Either is Not the Only Choice


"Son, I want to caution you. Do not put your penis in her vagina. There are stories out there that say that if you pull out before you ejaculate she won't get pregnant. Those stories are lies usually told by people who have never had sex with anyone other than themselves. Use your hands or your mouth but do not risk starting a baby."

"I understand. I promise."

"If you can come home this evening and tell me you really wanted to and resisted then I will believe that you understand. By the way, I'm driving to Bridgeport today and one of the things I'll bring back for you is condoms."

He had to explain "condoms." I'd never heard the word or read it. If he had said "rubbers" I would have understood. I left the shower and went to work in the barn. As I swept I looked back at the house and saw Hans standing behind Inga with her bent at the waist. They were joining in the shower. I watched as they shared with each other.

My chores were finished before nine. I showered again and then went into the house and dressed for the day. I wore my bathing suit, jeans, and a t-shirt. My old tennis shoes in case I wanted to wear something on my feet in the water. When the mare and I walked out of the barn it still wasn't nine in the morning. I had decided to time my arrival at ten-thirty.

I rode west about three miles and then turned north. I watched for people all along the way, and saw no one. When I was a mile or so north of town I turned east and went into the old forest. Rumor had it that the forest was haunted and the older kids in town had convinced the younger one's that it really was. I never believed it. When I came out of the forest I was directly across the river from the old sugar warehouse. I could see Andrea sitting next to a tree near the river. I knew from past experience the river was only about five feet deep along here so the mare and I had no trouble wading across. We came out near Andrea and I tied the mare to the tree where she would have shade, water, and grass. Then I walked a few steps to Andrea and took her in my arms.

She was wearing a green print sun dress. I guessed her swimming suit was underneath. The top of the dress was allowing lots of her creamy skin to show. I kissed her on the lips and her tongue welcomed me. She knew what she wanted and I was it.

After a few kisses that created quite a physical reaction in my swimsuit I broke away a half an inch and said, "We don't need to hurry, do we?"

"Yes, we do. I promised Mom I'd be back by one-thirty. She wants me to go with her to Scottsbluff today."

"That still gives us two hours and maybe a few more minutes after that."

"I have a present for you." She smiled a sly smile.

"Another great kiss?"

"Yes, but something more than that."

"Can I have it now?"

"No. You have to wait."

"My birthday is in November. That long?"

"No! Just later, not right this minute."

"OK. So what do we do right this minute?"

"Unzip me." She turned around and I pulled her zipper down. Her suit was instantly visible. It was the same green suit she wore the day before to the city pool: one piece that covered her from above her breasts to the top of her legs. I hung her dress over a low branch and because of the color and pattern of the dress it blended into the scenery very well. I dropped my jeans on the ground near her dress and put my shirt on top of the jeans. Andrea was barefoot so I kicked off my tennis shoes. She waded out until only her shoulders and head were dry. I waded in to about my knees and then dove in, coming up next to her.

We laughed a little but both could feel the sexual tension building.

"Kiss me," she said.

I held her waist with my hands and kissed her. Our tongues played with each other. We explored, probed, danced and laughed in every kiss. Andrea's arms were around my shoulders and her hips pressed against mine. I knew she felt me getting and then staying hard.

We had kissed for a while when she changed the game. As a kiss ended she tilted her head, offering me her neck. I kissed her neck and held her hips a little tighter. She took one hand and put it between us, touching my penis for the first time. As she grasped my erection she said, "It's really hard."

"You do that to me."

"The wind does that to you!" She laughed!

"Right now it belongs just to you."

"OH?" She ducked her head under the water and pulled my suit down, exposing my hard on! I felt her mouth engulf the head and suck for a few seconds. Then she popped to the surface. On her face was a look that asked the question, "Did you like that?"

In answer I kissed her mouth. She held me with her bare hand on my exposed penis. I liked how it felt. I wondered what other surprises she had in store for me. I didn't wonder long.

"Hold my shoulders, please."

I held on to both her shoulders and felt her wiggling under water. When her hands came up they were holding her suit! I was holding a naked Andrea! What a surprise. I had thought of her as like a princess and had only begun to discover the fire when we kissed with our tongues. This was more than I had anticipated.

