tagIncest/TabooEddie and His Mom Ch. 04

Eddie and His Mom Ch. 04


Hello, Literotica. I can't tell you how much fun my mother and I have had working on these stories for this site. And I thank God for the Internet. My mother-wife Michelle has far more experience with Internet porn, in all its sick kinkiness, than the typical middle-aged woman. However, she still showed some reluctance to let her fantasies cross the line into reality. However, her time on the Internet slowly eroded some of her barriers.

Mom and I are very frank in discussing our sexual fantasies, even those we don't think the other will enjoy. I think it's because, being incestuous, we are already sexual "outsiders" who would be seen as perverts if anyone knew about us. We've become quite cynical towards the holier-than-thou types who mock and judge the sexual tastes of consenting adults. But, nearly three years after we first consummated our incestuous marriage right after my father's death, we had not done anything more than vaginal fucking, handjobs, and blowjobs. Until now.

This story takes place during my final year of college. My mom had gotten a job in the same town where I went to school. We had gotten an apartment as temporary housing, but found that the thin walls didn't afford us much privacy. We could hear our next-door neighbors fucking through the walls and realized that they could probably hear us too. We soon moved to a lovely condo.

It was early Tuesday morning. My mother had gotten up for work. I didn't have class until 2 pm, but I often woke up at the same time as her so I could join her for breakfast, kiss her goodbye, and maybe enjoy a nice morning quickie before she left. I joined her at the table for some cereal.

"Honey?" she said somewhat shyly.

"Mm-hm?" I mumbled through a mouthful of cereal.

"I want you to piss on me."

I coughed in surprise as some milk went down the wrong pipe. Hastily swallowing my food, I said, "What?"

"Like on the Internet. I think they call it 'watersports'. Do you want to do it?"

"Yes!" I said, not bothering to conceal my eagerness.

"Great! I'll come home at 12 for lunch." My mom leaned in and gave me a long kiss. "Make sure you have a nice, full bladder for me when I get back. I'm going to be horny all day thinking about you." So would I.

As soon as she left, I tore open the refrigerator and downed the first of many cans of soda. The hours before noon seemed like years. Pretty soon, I had a piss-filled bladder as well as a raging hard-on. The pressure of a full bladder and the tension of a hard cock combined into a new, strange, indescribable sensation for me. I spent the hours before noon fantasizing about the perversity that would soon take place in my own house. What part of my mom would I piss on? Her perky, B-cup tits? Her round, magnificent ass? Her beautiful face, smearing the makeup she so carefully puts on before going to work? Maybe she would even keep her glasses on!

When I heard her unlock the front door, I practically bolted downstairs to greet her. I saw that as she walked inside, she had already opened the front of her blouse, exposing her B-cup bra. I threw off my boxer shorts, the only thing I was wearing. Still in the entryway, my mother frantically tore off her office attire, throwing her well-ironed clothes carelessly to the floor. Pretty soon, she was naked except for a pair of white granny panties, which she knew I loved. She had even kept her glasses on. She might have simply forgotten about them, but I was too horny to remind her. Without a word we hurried into the shower.

My mother climbed into the bathtub. I started to climb in afterward, eager for relief, but my mother held up her hand. "Not yet, honey," she said with a sexy, wicked smile that she had perfected over years of incest. She had an incredible body, but that smile was most certainly the sexiest thing about her. "Mommy wants to put on a show for you first." Standing in the bathtub, she turned her back to me and placed her hands against the wall as if she were about to be frisked by a cop. She stuck out her big round butt towards me and, still wearing her granny panties, she began to urinate. A dark wet stain formed in the crotch of her panties before a clear, steady stream fell from them, the warm drops hitting the cold ceramic of the bathtub. But this only continued for a second. The stream abruptly stopped as Michelle held in her piss and lay down in the bathtub on her back. Arching her back just slightly, she resumed pissing, letting the warm liquid run all over her beautiful ass cheeks, soaking her granny panties, and underneath her back. She fondled her breasts, licked her lips, and caressed her piss-stained, panty-covered cunt. She later told me how much she loved the feel of rubbing rough, wet cloth against her cunt and clit.

I watched the whole scene with my mouth open in lustful amazement. Gone was the prim and proper accountant who had nervously asked her son-lover to indulge one of her fantasies. She had been replaced with the wanton, dirty slut just like those in the erotica we both loved to share.

Still fondling herself, my mom stood up and turned her back to me. I saw the backside of her white granny panties. Her piss had turned them transparent and they were clinging to her flawless ass! I nearly shot my load right there!

My mom knelt back down in the tub. "Okay, Eddie," she said seductively. "Your turn."

I climbed into the bathtub, standing in her shallow puddle of piss. I willed my erection to soften slightly so that I could pee properly.

Michelle smiled up at me. "Where do you want to piss? My face? My tits?"

"I have plenty of piss for both," I answered and let loose a furious golden stream. I splashed the lenses of her glasses, her beautiful face, its mouth still open in pleasurable moans, and onto her pale tits. Yellow rivers streamed down her chest, her stomach, and onto her panties and thighs. Pretty soon I ran out of champagne to pour over my mother's beautiful body. My bladder emptied, I began stroking my cock vigorously and quickly brought my erection back to its full hardness.

"Oh, Mommy," I said. "Mommy, Mommy, I'm almost..." I shot huge white wads of cum right onto my mother's pretty face. It ran down her chin, mixing with my piss. I came for several long seconds before I was finally empty. Kneeling before my mother, I fondled her piss-soaked breasts as she continued to finger herself. With her free hand, she held my hand to her wet boob as she brought herself to ecstasy.

"Oh, Eddie," she gasped, "Oh, my son. My incestuous little lover-boy. My little Oedipus. I'm dripping with your cum and piss. Your incest piss! Your incest piss!" Clenching her teeth, she brought herself to an explosive orgasm, releasing lust that had been pent up all day.

Temporarily forgetting about the fluids soaking her face, I passionately kissed her as she came. I tasted my piss and cum, as did she, but we were too enraptured with each other to care. We were already so dirty it didn't matter.

Finally, my mother came down from her orgasmic high.

"Can you take the day off, Mom?" I asked.

"No dear," she said with a regretful smile. "Now let Mommy shower so she can go back to work. And don't even think about skipping class so you can spend the day jerking off. But don't worry." She smiled that incredible sexy smile again. "We're going to have a lot of fun once I get back home."

And we did!

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