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Elastic Daddy


It's rumored that it is very difficult for families to end up in bed together in real life. It is not like you can decide to fuck your mother or daughter today and end up sweating in the sheets tonight unless force is involved . For sex to happen inside the family in a mutual sensual way it has to be cultivated and be the product of seduction. Don't forget the seduction and foreplay can be playful and full of teasing much as it was in this true story.

As soon as Sandy entered puberty every male in town couldn't help but notice her. Her chest blossomed into the envy of every girl in school and by the time she turned 19 she was wearing a 38D bra. She had long legs holding up her athletic figure but had a surprisingly large ass. As she walked away from people the sway of her butt cheeks seemed to fill the entire field of vision.

Her own father swallowed hard every time he saw his blonde blue eyed girl. Steve could not help but have his taboo thoughts. He rationalized that it was normal to think carnal thoughts of his daughter; after all, she was a sexy girl. He didn't imagine for a minute that his baby girl was having similar thoughts about him.

But Sandy had caught glimpses of a large bulge in her father's pants which caused a shudder to go up her spine. None of the guys at school sported bulges near this big and they were not near as handsome as her 6 foot three inch, 195 pound dad with jet black hair and deep green eyes. Both of them knew the taboos and kept their thoughts secret.

It was shortly after Sandy's 18th birthday that subtle changes in their relationship began to occur. Part of the change had to do with the new found freedoms her parents gave their daughter. As a result she began to show a certain maturity as she seemed to become more and more of a woman.

But, Steve also like the fact that she still would turn into the playful little girl sometimes. Sexual innuendos began creeping into their teasing. One day Sandy was getting something out of the car and Steve noticed how far her tits stood out from her chest and admonished her, "Hey, be careful, you wouldn't want to slam one of those in the door!"

"No, because then I would be lopsided and you wouldn't have them to drool over anymore," his daughter retorted. They both blushed at this exchange and went about their daily business. Without even realizing it the teasing and flirting between them grew more and more frequent and more suggestive. One day Steve was dusting off the top of a ceiling fan and slipped as he got down racking his balls on the back of the chair he was using to stand on.

"Oh daddy, that hurt! Be careful or you won't be able to use it anymore!" Sandy quipped. Steve was still groaning but was able to let out a small giggle. He looked at Sandy and saw that she was openly staring right at his throbbing crotch. He turned beet red and got the hell out of there as he could feel his aching cock beginning to grow.

As winter turned into Spring Sandy's clothes became more and more skimpy and Steve found himself running to his bedroom or the bathroom to jack off thinking of fucking his little girl. The teasing and flirting reached a higher level when Steve saw her lying on the couch reading a novel. She had shorts on and had her feet up in the air playing with her sandals. Her blouse was little more than a thin t-shirt. He could see the bra lines easily through the tight material.

He sauntered quietly over to her and he couldn't help himself. In one fluid motion he lifted her shirt away from her back with one hand while grabbing her bra strap with the other. Quickly he yanked on the bra strap pulling it several inches away from her skin. Then he let go causing the strap to slap his daughter in the back making a popping sound.

"Daddy, what the fuck was that for?" the girl asked. Steve was more excited than embarrassed and just smiled broadly at her. Sandy didn't know what came over her dad but part of her liked this new kind of attention.

"Well, darling when you leave your elastic straps so visible like that you've got to expect that someone will want to snap them." It seemed like every time they were alone for the next week and her father passed her he would snap her bra even reaching under her blouse to pull on the bra itself.

It was the next Saturday when he saw her in a dress that required no bra. He was a bit confounded by this until he got an idea. Walking right up to her he ran his hand over the side of her hip until he felt the top of her panties. Without hesitation he pulled on what he thought was the top elastic band of the panties. He grasp it and let it go. But, the material of the dress got in the way and it didn't really snap back against Sandy's skin.

Sandy's uncontrollable laughter made him blush and he made a quick exit. About an hour later he came across her again. Something in him snapped as he was determined to snap her panties. He sprang into action shoving his hand up her skirt right to the top of the undies. He couldn't believe how big and sexy her silky ass was as he pushed his hand. Upward until it was at her waist.

