tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEighty-Seven Down the Highway

Eighty-Seven Down the Highway


A stormy night. A slight drizzle hits my windshield as I drive 87 down the highway. I should known better than to speed. But that damn asshole had the nerve to not only cheat on me, but to get caught as well. Fuck him and the bitch he rode in on.

I shift the gears and check my lipstick in the rear view mirror. I reach over and turn up the radio. Suddenly, there are police lights flashing behind me.

"Fuck me" I mutter under my breath as I pull over to the side of the road. "This is all I need tonight".

I glance in my side mirror and watch this cop stroll up to my door. He swaggers, like he knows that he's the shit. I lick my lips and paste a smile onto my face. Maybe I can flirt my way out of this situation. I roll down my window and smile at the 30-something officer. He tips his hat at me and gives me a once over.

"Thank God I wore this skimpy black dress," I think as I lean slightly into the door, giving the cop a better shot of cleavage.

I clear my throat and he smirks at me. "Something wrong officer?"

"Could you turn that shit down please mam?"

I sigh and reach over, muting the radio. I wink at him. He taps his notepad along my doorframe.

"Did you know that you were going 87 in a 65 zone?"

"No officer" I reply, lightly running my finger on the steering wheel.

"License, registration and insurance please".

I reach down and hand over the information he wants. He walks off to the back of my car and looks at my paper work.

"Shit" I mutter, knowing my license needs to be renewed.

He strolls back up to my window and says "mam, step out of the vehicle please".

I turn off the ignition, leave the keys in the car (which turns the radio back up) and open the door. My legs extend showing fishnet thigh-high stockings, atached to a black garter belt, my feet covered with 3-inch back stiletto heels. My skimpy black dress has ridden up and as I reach to pull it down the officer says "hands where I can see 'em please,"

"well fine " I mutter.

I walk over to the passenger side of my car and lean against the hood.

" 'Mam" he starts out "seems to be a problem here. Your license needs to be renewed, and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to write you a ticket. And with the speeding you were doing, that's gonna be another ticket. Plus the brake light you have out doesn't help this situation,"

I look at him in awe. I cant believe that he's gonna give me 3 tickets.

"Plus," he continues "there's also a warrant out for your arrest over some outstanding parking tickets. I'm afraid I"ll have to take you in. Hands on the hood please".

"You're shitting me, right?" I exclaim as I run my hand through my blonde hair.

"Fraid not mam. On the hood, and spread 'em. Gotta make sure you have no weapons on your person".

I slowly turn around and hit the hood with my fist. I spread my legs, my stilettos creating a shapely line from my ass to the ground. This causes my skirt to ride up even more.

"He's got to be seeing ass by now" I think, wishing I had worn underwear that night.

He comes up behind me and runs his hands up my leg, around my ass and down the other. I take a sharp intake of breath, hoping he doesn't notice.

"Ms.... Tawny, is it?"

I nod.

"I'd like to say that I feel horrible about this, but the laws the law."

He reaches around and feels inside the top of my dress, causing my breasts to practically fall out.

"Do you mind if I fix that?" I ask.

"Keep your hands on the hood".

I sigh as his hand slides back up my side and to my chest.

"He's really turning me on," I think to myself as I shift slightly more forward.

"You know mam, we could just let you off with a warning if you promise not to drive like that on my road again."

He squeezes my breast with a rough hand.

"Really, I swear officer" I say breathily.

"But one asks themselves, what's in it for me" the officer says as he pushes me closer to the hood of the car.

I lick my lip.

"Maybe this" he says as he unzips his pants. He grabs my breast and pulls it out of my top and he leans into me, his cock pushing into my pussy. I moan as a big rig truck thunders by, sending spray and mist onto us. He pumps into me while his one hand bruises my nipple by pinching and twisting it between his fingers. His other hand slaps my ass every time I moan.

"Oh God" I cry as he thrusts into me. "He feels like a stallion" I think as another cop car pulls by.

They slow down, but officer stallion stops grabbing my breast and pushes my head down to the hood as he waves them on. He continues slapping my ass, and I continue to moan. I'm sure to them it looks like a rough arrest, but it just excites me more. I moan and grab my tits, writhing and moan while he drives into me. I scream as my first orgasm hits me, but officer stallion isn't thru yet.

He flips me over and throws me to the ground. I moan and writhe, all the while sucking my finger. He rams into me, and for a minute, I think he's torn me. I can feel the gravel along my ass as he pumps into me. I raise my legs up almost to his shoulders and he goes deeper. He leans over and bites my nipple, drawing blood. I moan and grab his balls. He cums in me and I scream again.

He pulls out of me and demands I lick his cock. I sit on my knees and obey, licking and sucking, bringing him to full mast again. He grabs my hair and pushing me hard on his cock.

"Id better cum again, or you're going in whore".

I moan and suck, rolling his balls in my hand while I lick him. He begins to moan, and eventually he starts to shudder.

He picks me up and throws me on the hood of the car again. He impales me and I scream out my orgasm. He begins to fuck me again. I scream and lean into him. He grabs a nipple with his teeth and bites again while he grabs my ass. I wrap my legs around his hips to take him deeper. A police unit drives by again, lights flashing and I lean back my head and moan.

"Oh God" I scream as I orgasm again.

I grab his ear with my teeth and bite his earlobe while I whisper "fuck me" into his ear.

He groans and rams deeper into me.

"You like this bitch?!" he yells as he slaps my ass.

"Oh God" I cry.

I lick his ear and he continues fucking me, slapping my ass harder. I begin to sob uncontrollably and he smiles.

"You like your ass slapped bitch?!" he yells again, slapping my ass and fucking me all the rougher.

I sob again and grab my tits, fondling them and rubbing them over his smile. He grins and licks each nipple while I begin to cry. Suddenly, a car drives by and blares its horn. I scream and he fills me again, slapping and squeezing my ass while he cums. He yells out and I slump to the hood of the car.

He pulls out of me, and bites my nipple one more time. I begin sobbing again and reach for him. He smirks at me and calmly zips up his pants.

"Whats your name officer" I ask between tears.

He smiles and grabs his note pad. He slaps my face lightly with the notepad and leans over, biting my ear. I moan and pull him towards me. I wrap my legs around him as he licks my ear.

"None of you business bitch" he says before he pushes off the hood and removes my legs from his waist.

I moan and cry as I watch him walk off towards his car.

"Oh God" I sob as he opens his car door.

As he gets in, he leans out his window and says "and get the fuck back in your car, or I'll take you in for indecent exposure bitch".

He revs his engine as I slide off the hood. I stand at the side of the road as he drives off; sending grit, gravel and rain on me, into the cold night...

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