system in the United States is broken, as vocalized by Bill and Hillary Clinton. A higher healthcare tax would provide lifetime enjoyment of the best medical support available without the encumbrance of pharmaceutical companies influencing drug distribution. Although socialized medicine is not conducive to unequal money making, it does allow the patient to get the best medical care that can be provided by the doctors, as they would be paid by the government and not influenced by possible company kickbacks. This opens up the possibilities of natural medicine, physical therapy, therapeutic message or whatever is needed by the patient to fix his condition, not to temporarily alleviate it. Once again, the European countries have had nationalized health-care programs in place for decades, but the United States of America can't seem to come up with such a plan. Certain companies would decrease their extreme profits if it did. There would be no profit in seeing that the patients continued to suffer, but healing the patient would bring more money over a longer life span.

A better, safer, more equitable United States would be based on logic produced laws and norms versus the desire to maintain straight capitalism. Competition and growth is healthy and natural, but not when it comes at the expense of the health and well being of a nation's citizens. Logic can see this, and logic can come to each of the conclusions drawn above. So why are our laws based on lies? Is money more important to us now than our well-being?

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