tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEdie's Journey Ch. 02

Edie's Journey Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Edie's First Date

I went out of the house regularly with mom and on my own. The neighbors were told I was a visiting niece. School was over for me having graduated so I was free to shop, even sometimes on my own. I did enjoy having some of the boy's and even older men giving me the once over when I was at our local mall, I can only describe it as feeling danger yet joy if you can understand that at all!

Mom insisted I get a driver's license so we went and I took the written test and a road teat passing both. Mom had me fill out the paperwork with all my correct information except the spelling of my first name and my sex. So I checked off the box for female. She said that if they caught it we would say that we not only misspelled Eddie with Edie but that we checked the wrong box by mistake as well! They never caught either intentional mistake and I had my license and better still a photo ID!

My mom's sister visited with her daughter my last week at home and being in on the plan they told me I was pretty and quite natural looking. My cousin, Anne, insisted on seeing my clothes and shoes so we went up to my room and she liked them, even trying on some as we were almost the same sizes.

"You really do look good you know", She said as she went through my things.

"Thank you, Anne. I really appreciate your saying so!" I truly did.

"Um, what about boys, um I mean do you like boys?" she asked. In truth I never admitted it to myself but I did see boys in a different way sometimes. Most were crude or just slovenly but a few were really good looking and something, mostly in their eyes, made me feel a bit tingly at times. I even had a crush on one of the most recent male pop idols but never told my mom. But I did tell my cousin all of this as if I needed to let it all out.

"Wow! I guess it all makes sense you being more girl now than boy. So you get horny?"

I blushed but nodded giggling that yes I did. And we compared girl fantasies about having lovers and I was most interested in learning many of my thoughts were similar to my cousins.

She asked me how big my breasts and penis were and I trusted her enough to see them. I pulled off my top and undid my training bra and she said I certainly had the makings of nice sized breasts as they were now protruding and pointy around the enlarging areolas. I was so pleased with her saying so that I did not flinch and got on the bed to pull my tight stretch jeans off and after shimmying out of them stood before her in my cotton pink panties.

"Go ahead Edie, let me see" she coaxed with an angelic smile. So I did pulling my panties down to reveal my tiny penis and almost miniscule ball sac.

"Ok, that is small! I don't think you will have any problem keeping those little pebbles from popping out of even the snuggest fitting panties!" How come I couldn't see the outline through your panties before?" she asked.

"I tuck them up -- watch!" and I did so moving my testicles into the cavity and my penis under the testicles so that it formed what appeared to be a vagina.

"That is so incredible! Where did you learn that?" Annie asked incredulously.

"I found it on the internet, apparently it is used by female impersonators and I guess people like me!" I said while pulling up my panties and returning to lie back on the bed to force my legs and rear into my jeans again.

"You know what Edie, I think you and me need to go out before you leave for grandma's -- let me show you how to be with boys and all!"

I was so excited but wasn't sure my mom would be ok with that. What I didn't know was that my mom had set the whole thing up with my aunt and cousin. Mom wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for living my life as Edie since I was old enough now to make my own decisions and would be on my own at grandma's house.

So that very weekend, my last at home, my cousin would come over Saturday night and help me get ready to go on a double date with her boyfriend and a friend of his, who would pick us up to go to a club. I was nervous but my mom calmed me down and we went shopping for a nice outfit to wear. I had no idea what to get but my mom must have compared notes with my cousin, who was a year older than me, and practically chose everything for me.

She chose a very short black stretch diamonelle sequined mini dress that barely covered my rear, sheer black opaque pantyhose, a beautiful silver haircomb that would keep my long brunette hair almost in a beehive fashion, some silver bangles for my wrists and a special gift of a silver anklet that I had my eye on! For my underlayment she chose a lacy black Wonderbra that would enhance my small breasts without the inserts, a black short camisole and a matching black thong panty which would be perfect for my already tiny PP which now due to the hormones and anti-androgen was nothing more than a large external clitoris. I would have to tuck my small testicles up but that was something I had mastered, as mentioned earlier. Finally a pair of open toed 5 inch black and sequined pumps rounded out my outfit.