He gave a mighty yank and let go, this time there was no doubt as he heard the sound of elastic on skin. His cock was hard as he chided his child, "Sweetie, who is the one laughing now?"

Sandy let out a loud shriek as her dress fell back down around her thighs. She felt a different sensation as the material of her panties was drawn into the crevices of her pussy. She was both excited and embarrassed by the stinging of the waistband of her undies against the small of her back.

"Oh Dad, I can't believe you just reached up my dress to do that! Shit, it feels weird but better than when you do my bra," the girl's voice was trailing off as she thought about what she was saying. Steve's face lit up with a smile as he realized that she wouldn't stop him from future underwear play.

Later that night Sandy was lying on her back on the couch reading a novel. Steve wanted his daughter badly now but still had his self control but couldn't let this opportunity pass by. He snuck up on her and gently lifted her dress the few inches required. Sandy was so into her book that she didn't notice what he had done until suddenly her dad pulled and stretched the front top of the waistband of her black silky panties as far as he could and let go.

The smack of the elastic against her belly stung more than any she felt so far. Reluctantly Steve pulled himself away from her and went into the bathroom to play with himself. For her part, Sandy stayed right there on the couch. And gave herself a mighty orgasm thinking of her father actually taking off her panties instead of just messing around with them. They both still figured that this was just fantasy.

Early the next morning Steve stepped out to the back patio to see Sandy sunbathing. She was wearing a lemon yellow bikini that appeared to be at least a size too small for her sensual figure as it cut into her skin. Then it occurred to him that panties weren't the only garments that used elastic to hold them in place as swimsuits have a lot of elastic in them as well.

There it was her bright yellow butt outlined by her tanned skin. Steve waltzed over and practically lifted her off the lounger she was laying on as he gave the top of her bikini bottoms a mighty yank. Sandy let out a squeal and rolled over and then admonished her father, "Ouch that hurt so good but, you never snap my top anymore."

Sandy was nervous and excited waiting to see what her dad did next. Steve's heart was pounding a mile a minute wondering if his little girl was making a pass at him. He thought there was only one way to find out and whispered, you're right I'll have to fix that oversight right now."

Gulping hard he leaned over the sexy figure in the chair and grabbed the top of the elastic strap between her large breasts. His eyes popped out as he saw the meaty underside of her boobs come into view; so succulent and perfect. A gasp came from Sandy as the swim top landed on her melons. The top had come back down totally out of place cutting her boobs in half leaving the bottom half of both breasts totally exposed.

A tent had formed in Steve's shorts and he was ready to make his escape. But Sandy grabbed his hand freezing him in place. She smiled up at him, having made her decision, and cooed, "Daddy, you always taught me to put things back like I found them. So, shouldn't you put my swimsuit back the way you found it?"

"Yes, I guess so," Steve stammered as he sat down on the edge of the lounger to do as she asked. Nervously Steve tried to push around the swimsuit material without being forward but it was so tight that he found himself having to push the flesh of her breasts into the cups of her suit. There was no hiding his erection now and Sandy was openly staring at his crotch. Sandy rubbed his wrist and hand as he fumbled trying to put her boobs away. He started to pull away thinking he had accomplished the task when the girl grabbed his hand firmly.

"Daddy that is not the way you found my top. Look at all of the wrinkles you left. You need to smooth them out," she smiled seductively at him knowing full well that there were no wrinkles to be found.

"Ok honey, I'll give it a try," Steve replied flustered and now excited himself. Thoughts of resisting the temptation in front of him were fast exciting his brain and lust was replacing them. Gently he ran his hands over her D cups. Steve could feel her hard nipples poking his hand as he attempted to smooth out the material.

"Dad what do you think of my breasts?" Sandy now had her hand on her father's thigh gently caressing it. She could hear his breathing getting shallow and his hands began pressing harder on her tits.

