tagBDSMEducating Alex Ch. 01

Educating Alex Ch. 01


"Ok Group, settle down. Today's discussion is the alternative approaches of Freud and Jung, with specific reference to Dreams. James, please would you set us off with your summary?"

God, Richard hated teaching, even as a lecturer in a good university.

When he had completed his PHD in applied Psychology, he had thought the world was his oyster. He was going to become a therapist, set up his own suite of counseling rooms and watch the cash roll in while shagging the more attractive of his clients.

Just his sodding luck, though, that this wasn't California; it was London. People in 80s London weren't interested in discovering themselves; they wanted money and lots of it. Now, after a failed marriage and a settlement that ate his free money like a dog chewing slippers, he was stuck in Westminster University, teaching bloody psychology to kids who couldn't give a damn.

Still, there was one very real benefit; the totty. Psychology was definitely a "touchy feely" subject, and he had discovered that female psychology students were particularly "touchy feely". He also had the benefit of being very good at analyzing personality types and using his interpersonal skills to play mind games with some of the more fuckable members of his tutor groups over the years.

This year there was one particular student who had caught his eye; name of Alex. Short dark hair, slim, nice curves and an arse he could spend hours dreaming about. And what a smile; it was enough to make a plaster saint down a pint in one and shag the nearest nun.

He glanced around the room of students at the table, and his eyes lighted again on his latest target. Just at that moment she looked up at him and gave him one of her shy but happy smiles. His cock twitched at what he was hoping would soon become a reality.

Alex was a sweet girl, but, in his opinion, not one of the brightest. She was struggling with her course work, and she needed extra help. Of course, one of the reasons she was struggling was that Richard was marking her assignments just a tad tougher than was really necessary. So, she was now in danger of failing, and she thought it was all her fault.

Only last week he had spoken to her, and impressed upon her the need to improve her grades. She had readily agreed to an extra session after this tutorial group, alone with him.

However, Richard would have been surprised to learn that Alex wasn't quite as dim as he thought. It was just that what he wanted and what she wanted were one and the same thing. She was actually quite taken with him. He was a lot older than her, but she liked that. Older men were less rushed and tended to be more inventive. They were also more fun and able to laugh at themselves.

In addition, Richard had a wicked sense of humor - not nasty but able to highlight the absurdities of life. Somehow, Alex suspected that under that frustrated lecturer (or was that lecher?), there was a passionate male just waiting to be unleashed. Well, another hour of boring James would reveal just how accurate her assessment was. She was more than willing to have some extra private tuition, and she could feel her pussy moisten at what she hoped would happen.

Richard suffered another tedious hour of rehashed drivel from his students - amusing himself by pondering just how far he would get with the delightful Alex.

At last - the hour was over, and like treacle falling from a spoon, the students trickled out. Two of the males were hanging around Alex like dogs scenting a bitch in heat, but she was subtly putting them in their places, without actually hitting them.

Finally, the room was empty apart from the two of them, and to his surprise, Alex went over to the door and shut it.

"Richard, sir? You don't mind if I call you sir do you?"

"Umm, not at all Alex, not at all"

Richard's pulse rate rose and his cock looked up with interest. This delightful slip of a girl was asking permission to call him sir. His experience on the Dom scene had taught him to recognize some pretty big hints, and this was as big as they come.

"Come over here, my girl, and sit by me."

He adopted a strong avuncular tone, reinforcing and reflecting back the signals of submission she was sending him.

Swiftly, she did that, but sitting facing him so that their legs were almost, but not quite, touching.

He leaned over and placed a hand on her leg.

"Tell me Alex. What can I do to help?"

He was taking a big risk, but to his relief, she didn't pull away from him.

For her part, Alex was amazed and yet re-assured by how easily they had fallen into the roles she had hoped for. He was the older male who was protective and yet welcomed her sexuality. She swallowed as she realized that this man was more experienced than she had feared/hoped. Her pussy tingled with the tension, and she felt sparks from where his hand touched her - even through her modest check skirt. She wished that she had worn knickers rather than a thong, because she knew her skirt was going to be very damp before long. Under her tight tan jumper, her nipples hardened.

Alex spoke quietly.

"Please sir, I wondered if you could help me understand why I am not doing well with my work. You see, I know that I should be working hard, but I find myself being distracted by silly things, and then I have to rush my work and I don't do it properly"

Alex looked up at Richard through her eyelashes - playing on the little girl lost look.

Richard was hooked, and he knew it. This girl was sexual dynamite, and she was sending submissive signals like laser beams.

"Well Alex. I think we need to find out a way of solving that."

Richard leaned back and steepled his fingers - looking at Alex like a stern master who is disappointed with his errant pupil.

"I think that we need to look at corporal punishment."

Alex gulped and looked up at Richard. My God - he had looked right through her and seen her secret. Her heart stopped and her stomach lurched. Her sex, though, went mad with signals saying "yes, yes, yes."

"Well sir, if you wish. What should I do?"

"For a start, you should stand up. Then take off your skirt and lean over my legs so that I can spank you."

Alex felt herself slip into her sub-space as if into a pool of deep cool water - it was a fantasy come true. She didn't even pretend to hesitate as she stood, and unzipped the skirt. She let it fall, revealing long legs and a very brief thong nestled between her thighs.

Richard was stunned. Even though he had sensed that Alex was ready for more than just a lecture - her ready obedience touched him deeply, and aroused an even greater degree of lust.

He took her hand, and gently guided her over his legs.

Silently, as if an offering, she draped herself over him. Her sweet arse was thrust up, and the thong only emphasized the tight apple curves. She smiled to herself as she felt a very stiff cock press against her stomach.

