tagIncest/TabooEducating Brooke: Lesson One

Educating Brooke: Lesson One


Brooke is not a fictitious character. She is a real girl who had enough confidence in me to ask me to tell her story. For that I am honored. I have, however taken creative license to give the story dramatic punch. I have no doubt her real life experience was and is far more dramatic than my meager attempts at writing. I've twisted some of the facts, names and time lines to keep identities secure, but the story really is all her own. She lived it, continues to live it, and I am but the humble scribe.

They always figured Brooke would need educating. Sure she learned to masturbate on her own; and in time, she learned that the sensitive little bump she couldn't keep her fingers from was called a clitoris. And that wonderfully, warm, wet, silky slick opening below her clit that she explored every night was called her vagina. When she stuck a finger inside and rubbed the right spots, wham bam cablooey! That wonderful explosive sensation she took herself to several times a day was called an orgasm. Sometimes during the day, no matter where she was, she'd find a restroom stall and rub out a quickie. She really, really, really loved to have orgasms.

Still, there was so much she didn't know. She was eighteen; still a virgin and it worried some of the family members who prided themselves in being sexual libertines. Her mother had passed away several years ago and her father was on the road a lot working. Wasn't it, in cases like this, the responsibility of aunts and uncles to teach their nieces and nephews the joys of unabashed and liberated sexuality? Weren't brothers meant to teach their younger sisters how to please a boy; and older sisters to do the same for a younger brother? Not to mention an older sister teaching her younger sister the exquisite joy of pleasuring another girl.


So it was decided unanimously during a family meeting, since Brooke didn't have an older sister, she would go live with her lesbian aunt and learn the important knowledge and joy of pleasing another woman. What better place to start than learning what her own body required for maximum pleasure? It was a lesson best taught by another woman.

She wasn't told this, of course. Part of the education would involve seduction, an important skill Brooke would need to master a sexually free life expected by her caring family.

And of course, she had no idea her aunt was a lesbian. Quite frankly, she had never given girl-on-girl sex one tiny thought. In fact, she rarely thought about having sex with anyone. She had her long, delicate fingers to satisfy her needs, and that always seemed enough. Brooke's family thought otherwise. Besides, they all wanted a little taste of their darling Brooke.

Brooke stood in the bus depot feeling lonely and lost. It was her first time away from home. Two suit cases sat on the floor at her side and a back pack was slung over one shoulder. It was warm, and a trace of sweat on her forehead beaded up on her flawless caramel colored skin. Her dark eyes searched for Auntie Michelle. The heat in the bus depot was almost unbearable, and she undid the top button on her blouse and flapped it a few times to fan some air into the deep, sweaty cleavage of her large breasts.

She had only met her aunt a couple of times, so she was looking forward to getting to know her late mother's younger sister. Brooke had been accepted to a university here, and Auntie Michelle had offered her home to save the family money, or so Brooke was told.

"Hi, sweetheart," a woman around Brooke's height called out to her as she came through the bus depot doors. She was middle age pretty, pleasantly plump and her large breasts strained against the fabric of her satin blouse. Her legs were gorgeous, and Brooke noticed her skin was as beautiful as her own. Their family certainly was blessed with a great complexion.

Auntie Michelle ran up to her with short little steps and outstretched arms grinning from ear to ear. She took Brooke by the hands and kissed both sides of her face.

"Look at you," she said. "Aren't you as pretty as can be. The last time I saw you, you were just a skinny little brat. Now you're a fully grown woman and so lovely." She patted Brooke's cheek. "I just know we're going to have a great time together."

Brooke tried to smile, but her aunt's enthusiasm was a bit overwhelming. She wasn't used to someone being so demonstrative.

"Was the trip very long? Are you tired? Are you hungry?" Michelle pulled her niece against her for a hug. Their large, soft breasts came into crushing contact, and without knowing why, it took Brooke's breath away.

Brooke didn't know which question to answer first.

"It was pretty long. I think my butt was going numb." Michelle laughed and ran a hand softly over Brooke's butt. That shocked the young woman, and a little spark of electricity ran through her. No one had ever touched her butt before.

"Well, I'm starving. Why don't we grab a bite to eat before going home?"

They stopped at a small restaurant, and ordered dinner. While they waited, Auntie Michelle took Brooke's hand across the table.