"Aren't you going to touch me?"

"Yes, I am."

I was holding her by the shoulders so I turned her around and backed her up against me. We felt her bare butt meet my erection for the first time. Then I tilted her head and started kissing her neck and ear lobe from behind. In the first kiss I began exploring her body with my hands. I remembered wisdom from both Inga and Hans. "Women don't want to be groped. Caress and stroke. Stimulate and tease. Above all, never hurry."

Andrea told me later that she had expected me to grab her breasts and was surprised when I didn't. I held her close to me with my hands on her belly. I moved them up and gently cupped the undersides of her breasts. They were buoyant. I hadn't known that about breasts. I brushed the palms of my hands across her nipples. They were hard and sensitive, causing her to moan. I continued kissing her neck, being careful not to get carried away. Inga had told me that some people get carried away with passion when kissing the neck and suck hard enough to leave bruises. I didn't want that to happen.

As I fondled her left breast I dropped my other hand down and felt my way from her breast to the hair that told me I was where no man had been before, not even Matt.

Andrea said, "I never let anyone touch me there before. Just you."

"Why me?" I asked before thinking.

"Feel deeper."

My finger probed into her slit and discovered that she was very wet: slippery, even in the river.

"No boy ever made me get wet like that except you, Nick."

"Oh." I didn't know what else to say.

"Touch me some more, please."

I slid my fingers along her slit and with each motion is probed just a bit deeper. I remembered Inga's clitoris and what happened when I touched it. When I moved my finger up to the top of Andrea's slit I felt her clitoris, and I was surprised. Inga's was the size of a garden pea and when she was excited it grew to the size of a blueberry. Andrea's clitoris was already bigger than Inga's ever got. I thought they were all the same. Life is filled with surprises.

At the first touch Andrea moaned and held on to me tighter.

"That feels good, but please be gentle." Andrea whispered.

Her ass pressed against my penis and hips. The water was cool and moving gently past us but the area between Andrea's ass and my body was warm. I felt the urge that I had been warned of: I wanted to put my penis inside her.

I stroked the clitoris under my finger slowly and gently until I could sense that Andrea was getting close to an orgasm. I stopped.

"Sweety, let's get out of the river for a while." I said.

We walked out together holding each other for support. Andrea made no move to cover herself or put the suit back on. When we reached the blanket she tossed her suit over a branch and put herself on her back in the middle of the blanket. I finished taking my suit off and it went alongside hers on the branch.

I surprised her by not laying on her or even next to her. I lay down with my face near her pussy.


"Relax. I want to kiss you here. If I do and you don't like it, I'll stop. May I?"


She raised her head and shoulders so she could watch what I was doing. I leaned in and kissed her thigh, just where it joined her torso. She jumped at the touch, but not away from the touch. Two kisses later she spread her legs voluntarily. I kissed her pussy using my tongue to probe past her outer lips and into her wet center. Andrea moaned and said, "Oh Honey! I wondered what this would feel like! I love it!"

Her legs spread even more and I touched her clitoris with my tongue.

"More! Lick me there!"

"Remember, she'll tell you what she likes. When she does, give her more of whatever it is." Hans told me that and so did Inga. Andrea was telling me what she liked so I did more of it. Light touches to her clit and long slow strokes of the entire inside between her outer lips. She was thrusting her hips up to meet my tongue, moaning and holding my head with both her hands. I was in heaven. I loved the power I felt in being the one getting these reactions from Andrea. I loved her taste. I loved the smell of her. I loved that her pussy was radiating heat and that it was my fault.

"Oh, Nick! I'm going to cum!"

"Cum for me Andrea! Cum on my face!"

Her body began to shake! She sat up and then fell back. She moaned from deep inside, sounding more like an animal than a teenaged girl. Her pussy began a flood of her nectar and I did my best to swallow every drop.

Eventually she did calm down. I moved up beside her and held her. She looked at my face and kissed me.

"I like how I taste on you."

"I like how you taste to me."

"I want you inside me."

"No. I can't."

"You're right! I forgot! You need the present I brought you!"

"I thought you were the present."

"You'll like the present I brought you."

She reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a foil wrapper. I'd seen a wrapper like that when a senior boy had shown it from is wallet. She had a condom!

