tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEcstasy on the Express

Ecstasy on the Express


Kay steps onto the L car and carefully looks around. It is the last car of eight so it's more or less deserted. The man she followed on was seated in one of the side seats, which meant he was facing the seat across from him. She opens her coat revealing her tight black sweater, which shows off her generous bust line. She makes sure to hike up her skirt as she sits across from him so that the hem rests on her knees. Her panties and stockings were in the waste basket back at work. Considering it was winter and snowing, she was a bit chilled. She studies the man for a moment before she begins.

Her Master had ordered her to play with herself on the L and to make sure someone saw her. He hadn't said anything about finding someone ugly or finding someone handsome, for that matter. The man she chose was closer to handsome than ugly. He is about 5'7" with brown hair that's off the collar, but still longish on top. He has a goatee and mustache and is reading a book called Socialism in the Post Cold War Era. He is obviously a college student, but with a tighter stomach and broader chest than his kind of student usually had. There is a hint of danger around him that she found exciting as if he was an arm chair socialist ready to spring into action with an AK-47 if the revolution actually got around to happening.

She glances around the car. There was only one other person on the car with them. A pixie-faced girl who is talking to her fiancé on her cell phone is seated facing them, but she is further down the car. Kay holds a paperback book in one hand and stares blankly at the pages. Her other hand rests on her knee and slow pulls her skirt up. She glances at the man. He's reading his book. She pulls her skirt a bit higher and sighs audibly. He glances up at her. She smiles her dimpled smile at him. He does the masculine flicker up and down her body. He sees up her obviously lifted skirt. She sees him chuckle silently and return to his book.

She pulls her skirt up further and fingers the folds of her pussy with light spider-fingers. She is so excited. Her pussy is soaking wet and her nipples stick out nearly through her sweater. She is breathing shallowly. She rubs her clit, feeling it throb, enjoying her shamelessness. She feels like such a slut. She pushes her finger into her luscious pussy and sighs again. It feels so good. She can't believe she's doing this. She glances at the man. He is watching her now. Frankly, openly. He has a knowing mocking smile on his face. Enjoying her show, but at the same time he thinks less of her for putting it on. That silent contempt fuels her excitement. She plays on.

She drops her book and uses her free hand to hold her lips open while she rubs harder. Two fingers are up her snatch now. Oh my God! She thinks. She looks at her audience again. His pants show a huge hard on. Suddenly she realizes pixie-girl has stopped talking. Kay glances at her. The woman is staring at her open-mouthed. Kay kisses her lips toward her and then licks them. Pixie-girl starts whispering into her phone. Kay closes her eyes and goes back to her play. The man is still staring at her. He seems oblivious to Pixie-girl's shock. He unsnaps his pants as an invitation.

"This is Belmont. Doors open on the left at Belmont."

Pixie-girl jumps up and leaves through the far door. Kay looks to see if anyone is coming on. She sees nothing through the door, but the harbor lights of Belmont Harbor on the other side of the "L" platform. The man doesn't seem at all interested in whether people are coming on or not. The doors close. Kay immediately drops to her knees in front of the man and unzips his pants. She pulls out it his cock. She is desperate to have it. It's not as big as her Master's, but it's big enough. She immediately swallows it whole. She hears him gasp in wondrous surprise and suppresses a smile of satisfaction. She is an expert cocksucker. Her tongue dances along his cock at hummingbird speed. She slides her mouth back up to the knob and sucks that in a swirling "tootsie pop" technique. Then she swallows it again and bobs up and down on it in classic cocksucker style. He grips her hair with his fist and moves her head at his speed not hers. She nearly gags as he forces her throat to take his cock deep down.

"That's right slut. Swallow that cock like the good little whore you are."

His words and contemptuous tone eggs her on. She was a little slut and a little whore. She is sucking off a total stranger on the L as it runs express to Howard. One hand returns to her cunt to finger it some more. Now she is sucking for all she's worth. She may be a slut, but she was giving him the best blowjob he was ever going to get.

Without warning he stands up. Kay falls back and looks up at him, confused. Wordlessly he points at his seat. Kay immediately leans over it and sticks her ass in the air. The man flips up her skirt and kicks her feet wider apart. He steps in behind her and she feels his cock pressing the outer lips of her pussy. She is so wet he slides in with ease.

"My God! You are a wet little whore aren't you?" He says as he buries himself in her to the hilt.

"Yes," Kay whispers. "I'm a filthy slut. Please use me hard like a filthy slut deserves."

He laughs at her and does just that. He grabs her ass with both hands and tears into her pussy with his cock. He jackhammer fucks her until she is screaming into the seat.

"Yeah, you fucking little bitch. You like this don't you. You love being used and humiliated don't you?"

"Oh God yes! I love it. I live for it."

"Too bad we don't have an audience anymore. Too bad your little pixie friend ran away. We could give her a real show."

"Oh God!" Kay screams as she cums all over the stranger's cock. Suddenly he thrusts deeper and harder than ever. Kay feels his cock spasm as he fills her pussy with cum. He thrusts twice more and then pulls out. Kay collapses onto the seat.

"Get out of my seat." He orders abruptly. Still shaking Kay slowly stands and crosses back to her own seat. He sits down and calmly picks up his book again. Not even looking at her. He doesn't even feel enough about their encounter to leave quickly. Suddenly they are two strangers sitting across from each other on the L.

Kay sighs in contentment. She pulls down her skirt and picks back up her own book. What a wonderful experience! She has gone beyond her Master's orders and she will be punished for it. In her mind she can already feel every little kiss of the cat on her ass. But it was worth it. Her legs are still trembling. Her pussy aches for that which was suddenly gone. She wants it again. She is dying to give the stranger her number, but that would seem desperate. It would break the spell of normalness he has created. The train reaches Howard. Her stop. She picks up her purse and book and steps off the train. The man speeds away with the train and is gone.

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