My mom was even more excited than me and gave me non-stop advice regarding men and how to deport myself. She even gave me her beautiful diamond stud earrings to wear and a matching diamond anniversary ring. She said it was probably more than a girl my age would accessorize herself with but it was so beautiful and it meant so much to her that I wanted to wear it. The last thing she gave me was her small but stylish black handbag to keep essential makeup and tissues in. She told me to add an extra pair of pantyhose just in case I had a run in the pair I was wearing during that night. I hugged her and we bonded even more than ever!

Saturday night I had readied myself before my cousin arrived and the outfit was perfect. I looked hot even if I say so myself. I wanted my makeup to be special so I added some foundation and enhanced my now femininely plucked and curved eyebrows with pencil. In addition to mascara I added jet black liquid eyeliner to my eyelids and under my eyes and I used a two tone eye shadow on my upper eyelids -- radiant off white as the base and a dark charcoal at the edges so that my eyes were smoky yet alluring. I copied this from a magazine of course! I added some highlighter over my cheekbones and added just a hint of blush below that so my naturally high cheekline was enhanced even more. My lip were initially coated with a darker earthtone not quite ebon then a layer of gloss frosting made them shine fuller so all in all my dark hair, eyes, and lips were fully compatible and complimentary to my black minidress.

Mom had insisted we get our nails done together and we did at the local salon. I chose my nails to be a partly glossy pearl color to offer contrast to my black dress and shoes.She suggested a pedicure as well and who was I to argue. It was heavenly being my first time and having let my nails grow out Mom still suggested I get wraps and so I did. When done I had truly long nails. My hair was really past my shoulders so mom supervised a slight trimming and layering so that it was still long enough to touch my shoulders.

It was an amazing experience and the salon ladies were super to me. Mom quickly showed me how to cope with long nails in grasping items and everyday tasks. I was a quick study.

So having put on my ensemble, applying my makeup and fixing my hair in the up fashion that I wanted I stepped up into my new 5 inch open toed black sequined pumps."Hello down there" I said aloud to an empty bedroom but I was so pleased by the look and feel. Having practiced the day before going forward and backward in the heels, as mom advised in the event I danced, remembering to let him lead and to let him place his left hand first -- I was now ready to show mom how I looked.

I walked down the hall to her bedroom and she looked up from her sitting position on the bed and started crying immediately. I knew she would but I almost lost it too but did not dare ruin my perfect makeup! She got up composing herself and I smiled and laughed as she stood in front of me admiringly.

"Do you know that for the first time ever I am now taller than you are!" I said.

"Only just barely you brat!" she said laughing and hugging me. And it was true. Even in my 5 inch heels I was only about an inch taller than mom who was in her stocking feet. I liked that, being small I mean. She had me turn around and reminded me that her idea of eating sensible and losing pounds where they did the least good really paid off and she was right. My waistline was wasp thin naturally and that let my hips really show, no love handles or belly fat to block the view. My rear end had filled out somewhat and the form fitting dress only added to the illusion more as it just barely went past my upper thighs. I had small breasts, for now, but they were all mine and the bra was doing it's job of pushing them up!

My cousin arrived and we quickly went back to my room to get her ready. She was a natural redhead with really fair skin and cobalt blue eyes. A real beauty! She wore a tight red silk body suit with see through sleeves for her arms and a black string laced bodice that tapered at the waist and really enhanced her large breasts and wonderfully rounded fanny. She was a knockout! Red open toed 6 inch platforms with no hose rounded out her look. She quickly let me do her makeup and hair and I made her happy indeed.

"Edie you should become a beautician! I have never looked so good!"

"Sure, sure you have Anne and you know it!" We laughed and spritzed ourselves with some perfumes she brought over. I still like Borgese better but I was happy with what she brought.

"Listen Hon, we have to talk" she said to me. "You look so hot and I really mean that but that also means you look really fuckable -- know what I mean?" I did but I didn't. So she continued, "If you, we, dress this way most guys take it as an invitation to do more than look -- you know, hands roam etc. My boyfriend Al and I have crossed that bridge so it's no problem but you on the other hand are a complete virgin and a special virgin at that -- know what I mean?"

