tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEducating Yelena Ch. 05

Educating Yelena Ch. 05



Derek never ceased to enjoy the sight of a naked Yelena. For her part, Yelena enjoyed his attentions. It gave him a buzz to see the admiring or lusting glances of men when the two of them were out together. Even women commented admiringly or enviously on Yelena's figure, posture and her youthful skin.

Of course Derek appreciated Yelena's intelligence and her mild, loving and forgiving character. But her body was the real slayer.

She seemed ever to want to please him, like a concubine. Nothing was too much trouble to please him -- as long as the situation was appropriate. But she resisted his suggestions that she wear mini-skirts, short dresses, or shorts out in public in summer. She would dress and undress to please him at will in the privacy of their own home, and he had not forgotten that sublime night at the swingers' club. That, she had asserted afterwards, was a one-off.

He couldn't understand how she could get so much pleasure out of being openly admired for her body, but not want to show it off in public. She would spend hours at her ablutions, rubbing expensive compounds into her skin, and she was undeniably holding back the years very effectively, but every time he remarked on it she would say "Only for you."

He should have been satisfied with his good fortune to find such a beautiful, sexy woman, but he wasn't. From time to time he would try to push her boundaries out a little bit further. He reflected on his progress so far.

She had discovered her exhibitionist side and shown herself for his private viewing pleasure and his video camera.

He had taken frank nude pictures of her, again on the stipulation that they were only for his private use. Then he had posted several sets on the web and only told her afterwards. They had read the complimentary comments together; including what other men fantasised about doing to her, and they had exceptionally good sex afterwards. Reluctant she may have been, but she had been excited about the anonymous adulation she received.

Then he had introduced her to nude sunbathing, and enjoyed the spectacle of other men gawping at her naked body. Once introduced to the delights of the sun on her naked skin, she seemed to lose all inhibition and would stand oblivious to onlookers close by, drying off her body after a swim. Her shaved pussy and very generous labial lips made her display seem all the more outrageously exhibitionist. He wondered how many men had covertly snapped her on the beach from every conceivable angle. How many might be wanking off to her image in the privacy of their own homes at that very moment. That thought got him very excited.

She had done an impromptu strip in a swingers club and been seduced by the atmosphere into fucking him in front of many onlookers.

Yes, she had made quite a journey towards discovering her true sexuality. How much further, he speculated could she be persuaded to go -- but would he want her to go any further?

Derek didn't like the idea of other men looking at Yelena's naked body without his tacit permission, but in a situation he -- or she - could control, it became an altogether different proposition. Yelena had said that she didn't mind being observed naked when she was in control of the situation, but she would not be coerced. When he broached the subject of watching her show herself to other men she had flatly dismissed the idea. He just couldn't make her out.

Yet Yelena had been a good pupil, and she was soon to demonstrate just how much she had learnt from Derek, and he was soon to watch helplessly as things spiralled out of his control.


It was Derek's birthday and he'd met his son Jack in a pub in town for a quick pint and to receive the obligatory birthday card. Yelena warned him that she would be late home that evening and had been happy for him to stop off to meet Jack. He guessed she would want to have time to get a birthday meal ready before he arrived home.

Chelsea were one of two English teams in the semi-final of the European Champions League. The pub was filling up for the football, which would be shown on a large screen. When three football buddies of Derek showed up, Jack made his excuses and left.

Steve, Clive and Jim were in the pub to watch the match on the big screen, leaving their wives and partners to enjoy Eastenders or Coronation Street at home. Yelena did not understand English soaps and Derek intended to watch the match in the comfort of his own home. He was sure Yelena wouldn't mind. She usually gave in to his wishes, especially on his birthday.

Steve was a natural leader: tall, fair haired, with a cultured accent. He worked as a broker in The City. Jim was a university lecturer, average build, slightly professorial, with a mop of dark hair and glasses. Clive was the clown of the trio, with his own IT business, rotund with a permanently smiley face. Derek and Yelena had met their wives and partners but hadn't got involved with their group social set.

Unfortunately, the pub landlord decided to show the United game. "That's the evening shot to pieces," said Steve.

