I walk onto the elevator and push the twenty button. On the second floor, the door opens. Standing there waiting is a tall brunette. She smiles at me and steps into the car. She reaches over and presses the nineteen. The elevator begins to rise.

I look over at her. She is looking at the numbers above the door. Then she turns my direction. I look down at my watch to avoid making eye contact. When her gaze returns to the climbing numbers, I return my gaze to her perfectly shaped body. Her full chest was covered by a light-blue silk blouse, tucked into a solid black pencil skirt that ended just above her knees. Her long, silky smooth legs plummetted into a pair of four inch light-blue pumps.

I snap out of the daze that she had put me in as the door opens. She steps out, and I look at her tight rear as she exits the elevator. The door closes as I watch her turn a corner.


I step onto the elevator and push the twenty button. On the second floor, the door opens. Again, standing there is the beautiful brunette. She smiles at me and steps in.

"Nineteen please," she says to me. I stand dumbfounded for a split second and then quickly jam the nineteen button with my thumb. "Thanks," she says. I nod my head and smile.

Today she is wearing a pin stripe suit. Her blazer is cut to accent her curvy torso and her pants hug her backside just right. She is wearing a red blouse underneath her coat and matching heels on her feet.

The door opens and she makes her way out.

"See ya later," she says. The doors close before my brain puts the pieces together.

"Yeah. See ya," I get out, but it's too late.


I get on the elevator and push the twenty button. I feel a little anxious. The second floor comes and goes. She wasn't there today. I feel my heart sink a little. I had planned to introduce myself and find out her name.


The day is over. I get on the elevator and push the one button. The elevator drops one floor and opens. Standing there is the tall brunette. Today she is wearing a gray suit with a pencil skirt. Her hair is still tied up in a bun.

"Sorry I missed you this morning. I was running late." she says as she pushes the two button.

"I'm Terance," I say extending my hand.

"Mallory," she responds while taking my hand.

"So what do you do on the nineteenth floor?" I ask.

"I'm Mrs. Roth's PA. What about you?What takes you to the top floor every morning?"

"Well, I head a team that pretty much earns close to seventy-five percent of the profit margin of this company, but gets zero percent of the credit," is my response.

"Wow, that sound aweful."

"I really can't complain to much. I get the end result that I am looking for."

"And what's that?" she asks.

"A pretty big check at the end of the month." She laughs a little and the door opens on two.

"See you tomorrow?" she asks grinning at me. I nod and smile.



I walk up to the elevator and push the up button. The doors open and Mallory is standing in the corner of the car with her arms across her chest.

"Good morning Terance," she says as she beams a smile at me. "I came early so I could surprise you when you got here."

"Well, it's a pleasant one. I can't complain about you being the first thing I see when I get to work." I shoot a smile back at her as I step in.

"So what's on your plate today?" she asks.

"Not a lot I am waiting on my team to get back to me about some new product they have been working on. So, for the most part I will be sitting at my computer sifting through files that I need to sort." I realize that the elevator isn't moving. I reach over and push the nine and ten and smile at Mallory.

"Well you sound like you're gonna be real busy today," she says with a sarcastic tone.

"Oh yeah I'm gonna be swamped," I return the sarcasm.

"So, are you going to be too busy to maybe grab lunch with me?" She catches me off guard. I hesitate for a second before coming back to earth.

"Yeah...I mean, no...I mean, I would love to get lunch with you." I stumble over my words and Mallory giggles a little. The door opens on the nineteenth floor. She steps out and turns to me.

"Call me on extension seventy-five twelve around noon." She turns and starts to walk away as the doors close.


I step onto the elevator a little after twelve, and push the nineteen. The door opens and Mallory gets on. I push the one button.

"So where do you want to eat?" I ask.

"I know this great sandwich shop around the corner. The guy that owns it has been running it for the last twenty years or something like that. It's pretty good. "

"Sounds good to me." The door open and we exit the elevator.


The door opens and we step into the elevator.

"I can't belive you said that!" Mallory said laughing.

"That guy had a lot worse coming to him if he kept talking to you like that."

"Awe, aren't you just a big sweety." I reach over and press the nineteen and twenty. The elevator begins to climb.

"I do what I can," I say with a smile. "Do you have plans for this evening?"

"No. Not really. I was going to watch TV." she responds.

"Do you wanna grab drinks with me after work?"

"Sure. Sounds fun. I'll meet you here when I get off. We can go in your car." She smiles big as the door opens and she steps off. I ride up one more floor and get off to go to my office.


I get on the elevator and push the one button. On nineteen, Mallory and a balding man step on. For the first time we were sharing the elevator with someone else. The elevator stops again on twelve, and a portly woman boards. On six, the man and woman get off. When the door closes Mallory looks at me.

"So where are we going for drinks?" she asks.

"There is a bar a couple of miles from here that I like. The bar tender is a highschool buddy of mine."

"So do we get free liquor?"

"It depends on how business is doing tonight, but probably." The door opens on one.


"Wow, I can't believe you live in this building!" