tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEducating Yelena Ch. 02

Educating Yelena Ch. 02


This story is a pleasurable reflection for me on a true experience. I hope you will allow for the slow pace of development as the story builds. I wouldn't want to rush my recollection.


Meeting Yelena for the first time in person had been electrifying. She had a beauty in the flesh which simply couldn't be conveyed on camera or Skype. Quite apart from her body of almost perfect proportions and magnificent hips and bottom, she walked with natural poise - a posture a model would envy. She was the natural centre of attention with her friends and seemed to be universally adored.

But her life in Kiev was hard and she had been cruelly abused by the men in her life. That was reason enough for her to seek international love on the web - a dangerous venture for a respectable eastern European woman. Derek was the one, she claimed with conviction, even before they had met in person. For those first few days together in Kiev he had walked around in a dazed rapture. This beautiful and exotic creature had given herself totally over to him. Soon his short five day visit would end and he should return to England. He had to decide what to do next.

"I want you to come to visit me in England," he announced over a half litre of some local lager in a micro brewery restaurant bar in the Kreshatyk. "When can you come?"

Yelena's eyes sparkled. So, it was a definite 'yes' then!

She would need to apply for a travel visa, so they decided on a date a month hence, and went to the British Embassy to book an appointment to get the necessary papers.

Departure was a tearful event and she pressed her body urgently into his, as if to have the imprint of his form as her keepsake until they met again.


This time, he arrived back home on the same flight as his luggage.

They skyped almost every evening, talking about everything and nothing. The separation was unbearable. With a week to go 'til Yelena's trip to England, Derek had made up his mind. Despite many false starts with other women which had fizzled out into indifference, he was now as sure as Yelena of him, that she was the one.

That evening he chose to phone her instead of Skype, so that she could concentrate on his voice and his words, and not the computer screen. After the usual romantic preambles and a mutual updating on another day apart, he delivered his surprise. "Darling, are you looking forward to coming to England?"

"Of course," Yelena responded quickly, "it is a dream."

"I'm so glad, because once you arrive in England, I don't want you to go back. I want you to stay with me forever."

There was a long pause. Yelena digested that statement. Derek could sense what was probably flashing through her mind and he sat patiently awaiting her reply. In just six day's time, he was asking her to give up her life in Ukraine forever and make a new life with him in a strange foreign country she had never visited before, and of which she could have very little conception.

Eventually he heard an intake of breath as Yelena prepared to give her reply.

"Of course my darling, I am yours forever."

An eavesdropper might have snorted in derision at this romantic interchange but each knew with conviction that this was a simple truth. They had bonded in two month's virtual flirtation on the Web, and their all too brief five days together in Kiev had simply confirmed what they had already known.


It was a warm June day but high cloud obscured much of western Europe during her flight. As if the atmosphere was prolonging the suspense, the cloud cover seemed reluctant to yield to give Yelena her first sight of England. And what a magical sight it was. The cotton wool gave way to a landmark she recalled immediately from old black and white films: the majestic view of Tower Bridge and the westwards course of the River Thames. She had left Borispol with its small compact single terminal, and now marvelled as the aircraft taxied towards its final resting place past the sprawl of Heathrow terminals. Everything immediately seemed so much different and bigger. Yelena's stomach twisted with apprehension.

Their greeting and reunion was passionate and brief. As they walked through the terminal to the car park she observed how all was relative calm and order here. Would she be able to cope with this strange new environment? she asked herself, and they had not yet left the airport.

As they sped along the M4 westwards Yelena caught a glimpse of Windsor Castle in the distance to her left. For her it was a fairytale come true. She was here in the land of Kings and Queens, aristocrats, Shakespeare, and black London taxis.

Derek lived in an idyllic market town whose centre was composed of a mix of ancient half-timbered and modern buildings all blended well into a bustling landscape of commerce and bustling activity. Yelena was overloaded with new impressions. She felt totally out of her depth as they passed through en route to her new home. Oh my god, what had she done?

She looked at her new home as the car pulled onto the drive. She had sacrificed a one bedroom apartment at the top of a 'sixties soviet tenement block for a large detached house with a neatly tended garden and ... space .. everywhere, such space. Derek had driven mostly in silence as if understanding of Yelena's need for time to take in her new surroundings. This was more than simply a transplant to a new home. It was a new country, strange people and customs, and a release from her past life of drudgery and working to support three generations of relatives. Now her family would have to fend for themselves, and she had .. what? No job, hardly any clothes, and dependence on this man she trusted utterly but barely knew.

It was inevitable that the whistle-stop tour of the many rooms in this huge house would end up in the master bedroom. She longed for a physical release to the mix of feelings built up inside her since leaving Ukraine five hours before. She wanted Derek to enter her to send her to temporary ecstatic oblivion; to perform a hard restart to her mind. No matter that they were both tired and smelly after their travelling. This was an urgent release for them both. And so it proved, as for a few minutes they gave themselves over completely to their naked coupling. As Yelena felt the first of several orgasms welling up inside her she gave out a great shout of exaltation and in her fractured English accent screamed "Yes! Yes! Yes!"