"I'm watching it at home anyway," Derek announced, then thought: I didn't mean to say that. Too late he realised it might be regarded as an invitation.

"Then we'll all come to your place," said Clive. He proposed they call in at a supermarket on the way for some booze.

Derek wanted to check in with Yelena, but he couldn't raise her on the phone. Reluctant as he was to spring this surprise on her - she wasn't very good at handling surprises - he didn't know how he could get out of bringing his mates home without giving offence.

Derek led the entourage of cars onto the driveway of his house.

"Hi Darling," he called as he opened the front door. The door swung back and he saw, too late, that Yelena was waiting for him in the hallway with an empty brandy glass in one hand, dressed in the tight gold lame mini-dress and gold stiletto heels he loved so much. The dress clung everywhere on her body to devastating effect.

'Only for you' she would say when she put it on. But he wasn't alone this time.

Derek made a futile attempt to pull the front door closed again, but thick-skinned Clive had spotted Yelena and he burst past Derek to greet her. Surely he couldn't have failed to spot that the welcome was intended to be for Derek alone?

Derek watched helplessly as Clive embraced Yelena and cheekily put his hand on her bottom. How was Derek to handle this tricky situation? Steve and Jim were following Clive's lead hesitantly, but only to the extent of entering the house to greet Yelena warmly from a respectful distance. For a few moments there was silence as each weighed up the situation. Four of the five felt embarrassed. Not Clive: he broke the pregnant pause, "Yelena, you look fucking gorgeous!"

The other two visitors agreed and made appreciative comments about her outfit.

She sighed contentedly at their compliments, then turned away from them to face Derek, the smile disappearing from her face en route. He explained what had happened and asked lamely whether she minded him bringing his mates home to watch the match.

Whilst they were talking Steve, Jim and Clive had been admiring Yelena's rear view. They hadn't had the pleasure of seeing her in such a figure-hugging dress before.

She turned and caught their appreciative expressions. A frisson of pleasure rippled through her body as she felt their eyes homing in on her bust. It was the only part of her body no longer entirely natural, but she was proud of her breasts, which made her feel so good about herself. She could feel her nipples coming erect under the thin stretchy material as she thought of them ogling her body.

She decided, on impulse, that she should be the perfect hostess for the evening. "Come in and make yourselves at home." She moved ahead of them to show the way but glared at Derek as she passed him. 'Later', it warned him.

Derek picked up the vibe but was relieved Yelena had decided to make the best of the situation. He guessed that her clement demeanour was due entirely to the brandy she had evidently knocked back, mellowing her mood. A creature of habit, she always wanted a generous measure before performing for him.

They both had parallel thoughts as they accompanied their guests into the lounge on the floor show that Derek would now be missing this evening. His birthday treat would have to be the football instead.

They both also agreed to themselves that it was his loss.

"I will fix some drinks and nibbles." she said, showing the men to the sofas. Then, changing her mind she asked Derek : "Can you pour some drinks, Darling, whilst I go up and change?"

"No, don't do that," cried Clive, "you look fabulous. Why don't you serve us as you are?"

Yelena left the room without comment. Had Clive offended her?

Three sofas made up three sides of a square in the centre of the room, with a low coffee table in the middle. The widescreen TV was against the far wall opposite the sofas. Clive immediately found the remote control and began searching the channels. Derek and Jim shared the centre sofa, and Clive and Steve had commandeered a side sofa each. Derek's three guests were in boisterous mood from their visit to the pub. Healthy banter flew back and forth between them as Derek reflected quietly on this situation he hadn't wanted.

The sight of Yelena had stimulated him and he'd lost interest in the match now; he could put it on record anyway. He desperately wanted Yelena's planned birthday treat. He wanted to say "look guys, can't you see Yelena has something special planned for my birthday?" expecting some ribald comments, followed by a tactful withdrawal by his guests. He could rely on Steve to take the lead and drag Clive away. He couldn't trust Clive.

