Eight Rooms of Sin: Room Three


Sarah's body was on fire, Kieran could tell. She was shifting and purposely rubbing herself against his leg, humping it much like a bitch in heat would hump a stud. Kieran spread his legs wider and grabbed her hair. "I think you can hold off on that, can't you?"

She pouted, but he chuckled. Turning her head, she took a peek and moaned, as she watched Master flick his wrist and send the whip to take a taste of slut's pussy. Kieran noticed her expression and grinned. He stored the information in his memory, felt his sex jump at the fantasy and then saw her catch the action out of the corner of her eye. With a clenched jaw he saw her make her way to his balls. When she enveloped them into her warm mouth, his hips rose up to give her better access.

He groaned with pleasure when she took the offer and gathered his balls so deep into her hot haven that her lips pressed against his body.

"Oh fuck, Sarah," he moaned and for a moment forgot about Master and slut.



Kieran jerked up and watched Master lavish both of slut's breasts with a red handled flogger. He felt his balls covered in moisture and his hand moved into Sarah's hair as the whoosh of the leather strips reddened slut's tits.

"Coming, Master "

"That's right slut, come like a fuckin' cunt. Don't stop till I'm done."


Kieran watched as Master flogged slut several more times. Her body jerked and her pussy began to release come as if a dam had been broken. He wanted to feel the hot liquid satin cover his cock, and for a moment he thought he did. His gaze moved down to Sarah and he saw her mouth covering his dick. He thrust into her and watched her cheeks fill with his shaft. "Yeah, baby, suck my cock. Fuckin' slut. Ooohhh. . ." He shifted on his seat and buried his other hand in her hair.

He watched Master release slut and drop her onto his dick. Slut wrapped her legs around Master and was lifted and plunged into, repeatedly.

Sarah's mouth was slut's pussy as far as Kieran was concerned. He pounded his dick into her and felt her moans vibrate around his dick. "Fuck yes, take it all "

Her head angled to one side and she took him deeper. Kieran roared, and erupted his come down her throat. He felt her constrict her muscles and milk his penis with her suctioning power. "Oh, Sarah," he moaned and ran his fingers down her cheek, urging her from his limp tool.

She grinned and he pulled her up by her chin and kissed her lips. When he had cleansed her palette, he moved away and stood her in front of the glass again. "Watch, baby," he whispered in her ear.

Sarah shivered. Her eyes were glued to Master and slut. He had moved slut to the bed, secured her ankles and her wrists and then left her there while he selected items from a table. Sarah felt Kieran behind her and once more his hands were teasing her nipples. She still was dressed, but knew that would be a barrier that was soon demolished.

He unzipped the small one inch zipper that kept her leather vest closed. Her breasts were soon free, and as he peeled the material off her arms, they were forced to sway back and forth. The sensation of her aroused globes being swung added to her arousal. "I'm so wet, Kieran."

"Are you?" He slipped his hand down to her hips and then around to play with the zipper of her shorts. To call them shorts was a joke, really. They were simply a very tight, square piece of material, that more resembled a band of cloth, than shorts. He had gotten a hard-on the second she walked into the room wearing them that evening. Now, he pulled the zipper down and dipped his fingers into her slick honey pot. "Oh you are a wet slut," he growled against her neck, before nipping her flesh.

Sarah giggled and turned her head to slide her tongue into his mouth. They kissed as he stroked her pussy. "Mmm . . . " She moaned into his mouth.

He pulled away and left her shorts and her sex alone. "Watch, Sarah-girl." Kieran moved down and sat on his knees. He kissed her leather-covered ass and then slid his hands up her thigh-high boots. His fingers skimmed the top and he toyed with the zipper.

His cock jerked when he heard slut and Master coming through the surround-sound speakers.


"My slut likes her ass fucked, doesn't she?"

"Yes, slut likes her ass fucked. Fuck slut's ass "


Kieran watched another slap land on slut, this time on her thigh.

"Is that how a slut talks?"

