tagBDSMEducating Alex Ch. 04

Educating Alex Ch. 04


By the side of that old tree trunk, in that clearing, using that same rug on which, earlier, Alex had knelt while taking Richard deep into her mouth and drinking his cum, together they shared food, wine and personal stories.

Richard talked about his finding and exploring the BDSM scene. Initially, during his marriage it had been theoretical, in that he had never done anything more than read, chat and fantasize. Later, now single again and free of the emotional turmoil of his divorce, he had started making friends on the net, and then attending meetings. Munches, the US brethren called them – tasters for those new to the practice of non vanilla sexual roles. He talked about his experiences with some submissives he had met online, some extremely wise, and others as painfully naïve as himself.

Thankfully, his background in interpersonal psychology had prevented him from falling into the God trap that so many newbie wannabe Doms succumbed too – believing their own legends of wisdom and authority. The BDSM scene was as full of damaged people as you could find on any average tube train, but add in the explosive mixture of sex and emotional power plays, and the potential for severe psychological damage was immense.

Alex felt twinges of jealousy as Richard described some of the relationships he had formed. And yet, in his reflective tone of voice and thoughtful expression, she also saw honesty, and a caring and enquiring mind. He talked more about what he had learned and passed on than he did about the different acts he had performed. With some relief, however, she also discovered that for the time being, he was without a partner of any kind.

Alex shared her own, less eventful, past. She had had a loving, but very strict Catholic family up bringing. There was a drunken fumbling at a party that led to her loss of virginity far too young. Then her crush on a teacher in her 6th form who had initially been flattered by the attention, and then run a mile when he discovered she was serious about wanting to have a physical relationship. She confessed she had originally been really angry and hurt at that, but now understood his decision.

Since then, at university, she had been able to let loose and discover the ups, and downs, of sexual relationships. On his side, Richard felt those same envious feelings for the young men who had been her partners. However, he also recognized the same mistakes and misunderstandings of his younger days. Overall, though, Alex had soon realized that she was more interested in sex than most of her contemporaries, and was drawn to situations where she felt helpless and was receiving punishment. She confessed that from an early age her fantasies were a lot wilder than any of her experiences had been, until now, that was. She joked about wanting a combined father/teacher figure – an analysis Richard felt was probably spot on.

"Of course," said Alex wickedly, "if I'd realized just what a dirty old man you were, I'd have come along to your tutorials in my school uniform."

"Heaven forbid!" Richard said with mock horror. "I would never have got past all those boys fighting to get a better look at you. Anyway," and here he smiled "there will always be other opportunities."

Alex shot back with a grin "Oh. So you think I'm that easy do you?"

"Not at all" Richard laughed, "I just feel that the term is yet young, and there are probably one or two things you would still like me to teach you."

"And what does my darling teacher have in store for his young pupil?"

"Well," and here Richard started ticking points off on his fingers, "There is the use of dildos, vibrators and other toys; An introduction to the agony and ecstasy of anal sex; Bukkakke and other restraining techniques; The differences between Sado-Masochism and Dominance/Submission..."

Richard stopped and looked over his glasses at Alex who was struggling hard not to burst out laughing.

"Is there something the matter?" He enquired earnestly.

"Yes, and no!" Alex caught her breath. "It's just hearing you talk about all those wonderfully dirty things, and yet you make them sound so boring and mainstream."

Richard pulled Alex to him and looked into her eyes.

"Now that, young lady, is the difference between theory," and here he gave her a long passionate kiss, "and practice."

Alex melted again into him, "Then please practice on me all you want. I love the way you teach me."

He held her tighter and stroked the hair back from her brown eyes.

"In that case, may I suggest we adjourn to somewhere more private where we can proceed with fewer clothes and no possible interruptions?"

Alex murmured huskily. "That sounds perfectly indecent. Let's go now."

By the time they had packed up and made their way back to the car, it was 3:00pm.

As they were putting the picnic things back into the boot, Richard noticed the pack that Alex had earlier stored there.

"So tell me. What delights did you bring along to the party?"