Too late, Yelena re-entered with a tray of nibbles which she handed to Derek to hold whilst she organised a table to put them on. She made a show of lifting the coffee table to move it to the side beyond one of the sofas, then came back to retrieve the nibbles tray. Four pairs of eyes followed her movements. The chatter died as she bent at the waist with straight legs, to place the tray on the side table. Four pairs of eyes were drawn to her pear-shaped rear as the tight dress rode up her hips to show the undersides of her bottom cheeks and a dark shadowy land of promise beyond. She had meant to let them admire her shape in the dress but nothing more, and straightened quickly when the cooler air on her bottom told her she was being a little cheekier than she had intended. Clive whooped and clapped spontaneously, and the other two guests joined in.

Did Yelena mean to show so much, Derek wondered? Just how drunk was she? This was uncharacteristically risqué behaviour.

Flustered, she gathered her composure and turned to her admiring audience. "I had better go and put on some underwear," she announced calmly. That was her undoing because it confirmed what had only been implied before.

She had been excited by their reaction and her judgement was indeed a little dulled by the brandy.

Derek got up to follow her but Jim pulled him back. "Let her go. She seems perfectly fine."

"Mighty fine," agreed Clive. He went off to the kitchen to find some drinks and came back with some bottles of beer in his arms and an almost full brandy bottle in his hand. "Found it in the kitchen." He sent Jim off to get some glasses.

Derek wondered how Yelena was feeling. He soon got an answer.

When Yelena returned she spotted the brandy bottle and headed straight for it. As she bent with her back to them to pour another generous helping for herself, she wiggled her hips theatrically and, Derek thought, nervously. In fact Yelena was shaking a little with shock at her own behaviour, and unsure of what to do for the best in this situation. She felt impelled to perform for her adoring audience, yet didn't know how, or how far to take it.

The wiggle attracted four pairs of eyes straight to the forbidden zone, which now showed a glimpse of shiny material of a pair of gold bikini panties she had hurriedly put on beneath the clinging dress. Derek thought she was making one bad decision after another. He adored her in that minimalist bikini, but it wasn't intended for inspection by anyone else. It also shouted loudly 'I want to play!'

Clive was clearly determined to keep this mood going. "Never mind the football, let's have some music and a floor show."

Yelena glared at him because despite her inebriated state she didn't need any suggestions, thank you; but she said nothing. Clive ambled over to the TV stand which housed a DAB radio on the shelf beneath. The sounds of rock music filled the room when he hit the ON button. Yelena had it permanently tuned to Planet Rock.

Jim found the remote and the TV went off. The guests were getting organised. Derek wondered what these guys got up to with their wives and partners. They were obviously expecting something to happen. He felt uneasy that the evening might get out of hand, or alternatively that their guests' expectations might be dashed by Yelena's limited idea of entertainment. He wasn't sure which he would prefer.

Yelena knew what their guests probably expected because she had been told by Steve's wife about wild parties, strip poker and other party games. She hadn't told Derek in case it gave him ideas. It reassured her to know that the guests wouldn't be embarrassed about some erotic playfulness, so she could tease them and have some fun at their expense. Only Derek would be in the dark about what she knew of their guests. That pleased her all the more. This would teach him for ruining her plans for the evening.

The guests began to ply Yelena with questions about Ukraine as she danced gently to the music and sipped her brandy. She gave the impression of being lost the music, rather than of performing to an audience. The conversation flowed and even Derek joined in, telling of their hairy car ride on the last visit to Kiev (Ch 4).

Clive asked about Kiev night life. "I don't have much experience of clubs," said Yelena, "but I heard stories."

Derek relaxed. She was going to be discreet about the night club.

They discussed relative attitudes to sexuality, nudity, and Kiev women's summer dress sense. Yelena confessed that when she was younger she had dressed more revealingly, but that she would not do so in public in England, where everybody expected mature women to dress more respectably.

"But you don't look like a mature woman," Steve volunteered, "why not dress as you feel?" A subtle gambit, Derek thought.

"I want to see your body," intoned Clive in a languorous mock-Russian accent. No subtlety there at all, despite his attempt at humour with the accent. The invitation was blatant.

"I'm not stripper," retorted Yelena, in a more than usually thick, accented tone, slightly slurred by the effects of the brandy. "Why don't you show me your fine bodies?"

"I will if you will," said Steve, as he stood up and lifted his loose fitting open-necked shirt over his head. Now Derek was getting worried. He didn't know these guys that well. He wasn't sure he wanted to improve their acquaintance just now!

