tagIncest/TabooEducating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 04

Educating Mom: Andy's Story Ch. 04


"This place is pretty nice, and that man was so polite to me," my mother said, looking around Gabriel's restaurant as we settled into opposite sides of our booth.

"Yes, he's a great guy. Connor and I have been coming here for a while now and he's always treated us really nicely." I looked across at her, a warm smile turning up the corners of my mouth as I took in the relaxed look of contented happiness on her face. I knew my father had rarely taken my mother out to dinner and I wanted to make this spontaneous little venture out something she would enjoy. How was that going to happen; well, hopefully it would start with the outfit I'd gotten her that she hadn't opened earlier in the day.

After finishing our shower, I had told her I wanted to take her out to dinner to celebrate our new son/mother teacher/student relationship. She'd been excited; especially when I told her I had bought her something that I thought would be perfect for where I planned on taking her. I could see from the expression on her face that she was anxious to see what I'd gotten her. We quickly dried off, and as I knotted another towel about my waist, she donned her big fluffy robe before we both made our way back to the living room.

"Which one is it?" she'd asked excitedly as she surveyed the remaining unopened packages.

"Uh....that one there," I said, pointing to a colorful bag, the tiny handles tied together with strips of curling ribbon. Like a kid on Christmas Day, I watched as she deftly picked open the shiny ribbon and drew out the tissue-wrapped package from within. Setting the package down on the dining room table, she carefully undid a couple of pieces of tape and peeled the tissue to each side.

"Oh Andy, it's so pretty," she'd cooed as she picked up the dress and let it drape down in front of her. She turned it back and forth and then held it in front of her, and I knew, even though she still had her robe on, that it was going to look amazing on her. I had seen it on a mannequin in one of the stores I'd been in and loved it. I'd picked this dress out knowing that it would look great on her, and yet still be practical enough for her to wear to her part-time job at the library, or even to church. I personally would have liked something a little more daring, but that would come later. Right now, I had to continue to move her along slowly, especially where having clothes to wear out was concerned.

This dress was a warm royal blue color, which I thought would vividly draw out the enchanting deep blue of her eyes. It had little cap sleeves and a squared-off open area at the top of the bodice. It would cover more of those sublime breasts of hers than I would have liked, but if it ended up looking like I thought it would once she had it on, there would be no hiding the sumptuous upper swells of those incredible mounds, plus there should still be a teasing glimpse into the deep line of her inviting cleavage. The dress was designed so that the material formed to the wearer's body, but was not of a purely elasticized material that would have clung to her every curve lewdly. No, this was just a nice form-fitting dress, so I knew it would look fantastic as it drew your eyes to those enchanting curves of her lush body. The lower part of the dress was similar to the other pencil skirt I'd gotten her, narrowing at the bottom with a small vent at the back. It would end a couple of inches above her knees; like I said, practical yet still incredibly sexy. I couldn't wait to see it on her. But, I had a couple of other things for her that she'd need to make the outfit complete.

"Take a look in that box there," I said, pointing towards another shoe box with a little ribbon around it. She carefully laid the dress over the back of one of the dining room chairs and opened the box.

"Oh Andy," she said with a happy sigh as she drew out one of the sexy shoes. It was almost the identical color of blue as the dress, a stylish pointy-toed pump with cut-out sections at the sides. Her delicate little feet would slip into the triangular-shaped cap over the toes; then be open most of the way back, with another piece of leather at the back that would cup her heel and hold the shoe in place. Her eyes were big as saucers as she turned it over in her hands, taking in the slim 4" stiletto heel. "They're beautiful."

"Just a couple other things to make this outfit complete." I reached forward and passed her another gift bag, one of the purchases Jessica had helped me with at 'The Cat's Pajamas'. She set the shoe down and excitedly undid the little strips of shiny ribbon. I wondered if she'd had as much fun watching me open presents on Christmas Day as I was having watching her now. It struck me as funny how the tables had kind of turned in our relationship. Now, I was the one teaching her a few things, and making sure she was showered with kindness. Of course, I was getting something out of this too.