I nodded yes, but she knew I was not getting it at all. "Ok, Edie, you are gorgeous and look better than most women I know but you have that thing between your legs still, understand?" And then I got it as a panicked worried look came over my face.

"Ok, now you understand Edie so here is what you should do. Your date Mike is a nice guy and Al's friend. They both were on the wrestling team in high school so I trust him for you. But he is still a man and you, well you aren't quite a woman but you will fool hell out of him until and unless he gets into your pants -- follow?"

"Yes I follow but what do I do?"

"Wow, you really are a virgin! Ok, um, I think no matter what tonight you are going to be sexually attracted to Mike simply because it is your first time. So a girl has options here. She can try to fend a man off politely and with experience can do so easily. You don't have experience, right? So then a girl's next option is to offer an alternate way to make a man happy that will not let him get into your panties so to speak -- follow?"

"Um, not quite Anne"

"Ok, in plain speak you can give him head -- blow him so that he feels less inclined to put his cock in something other than your mouth. Does that seem clearer to you Edie?"

"Oooh! I get it Anne, but I've never done that you know, I mean given head. How will I know what to do?"

"Sigh! Sweetie, if things go the way I think they will you'll figure it out -- you have seen pictures, porn?"

"Mom doesn't allow that kind of internet access but I just have to blow on it right?'

"Oh cousin you have got to be kidding! It's not a birthday candle it's a penis! Don't blow on it, suck it!"

"Alright Anne I think I get it now. Please don't be angry with me!"

With that Anne gave me a hug and said she wasn't angry and that I should just enjoy myself. One last thing she did was take something out of her purse and hand it to me.

"Here Edie, put these in you handbag. These are condoms. If for some reason you decide to let Mike have anal sex with you, give him one of these to put over his cock. You do know about STD's right? Good! Also do not remove your thong, just let him enter you with the rear portion of the thong lifted away from your opening and keep that little pecker and balls hidden in a tuck, understand?"

I said I did and she hugged me again and said we should go downstairs to await our dates. So we went down to the living room and my mom and aunt were there oohing and ahhing at their "daughters". Mom produced her camera and photos were taken of Anne and I, Anne alone, me alone, Anne, me and my mom etc.

The doorbell rang and my father answered it. I had not seen him and still thought him to be at work. Two very handsome young men walked in. Al was dark haired and very athletic looking he smiled and said hello to everyone. Mike was a bit taller than Al, over 6 feet, and also athletic looking but very muscular. Both were dressed in open shirts and slacks with jackets, Al preferring black and Mike lighter brown tones. I was so nervous and Anne introduced me to both Al and Mike. They both shook my hand lightly and I easily responded limp wristed because it was my natural way.

My mom offered them refreshment but Anne said we should get going and goodbyes were said, my mom kissing my cheek as well as my aunt wishing me luck in a whisper.

My dad opened the door for us and said, "Not too late now boys -- get these girls home at a reasonable hour!" both Al and Mike responding with "yes sirs" . My heart jumped with joy hearing my dad call me a girl and to add to it he gave me a kiss on my forehead as I passed in front of him. Still taller than me by many inches even with my 5 inch heels I stood on tip toe and kissed his cheek, whispering into his ear, "Thank you Daddy, I love you!".

I floated down the walkway to the waiting car and hardly realized Mike had opened my door for me, but I reflexively said thank you. Mike and I sat in the back while Anne was up front with her Al. Mike started some small talk and I responded where I thought I should. He seemed really nice was extremely handsome and had delicious eyes -- blue and kind looking. I had quite the adrenaline rush going.

Anne explained we were going to a club a few towns over and that I would like it. I said that was great and we continued chatting and finding things out about each other as car rides will promote.

The club was hopping and we had a little wait to get in. The bouncers were checking ID's and I had remembered to bring my new license that showed my photo, long brunette hair, smiling feminine face, Edie my name, female my sex and 18 my age. We finally got into the club and Al found us a space in a booth and Mike asked Anne and me what we would like to drink. Anne said she would have a Tequila Sunrise and I looked at her quizzically and she rolled her eyes and said I would have one too. Mike left for the bar, Al went to the restroom and Annie leaned over to me and speaking loudly over the music's roar, "Haven't you ever had a drink before?" I said no. She rolled her eyes again and said, "Well just nurse this drink all night if you can -- ok?" I nodded yes and we made chit-chat about how nice Al and Mike looked. She asked me if I liked Mike and I said yes.