"Let me see this hand," she said. "I love hands." She turned Brooke's over and looked at the palm. She traced a finger tip around in circles over Brooke's palm. It made her shiver. She wasn't used to this much touching.

"You have lovely hands; such long fingers. I'll bet you know just what to do with those long, lovely fingers," she said with a giggle. Brooke couldn't imagine her aunt was talking about touching her private places. How could auntie possibly know what I do when no one can see? The blank look on her face told Michelle what she was fishing for. She patted Brooke's hand and let it go.

"Sweetie, we girls all know how to...well...you know." She winked at Brooke and looked away.

Dinner came and they ate while Michelle chatted away asking typical questions about Brooke's hopes, dreams and goals at university. When they finished, they continued their ride home.

"So auntie," Brooke asked, "How come you never married?"

"Oh heavens," she said. "What would I ever do with a man? They stink, they're pigs and their brains are in their dicks." She laughed. "Not that I haven't enjoyed their dicks, 'cause I have. But I have toys that do just as well, maybe better and besides, I'm kind of partial to girls."

Brooke had no idea what she meant by toys. She knew what a dick was. At least, she had heard that a man's penis is called a dick, but this was the first time she had heard the word used in casual conversation with someone like her aunt. And she had heard of lesbians, but to hear her aunt say she was partial to girls...well, that was truly shocking. Does she mean she's a lesbian?

|They pulled into her aunt's driveway, unloaded her luggage and entered the house.

"Well, here it is," Auntie Michelle said. "Make yourself at home. Follow me to your room."

It was on the other side of the kitchen. Her bathroom was down the hall, and she had a nice view of the back yard.

"This was my junk room, but now it's all yours. I'm so glad you're here. It forced me to tidy things up." She laughed and sat down on the bed bouncing a couple of times.

"This mattress has some spring to it. I hope it's comfortable." Brooke sat down next to her.

"This is very nice, auntie. Thank you so much."

Michelle took her niece's hand, brought it up to her lips and kissed her fingers. She held it with one hand and ran the finger tips of the other up across Brooke's wrist and forearm. It made her twitch slightly. It felt good in a way she had never felt. A little tingling sensation sprung up between her legs, and she squeezed them together as if she were trying to scratch an itch with the itch. She was getting moist down there, and Brooke was afraid she had wet her panties. She desperately hoped her aunt would leave so she could touch herself and have one of those lovely orgasms.

Auntie Michelle saw all this in Brooke's eyes. She knew exactly what was happening, and it was all part of her plan. Her niece was one sweet little morsel, and she couldn't wait to bury her face in Brooke's virginal pussy. She continued to caress Brooke's arm and wrist. Brooke wanted her to stop, and yet, she hoped she would keep touching her this way forever. It was very confusing.

Michelle stared at Brooke with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes. She raised Brooke's hand, turned the palm facing upward and kissed it in the center, running her tongue over Brooke's soft skin.

"I better leave you to settle in," she said and stood up. God she wanted to tear Brooke's clothes off and lick her from her ass to her clit. I better go diddle myself before I explode!

She stopped at the door and said, "I got you a sexy nightie as a welcoming gift and there's some of my extra toys in the top drawer. If you need me to show you how they work, just give a holler." She blew Brooke a kiss and closed the door behind her.

Brooke didn't hesitate. She jumped up and raced to the dresser. She slowly opened the top drawer and peered inside. There were three strange items lying on top of a shear white, silk nightie. She removed the nightie and held it up to her. There wasn't much to it, and it certainly wouldn't hide anything. The three "toys" were another matter. She was almost afraid to touch them.

She laid the nightie on the bed and picked up each item one at a time. The first one was long, pink and as big a round as a large hot dog only longer. It had little bulges along its length and a switch at one end. She flipped the switch and it started buzzing and vibrating. It scared her so bad; she dropped it on the floor, scrambled to pick it up, dropped it again and finally turned it off.

The second one was made of clear glass and curved around like a smooth rounded horse shoe. What in the world?