"I'm sorry, Master. Please, Master, please fuck slut's ass "


The sound of slut crying out her pleasure was all Kieran needed to hear. He knew Master had taken slut's ass with his cock, and now he pulled down the right boot's zipper. As he did, he licked his way down the path that the zipper exposed. When he reached her ankle, he pulled her delicate foot out and massaged it with strong circles, kneading into her skin. The other leg was treated to the same pleasing touch. The sound of balls slapping an ass surrounded Kieran and Sarah. "Damn, that's a good stereo system."

"Mmm... yeah," Sarah gasped out. "Microphones are everywhere in there."

"Thank God," he muttered, and grabbed her shorts. He yanked them down, exposing her derriere to his viewing pleasure. Kieran's tongue moved over each globe, licking his way around them and then down the center. He kneaded her white flesh and then took the opportunity to bite each one. He felt the heat rolling from her pussy. Shimming around, he found a place to rest his head. He buried it between her soaked thighs, working his way up to her sex. He then proceeded to wash away the honey that freely flowed, after he had removed the sloppy, juice-covered shorts.

"Kieran " she growled, and hit the glass with one fist. Her other hand buried itself in his hair.

Kieran chuckled against her pussy and knew the couple had heard the thud. He also figured they were the professionals they appeared to be, and so he assumed they never paused in their fucking of each other. He was right; the sounds of Master and slut never missed a beat.

Neither did Kieran.

He devoured her pussy with his tongue. He flicked her clit with one set of fingers and teased her asshole with the other. Soon he was driving her to the edge, making her come and then letting her rest. Over and over he devoured her pussy. Flicking, biting, licking, pulling. There was no stopping him until he heard slut scream she was coming again. Only then did he let Sarah's pussy rest.

When he had his fill of come-honey he licked his way up Sarah's body and bit her nipples. His tongue pulled on the rings and he twisted them with his teeth. His other hand began to caress and pet her sex. His gaze moved up to look into her face and he laughed inwardly. When had she stopped watching Master and slut? Her eyes were clenched tight and her jaw was slack. Had she not left her hand on the glass she would have fallen over, or so Kieran assumed.

He turned around and looked at Master and slut. Master had his slut on her knees, sucking his cock and riding a chair with two cocks at the same time. Kieran smirked. "We have a lot to try out someday," he told Sarah, and then led her to the small bed that rested in the corner.

Sarah could barely walk. Kieran eased her onto her back and left her to move over to the glass wall. He pulled the cord and shut out the scene. He knew her eyes were on him, but he said nothing. With determination in his eyes, he pressed the stereo's sound and shut off the show. He then moved over to the small wet bar and pulled out a bottle of wine. Two goblets rested on a small table, and he poured the red-amber liquid into one of the glasses.

Once he returned to Sarah's side, he sat down on the bed and gave her the glass. He watched her sip it, and then guzzle it. He knew her throat was dry. His wasn't, but he had been drinking the sweetest treat in the room, for several long minutes.

She handed him back the glass and saw a different look in his eyes. She smiled and opened her arms. "I like that look," she told him.

Kieran smiled softly and moved over her. He rested his cock against her swollen lips, tender from the fucking he'd given it earlier. "Yeah? Like it?" he asked and moved to capture her lower lip with his teeth. He tugged gently and slipped his hand between them. He guided his member into her welcoming home of flesh and sin. Together they moved. He pushed in. She rose up. Inch by inch they became one.

When he left her mouth, she moaned. "Like it. Love it."

He stopped and stared into her eyes. "That's the look I love," he told her and covered her mouth with his. He had seen the glow in her face when she said love. One he knew was mirrored in his. "I love that look," he whispered and then dipped his tongue into her mouth. They slowly moved together, each one touching the other with slow strokes of fingernails, lips, and tongues. The sounds of two lovers filled the air, private and completely shut off from the world. As they climaxed, they stared into each others' passion-glazed eyes.

Hours later, they left the club hand in hand, with a promise to each other to try out the other rooms, some other time. . .or at least watch someone play in them.

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