Educating the Teacher


"Tell me how it feels, baby," he growled again, sliding his hand to her throat and squeezing gently. She felt like a hot, slick little vice, and his head was spinning, but he needed her to tell him how it felt to her.

"It's hot," she whispered, panting between words. "And hard. And… And oh god, it's good. Angel, please!"

"What do you need, baby?" he asked. He knew exactly what she needed, but he wanted her to beg for it.

"Please Angel," Lisa whispered. "Please fuck me!"

Angel slid out of the girl until only the glans of his dick was still inside her, and then slammed back into her, hard and fast. She whimpered and whined, squirming in pain, but her hips rocked towards him, begging for more.

"Is that what you need baby?" Angel asked. "Do you need it hard, honey?"

"Oh, god, yes!" she groaned, biting her lip in a mesmerising mixture of pleasure and pain as she lifted her body to maintain as much contact with his as possible. He slid his mouth over hers and she released her lip from her teeth so that he could slide his tongue in between them.

Angel groaned in contentment as he settled into a steady rhythm that brought his former teacher to orgasm twice before he finally came inside her. He had fully intended on raping the bitch, but as he watched her body shudder in pleasure against his, he was glad that he hadn't needed to. As his own body surged into orgasm and he collapsed on top of her, he realised something very alarming.

Once was never going to be enough.

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by Anonymous

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by kittykatkara02/15/18

Absolutely addicted to Angel!

Great story! I found myself craving more or Angel. Hope you write more with his character.

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by Anonymous12/16/17

strong start ... soso ending

Do not know exactly when, after strong story somehow, somewhere my excitement just leveled off. ... Suddenly, she likes it and begs for it, is just so an unreal, stereotypical and unimaginative way tomore...

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