"They are very beautiful and sexy," he grunted. Just then Sandy reached up and wrapped her small hand around her daddy's big cock. Wasting no time the girl began stroking up and down his length through his shorts. Steve jumped at her sudden move causing him, for some reason, to give her tits a hard squeeze.

"Make love to me; come on and make sweet passionate love to me. I want you to take me right here and now. No more games; take off your clothes and let me feel your manhood inside of me." It was a line Sandy had heard in a porno movie but figured it would do the trick. Her dad did nothing to move away.

The beautiful vision before Steve was no longer the little girl whose diapers he had changed 18 years ago but had been transformed into a very sexy woman whom he wanted as bad as she wanted him. He let his eyes travel up and down her body and leaned down and tenderly gave her lips a kiss as he moved her hand from his cock softly whispering, "Take it easy sweetie we have lots of time Becky won't be home for several hours."

It was the first time either of them had mentioned Becky, Steve's wife and Sandy's daughter. As Steve leaned in again Sandy wrapped her arms around his back and the two kissed more passionately. Their tongues danced frantically together. Taking a deep breath between kisses Sandy whispered in his ear, "Oh yes, I am yours take me anyway you want. I've wanted you for so long."

"Me too, you are so amazingly sexy and so beautiful. How could any man resist a woman as hot as you are?" Steve ran his tongue from her ear down to her shoulder causing Sandy to shudder. Gently he reached behind her back and unfastened her swim top and pushed it off her globes. Seeing the entire glory of her chest for the first time since she was a baby Steve wanted to devour her boobs but instead gently kissed down her chest.

As he calmly caressed her massive tits in his hands he worked his mouth down to her deep cleavage and then up the sides of each tit. He licked and sucked his way up the sides of the mound until reaching the mountaintop and slowly sucked her nipple into his mouth. As her father worked from tit to tit Sandy pulled his t-shirt over his head.

Then she ran her hands down his back under his shorts and onto his briefs. Her dad sucked and nipped her tits harder and deeper into his hungry mouth as his hands began exploring her lower parts. She ran her hand across the top of his undies and got an idea. She yanked on the elastic band of the garment and let it go snapping his back, "See, two can play at this game!"

He kissed her mouth with unbridled passion. As his hand stroked the crotch of her panties he thought he had never felt anything so hot. Laughing he answered, "I guess that is right sweet heart. But why don't we take this to your bed so the whole neighborhood doesn't see your hot little body being made love to."

As Steve got onto the ground to rescue their tops that had gone under the lounger Sandy climbed off and stood up beside him waiting. When he got up to his knees there was her yellow crotch right in front of his face. Quickly he hugged the crotch to his nose inhaling the sexy aroma of young pussy while squeezing her butt.

He spun her around and did the same to her ample ass. Standing up he gave her ass a slap and pointed toward the door. Sandy ran into the house and straight to her bedroom. Her dad was hot on her tail. Steve took his daughter into his strong arms and drew her tight against him. They could feel one another's heart beat.

Their kiss was hard and passionate and went on and on. At first Steve was content to squeeze Sandy's ass through her bikini bottom but halfway through the kiss he had slid his hands inside feeling the soft satin skin of her ass cheeks. Slowly he pushed the garment from her ass and onto the floor.

Standing nude in front of her father Sandy quickly returned the favor and shoved his shorts and briefs down joining her bikini on the floor at their feet. His cock felt wonderful against her full bush. Out of breath she cooed running her fingers over his bare ass, "Oh, This feels so good, don't stop."

There was no way Steve was going to stop now. Gently he helped her down on to the queen size bed. He lay down beside his daughter and ran his hand down her side and up to her chest. Gently he cupped one of her big tits causing the girl to let out a gasp. He leaned over to her and drew her bottom lip between his teeth before snaking his tongue into her excited mouth.

His touch excited Sandy beyond belief as his hand worked from one boob to the other. Steve pinched and twisted her nipples lightly as he softly squeezed both of her boobs in turn. Soon he was trailing kisses down her neck to her shoulder and then to her cleavage. But, this time he bypassed her boobs and went straight down her stomach. As his tongue wiggled in her belly button he used his hand to push her legs apart.