"Well sir, I thought that later we might do a bit of "show and tell", and I had a few things I wanted to tell you."

Richard looked thoughtfully at this young innocent with the filthy mind.

"I'm seriously intrigued now. I move we head back home so you can reveal all."

The journey back to Richard's flat in Westminster was uneventful, and as they fell through the door, they held and kissed each other with growing passion. Alex had been right in her initial assessment; she really had found a passionate male under that academic exterior. Her body tingled at the prospect of more highly charged erotic sex, and she couldn't help pushing her hips against him to signal her arousal.

Richard broke away and almost dragged Alex into the bedroom. He stopped and took a deep breath.

He span round and looked sternly at Alex.

"Right, I think that it's time you showed me what you have in that bag there you little tart. I'll bet it's something really wicked and naughty, something for which you will deserve being punished."

"How did he do that?" Alex wondered to herself. She was hot and ready in the hall, but his words and actions here were like petrol on the flames. It was as if he could see every erogenous zone in her mind. With relief she slipped into a role she had fantasized about many times – the girl good caught being naughty, and enjoying the punishment she received.

"Oh sir. How did you know? I have some very bad things in my bag," and here Alex twisted her feet like a schoolgirl in front of her headmaster. "And if you are going to punish me for them, then I think I should get ready now - like take my knickers down."

Richard picked up on the hint.

"You horny little minx. You know that once I see your naked bottom I'll have no choice but to use your little cunt to relieve the urges you have aroused. I think you should do more than take your knickers down. I think you should undress completely. NOW!"

With that last command, Alex hurriedly stripped off all her clothing – her sex already moistening and swelling at the thought of what was to follow.

At the same time, Richard had to adjust the swelling cock in his trousers. The naked female in front of him was his for the taking, and after the delights of her cunt and mouth, he had plans for her virgin rosebud, a prospect which was more than pleasing, particularly if he could teach her to really enjoy it. Richard sat down in a small armchair facing the bed, leaving Alex to stand, undressed, in the middle of the room.

"Proceed. Show me what tools of the devil you have brought into this house."

Alex took the bag over to the bed, and opened it up. From it she withdrew her three favorite toys. A pair of Ben-Wa balls, a slim vibrator, and a large purple vibrator which Richard knew was a Rampant Rabbit. Richard was impressed. This girl had some serious toys, and he imagined that she also went through a lot of batteries.

Slipping back into his role, Richard spoke slowly, but with a mixture of horror and anger.

"I think that you should explain to me what those "things" are, and what you do with them."

Despite knowing that this wasn't for real, Alex still blushed as she picked up the ben-wa balls. And yet, the humiliation was proving as effective an aphrodisiac as any spanking she had received at his hands.

"Well sir, I put these in my cunt when I am going out, and then I put on some knickers to hold them in."

She looked at him, unsure of how much detail to go into.

"Go on girl. Tell me why you do it, and what effect it has."

"Oh Christ," she thought to herself, "I'm getting wet just talking about these to him. What the fuck is going to happen when he starts screwing me?"

"Ok sir. Sorry sir. I put these in my cunt so that when I go out they move around inside me, and I can imagine I'm being fucked. The last time I wore them was to a nightclub. By the end of the evening I had cum three times, and people thought I was drunk because I kept falling over."

"This is appalling. You are nothing more than a slut. Carry on."

She picked up the slim vibrator.

"I usually carry this around with me. It's not very big, so it doesn't feel like a real cock. But when I am really horny, I can find a quiet place and use it on the lowest setting and bring myself off."

As she talked about this and remembered the times she had done just that, it was almost as if she was there again. As Richard suspected would happen, Alex was happily building up to another massive orgasm, and all he had to do was to play his role.

Richard silently shook his head as if in disgust, and Alex thrilled at the prospect of being properly punished for this lewd display.

Almost with reverence, Alex selected the last toy, the infamous rampant rabbit.

"This, sir, is my favorite toy. When I have this in my pussy, I can pump it in and out as if it were the real thing."

She pushed one of the sliding switches, and a whirring sound filled the room.