Within days Yelena had settled into the routine of housewife, cook and lover. There was a lot to take in, which thankfully she could do through television news channels, newspapers, and the local library just a short, pleasant walk away in the centre of town. Derek lent her his credit card to buy new outfits and promised that her own would arrive very soon. They had spent just one day together before Derek returned to work and his normal home routine.

That evening, he opened the front door to be met by the sight of Yelena standing half way down the hallway, hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, clad in a clinging, shiny gold lamé minidress and gold stiletto heels. She had clipped up her golden hair in a loose bun on the top of her head, exposing her long elegant neck. Derek began to move towards her, but she stopped him with a gesture.

"Freshen up, my love, then come and find me." Her husky voice suggested that this was to be a special occasion.

As he washed his important places he speculated how to prepare for this exciting encounter. After dismissing several outfit options he opted for a short dressing gown and descended the stairs in search of Yelena. She wasn't in the hall. She wasn't in the study. He worked his way to the back of the house. She was in the lounge waiting for him, standing in the centre of the roomr with her back to the window, legs apart. The light through the stretched material showed the outline of Yelena's thighs, and a tantalising glimpse of the shadow thrown by her labial lips.

"I found a sex shop," she explained. "I bought this," she elaborated, "... and other things."

A giddy wave of desire washed through Derek's body as he savoured this delightfully sexy tableau. He made to move towards Yelena, but she again stopped him with upraised palm. "Stop!" she commanded.

Obediently he remained motionless. Yelena moved to an occasional table and picked up an unstopped bottle of Courvoisier brandy and a brandy glass. She poured a double measure of brandy with deliberate ceremony. "First, we must make mood," she announced. Then she took a deep sip and held his gaze as she savoured its instant warming effect. She held out the glass to Derek as if offering him a sip, but as he moved forward she backed away teasingly. "No, this is for me only." Her accent was mock Russian. She was playing with him.

Having finished the brandy she set down bottle and glass and with her back to him, moved away round the side of the sofa. Keeping her legs straight she bent down at the waist. She had choreographed this whole event in advance and Derek watched as she displayed her long straight legs, slightly apart, accentuated by the gold high heels. The gold lame dress stretched across her bottom, thinning the fabric to the extent that he could see some detail of her cheeks beneath the material. The hem rode up to reveal a hint of her vaginal cleft and those luscious labial lips between her thighs. She straightened up but allowed the dress hem to stay ruched up so that the undersides of her bottom cheeks were still displayed.

Derek's stiff penis now poked out boldly from the raised hem of his short dressing gown. Still he did not move. Yelena turned towards him and for a moment he looked in her eyes, reading her intent. She gestured with outstretched arms and he saw that in one hand she held his digital SLR camera, and in the other his camcorder.

"I have been tidying house," she announced, "and I found these." Her tone seemed mildly accusing as a school teacher might chide an errant child. "You will use them now!" she barked with mock authority. "Take pictures of this beautiful sexy outfit. I want to see me!"

She stretched out her right hand and offered him the SLR camera, then put down the camcorder. Pulling down and straightening her minidress to stretch it across her tummy and thighs, she moved her legs slightly apart once more and positioned herself again with her back to the window. She was obviously aware of what the backlight showed through the thin stretchy material and wanted Derek to photograph it.

No girlfriend had ever offered to pose sexily for him before, and his suggestions in the past had almost invariably been met either with disgust or resigned compliance, never before with such enthusiasm.

What followed was barely clothed exhibitionism on a grand scale as Yelena adopted one sexy pose after another, without any direction from him. She draped herself provocatively across an arm of the sofa, sat in reminiscent Christine Keeler pose legs straddling either side of the back of a dining chair, or simply stood outlined against the full length lounge window. Derek regretted that the secluded back garden was not overlooked and that there was no secret witness to this outrageously sexy display.

"And now we make movie." Yelena announced at last. She moved deliberately across to the entertainment stand where the widescreen television and home cinema unit held court. With rapid manipulation of the remote controls Yelena quickly had a satellite music channel beaming a rock performance into the room. She began to dance to the music and motioned Derek to get his camcorder working. Soon he was shooting Yelena from all angles as she danced around the room, totally lost for the moment in the hard rock music. His camera lingered variously on her dreamy expression, the outline of her breasts and erect nipples straining through the stretchy dress material. He slowly swept the camera view from the back of her head down her arched back to her slowly gyrating hips. He sank to his knees to record the view of her thighs, the tops of which were now barely concealed by this revealing outfit.

