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Or. I had a choice, one or the other. Only problem... I wanted both. I looked at one, then reached down, adjusted my erection and then looked at the other. Normally I'd have been inclined to take the red head, but she had shaved her pussy so I couldn't be sure she was a true redhead. Besides, it's the curly red pubic hair that I long for.

The redhead had very large breasts which I had grown tired of lately, I've really craved smaller breasts and the brunette's breasts were tiny. She must have been a dancer, her body so thin, lithe you might say and her breasts, her breasts were hardly more than nipples on two tiny mounds, not even mounds, inclines maybe?

Personality? Nah, personality didn't matter. Both women were drunk and drugged so they were wonderfully pliant, willing to do anything. Hell, right now Charlie had them both on the bed with candles shoved up their pussies while he lit the other end. Perhaps it was his way of making me hurry up my decision.

Yeah, Charlie was my partner in crime. Ooh, that's a bit too literal I think. I mean both women were adults, though I did have to look at the brunette's driver's license to be sure. They both consented, well, they consented to let Charlie and I buy them drinks and they were unobservant enough to miss us spiking the drinks. What can I say, as long as we don't get technical about it, they both were consenting adults.

Anyway, Charlie was good, he was the one who rounded up the Ruffies and then somehow was able to convince the women to accept the drinks we bought. That was the hard part, I mean for two overweight, ah make that obese, middle age guys to get those two to even acknowledge our existence was amazing and Charlie had them sipping drinks with us.

Of course once they sipped that first drink both women were running their fingers through Charlie's comb over and rubbing their cheeks over his lamb chop sideburns. They even moaned appreciatively when he mentioned his sideburns would feel even better rubbing against their thighs.

Hell, it wasn't long before I had one in my lap wiggling herself over my erection while running her hands over the soft flab of my stomach. Yeah, I finally drank enough to forget how disgusted these women would be if they weren't drunk and drugged. I almost believed it when she told me how sexy my sagging breasts felt though my too small shirt.

"Well Jim, which one is it gonna be?" Charlie asked, snapping me out of my daydreaming.

"I don't know Charlie, I mean, I like redheads, but I really wanted to graze through her red pubes, but hell she's shaved clean. The other one's got the pubes but they seem a bit wiry to me, kind of scratchy."

"You want to flip a coin?"

"Damn Charlie, quick, put those candles out before they set the bed on fire, will ya?"

"Shit," he exclaimed, rushing over and blowing out the candles. "Looks like they both fell asleep."

"Take out the candles and see if they wake up," I replied.

Charlie worked on each candle, sliding each in and out of the women before pulling them out. When neither stirred he looked up at me and shrugged.

"You know Charlie, I always wondered what it be like to fuck two women at one time. I mean slip into one for a few strokes and then switch, seeing how different they feel."

"But what about me?"

"What did you want to do?"

"I wanted to fuck the one with the big tits."

"Look what if we did this, we put the brunette on top of the redhead, she's smaller anyway. That way I can stand between their legs and try them both, one after the other. Then I'll come inside the brunette and then you can have the redhead."

"Sounds good but will they do it?"

"Hey, they're both out, they won't even know what happened, at least not until they wake up in the morning with pussies full of cum. Come on, look just grab her other arm and leg and lift..." It was easy as that. Both women were on their backs, the smaller brunette was on top of the redhead, her head resting nicely on her huge breasts.

"Either? No both," I thought as I finished undressing and moved between the women's legs. I looked down at the brunette, her tiny breasts rose only slightly above the flat plain of her stomach, with her nipples forming two tiny peaks. It was quite a difference from the huge pillows that bulged out from behind her shoulders and head.

Reaching out, I placed my palm flat over one of her breasts feeling the nipple poking into my hand. I circled it slightly feeling the tiny nub harden a bit with the touch. Looking down at her face I noticed the nostrils flaring on her thin nose as she breathed. Her breath remained deep and steady.

I ran my hand down her stomach and over the wiry dark curls of hair before move down to her pussy. I felt the damp warmth as I worked my finger between her lips, coaxing them open. She wasn't very wet so I pushed my index and middle finger into her and moved them in and out until she seemed wet enough.