We opened the package and figured out how to put it on. She helped actually get it on. I was harder than when she held my penis in the river. When the condom was on she rolled onto her back and opened herself wide. I was momentarily tempted to again dive in and lick her to another orgasm, but my biological urge to merge was stronger.

I used my arms to hold her legs open and I positioned my penis at the opening she freely offered. As we touched, penis to vagina, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Make me a woman! Be all the way inside me."

Tiny bit by tiny bit I slid into Andrea. I bumped into something and remembered that virgins had a hymen that had to be pushed through in order to have sex. I pushed and suddenly I was in! Andrea made one whimper and then pulled my face to her face. I was deep inside her pussy and she was deep inside my mouth. When the kiss ended she said, "Thank you. I knew the first time I kissed you that I wanted to give you my virginity. Now, fuck me please. I am a woman!"

"Your wish is my command."

I moved my hips and we fucked for quite a long time. I realized that the sex I was getting at home had prepared me so that I wouldn't cum too quickly. I stroked in and out of Andrea and we both watched as we did it. I loved seeing my shaft as it slid in and out of Andrea. Smears of blood coated my shaft and Andrea's nectar changed how the mixture looked as each stroke changed the way we both looked.

I wanted this experience to be more than just a memory of "I gave my virginity to Nick." I wanted her to know she had been with a lover and he treated her well. I shifted positions and snuggled behind Andrea holding one of her legs up so I could enter her from behind, laying on our sides. Her reaction was to press her ass back against me with each thrust.

"Oh Nick, that feels so different! So good!"

I noticed her grab her breasts and pull on her nipples. I had an idea. I pulled out and asked her to sit on me. I plopped onto my back and she figured out my intention immediately. Andrea's leg went over my hips and she guided my hard shaft back inside her pussy. When I was in head deep she sat down hard, burying me all the way inside her vagina.

"Oh God! I'm so full! I can feel you filling me up! What do I do now?"

"Can you lift up and sit back down?"

She could. She came up an inch then two and sat back hard. Somehow she realized that the faster she could do it the better she would like it. Soon she was bouncing on my hips as hard and fast as she could manage.

"Tell me before you cum!"

"I'm close Nick! I'm so close!"

Using both hands I took hold of her nipples and areolas. Her eyes had been closed and they flew open! I pinched and pulled! She squealed and shook! Her orgasm had arrived and taken possession of her. She ground her pussy against my pubic bone and if I had not been holding her nipples she might have fallen over,

I have no idea how long we continued to fuck. I was doing my best to make sure she had "the time of her life" and wasn't focused, too much, on my pleasure. When I got close to cumming I would stop moving or change positions. Finally, I sensed Andrea was getting physically and emotionally exhausted. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or her pussy.

She thought for a second and said, "Even with a rubber it would be safer if I get it in my mouth."

I pulled out of her pussy and she pulled the condom off my shaft. I wiped my penis with a corner of the blanket and Andrea sucked it into her mouth. She stroked me with her hands and sucked the head, playing with my nerve endings with her tongue. I held her head and fucked in and out of her mouth.

Seconds later I unloaded. Shot after shot filled her mouth and she swallowed as quickly as she could. When I stopped spurting she sucked me dry and licked my shaft clean. I looked at my watch. Ten after noon. We still had time to eat the lunch Andrea had packed. As we ate I sensed there was something Andrea wanted to say. She looked at me for a long silent while and then spoke.

"Nick, I need to tell you something."

"Oh? What might that be?"

"I had a bet with Betsy. I just won the bet. I bet her I'd have sex with you first."

"So, this was all about a bet!?" I was getting pissed!

"No! We both like you a lot! We both want you as our boyfriend and we can't figure out how either of us can have you without hurting our friendship."

I was quiet for a while. I didn't move away from her. In fact I didn't move at all for quite a while.

"I have an idea. First, don't ever tell Betsy you won the bet. The risk to your friendship is too big. If being with me hurt your friendship I would never forgive myself. Secondly, when you go home go shopping with your Mom. I'm going over to Betsy's and ask her out. If she can get away we might go for a ride on the mare tomorrow. I will bring a condom on the ride. That way you can both be first, and your friendship doesn't get hurt."