"I love the color," she gushed as she reached into the bag and drew something out from beneath the covering tissue. She held the tantalizing garment out before her and I looked at it myself, glad I'd made the purchase of this alluring piece of apparel. It was a satin bra in royal blue as well; as close as I could get to the color of the dress. The huge cups of the 32G bra were sensuously smooth, the shininess of the satin drawing your eyes like a magnet. Like all bras of her size, it was heavily structured, the strengthening underwire wonderfully hidden beneath and around the massive supporting cups.

"One more thing." I pointed back to the gift bag and she reached inside and pulled out a matching pair of satin panties. Like the ones I'd gotten her yesterday, they were cut wickedly high on the hips; still somewhat practical but deliciously sinful as well.

"Oh Andy, everything is perfect." She dropped the items onto the table and wrapped her arms around me, showering me with kisses. I was so happy to see her overjoyed like this. I could see that having new clothes like this, so different from what she was used to, seemed to mean so much to her. If it was this easy to make her happy, I had no problem continuing to surprise her with these little gifts.

"Okay, I'm getting hungry," I said as I playfully pushed her away from me, big smiles on both of our faces. "Let's get dressed. I want to take you out so the world can see how beautiful my mother is." My words made her blush as she stepped back and gathered up her new things.

"With the color of this dress and these shoes, do you think I should wear those black stockings you got me yesterday?"

"That would look fine, but I think it would look even better with just bare legs. I think those shoes were made for that kind of thing."

"Okay. Since this outfit is so nice and we're going out, would you like me to try a little of that makeup you got me too?"

I looked at her, seeing the pure joy in her eyes, her new presents slung over her arm as she waited for my reply. As I looked at her pretty face, I was amazed once again at her natural beauty. "You don't need anything, Mom. But if you want to try it, I think a little lipstick and one of those pink eye-shadows would look great with that dress."

She nodded and disappeared into her room while I went into my old bedroom. I pulled out a clean pair of fitted boxers I had there, and then slipped on my work shirt and pants I'd worn over. I kept a navy blazer in my car at all times, just for unexpected occasions like this. The classic navy blazer never failed when needed in a pinch. Gabriel's restaurant wasn't exactly The Ritz, but it wasn't just a dumpy diner either. With my mother's new dress and me in my navy blazer, we'd fit in fine.

"What do you think?" she asked a few minutes later as she rejoined me in the living room. I could only stand and stare as she walked into the room. The dress looked even better on her than I had imagined. It fit her perfectly, the soft-looking rich blue fabric wonderfully following the inviting contours of her womanly figure. It was not too tight, but the way the material accentuated her generous bust and matronly hourglass figure left no doubt about what kind of body she had; one that any woman would want, and any man would want to fuck......all night long.

"Mom, you look fantastic," I uttered as I let my eyes roam down over her gorgeous form. The bodice fit as I imagined, the squared-off opening between her shoulders and breasts covering most of her full breasts but leaving a portion of the curving upper swells visible, as well as teasing glimpse of her deep cleavage. My eye moved downward, following the subtle flow of royal blue down past her waist to her flared hips, the dress hugging in nicely as it drew my eyes further south in a V-shape to where it ended a few inches below her dimpled knees. Her smooth tanned legs looked great as they contrasted with the vivid blue of the dress. I followed the alluring line of her shapely legs down over her toned calves to those shoes....fuck....those shoes......they looked amazing. The slim 4" heel made her legs look fantastic and the lustrous blue shade of the shiny leather made her feet look incredibly sexy, the pointy toe and heel piece wonderfully cradling her foot while the open sides seemed to sensually suggest something wicked and naughty for the wearer's partner. Just looking at those shoes sent a chilling shiver right through me.

I finally tore my eyes away from her gorgeous body and looked up at her face, that enchanting lovely face of hers. She had quickly done her hair, the lustrous chestnut waves falling sensuously to her shoulders as it framed her attractive features. Her eyes shone, the warm blue shade echoing the blue of her dress as I'd hoped. I could see the soft warm pink of the eye shadow she'd applied, subtly enhancing the inviting beauty she naturally had. I looked at her mouth, her full lips looking bee-stung and sexy as hell with the bold red lipstick applied to them. Her wide mouth and pouty lips looked fantastic with the lipstick on them. It looked like a perfect cock-sucking mouth. As I looked at that gorgeous inviting mouth of hers, it wasn't hard to think about what the next lesson in her 'education' was going to be. I planned on using that mouth more than once later on, but right now, I needed some fuel inside me if I was going to do anything.

