tagSci-Fi & FantasyEden Ch. 01

Eden Ch. 01


Part 1: Marooned on Eden

"Go on, I dare you to kiss it."

"You first."

"No, you."

"All right then. I'll kiss it but then you have to suck it." After a pause, I felt hot sticky lips gently kissing my penis, first a quick peck and then a long lingering smooch on the head of my cock. I twitched involuntarily in response.

"Oh, shit! Did you see it move! It, I mean, HE is still asleep, isn't he?"

I felt some movement and sensed someone lean over me. I kept my eyes closed and my mouth shut. Not because I didn't want to interrupt them but because I just couldn't remember how to move my eyelids or my mouth.

"No, he's still unconscious." Both voices were young and feminine; they felt good to my ears. "Right go on, suck it."

There was silence for a few seconds and then a nervous girlish giggle. My breath caught imperceptibly as I felt a hand tentatively get hold of my limp dick and peel it off my leg. Another pause and I swear I could feel warm breath tickling my knob. And then suddenly moist lips and the hint of teeth as a mouth closed around my knob and sucked it hard once, twice.

My feeble gasp was drowned out by a bout of coughing and spluttering.

"Oh, shit! What is it? What did it taste like?"

"Oh, yuk! It tastes filthy. Like unwashed pussy first thing in the morning. Just a lot worse."

"Really? Well Carrie says he could have been in that shuttle for ages, months even. It would be no wonder he's so dirty. I might give it a taste anyway just to see what all the fuss is about. To hear Carrie talking, there's just nothing better than having a good long suck on a penis."

"Wait. I think it's got bigger. Look! And feel that. It's harder than it was."

"Oh, brilliant. He's getting an erection. I can't wait! Our first actual penis and it's getting hard already. Here you hold it and I'll try sucking it to see if it gets any bigger."

The new mouth sucked me for a lot longer, obviously not caring that I smelt, and possibly tasted, like a dead rat. The good news was that my cock was working even though I didn't seem to be able to speak. I felt myself get bigger in whosever mouth was slurping on me as the other one's hand instinctively began to slowly stroke me.

As one sucked, the other was still talking. "Carrie says he's a Rocker. I wonder if all males look like him or just Rockers."

"Mmmm," The other said cryptically around my cock. Fuck, that felt good.

"I know, I imagined a real live man would be a lot taller and maybe not so hairy and, er, round." If she hadn't been slowly tossing me off into her friend's mouth I might have taken offence.

There was the sound of pressure doors swishing open followed by the clicking sound of heels on a hard floor.

"What the fuck is going on?" exclaimed a really angry sounding woman.

I heard some swearing and then a pop as my cock was spat out of the bolder one's mouth.

"Oh, shit! Carrie! We're sorry. We just wanted to see what it was like. And it just looked so lonely there, we didn't think it would do any harm just to give it a little kiss," she said lamely.

Carrie didn't sound like a woman who took any shit. "You dirty little sluts!" she screamed causing the two girls to whine pathetically. My dick was still hard and waving.

I sensed Carrie leaning over me from the right. "Well at least you haven't woken him. But I can't believe you sucked his cock without even asking permission!" she said ambiguously.

I felt a hand grasp me, this time perhaps with more confidence. It began to slowly, expertly masturbate me.

"Fuck, it's been so long since I held a dick in my hand. It feels so good," Carrie murmured, her anger sounding as if it had evaporated. Her voice was warm and rich, laden with import and complexity. She sounded really hot. And, yes, it did feel good.

"Carrie, are all cocks like his?" This from the bolder one.

"To be honest, Tinkerbell, no. I only ever fucked Mods and this is the first time I've ever seen a Rocker man's bits. Back in the real world, Mods don't tend to fraternise with Rockers and they certainly don't have sex with them. Well, not unless they're really hard up. I mean a Mod girl can make a fortune selling herself on any Rocker world. In any case, all the Mod shlongs I ever saw were a lot longer and prettier than this one. But at least it's real live meaty cock!" Once again, I felt outrage at the insult outweighed by affection for her clever loving hand.

And then it hit me. These girls were Mods. Which meant they would be unremittingly, unfailingly gorgeous. They would be tall with perfect features, peachy arses and big fat tits. Whoever she was, Carrie was right. All Rocker men fantasised about shagging a real live Mod woman. Oh, I really wanted to open my eyes and look at them but none of my voluntary responses were working yet.