"Please sir, how many spanks are you going to give me?"

Richard's member jerked at this provocative answer.

"I think ten would be appropriate this time. But make sure you count them out."

At first, Richard only stroked the smooth pliant flesh of the pale globes. He squeezed once and marveled at the resilience.

"Ohhhh. One sir"

a red hand print appeared on Alex's right buttock.

"Ohhhhhhhh. Two sir"

A twin appeared on the left.

"Three Sir"

"Four sir"

, ,

The blows continued in rapid succession and Alex struggled to keep up. And yet, with the pain came a heat that spread from her loins and through her body. Her slut nature was aroused, and the very vulnerability of her position and the stiff rod of her tormenter were only exciting it.

On the tenth blow, Alex finally gave way to her desires. She hadn't been hit enough for tears - only lust.

She rolled off Richard's lap into her knees.

"Oh thank you sir. Thank you for punishing me. Please let me show you how much I needed that"

With that, her fingers were busy at his zip. Frantically she released his stiffness, and it sprang up to the fight in an instance.

For a moment she paused and drank in the sight of his cock, the swollen head, the silky smooth shaft, the girth that filled her hand just right. Then she lowered her lips and licked the helmet, across the tip where a bead of pre-cum was nestling.

"Ohhhh shiiit" Richard felt his groin tighten at this gentle caress.

Alex slid the hardness into her mouth, keeping her teeth covered with her lips. Her tongue licked the soft flesh as it slid towards her throat.

Warm wetness engulfed Richard's sex, and his head fell back as he gave himself to the ministrations of his talented student.

She slowly bobbed up and down, keeping a gentle suction, her hand pumping the skin to stretch the frenum. Her tongue, meanwhile, was swirling around tip - driving Richard crazy with the overload of sensations.

Alex herself was becoming lost in the act. She loved going down on a man anyway - but Richard's stillness meant that she was able to set a pace that she liked. Her thong was now soaked, and she desperately hoped that her cunt would soon be welcoming this delightful pole.

Richard sat up and growled.

"That's enough playing around slut, I think it's time I showed how you can really thank me."

Alex looked up through her eyelashes at her teacher, smiling with anticipated pleasure.

Richard leaned down, and lifted the hem of her jumper. With one smooth movement he lifted it up and over her head. She lifted her arms as he pulled it entirely off her. Her breasts rose with the movement, but to Richard's joy, they remained pert and firm when her arms dropped back.

He leaned forward again and cupped the mounds, his thumbs rubbing the eraser hard nipples.

"You're going to lean forward over my desk, you tart, and I'm going to fuck your cunt until I fill it with my spunk. Are you ready for that?"

"Oh yes sir," Alex breathed huskily, "whatever you say sir."

Richard grabbed her under her arms and lifted her as he stood. With one swift movement he had her turned and splayed forward over the table. He kicked her legs apart and pushed her flat forward. Now pushed up and thrust out for him, Alex's bottom was even more alluring. He grabbed the cord of her thong and wrenched it down. Strings of girl juice came with it, and the scent of her arousal flooded the air.

"You delightful little fuck toy, you're enjoying this even more than I am, aren't you?"

Richard emphasized this observation with a sharp to her posterior.

"Oh God, yes sir, you are such a wonderful teacher, and you are so good to me. Please fuck me sir. Please sir, I need it so much."

Richard's eyes filled with red lust. His every dream had come true, and this girl's wet pussy was his for the taking.

He stepped behind her, with one hand her held his member against her moistened lips. With his other hand he pushed down on the small of her back to stop her excited wriggling.

At first he contented himself with sliding the head between her swollen outer lips - coating the sensitive ending with her slick wetness.

Alex whimpered at his teasing use of her.

Then, with one long, powerful thrust, Richard drove into the tight wet folds, not stopping until his pubic hair was in her arse crack, this movement accompanied by his groan of satisfaction.

"Oooooohhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuck". The entry was all Alex could have hoped for - fierce, hard and commanding. She was filled to the brim, and her orgasm was only moments away.

Richard grabbed her hips, and began to pump in and out. This was for him. This was his reward for all those shitty students. This was his cunt and he was going to use it until he exploded. His movements were long and hard, using his full length in Alex's sex.

Inside her the tension was knotting up, a spring being wound to that glorious release. She didn't care that this was her teacher, that he had spanked her ass, and that any minute now someone could walk in through the door. She was bent over a desk being screwed properly, and she was in sexual heaven.

Richard couldn't, didn't want to, last long. The tight grip of this young woman's vagina and the sight of her arms stretched out in sweet surrender were all too much. With a few last desperate thrusts before he had to release himself, Richard cried out.

"Right you little cunt, I'm about to fill you with my cum. Ohhh myyyy godddddd."

His thick cum erupted into Alex's eager cunny, and she felt the warmth fill her.

"Ohhhhhhh Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiist, I'm cumming toooooooo" Alex had been waiting for this trigger, and with it her orgasm. Her muscles clamped down on the man flesh lodged in her. She never wanted to let it go. It filled her so well. She would do anything to keep it there for ever. Her mind spiraled out of control as her body jerked on the desk.

At last, the two of them came down to earth.

With a last stroke of the slim back of this wonderful girl, Richard fell back into his seat. He could see some of his spunk already dribbling from the ravaged pussy in front of him.

Alex made no effort to change her position. She merely raised herself up on her elbows and smiled back at her tutor.

"Thank you for that lesson sir. I think that I like the subject a lot better already. I do hope that you will be giving me some more tuition."

"Oh yes, my darling Alex. I will. I most certainly will."

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