"Andy, this outfit is so nice, I love it." She turned from side to side as she looked at herself in the mirror near the front door, a look of pure joy on her face. It warmed my heart to see her so happy; making her feel this good about herself was what it had been all about; plus getting my rocks off at the same time, I couldn't deny that.

"I don't really have a purse to go with this; I guess my black one will have to do." She picked up her purse as I held the door open for her.

A matching purse.......something that had never even registered on my radar. I had the shoes to match, even the underwear to match, but a purse was something I had never even thought of. Not having to ever carry one myself, I had no idea about such things. "We'll get you one tomorrow, I've got some more shopping I want to do for you," I said as I opened the car door for her. She slid into the car, her tanned legs following as I watched her draw them in one at a time, my eyes instinctively going to the alluring display of her shapely thighs. I closed the door after her, grabbed my blazer from the back seat, slipped it on and fired up my Ford Fusion.

I know what you're thinking, a Ford Fusion isn't a very exciting car for a successful young guy in Las Vegas with his own computer consulting firm and a penthouse apartment, even if that was courtesy of my inheritance. Well, they were all out of Ferrari's when I went to get one, so I picked a Fusion instead. Seriously, I never really wanted a showpiece car like that; it wasn't important to me to show off like that. I was probably a little too practical for my own good, something my friend Connor never ceased to tease me about. He'd look at the sporty lines of a car, or the color, or what he called the "chick magnet factor", while I'd be concerned about reliability, safety and practicality. Anyways, you don't want to hear all that crap, I'm just telling you, my car is a silver Ford Fusion, and I'm happy with it.....end of story.

"Andy, I didn't mean that I wanted a new purse," my mother said as I pulled out into traffic. She gestured towards the black purse on her lap. "This one's fine."

"No, I insist. We'll look for one tomorrow."

"What did you mean when you said you had more shopping to do for me? You've given me far too much already. I don't need anything else."

"Do you like the things I've gotten you so far?"

"You know I do, Andy. I love everything. You just shouldn't be spending your money on me like that. And really, I don't need anything else."

"Mom, my business is really doing well. Don't worry about the money. I want to do this for you. Seriously, I want to make up for all those years when Dad wouldn't let you have things like this." I paused and she seemed satisfied with my reasons for wanting to do this. "Besides, I can think of one new thing you definitely need right off the top."

"What's that?"

"A new bathing suit. We've got that pool in the backyard and I hardly ever see you in it. And that bathing suit you've got....really Mom, how old is that thing." I could see her in her conservative black one-piece. It couldn't hide her tremendous tits, but the boring design didn't do much for the rest of her body.

From the way she slowly nodded her head, I could see that she agreed with me. "Well, you're right; I have had it for a few years now."

"Exactly. So tomorrow, you and I are going shopping together. A new bathing suit is definitely at the top of our list. Okay?" I looked at her with a little grin on my face and watched a warm smile spread over her own.


"Good. Now are you hungry?"

"I'm starving actually."

"Yeah, me too. I guess we worked up quite an appetite." I watched her blush as she thought about what we had done to work up that appetite. I knew she had enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than I did. "Ah, here we are; Gabriel's."

I pulled into the parking lot and held the door open, my eyes feasting on those sexy shoes and her shimmering tanned legs as she slid out of the car and took my arm. I loved that titillating "click-clack" sound her stiletto heels made as we walked towards the front door. As usual, Gabriel himself was manning the door and ushered us in.

"Ah, Senor Andy, buenas noches."

"Buenas noches, Gabriel."

"And who is this beautiful woman who is your guest tonight?" Gabriel asked as he gave my mother a little bow of respect.

"Oh, this is my mother. Gabriel, this is Cynthia. Cynthia.....Gabriel," I said, introducing one to the other.