And what the fuck was going on anyway? Since when did any Mod even associate with a Rocker let alone give one a handjob? Particularly to an old, not even good-to-look-at Rocker like me.

"Carrie, I know you told us about Mods and Rockers but please, just remind me of the difference." This was the other one.

Carrie didn't miss a beat while she continued to toss me. "Well, Sparkle, it goes back to a couple of millennia ago. Basically back then part of the human race began to use embryonic genetic modification to improve the physical characteristics of the next generation. Another part of the human race was dead set against anything so 'unnatural'. In any case the eugenics continued over several generations until practical space travel meant that the now virtually perfect genetically modified, or Mods, could escape to their own worlds leaving the dirty ugly Rockers behind."

"Why are they called Rockers?" Sparkle asked.

"I don't know. We've always been Mods; they always been Rockers. I'm pretty sure it's been like that forever. I suppose there was a reason once but who knows now." Claire was keeping me nicely on the boil, knowing just the right level of hand activity to keep me going, despite my lack of conscious reaction.

"Carrie?" Tinkerbell asked somehow making the word sound like it had four syllables.

"Yes, Tinkerbell," Carrie replied patiently.

"Carrie, I know it was wrong for us to suck its cock, I mean, his cock without asking you first but please can we have another go. Please," she wheedled. "I can't remember what men even look like and it's just so exciting to find one to play with, you know, with a real cock and everything," she finished weakly

There was a pause for a few seconds but then Carrie must have nodded because I felt the ecstasy of a moist warm tongue sliding around and down my erection once more.

I suspected it was Tinkerbell's inexpert but enthusiastic mouth and this was confirmed when Sparkle began to speak once more. "Carrie, do you think that when he wakes up we'll be able to fuck him? I mean it's lovely when we use our dildos on each other but I really want to try out a real one. You make it sound so much fun!" she giggled.

Carrie laughed musically. "Oh, I'm sure he won't mind at all. Not once he sees how beautiful you are."

"Really?" Sparkle asked. "I really hope he finds us attractive. I'm really nervous that he won't like me."

"Trust me, Sparkle. He'll be delighted! OK, Tinkerbell, you can stop now, it's Sparkle's turn."

Sparkle was less tentative this time, perhaps because she had already seen her friend suck me so excitedly and possibly because, after all the sucking, I tasted a little better than before. She began by licking up and down my aching shaft before trying to swallow me whole which caused her to retch. In the end she settled on sucking on and swirling her tongue around my glans until Carrie interrupted her after a few more minutes of bliss.

"Ok, Sparkle, my turn now." Carrie had definitely given head before. Her tongue was cultured and quick, her lips soft yet sure and her mouth skilful and assured as she moved her head up and down my cock with electric pace, sucking powerfully.

It wasn't long before my whole body tensed and then relaxed as my first spunky spurt erupted on a downward bob. Making a loud and satisfied swallowing sound she pulled her head away and finished me off with her hands.

The girls started ooh-ing and ah-ing as I dribbled and squirted a considerable quantity of jism over her hands and my belly.

"Wow, look at that!" Sparkle squealed enthusiastically as I shuddered to a climax.

"Go on, try a bit," Carrie encouraged and I felt them carefully wiping the cum off me with their fingers.

"It's OK, have a taste," Carrie continued.

Some moist noises and then Sparkle enthused, "Mmm, it's lovely!" probably a little carried away by the moment.

"Can I lick off that drop on the end of his penis? Please, Carrie," Tinkerbell begged once they had cleaned me up elsewhere.

Carrie must have nodded because I felt her mouth immediately descend over me as she sucked and slurped me clean.

"Ok, girls. That's enough," Carrie eventually said, once the lip-smacking had subsided. "Let's leave him to wake naturally."

There was a disappointed moan from the girls but I heard the pressure doors once again as they left, still giggling and animated after their experience.

There was a pause before Carrie spoke. To me.

"Hi. Are you OK? I know you can probably hear me. I could tell when you started breathing more quickly when I was licking you. I'm so sorry about what we just did. It was very rude of us, I know. It's just such a long time since any of us have seen a man. I guessed from your reaction that you wouldn't mind. I'm just going to give you something to counteract the sedative. Please, just relax..." she finished unnecessarily.

