Eighth Floor, With A View


I did the same with my shorts and placed my hands on her hips. I put my dick at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed the glistening tip between her lips to spread the lubricating precum. I gave a firm but slow thrust inside that pushed her swollen vulva out of the way and stretched her small opening to accept my immense, throbbing girth.

Carmen gasped as first half, then the whole length was plunged into her. Seeming to love the pain pleasure mixture as her small opening was stretched tightly, she began to push herself back onto my thrusting prick even more firmly.

We fucked in unison, grunting like savages as I clawed at the flesh of her hips. Plowing myself harder and harder into her pelvic bones, the narrow space between her legs spread to accept my powerful hips as her juices dripped and ran down off of my tool and onto my thighs.

Carmen began to breathe harder, her vaginal muscles began to tighten in unison with my thrusts as her orgasm neared.

The contractions of her cunt combined with the animal urgency of which we had been fucking were too much for me as I felt myself swelling up for another eruption.

This must have added to her excitement and pushed her over the edge also because just as I felt my first load spew inside her, coating her uterus, Carmen squealed and tightened up even more than before. Gush after gush of my thick semen flooded her cavity as my thrusts gradually slowed, eventually my prick softening and slipping out of her.

Carmen stood up and I noticed a thick string of my cum running down the inside of her leg as she walked to the kitchen, "Are you sure you want to be here for this Chris?" She walked out of sight and returned with two bottles of Evian.

"Larry can be a maniac when he gets like this," she said handing me the water.

"I'm not going to let him hurt you, if that's what you're thinking," I said cracking the seal on the bottle, taking half in one swallow.

"Larry's a bit old fashioned. I'm not saying that it's not cheating for Alicia to be with me. It's just that he sees it as being worse than her being with another man," she said as she took a generous gulp from her bottled water.

Suddenly I heard someone thumping on Carmen's front door, a man's voice yelled something and her doorbell rang repeatedly. If it was Larry he was very eager to get inside the door.

Carmen seemed to be slightly amused, not alarmed by this, she looked at me and said, "You better step out onto the balcony. If he sees you he'll really go into a rage."

She followed me as far as the balcony door and shut it behind her then drew the vertical blinds.

Not knowing what else to do, I sat down and wondered how I got myself into this mess. Resting my head on the palms of my hands, I heard several voices.I definitely heard one male voice shouting, and then I heard a female voice, also shouting.

Then the glass doors to the balcony opened and Larry, followed by Carmen walked out into the night air.

Larry walked with his hands slightly raised, and upon further inspection, I saw that Carmen was holding him at gunpoint.

He was obviously wealthy judging by the suit he was wearing. It was a fine Italian two-piece, grey twill suit, that just off the top of my head I estimated to be about five thousand dollars.

Larry walked to the balcony rail and turned to me and spoke nervously, "So are you a part of this conspiracy also? What are you going to get out of this? This dyke cunt here is obviously going to get my whore wife!" He said nodding his head in Carmen's direction as he spoke.

"What the fuck are you talking about? What conspiracy are you referring to?" I said in an agitated tone.

"Well, from what I hear, you and this cunt have been keeping my dear, dear wife very busy," he said with a hurt enraged look in his eyes. "She hasn't had anything to do with me in months. I've seen the filth encrusted in her panties in the morning when she returns from her nights out with this whore sister of mine."

Suddenly, I felt terrible sympathy for this man as well as a generous amount of guilt for my hand in this. I felt almost as much a victim as Larry did in all this. It was then that I realized something wasn't right, it hit me with the force of an atomic blast.

I don't know why my rational mind didn't sound an alarm before now. I had let my cock do the thinking, a terribly narcissistic error. To think that I was so irresistible, as men are a dime a dozen when you're as beautiful as these two certainly are.

Carmen had been silent until now, "You have served your purpose well Chris. I will remember how obedient you were when you're serving a life sentence," she said with a cold, sadistic look in her eyes. She was clearly enjoying this position of control.

She used the Glock nine-millimeter she was clutching in her right hand as an extension of her hand to motion me onto my feet and over by the railing.

I stood and took my place about six or seven feet from where Larry stood.

Then I heard a loud crashing sound and moments later a strange man I had never seen before passed through the door and joined our silent congregation.

"The door is all taken care of, let's finish this sweetie," the man said obviously talking to Carmen.

He was a rather large man, nearly my height, I am six feet four, I estimated him to be about six two, but very broad in the shoulders and a paunch. He reminded me of the guy that played Al Bundy in the face and body structure. When I noticed that he was wearing latex examination gloves I knew I was in some deep shit.

Carmen snickered and looked at Larry and me and said, "Yes, unfortunately it's time to end this little drama." Waving the semi-automatic pistols again she spoke, "Now turn around Larry, please don't make me shoot you."

His hands shaking violently, Larry did as he was told, and then "Al Bundy" moved quickly and very gracefully for a man of his size behind Larry and struck him in the back of the head, forcing his upper body onto the railing.