"What about one of us being your girlfriend?"

"I like both of you! I don't want to choose any more than you want me to choose. How about if the three of us get together on Saturday and figure out a solution? After all, it's now our problem."

"You think there is a way we can all be happy?"

"Yes! Now let's wade in and get the smell of sex off of us."

We ran into the water and yelped because it felt so cold. We kissed and ran our hands over every inch of each other's bodies. We got out, dried off, and dressed. Andrea packed up her basket and kissed me one more time. She walked toward town and I climbed on the mare and waded across the river, away from town. If I could remember I wanted to come back to this spot and take a picture for my scrapbook.

I rode around town and then into town near Betsy's house. Her Dad and brother were in the front of the yard washing the two year old Buick family car. I knew her brother well enough that he was getting his driver's license soon and was counting on being able to borrow that Buick.

As I approached they both stood straight and watched me.

"Good afternoon gentlemen. Is it possible I could speak with Betsy?"

Her brother answered, "Maybe, if she was here, but she ain't. What do you want to talk to her about?"

"I was going to ask her out. When she comes home would that be OK with you?"

"I. ..."

"It isn't up to you Lance. Nick, perhaps you should be asking me that question." Mr. Anderson looked up at me.

"That was my intention, Sir. Lance was speaking and I didn't want to be rude and ignore him. I apologize if I'm handling the situation poorly. I've never ask someone out on a date before."

"She and her mother will be back at supper time. Why don't you call on the phone at about seven and speak to her then?"

"Does that mean I have your permission, Sir?"

"Yes. If she wants to go out with you, she can, depending on what you had in mind."

"I was thinking about riding out to the quarry flats for a picnic, Sir."


"Yes Sir. I don't have a car and our mare is plenty strong enough to carry both of us. If that's Ok with you."

"It is, if she wants to go."

"Thank you, Mr. Anderson. Well, thank you again and I will call at seven."

As I rode away I heard Lance say, "I'll bet he calls at exactly seven." Then they both laughed.

On the way home I saw Matt and two of his followers. They were about two miles from our farm on a small hill. Their bikes were behind the hill and from our farm they would have been invisible. I wasn't at our farm. I rode up behind them and when I was pretty close, about thirty feet away, I got the mare to make a noise. She snickers if you scratch her behind her ears.

The three boys jumped and looked embarrassed when they saw it was me.

"Having a picnic out here?" I asked.

"We were out riding around and decided to take a break," Matt said. "What are you doing over here?"

"Pretty much the same thing as you. I went for a ride and now I'm headed home. If you want a good ride you might go south to Chimney Rock. We saw two rattlers today on the south side of the rock."

"It's too late to ride that far today. What do you mean "we saw?""

"The mare and I. Well, those snakes will probably wait for you until tomorrow. Say Matt, could I speak to you privately for a minute?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Matt walked over near the mare and I dismounted. When he was close I whispered.

"I got into deep trouble over the fight we had. I wonder if we can be friends again or if that game of spin the bottle was so important to you that we can't be friends anymore. What do you think?"

"I'm not your friend! I don't know why we let a farmer hang with us ever. You farmers all smell like horses and shit. If Andrea wants to hang around with you then she'll smell like shit too." He hadn't been whispering. I wasn't surprised.

"So, it'd be OK with you if I asked her out?"

"I don't care. I was just having her as my girl for the sex anyway."

"Oh. I thought she was a virgin."

"If you want a virgin you better ask Carole out!" Matt laughed.

"I'll have to think about that bit of information. Are there other girls at our school you've had sex with?"

"Yeah! Betsy, Alice Weber, and that girl Monica who moved away last January. The others I've had sex with don't live in this area. I spent last summer in Chicago."

"I am impressed. I'm also sorry to hear that we aren't friends. Too bad, really."

I jumped back on the mare and rode off toward our farm. I never looked back.

In the barn I took care of the mare and then all the other animals. Before I was done Hans came into the barn.

"Well, did you see your three friends out on the hill south of here?"

"Not friends and yes I saw them. I rode up on them from the south and surprised them. I got a chance to talk to Matt and he told me he wanted nothing to do with Betsy or with Andrea. He also told me that he only dated them for the sex."

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