I felt something cold against the outside of my right thigh and then a sharp prick as a medicomp injected me with something. Almost immediately I could feel control flooding back into my muscles.

"There you are," she said. "That should work now. The medicomp kept you under after we picked you up from the wreckage of your shuttle yesterday. You had a really bumpy emergency landing, although I suppose you were probably in a subcoma at the time. You're OK though, just a bit battered and bruised. You should be able to open your eyes and talk in a few minutes."

Her hand briefly squeezed my penis as she leant across me. "Oh, those girls are so mischievous. And I am too. It really was very wrong of me to allow them to lick and suck you. And I really shouldn't have brought you off with my mouth. I hope you're not too angry when you wake up." Another pause while she adjusted something under my neck before she continued to natter.

"I don't know how long how long your shuttle took to find a planet but you've landed on a non-terran world, Eden 69. The good news for you is that there's a frontier base here and the base mainframe monitored your landing and immediately sent out a drone to investigate."

I tried to open my eyes but they were still struggling to respond. Her voice was kind yet playful as she carried on.

"The bad news is that, in theory, this is an unmanned base. We have no hyperspace contact with any other world and our radio distress signals will take at least another terran year, maybe two, before they reach inhabited space; we have no entertainment or information systems; we do have good nutrition and basic mass generators and a reasonable medical set-up but not much else. And we have no way of leaving, unless your shuttle can be salvaged somehow."

With a herculean effort I managed to finally pry my eyes open.

My vision was blurry but I could see a figure bending over me as she pulled down a gown that had been lifted to my waist.

"I hope that's better," she said leaning in close. I grunted in reply. My mouth felt like a rat had been nesting in it.

My vision was slowly improving and when she got closer I could see, as expected, a stunning Mod woman, possibly in her mid-twenties with lovely coffee brown skin and cool blue eyes. Her hair was black and tied back in a long high pony tail. Her features were as flawless as you'd expect with a Mod, unnaturally and perfectly symmetrical with a straight nose and a narrow-lipped but laughing mouth.

She was wearing very little, silver thigh-length heeled boots, some tiny silver hotpants and a matching shiny metallic band that lifted and supported her flawless exposed breasts without covering her nipples. The fashion was maybe ten years out-of-date although I didn't remember it ever being so revealing.

Her body was, as you'd expect for a Mod, absolutely faultless. Her aforementioned tits were enormous and bouncy with high dark brown nipples which were rigid and only centimetres from my face. She was tall, much taller than me, maybe 1.9 metres or so in her heels and her legs went on forever. Her waist was flat and perfectly toned and her firm arse, when she turned to wash her hands, filled those hotpants extraordinarily pleasingly.

I tried to sit up but my arms felt weak. With much effort, I lifted my head briefly to look around.

I could immediately tell I was in the hospital in a simple frontier base. The room was basically an oblate hemi-spheroid with one pressure controlled exit and the floor was crisscrossed with the telltale ridges of an artificial gravity system.

Bases like these had been built and laid down abundantly during the last great expansion into space, maybe two terran centuries ago. Unfortunately many of them had been on unsuitable and unterraformable planets and had so been quickly abandoned.

Something must have happened to The Nuncupatory Wedge, my beloved ship. And of course to the lucrative and illicit cargo I had been transporting. However, I would have to grieve for her, and my lost fortune, later, once I'd worked out what in the name of arse was happening to me now.

Looking after to me the end, The Wedge's Brain must have put me into a subcoma and got me into the escape shuttle which had then automatically taken me to the nearest suitable groundfall. Luckily for me, there had been a base on–planet. A base with hot desperate Mod chicks with low standards. A pretty bad situation but it could have been a lot worse.

I tried to speak. "Whhhh..., whhh..., mmm..." My mouth was still struggling to work, although to be fair I'd never been this close to such a gorgeous woman before so maybe I might not have made much more sense if I'd been well.

"Who are y-y-you?" I eventually managed to stutter.

"Oh!" she said brightly, "I forgot! I'm Carrie Butterfly-Loveflute. I'm actually a teacher, or at least, I was until we were marooned here. And you?"

"Captain Grark Shank. Please to meet you," I growled before heaving myself to a sitting position with her help, her nipples brushing against my exposed arms.

"Oh, fuck," I swore looking down at her substantial boobs.

"Are you OK?" she asked concernedly.