My mother nodded politely in his direction and I turned towards him as well. I was surprised to see the dumbfounded look on the Spaniard's face as he looked intently at my mother. He always seemed so proper and composed. "No, I don't believe it," he said emphatically. He looked from my mother to me, and that back to my mother again. "This could be your sister, no? But your mother, I don't believe it."

"I'm afraid it's the truth. I have painful stories about his birth I can tell you, if you'd like," my mother said good-naturedly. It was so nice to see her have the confidence to say something like that with such ease.

"No....no," he replied with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I have two of my own and from what my wife tells me of their birth, well, it is at times like those that I'm glad to be a man." We all had a little chuckle at that. "I am truly sorry. It's just that you are so young and beautiful, I would never have guessed you as being Andy's mother." He seemed to think about what he had just said and shook his head as if to correct himself. "Not to say mothers can't be beautiful...or young....or....oh dear, I'm making a complete fool of myself." He stopped and gestured gracefully to my mother. "How about we start over? Cynthia, welcome to Gabriel's. We are honored to have you and your son as our guests tonight." His kind words brought a smile to all our faces.

"It's very nice to meet you, Gabriel," my mother said, extending her hand which the Spaniard took in his own and shook gently. "Your place is so nice, and Andy's told me how much he and his friend Connor like coming here. I'm just glad he made me his date tonight instead of Connor." We had another laugh at that.

"Your son and Connor are two of our best customers. And you young lady, you are welcome here anytime. Now, let me find you a nice table."

"Is our usual table available?" I asked as I noticed the booth Connor and I preferred was currently empty.

"Yes, if you wish." He led us to our usual place and my mother slid gracefully into one side while I took the other.

"My daughter Silvia will be taking care of you tonight." He turned to my mother. "If there's anything you need, my dear, just let Silvia know and I will see that it's taken care of."

"Thank you so much," my mother replied, giving him a warm smile. "This is perfect."

"Enjoy," he said with a theatrical sweep of his hand as he went back to his post. Which takes us to the starting point of this part of my story.......

"This place is pretty nice, and that man was so polite to me," my mother said, looking around Gabriel's restaurant as we settled into opposite sides of our booth.

"Yes, he's a great guy. Connor and I have been coming here for a while now and he's always treated us really nicely."

"He seems like such a charming man," she said, watching him walk away.

"See, I told you that you didn't look old. He thought you were my sister."

"I think he was just trying to be polite," she answered, her eyes looking around the place. It was pretty busy, with nearly all the tables being occupied. It looked like he had the full complement of waitresses on duty, all of them sharing a similar trait. Besides the fact that the food here was fantastic, one of the main reasons my friend Connor and I came here regularly was because of the waitresses. Whether it was intentional or not, Gabriel seemed to have the habit of hiring busty girls for his staff, including his own two daughters, Marta and Silvia. Our table was usually in their serving area and Connor and I had come to know them a little bit over the last year or so. Both girls were in their early twenties, with Marta being a couple of years older. She was much bolder and gregarious, while Silvia was more demure and quiet. Both were great-looking, Marta being a little taller. I would have pegged her at about 5'-7" with Silvia being about 5'-5". Marta had shoulder-length brown hair and deep brown eyes while Silvia had short black hair and dazzling hazel eyes. Both of them a similar generous bust-line; buxom being a perfect description of the way they both filled out the standard waitress' uniform Gabriel asked all his girls to wear.

My friend Connor had a continuous flirtatious relationship with Marta going; the two of them verbally sparring every time we came in. I was more drawn to Silvia, losing myself in those brilliant hazel eyes of hers more than once when she'd looked at me. I was both excited and nervous that Silvia was going to be our waitress tonight. And right now, she was heading our way with a couple of menus.

"Andy," she said with a nod, a somewhat diffident expression on her face as she slid the menus in front of each of us. I wondered what that was all about, and then I saw her kind of checking my mother out. A thrill went through me as I realized that Silvia seemed to be a little bit jealous; the wary look in her eyes as she looked my mother over testifying to that. It dawned on me in an instant that this was the first time I had been here with anyone other than Connor. She was used to seeing just the two of us in here, and then all of a sudden, one of us shows up with a woman; and a fantastically attractive woman at that. As much as I was reveling in her little predicament, I figured I'd better straighten this out right away.

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