"This one makes beads in the shaft go round and round, and they feel soooo good."

Alex half closed her eyes and ground her hips, miming the effect of the toy within her love hole. While still in an apparent trance state, she slid the other switch up, and an insistent buzzing was added to the noise.

"And this makes a little extra bit vibrate on my clit – even if the shaft is buried in me. And ohhhh sirrrrrrrrrr," Alex almost purred, "I cum almost immediately when I use that, and I can cum lots as well."

Had she been on her own, Alex would have loved nothing more now than to ram that plastic inside her and switch everything on. In front of Richard, though, that was a step too far.

Richard looked over at her.

"I am appalled. That was the most shameless, wanton display I have ever seen. You make a King's cross prostitute look like a nun. Wriggling your body like a cheap lap-dancer while showing off your playthings."

Alex tried hard to look repentant- hard as it was with two throbbing nipples, a gushing cunt and a master using the most wonderful language about her. When she was feeling like this she knew she was a cum puppy, a sex toy, open and available for any man who could see into her. And her teacher did, and he knew how to use that knowledge for both their pleasure.

"In fact, I think spanking is too good for you."

Alex looked surprised – so where was the punishment?

"I think you should lie back on that bed and show me just how you use those plastic cocks. But before you get too excited – if you cum before I allow you too, I'll use my belt on you."

Oh my God, this was worse, and better, than Alex had feared. Never before had she done anything so obscene, so dirty as to put on a sex show for a man. But to have to hold back her climax, when she just knew that it was only minutes away? She longed for her release, but more she longed to please this man who understood her deepest needs to well.

Richard stood up and pushed her back onto the bed, her discarded toys lying next to her. He arranged her legs so that they were apart, her knees up in the air. The juices from her sex seeped down her bum crack, trickling over her sensitized anus. She felt so exposed, so open, so displayed. How could he not take her now?

He handed her the smaller dildo.

"Right, I want you to lick this and put it in your mouth as if it were my prick. When it is properly wet, use it on your cunt. I want to see you slide it in deep and do it as if it were for real."

At first Alex was hesitant and nervous. This still felt odd and artificial. But as she slid the slim shaft in and out of her lips, and watched the intent way Richard was observing her, she felt her attitude change. In her mind, images of their love making began to inspire her. She felt again his manhood in her mouth, and so her lips worked harder on the toy – mimicking the glorious way it had felt. When she slipped it from her wet lips, and stoked it down her body to nestle at her slit, she could have whimpered at the tension she felt. This was him, poised to enter her, to take her, to possess her completely. With a groan she pushed the shaft into herself, wishing that she had the larger toy to stretch her like he did. Her hips pushed up, and locking her eyes on his, she began to slowly fuck herself with the dildo.

Richard picked up the larger vibrator and handed it to her.

"Your mouth looks empty; I suggest you fill it with this."

His words struck her like a whip, exciting her. Yes, he was right; she still wasn't slutty enough, not enough to get him inside her.

She opened her mouth wide and slid in the purple cock, taking it in as far as she physically could. She made moaning noises, partly muffled by the toy lodged in her mouth, and she began to fuck her mouth with the same intensity as her hand down below. She was now whimpering for real, urgently needing permission to cum. His watching her as she performed these lewd acts in front of him were pushing her over the edge. She was barely holding on.

But then Richard did something that lost her the battle. He leant down and switched on the slim vibrator in her flooding pussy. She stopped all her movements, frantically trying to hold the vibrations away from her clit. It was no good, her eyes widened, and despite all her panting and clenching, the orgasm was ripped from her. She wailed as her hands gave in and she started frantically using the vibrator to prolong the wonderful spasms. She was lost in the intensity of the sensations, riding the crest like a Malibu surfer. As she came too, she heard Richard's voice.

"You naughty, dirty little girl. You came without my permission. You came even though I had warned you that you would be punished."

She looked up at Richard, and saw him shaking his head in disgust.

He was right, and she knew it wouldn't help protesting that he was the one who had turned on the vibrator. He had told her not to cum, and she knew what the consequences would be.