As if suddenly becoming aware of the angle of his intentions Yelena moved away and turned to face him. "Naughty boy!" she scolded him in mock chastisement, "you should not be looking up my dress." He sat on the floor and filmed upwards at Yelena as she continued to orchestrate what he was to see and how she wanted to show herself. He sensed that at heart Yelena was a tease and would not expose herself fully, and he did not want to risk souring this sexy experience by pushing her too far. So he just sat there and recorded her as Yelena worked her hips sinuously in rhythm with the music.

Then the music video changed to a slow, blues song. With a deliberate change of tone, Yelena began to dance more seductively. Derek decided the time had now come to take charge and fuck Yelena, but she had not finished with him yet. As he stood up and shrugged off his dressing gown whilst continuing to film, Yelena again moved away from him, towards a white wall at the back of the room. As the singer sang out seductively < you'd better stop before you break my heart apart > Yelena began to shift her weight from one leg to the other in a sensually rhythmic rocking movement, and began to raise the hem of her minidress.

Derek filmed as the first full reveal of her exquisite bottom cheeks, then slowly and smoothly her pear-shaped hips, slender back, until she had lifted the dress up and off her shoulders. For the first time Derek was treated to a sexy display of Yelena gyrating to show off her unbelievable rear. Deciding that the best view was from below Derek sank to his knees and then onto his haunches as he focused in the zoom of the lens on Yelena's smooth, rounded buttocks. As if sensing the new focus of his attention Yelena opened her legs to display from behind her shaved pussy as, keeping her back arched she pushed out her bottom, put a hand down between her legs and began to masturbate her pussy gently until the music came to an end. Her labial lips flapped in time to the motion of her finger and he was entranced by this new sexy movement.

Yelena turned her naked body to face him and changed her attention to her breasts which she cupped then massaged slowly, pinching her nipples to make them more erect. There was now another slow track playing in the background but it no longer mattered as Yelena now set up her own rhythm to pleasure herself. Now she moved one hand back down to her pussy and began to masturbate more vigorously, bending her knees slightly as the wave of her first orgasm of the evening began to build insider her. The camcorder missed nothing of Yelena's facial expression or her vigorous hand movements as she climaxed and her small breasts jiggled in sympathy with the tremors of pleasure coursing through her gorgeously naked body.

At last she was done and she opened her eyes fully to focus on Derek. Slowly and deliberately she advanced towards him as he continued filming. She groaned theatrically in desire as she approached him to signal confirmation that she was still hungry for further sexual fulfilment. Now she was almost upon him and he carefully moved back off his haunches into a seated position then gradually lay onto his back. He was careful all the time to keep the camcorder focused steadily on the display of her body as Yelena approached.

Now Yelena was straddling him as she continued her slow deliberate walk, legs either side along the length of his prone body. He filmed up her front as she came closer overhead. Now his view was almost vertical with her head showing in the gap between the undersides of her breasts. She paused now to retune her movements back in with the slow music from the music channel and he was shooting straight up into Yelena's crotch. The flaps of her labia quivered as she rocked her hips. She moved her knees apart as if in a half squatting position and he knew Yelena was displaying her vaginal opening for the camera. Then she moved on and his camera followed her retreating bottom.

The show was now almost over and Yelena turned to retrace her steps over his prone body once more. She turned back one last time and facing him straddling at his ankles, she began again to massage her clitoris until she was satisfied with her lubrication. The camera picked up the glistening juices forming around Yelena's cunt, and zoomed in automatically as she squatted down to lower her body directly over his upright and eager penis. It faithfully recorded the instant that her cunt kissed the top of his knob then gradually swallowed it whole all the way down to his shaft. It was witness to the motions of her loins as Yelena worked her leg muscles to raise and lower her hips, stroking the walls of her vagina up and down Derek's shaft. He wanted this moment to continue forever, but his honourable member was now losing all control. The warmth building up in his thighs signalled the onrush of his own orgasm and as his sperm shot up deep inside Yelena she shrieked and began to orgasm again and for a moment pumped ever more urgently to force his juices as high inside her as it could reach. Then her energy gave out and she slowly dropped her thighs to sit on his torso with his rapidly diminishing prick still inside her.

Derek had filmed it all and with a final zoom in on Yelenas' radiant smile of complete satiation, he ended the recording. This had been a monumental experience for them both. He had fulfilled a lifetime ambition in the most unimaginably sexy way possible, and Yelena had revealed a very exciting new facet to her character. For a few minutes they talked as they mutually relished their respective pleasures of this shared experience.

"That was quite a show," he declared in a massive understatement. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"I never did before," said Yelena. "I wouldn't do that." It begged the question why she had performed in this way now. He would have to wait to find out what was going on. For the moment he contentedly relished the memory of this newest experience, confident in the knowledge that he could relive it time and again with the benefit of the recording from his very handy cam. What a pity there hadn't been a witness.

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