She definitely did not want to touch the third one. It was the perfect replica of a man's penis, or as Auntie Michelle would call it, a dick. It had two large balls at the base. She knew these were testicles. Finally giving into her curiosity, she carefully picked it up and looked it over. Long twisted blood veins were molded into the surface. It looked so real. It was soft and spongy and yet stiff at the same time. The head was bulbous and flared at the edges. A fat ridge ran from the bottom of the head down to the balls. Bellow the balls there was a flat, suction cup like thing. What in god's name would she do with this stuff? I guess I'll have to ask. She said I should ask.

Brooke wanted to try on the nightie. She removed her clothes, and when she got to her panties, she realized they were indeed wet. Oh my god, I did pee my pants! She placed them up to her nose, but it didn't smell like urine. She frowned and took another sniff. It was a vaguely familiar smell and very pleasant. She stuffed them under her jeans with embarrassment.

When she slipped the silk nightie over her head and looked into the mirror, she gasped. It didn't hide anything. Her large chocolate breasts clearly showed through the shear material. Her dark nipples became stiff with the silken feel of the cloth against them. The bottom hem barely covered the dark patch of curly hair between her legs. She raised the hem and looked at herself in the mirror. Her pubic hair was damp, and she frowned again. What is going on? I really need to touch myself, but... Brooke's curiosity was killing her. Those toys; what are they?

She took her robe out of the suit case, slipped into it and went to find her aunt. She said I should ask.

Michelle was in the living room sitting on the sofa, with her feet up and a glass of wine in her hand. The hem of her skirt was pulled high exposing her thighs. Her head reclined on the back of the sofa. She had a look of shear contentment on her face.

"Hi baby," Michelle said looking up. She patted the sofa next to her. "Have a seat." Brooke sat down and pulled the robe around her knees.

"Auntie, you said to ask about those...objects or toys you left in my drawer."

"Sure, sweetie, what do you want to know?" She raised her arm up along the back of the sofa and rested a hand on the back of Brooke's neck. Michelle's fingers lightly caressed her skin.


Now Brooke didn't know what to say. She wished she'd never brought up the subject. "I...well...: Michelle chuckled, ran her hand under the collar of Brooke's robe and caressed more of her niece's neck. Her skin was so soft. Now I'm getting hot again. Damn I want this girl!

"They're just little toys that a girl uses to have some fun with," she started to explain. "If you know how to use them, they can make you feel so, so good. They can make your sweet spot purr like a kitten." Auntie Michelle giggled.

"Some girls prefer their fingers, but I like both."

"I don't know what you're talking about." She actually did know what she was talking about, but she was afraid to admit that she touched herself like that. This is so naughty.

Michelle turned to face her niece. As she did, her skirt hem rose higher and an intoxicating aroma suddenly caught Brooke's attention. She had smelled something similar when she sniffed her wet panties. Their knees bumped together, and Michelle reached over, picked up Brooke's legs and laid them across her lap. Brooke looked startled. The robe parted slightly and Michelle's hand fell on Brooke's leg just below the knee. It made the young woman tremble.

"You are so beautiful," Michelle said, pushed the robe open and ran her hand from Brooke's knee down to her ankle.

"Auntie..." Brooke shivered.

"Do you mean to say, you've never touched yourself?"

"I don't know...I mean...I..." Brooke stammered with embarrassment.

"I mean up here." Michelle said and slid her hand above the knee but stopped mid-thigh. Brooke trembled. "You know what I'm talking about, all the way up to this sweet little patch of curly hair between your lovely legs."

"I touch myself. Okay? There!" Brooke blurted it out and started to cry. She tried to pull her legs away, but her aunt held them in place. The tears helped release some of her tension.

Michelle continued to caress Brooke's leg. Her hand drifted higher dragging her finger nails gently over the soft, silky skin. She stared into Brooke's confused teary eyes.

"Do you touch yourself right here?" Auntie Michelle whispered, slid her hand all the way up under the robe and flicked a finger across Brooke's wet, naked labia. Brooke sucked her breath into her lungs and clinched her legs together. All that it did, however was pin Michelle's hand against the hot spot between her legs.

Michelle didn't waste the opportunity. She parted Brooke's dripping outer lips, slid one finger inside her niece and dragged it on over her clittie. Brooke screeched and fell against her aunt clutching at anything to keep from falling into a deep, dark vortex of pleasure. What she clutched onto was one of Michelle's large breasts. Her aunt pulled her head down against her bosom and slid her finger a little deeper into Brooke's enflamed honey pot.