"Fortunately, I am feeling generous today. I told you that I would use my belt on your behind if you came without my permission."

Alex mutely nodded her head in agreement.

"Well, as you have already been spanked once today, I have an alternative. Would you like to hear it?"

"Yes please sir."

"Rather than bending over and receiving ten hits of my belt, you can beg me to fuck your tight arse."

Alex stared up at him, conflicting emotions swirling through her. She knew about anal sex, and that some guys were eager to use her behind, but she also had heard from her friends how painful and humiliating it could be. On the other hand, one or two others had told her how dirty and exciting it was – one had even confessed (having sworn her to secrecy), that she had even cum that way – on all fours, her boyfriend's prick lodged in her rectum. But it couldn't hurt as much as the belt would, surely. And deep down she knew she wanted to give Richard something precious, her last virginity, in return for his wonderful teaching.

Richard watched her, wondering what her choice would be, wondering if she would even use the amber or red safe words.

Alex made up her mind. If anyone knew how to help her enjoy having a cock in her back door, it was this man. And anyway, she sensed he wouldn't have suggested it unless he thought her ready. And somehow, the thought of begging for it made it easier, dirtier, and more appropriate.

"I am sorry for cumming sir, it was very naughty of me." Alex gulped, and then continued. "Please don't use the belt sir. Please fuck my arse sir. Please sir, push your cock up my bottom and use me like the dirty slut I am."

As she spoke, the words just came out, and inside she started to relax, having committed herself to this step.

"As you asked so nicely, I will fuck your arse. And as you did ask so nicely, I will be as gentle as I can."

Alex smiled shyly back, nervous at the next step, but trusting him.

Richard lifted her from the bed, and as he had done the night before, he stood her in front of the dressing table, facing the mirror.

"Bend forward, and push your bottom out. I am going to use some lubrication to make it easier for you."

Alex dutifully complied with this command, and pushed her bum out for his use.

Richard went over to the bedside table and picked up a tube of KY jelly.

As she waited, naked, positioned to have her anal virginity taken, Alex wondered at the path that had led her here. That first tutorial when he had spanked her bottom and then fucked her over the table. Last night when he had spanked her again, used his mouth to bring her off, and then gently entering her while she was tied spread eagled on her back. Finally, only this morning, he had suspended her from a tree branch and spanked her so hard it had taken her breath away, but not so hard that she couldn't cum from his fingers shoved in her crack. She had so enjoyed learning to deep throat him after that. And now this, punished for cumming while giving him a sex show – and the punishment was his cock filling her bowels. Her pussy wept in sympathy, or was that envy, and her juices trickled down her thigh.

Richard squirted some of the lubricant onto his fingers.

"This will seem very cold." He gently warned her.

Despite the warning, she still jumped as she felt the coldness.

Carefully massaging and probing, Richard worked the jelly around and into the tight muscle ring. Several times he used more liquid, all the time seeking to relax the entrance and provide enough lubrication to ease himself slowly into her. At first, he used the tip of one finger, gradually increasing the pressure. As her sphincter opened up, he used two, slowly pushing them in and out, and twisting them round. All the time, he was careful to do nothing too fast, or in any way to make Alex tighten up or become nervous. This first time was very important, and would color her future experiences.

As he worked his two fingers in deeper, he became aware that Alex was starting to become properly aroused by his attentions. Her gasps become moans, her hips started to push back. He used his other hand to gently rub her pussy, and was rewarded with a whimper of pleasure, her back arching down, pushing her hips against both sets of invading fingers.

"yessss," she breathed, "God yessssssss"

Eventually, Richard felt that it was time to stop using his fingers, and use his cock instead. She was ready for him, her body now eager for his use of it, and he could sense her rising need to be fucked – whatever hole he used.

He rubbed a dollop of the jelly on his cock head, just to make sure, and then placed the crimson mushroom at the now glistening entrance. It looked so small against his prick, and he felt himself harden even more at the prospect of this beauty enjoying this obscene act, and his cumming into her bowels.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed himself against the tiny hole. She braced herself back, and quietly encouraged him on.

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