tagHumor & SatireEddie Silver Ch. 03

Eddie Silver Ch. 03


Edith was kneeling on the hard floor as she sucked on his cock. Her jaw was tired but she hated that she could not get him aroused enough to cum. Before he had gotten addicted to a certain website he had been a good fuck. Not a great fuck though. Her other boyfriend who was half his age was so much better but there was a certain thrill to dating someone so old.

She had been under his computer desk for almost an hour and she was getting tired. He was typing away at his computer muttering under his breath about crazy women. She wanted to stop but was afraid he would get mad. He had a bad temper and she enjoyed being with him. "There! My seven hundredth story! I will be famous now. People will worship me!"

Eddie stood up and almost hit Edith in the head with the chair. She crawled out from under the desk and stood up.

"I already worship you baby." Edith began nuzzling his earlobe, trying to get him back in the mood. His cock was already soft and she couldn't help but pout. They had been dating almost three years and the last two years had been horrible. She was a sucker for an older guy with money, which was true for Eddie.

Eddie had won the lottery a few years ago and was already retired. When they met, he was such a good person. He volunteered at a homeless shelter, donated most of his winnings to different charities, and took care of his sick wife. He was amazing and wonderful and when he had kissed her for the first time, she had responded in turn.

Edith knew it was wrong. He was married but she liked the idea of being a mistress. It made her feel important and he had written a few stories with her as the inspiration. She had read his stories but most of them didn't make much sense. She wanted to mention that to him but he ranted enough about all the crazy women on the site wanting to sabotage him, she didn't dare say a word.

"My wife will be home from work soon. Let's have a quickie then you can leave before she gets home." Eddie walked to the bedroom and began to undress. His dog Pokey was on the bed and he forget completely about Edith. He jumped on the bed and started playing with his dog. He rubbed his back and nuzzled his nose.

"How's my little doggie? Were you having a nap? Did mean Daddy wake you up?"

Edith just stared in amazement. She was so stupid and crazy. All the name-calling he had said to her was right. She was delusional in thinking that he was indeed a good person.

"I'm going to go now." Edith wanted him to say something. She wanted him to stop her. She didn't get what she wanted.

Eddie just waved her away. His dog was more important then any woman. A woman was only good for a few things but a dog would always been loyal and trustworthy. He cuddled with Pokey then decided to log back onto the computer. He searched through the new stories and gasped when he saw that a certain author had posted ten new stories in one day.

"That's it. I can't take it any more." Eddie stood up and stomped around the room, throwing things like a child having a temper tantrum. "They can't do that. It's not fair. I'm the best writer in the world!"

Eddie noticed that Edith was gone. "Good riddance!" he hissed. "I can't handle three women at once anyway."

Eddie quickly sat down and wrote a short story. He didn't care if he used the right names of the people on the site. He didn't care if they thought he was childish and stupid. All women were stupid and the women on this site hated him.

He continued typing with one hand as he stroked his limp cock with the other. He needed to feel aroused to write this story and it wasn't working. No matter how hard he tried, his cock was not responding. He was not going to admit he was getting older. He shivered, since the space heater in the office had gone off. The mansion was cold and empty as he typed out the last words of his story.

"There. I'll show them."

Eddie didn't even care if the story made sense. It was more then two thousand words and therefore made it a good story. He was making fun of other authors but it was just for fun. He didn't mean any of it. He was just being funny.

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