Mike returned with the drinks shortly after Al came back from the restroom. We chatted, yelled actually, back and forth and I took a few sips of my drink and it did not seem bad at all. I was getting caught up in the music, a sort of hip hop beat and I was body swaying with the rhythm and Mike leaned over and asked me if I wanted to dance. And I really did, so I said yes. He led me through the crowded dance floor until we found a spot to fit in and off we went. I often danced in my room to songs on the radio and I loved just letting myself go with the beat. Mike was very good. He was enjoying watching me move and that made me so happy. We stayed on the floor for what seemed like hours for a number of long continuous beat songs. At last I was a bit tired and I smiled and Mike knew what it meant. We made our way back through the crowd with little me following big Mike's wake. I really had to pee so I grabbed my handbag and Annie came with me to the ladies room.

There was a line to get in, of course, and another to use the stalls so Annie and I chatted and she asked if I was having a good time and I said yes, yes, yes! When my turn came for a stall I entered and knew full well to sit but not make contact with the seat because mom had told me how it is for ladies in public restrooms. I did my business and retucked everything after using a wet wipe from my handbag and a quick spritz of perfume lightly on my thighs. I emerged from the stall and Anne motioned me over to share a sink where I could wash my hands and touch up my makeup. I only had to put a little powder on my nose and forehead. My lipstick was waterproof and holding quite well.

We returned to the booth and apparently Al had replenished our drinks so now I had two. I was rather thirsty after dancing so long so I finished my first drink quickly. Annie didn't seem to mind so I started on the second drink as well. I was feeling great to begin with but after the first drink I had a fuzzy warm feeling about me and everything seemed so much better! I became fascinated by everything Mike said and I could not take my eyes off his eyes. How wonderful he looked! I sipped my second drink and each joke or story Mike made was funnier or more interesting by the minute.

Mike asked me to dance again and I led him through the crowd as he laughed uncontrollably. The sight of a mouse leading a lion! We danced more hip hop, then reggae started and I was totally native, swinging and swaying never having felt so alive. Al came by and gave us both a refill on our drinks and I finished mine in short order while dancing, Mike taking my empty glass and putting it on a nearby table.

We were a machine, he leaning in as I lifted my rear out in a musical gyration that can best be likened to a fertility dance. I was as they say feeling no pain. Then the DJ put on a slow song, the first of the night and probably planned for the later hours when susceptible females wander the dance floor stalked by male carnivores!

Mike placed his arm around my waist and I couldn't quite reach his neck so I just naturally put my arms through his and had my hands facing upwards on his back. He led so beautifully and I could feel him as he danced. His strong arms and chest, that broad muscular back. My head rested on his upper arm as we danced and I let him take me wherever it would lead. At one point I felt him breathe through my hair after he had taken some of my scent in. That was a big turn on for me. I looked up into his eyes and he just leaned down and kissed me on the lips -- sweetly, easily. I thought I might die right then and there!

As we danced a continuing medley of slow dances I found myself caressing Mike's back and he was moving his hand lower on my back so that he was just barely above my ass. But I didn't mind and he sensed it placing both hands firmly on my ass. I hugged him tighter and then I felt a warm and growing bulge across my tummy. I was new but not totally naïve and I was a little tipsy but not quite drunk yet.

I had Mike excited enough so that his penis was starting to react as we danced. I felt powerful and excited the way I believe women can feel in regards to men. He was reacting to me, Edie! I wanted him to know I was glad he felt so toward me so I rubbed up against him in time to the music and he actually moaned a little. I was feeling wonderful myself but everything was still in place in my panties. And the alcohol might actually be helping with me remaining flaccid. I was never quite able to maintain erections and I seem to get pleasure from my fantasies -- sort of a mental orgasm. But tonight I was on fire!

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