After running his hand through her golden locks of pussy hair he nimbly pushed her pussy lips apart and ran the very tip of his finger across her clit. Sandy's whole body shook with excitement. His cock was now within her reach. Timidly she reached for his long hard tool and caressed it lovingly.

The erotic aroma of her sex was driving Steve nuts so he moved her legs further apart and saw the glistening inner folds of her sweet pussy. He continued to diddle her clit as his face got closer and closer to the source of her sweet honey. It only took a very light tug for Sandy to get him to move his crotch closer to her face and gradually almost into sixty nine position.

Steve wrapped his arms around her thighs and across to her ass cheeks drawing her cunt closer to his face. Inhaling deeply he dove into her steamy opening licking and flicking his tongue all along her long cunt lips. To Sandy his tongue seemed to be everywhere in her pussy and was driving her crazy.

Quickly she sucked her daddy's eight inch cock into her mouth. At 45 her dad was more than twice the age of any guy she had ever dated. He seemed more confident as he didn't try and rush things. He was not afraid that she would change her mind. Soon they were both writhing in pure sexual bliss as they hungrily devoured one another. They were tightly locked together rolling around on the bed.

When Sandy ended up on top of Steve she began to urgently mouth fuck his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down in a fury. This gave Steve a full view of her large ass. Slowly he reached up and pulled her ass cheeks apart and gulped hard when he saw her tiny rosebud of an asshole. Huskily he whispered, "Honey it is time; I need to get my cock in this wonderful pussy right now; oh damn."

"Oh yes daddy, fuck me," Sandy said as she let his cock drop from her mouth. She scurried the short distance to her nightstand and pulled a condom from the drawer. Deftly she unrolled the rubber onto his massive erection. In just seconds she was laying with her head on her pillow, legs spread, and holding her hands out to welcome her father to her pussy.

A bit startled that she had a condom waiting and at how efficient she was at getting ready for him Steve simply shook his head and slid between her legs. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and bucked against his erection fucking his pole with her clit. Drawing his hips back he then moved forward slowly entering her pussy.

"Oh my, you are an amazing woman," Steve whispered as his cock slid in further and further. Finally he could feel his balls hit her crotch. He paused for a second and then pulled back. This time he entered her faster and a low moan came from Sandy. Soon they were fucking with abandon. Sandy's hips came up to meet each of his thrusts.

They fucked harder and faster and the moaning from both of them got louder and louder. Sandy ran her hands up and down from her dad's ass to his shoulders. Their blood was boiling and they hollered out at the same time that they were cumming. A gush of Sandy's honey spilled out of her pussy while Steve filled up the condom with his spunk.

Exhausted Steve rolled off of his daughter. He couldn't believe his cock was still hard as a board. Reaching for his cock Sandy gently rolled the condom off and cooed, "Oh daddy that was the best fuck a girl could hope for. And you know what the advantage of a rubber is? Not only does it keep me from getting pregnant but I can still eat your cum."

Putting the rubber to her mouth she quickly emptied the contents into her throat smacking her lips when she had finished. Steve had never had a partner do that before. He wanted to do so much with Sandy but thought he had better play it safe and he knew, for certain, there would be ample opportunities.

So he rolled against her and softly kissed her lips. He whispered, "Baby, that was wonderful and I want to do so much more, but we'd better call it quits for now. But, can I show you one more thing before we get dressed?" "Sure, daddy," the girl replied softly.

"We can still play our elastic game even though you are not dressed," Steve said smiling.

"How is that daddy?" she asked suspiciously.

"Like this," he said as he grasped one of her nipples and gave it a hard tug. When he let go sure enough the breast bounced against her chest. They both laughed and kissed again before quickly scurrying to get dressed. Over the next several weeks they continued to explore one another's bodies even as Steve had great sex with Becky and Sandy had many hot dates.

{I am considering a second chapter -- what do you think?}

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