"Right her," she whispered. "We girls like to touch ourselves right her." Her finger rubbed up and down against Brooke's clit. Her hips twitched, and the muscles around her torso spasmed with little convulsions. Michelle started kissing the side of her face.

"Let me show you how good it can feel when another girl touches it for you. Spread your legs, baby."

Brooke was now lost in something beyond her control. She spread her legs and one foot fell to the floor. She could smell that wonderful aroma that was familiar but new to her. It was pouring out from between her legs. She loved the smell. It made the fire between her legs start to roar. Her legs began to quake and quiver.

Michelle continued to rub her clit. She didn't want to go too deep. She was going to save her cherry for someone else. She got up, pushed Brooke down on her back and spread her legs wide. Her delicious teenage cunt came into view and Michelle savored the sight.

"You have such a beautiful pussy," she whispered. She pulled the robe completely open and exposed Brooke's large breasts. Her fat nipples were as hard as stones. Michelle reached out, ran her hands gently over her breasts and pinched her nipples. Brooke groaned and closed her eyes.

"That's it, baby. Just close your eyes and let auntie make you feel good."

Michelle fell between her niece's legs and buried her face in the heavenly folds of Brooke's wet, hot mosh pit. Her lips wrapped around the swollen little button, and she sucked it into her mouth. Brooke thrashed around on the couch making little animal sounds. She put her hands on the back of Michelle's head. She didn't push. She just wanted to feel her down there, sucking, licking and driving her crazy in the most wonderful way.

"Does that feel good, baby?" Michelle asked between licks.

"Oh Auntie," Brooke could barely speak. "Don't stop. It feels so good."

But it did stop. It stopped with an explosion of ecstatic energy that erupted in every cell of her body. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. A great flush of fluid poured out of her vagina and into her aunt's mouth, and Michelle didn't let up. She continued to suck Brooke's clit until a second and third orgasm swept the young girl into a blinding whirlpool of ecstasy.

Michelle stood up, took Brooke's hand and gave it a tug.

"Come with me my sweet one," she said.

Brooke stood up lost in a trance of pleasure. Her legs felt like rubber.

"It's time for me to show you how the toys work, and..." She stopped, turned around and took her niece in her arms. "...and teach you something about pleasing another woman." She kissed Brooke, ran her tongue passed her lips and traced the tip around the inside of Brooke's mouth. Brooke clung to her aunt and returned the kiss.

"That's it," Michelle said. "Just follow my lead. What I do to you, you can do back to me."

She kissed her again and Brooke's tongue darted into Michelle's mouth. Michelle groaned, slid her hands down Brooke's back and gripped her plump, soft ass in her fingers.

"We'll leave your toys in your room. Tonight we'll play with each other. Trust me, love bug, after tonight, you'll be able to figure out on your own how the toys work."

She pushed the robe off of Brooke's shoulders, raised the white nightie and took her niece's magnificent breasts in her hands.

"Take my clothes off," Michelle whispered almost out of breath. Brooke's hands trembled as she started undoing the buttons of her aunt's blouse. When it fell to the floor, Brooke stared at her aunt's breasts. Michelle reached behind her back, undid the clasp, and the bra fell away. Her large breasts lurched forward and sagged slightly. She sloughed her shoulders, and it fell between their feet. Brooke caught her breath.

"Feel how hard my nipples are," Michelle said.

Brooke couldn't move, but she couldn't take her eyes off of her aunt. Michelle took Brooke's hands and placed them over her nipples. They both gasped. Michelle slid her hands under the white nightie and pinched Brooke's fat, pouty nubs that stuck out from her large areola. Brooke threw herself against Michelle and kissed her aunt with a passion she had never experienced before.

"Now my skirt and panties, baby doll," Michelle whispered against Brooke's lips.

Brooke was so excited. She fumbled and giggled nervously as she struggled to get Michelle's skirt clasp open and the zipper down. Michelle laughed and helped her niece. The skirt fell around her feet. Michelle stepped back, turned around full circle and struck a pose for Brooke.

"What do you think? Not bad for an old broad, huh?" Her black thong panties barely covered the sexual vortex between her legs. Brooke could see it was soaking wet. She stood there entranced by her aunt's beauty. She ached to be touched.

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