Elegance that is what this older librarian oozed. I had seen her quite a few times in the local library. She was probably all of five foot two and great gams! I like that word instead of legs.

Her gray hair was cut short; she wore gold granny glasses that could not hide her lovely sparkling blue eyes. Her face was flawless. She had a great smile and talking to her was always comfortable. If I had to guess I would say she had 38B's.

She looked like she had a well toned body, but this was with her clothes on.

One major drawback was that she wore a golden ring on her left ring finger.

"Damn it!" I thought to myself. "Another fine lady I cannot date."

But I got past that. Even if she wasn't married, I knew I had a snowballs chance in hell.

She was a lady who was not a sexual conquest; this was a woman that you didn't take out for a few dates and then try to fuck her.

No this was the truest definition of a Lady.

But sometimes my hormones got the better of me and one Tuesday afternoon, I was returning the books I had checked out.

She was alone at the checkout desk. She looked at the book's title and asked me if she enjoyed Tom Robbins.

I told her I did; that his stories were profound and funny. She giggled as she said "I love the name "Still life with woodpecker."

I confessed to her that I had read it many years ago and I felt it was time to get reintroduced to his body of works.

She smiled at me and said "Yes sometimes you have to, don't you?"

I introduced myself to her and she told me her name was Florence.

"Nice to finally know you name Florence!" I said.

"I hope you don't find this too forward, but every time I see you here, I think of elegance!"

She started to blush a little and thanked me.

"I am anything but that Mike!" She sort of smirked.

"Oh?" I looked at her sort of slyly.

She just giggled and laughed.

"I won't ask any further, some things are best between you and your husband." I said.

She sort of stumbled over the next couple of words. "I lost my husband last year!"

I could see the tears well in her eyes a little and told her I was sorry to hear this.

"That's okay Mike!" She said

I changed the subject and asked her what she recommended for a good read. She took a pen and wrote down a couple of books and authors.

I thanked her and went off to find the authors.

The books she recommended were not there so I started to leave.

She looked at me with a confused look.

"No books Mike?"

I told her now and she suggested we put them on hold, so when they came in I could get them.

She took my card and put in my information.

"Thank you so much for your help today Florence."

"You are most welcome Mike!" She smiled as I headed toward the door.

See you again Florence!" I said and smiled.

It was a week later and I got an email from the library auto notice that the book Florence had in for me was in.

I went up the next day and Florence was at the checkout counter again

"My book has come in!'' I told her

She went and found it in the bookcase behind the counter.

I couldn't help but notice her womanly ass.

She caught me looking as she stood up and red came to her cheeks.

She took my card and scanned it in, as well as the book.

She wrote something on the due date printout and slipped it inside the book. She handed it to me and winked.

I smiled but waited till I got outside to check the due date.

On the back of the slip were her phone number and what time she would be home.

I was on cloud nine, but I had to curb my excitement. Well at least until seven pm.

I waited at least until seven oh five to call her.

"Florence, good evening, it's Mike!"

"Mike, I thought you would never call!" She laughed on the other end of the phone.

She told me she had tomorrow night off. So we made plans to go out.

Like I said this is a Lady in the truest sense of the word.

And our date is none of your business!

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