Leaning over her, I pulled her lips apart with one hand and slowly worked my cock into her, pushing it in and out, gaining just a bit more depth with each push. Working slowly I was finally able to get enough of her juices coating my cock so I could move easily in and out of her. I took a last few thrusts trying to memorize the exact sensation of her before pulling out completely.

Bending my knees slightly, I moved my cock down to the redhead's pussy. I opened her lips with my fingers and then leaned my cock into her. With the brunette's juices still covering my cock I was able to work myself into the redhead's snatch a bit quicker. I got a nice steady rhythm going and then closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation.

How do I define it? The wet softness was so much like the other woman, yet also, so very different. I pulled my cock out of the redhead and then moved up to the brunette. Tighter, yes the brunette was a bit tighter. Pulling out, I moved down and slid into the redhead and yes, the softness.

It was odd, I realized as I slipped out of the redhead and moved up, the tightness of the brunette's pussy made for a more intense sensation and I knew if I kept thrusting into her I'd come much quicker, but, slipping out of her and back into the redhead's pussy I felt the incredible softness. It would take longer with her, but the light, almost teasing touch could make for an incredible, long, slow fuck.

"Come on man, you going to fuck them or marry them?" Charlie complained.

I took three, long, slow thrusts into the redhead and then slipped out. Pausing a moment I prepared myself and then plunged my cock into the brunette, slapping her ass with my balls. Moving quickly, I shoved myself to the hilt and then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to the side, sliding her off of the redhead.

I was surprised I could move the brunette off of the redhead without my cock even sliding out of her. As I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her, giving myself into the sensations, I watched as Charlie lifted his stomach up and then worked his small cock into the redhead, letting the flab settle back down onto the woman's stomach once his cock was safely inside her.

Charlie and the redhead turned into a jiggling mass of flesh as he moved back and forth, easing his tiny cock in and out of her opening. With each thrust, his stomach would form a wave that washed over the woman's stomach and then seemed to roll up over her breasts.

Though my stomach was not as big as Charlie's it did jiggle, but the thin brunette's body remained firm, her tiny breasts only moving slightly as her nipples jutted upward. I shoved my cock in and out as the pleasure quickly formed. I arched my back and came, spurting my cum deep into her tight pussy.

I then heard Charlie moan and gasp as he obviously came, filling the redhead with his cum. He quickly rolled over beside her as he gasped for breath, his wet cock still oozing cum from its tip.

After the pulsations of my cock subsided I slowly eased my cock out of the brunette's pussy, letting the last of my cum permeate her curly pubic hair. Feeling some remorse, I reached for my underwear and quickly pulled it on, hoping that when the women woke up they wouldn't remember much.

"Charlie," I whispered, "Come on, lets get out of here before they wake up."

He nodded and rolled off the bed grabbing for his clothes.

"If they wake up and see us they'll scream rape for sure," I said, glancing in the mirror as I pulled my shirt over my flabby breasts and stomach. Looking past me in the mirror I could see Charlie pulling his underwear over his enormous ass and I about gagged. Pulling on my pants I looked over at the incredible looking women and I thanked the lord for Rohypnol -- "the date rape drug of choice of frat boys and gangsters." "And obese middle aged men I," I whispered to myself.

"What was that?" Charlie asked.

"Nothing," I said, tossing him his shirt. "Hurry up, let's get out of here."

He followed me to the door and slipped out into the hotel hallway. Just before shutting the door I moaned, "Oh damn." Rushing back in, I walked to the desk, grabbed my wallet and then opened the door again, rolling my eyes at Charlie.

"Okay, you got everything?"

He checked his pockets and then nodded. I closed the door behind me and we hurried to the elevators. My wallet was still in my hand as I climbed into Charlie's car and he pulled away.

"Man, wasn't that something," Charlie howled as the car pulled out onto the street and sped away.

"Yeah it was something," I said, opening my wallet and noticing a picture of my daughter. It was a recent picture, shortly before her twentieth birthday. I felt a painful twang in my stomach and quickly closed my wallet and shoved it in my pant's pocket. "It was something," I repeated feeling my face flush.

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