"Yes, sorry. I'm fine. I'm just not used to such fabulous..." I glanced down at her tits.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. Do you want me to cover them up?"

I shook my head, causing my vision to blur dramatically for a few seconds. "No, really, I'm OK with them."

"I suppose I've forgotten a few social niceties over the last eight years," she apologised. "I probably shouldn't be showing my breasts to a strange Roc..., I mean, man."

"Don't do it on my account. They're amazing."

She gave me a sweet smile. I think she might even have blushed, although it was difficult to tell.

I continued, "You've been here eight years? Eight terran years?"

"Yes," she nodded sombrely. "I suppose I should explain. I was a trainee teacher at the Miaplacidan Academy for Girls: it's a really prestigious school for the most privileged of Mod girls, out in the Beta Carinae system. I was asked to escort two new pupils over from Vega; you've kind of met them, Sparkle and Tinkerbell.

"Unfortunately it looks like for some reason we dropped out of hyperspace at the wrong moment and we hit an asteroid. We were in our cabin when it happened but the crew and other passengers were all killed. We managed to get to a lifeboat which took a few months to get us here, the nearest point of safety. And we've been stuck here ever since. The base hasn't got much in the way of communication systems but I sent radio distress signals when we landed. They should get to someone within a year or two."

Something in her story worried me a little. "So were those two girls who were, um..."

"Sucking your cock?" she finished ingenuously.

"Erm, yes. How old are they?"

She laughed delightfully. "Oh don't worry; they're over the age of consent in all civilised systems. They're about nineteen terran years old. So you did nothing illegal!"

Not that I'd had much choice. Not that I was complaining.

I swung my legs down over the edge of the bed and, after a pause, tried to stand.

I swayed briefly before falling forward, Carrie catching me so that my face was cushioned by her magnificent bosom as she pushed me back down onto the bed.

She sat down next to me, an arm around my shoulders. "Take it easy. The sedative will wear off soon. I've already pumped you full of analgesics so you shouldn't feel too much pain." She stroked my right thigh with her free hand.

I looked down at her hand as she slipped it under my gown which only just covered my genitals.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said, although I noticed her hand stayed high up my thigh, kneading my muscles. "It's been such a long time since I saw a man! And I've not fucked one for more than eight years! I was never a girl who could go without cock for more than a few days so it really is so wonderful to see you," Claire explained.

"Don't get me wrong – I'm not complaining at all, but I'm really not used to this kind of attention from a beautiful woman. And especially not a Mod woman!" I replied honestly.

She was equally honest in her response. "Oh, I can understand that. I mean, no offence intended, but you're pretty short and fat, even for a Rocker. And you're not young any more. But you seem strong and muscular under that flab. Even your hairiness just makes you seem more manly to me. Remember for the last eight years, I've been fantasising about having some cock! Any cock! It's been better this last year or so as I've taught the girls how to lick pussy but until then it was my right hand and my trusty dildo!"

"Dildo?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeah. We've got a mass-generator which can make simple non-mechanical items like clothes or basic tools. I made up a nice long dildo within a couple of weeks of getting here. The girls have got one each too now. Oh, I hope you don't mind me being so forward. I must seem like such a whore to you!"

I took a breath. I was beginning to feel vaguely human. "Carrie, I've got to say, considering I've lost my ship and cargo and I'm marooned on uninhabited planet for at least the next year, I'm really really happy."

"Oh, thanks so much, Captain Shank," she said hugging me to her bosom again. I could really get used to tall women, I decided.

I continued to nuzzle her breasts, even when she let go of me, causing her to giggle.

"Do you like them?" she asked insouciantly.

"Oh, fuck yes. They're the best tits I have ever seen," I said honestly, unable too tear my eyes away from their soft fullness.

"Oh, wait till you see Sparkle's! They're even bigger," she promised. "You can touch them if you want," she suggested, seeing that I was still engrossed in her bosom.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I raised my still slightly trembling hands and allowed a stiff dark brown nipple to gently rest against each palm, before curling my fingers a little closed to squeeze her glorious big breasts.

"I can't imagine how they could be any nicer than yours," I said reassuringly. My cock twitched under my gown as I groped her boobs more firmly.

"Oh, you're so kind! I bet that when you've seen Sparkle's and Tinkerbell's hot young teenage bodies, you won't want to touch me anymore!" she said teasingly.

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