Yelena smiled and danced her way confidently towards Steve and stroked her fingertips along his bare shoulders and down his chest. Something in her sensuousness caused Derek's prick to stir in his loins and he wanted to see more. She had this situation under control and he was confident she wouldn't go too far. He was more concerned at the disappointment the guests would eventually feel when she decided to stop teasing them.

But she didn't stop there. She smiled again and undid Steve's belt, unzipping his flies and pulling down his jeans as she gently swung her hips from side to side to the music. Again, Derek did nothing to stop her.

Leaving Steve standing there with his jeans around his ankles, only his briefs protecting his modesty, she moved away and twirled, laughing gently. What game was she playing?

It might have ended there if Clive had not also stood up and started to undress. Maybe he wanted to up the game a little. He gestured at Jim to do the same. Reluctantly Jim followed suit.

Yelena stood motionless surveying the scene in front of her, at first in surprise, then smiling; a finger resting coyly on her lower lip. "And you my Darling?" she enquired archly. It wasn't a request: it was a command. Derek pondered whether to call a halt to this recklessness now. He knew he would look a fool to his mates, particularly since Yelena was playing along with them. Reluctantly, he admitted defeat and stripped to his pants too. His prick was straining at the leash to be free and to squirt his love juices up her delicious cunt. Never before had he experienced such a sexual atmosphere with other almost naked men. Yelena must be loving this!

The men dropped back down into the sofas and stared expectantly at Yelena. "Now I am overdressed," she announced. The effect was electric on all the men present. This is what they had been wanting from the outset.

She went to turn up the volume on the radio and waited for the DJ to finish his intro to the next piece of music. He seemed to go on talking for ages. Then she turned and walked sedately, swinging her hips, towards the centre of the floor and resumed her seductive dance to the music. She shifted her weight gently from one hip to the other and surveyed each of them deliberately in turn. All four sat slumped in their seats watching her tensely.

Her flesh, and there was plenty of that on show despite the minidress, looked golden brown in the subdued lamplight. She was still fully (?) dressed, but her adoring admirers were saved from absolute embarrassment only by their underpants: the ultimate prick tease! Derek began to fear a twin humiliation -- of his reputation with a wife who mocked him in front of his friends, and of his mates' discomfort at being so easily undressed by a woman who kept her own clothes on. Later, he might see the funny side of this, but at this moment all he could feel was shame.

A backlit lamp cast a halo around her wild, recently washed blonde hair. The light also caught the golden threads in the dress, to accentuate her voluptuous hips and her slim waist. Her long tanned legs seemed even sexier than usual in the shiny gold stiletto heels. She had never looked lovelier to Derek, and more dangerous.

She danced on for a few minutes to build some more tension in the room, then very slowly she began to lift the clingy dress up her body and over her head. For the first time, the three guests could fully see what Yelena had put on under the dress. They didn't know it was Derek's favourite item of her play clothes. What they saw was a skimpy, shiny gold bikini barely covering her voluptuous assets, eastern European delights.

Steve gave a low appreciative whistle. The shiny gold bikini consisted essentially of three small triangles of metallic material attached to thin gold fabric straps. The halter neck bra barely concealed the generous roundedness of Yelena's softly enhanced breasts. The thong hung low on her hips and the top of its triangle of material just about covered her pubic area. Her nipples stood proud, highlighted by the metallic sheen of the tiny triangles which penned them in. She turned her back to show them her rear, just as she might to Derek on one of his personal performances. This was territory she knew well. True to form, the guests were as appreciative of her near-naked form as her husband.

The three of them roared their appreciation at the deliriously sexy shape of Yelena's body, to encourage her further. "You lucky bugger," said one to Derek.

Yelena laughed and started a more complicated dance routine to the beat of the music. She was now relishing the sexual tension she alone had created, and was debating with herself how much further she should go. As she swayed sinuously she caught sight of Jim absent-mindedly pulling his penis out of his boxers and stroking it rhythmically, as he followed her every movement. It prompted Clive to do the same only, being Clive, he removed his pants completely. Only Steve remained motionless, expressionless.

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