Larry's legs began to buckle, but obviously he had some strength left and struggled to stay on his feet. "Al Bundy" stuck him in the head two more times, splattering blood with both of the strikes.

That must have ended it for poor Larry because he started to topple over the edge of the railing until his assailant grabbed him by the collar of the expensive, tailored blazer he was wearing and pulled him back. Larry then fell into a nearly fetal position on his side, a dark puddle of blood forming under his battered head.

"Al Bundy" then took a crowbar and dipped it into some of the blood. He swung the club in my direction and splattered me with a fine mist of Larry's blood.

"That will take care of the blood-splatter evidence," he said with a grin, "Looks like we have ourselves an open and shut case of homicide." Then tossing the crowbar at my feet he spoke to me, "And now you are going to be a good boy and pick up that bar, or my pretty little friend will have to put a nine-millimeter hollow point into your ass."

Carmen motioned for me to obey as she walked nearer to me. I was totally in shock, I had no idea what could have been her motive in all of this.

I slowly bent over and picked up the crowbar, I fought the urge to wretch as I felt my hand come into contact with Larry's cool blood and noticed a piece of his scalp stuck to the forked end of the tool. It had a tuft of hair attached and drying droplets of blood matted the hairs together.

Carmen then smiled and said, "Well, lover, your job here is complete. Now get the fuck out of here before you end up dead like Larry."

Seeing a way out alive I didn't hesitate making for the balcony door. I rushed on through the apartment to the front door where I saw that the door had been broken in.

I then realized that I had to go straight to the police. Having common sense and a small amount of knowledge on the subject of police work from watching "CSI" and the "Law and Order" television shows, I knew that I had been set up.

I rushed frantically out of the building, to the parking garage that my building shared with this one and got into my car and headed for the nearest police station.

As I was about three blocks from Carmen's building, I heard sirens and saw two police cruisers go screaming by at a high speed.

I arrived at the police station and approached door adjacent to the parking lot. There was a small speaker built into the brick with a button beside it, I pushed the button and when a voice spoke through I explained that I had witnessed a murder and needed to speak with a detective.

There was silence for a moment and then a voice commanded me to wait. Then I heard the hum of an electric motor as the door was unlocked and it opened. Out came two uniformed officers with their guns drawn.

They instructed me to turn and place my hands above my head on the wall. The then checked me for weapons and I was cuffed for the second time this evening!

I was taken to a small square interrogation room and after the blood splatter being photographed and a sample taken, my left hand was cuffed to the leg of a large steel table bolted securely to the floor.

I sat there and told the entire story to a uniformed cop and a detective, beginning with how we met and not excluding anything. They listened, stopping me once to offer me coke or coffee and once to leave the room, probably to confer with the people on the other side of the see-through mirror on the wall facing me.

The detective, who had identified himself as Detective Steve Milburn, returned and instead of the uniformed officer accompanying him it was no other than "Al Bundy" with him this time.

My body tensed as I stood as much as the cuff would allow yelling, "That's your fucking killer right there! He did it by-God I saw him!"

Detective Milburn said with a smirk, "You have solved this case for me Mr. Owens, Detective Rowe is the killer. You're free to go," he said dryly then added, "Now sit down and shut the fuck up! As a man that has just committed a capitol crime, you seem very sure of yourself."

They sat down across the table from me and informed me that they had spoken with the widow of the victim as well as Miss Jefferson (Carmen) and they had explained the affair that the three of them had been involved in. And how Mrs. Jefferson (Alicia) had tried to end the affair, the suspect (myself) had become enraged. Carmen had explained that she couldn't live with the fact that she was doing her brother this way so she had him meet her at her place.

And upon seeing the late Mr. Jefferson arrive at his sister's, forced entry into her residence and killed him with the crowbar. The suspect had apparently become so obsessed with the two women and suspicious of an affair between the two separately, had started watching the two through a telescope that we found in his apartment. A telescope that was found to be pointed toward Miss Jefferson's apartment.

Well the trial went fairly quickly, it was indeed an open and shut case. With public sentiment being as it was, it was unconceivable that two women such as these could commit such a crime with an airtight alibi like they have.

I filed for appeal and it is still pending, but with Carmen and Alicia's testimony along with the testimony of other tenants in Carmen's building, it was hopeless.

I found out in jail that Mr. Larry Jefferson owned a large thoroughbred farm on the outskirts of town and was beginning a promising career in politics as well. So he left Alicia an enormous estate as well as multi-million dollar insurance policy.

Since there was such a sum of money involved, Detective Rowe was obviously being compensated well for his troubles.

Kentucky being on the liberal side of the more conservative southern states, I was spared the death penalty, but rather received a life sentence, plus twenty years for second-degree murder.

So no pun intended I did receive a rather thorough fucking at the hands of the lovely Miss Carmen Jefferson.

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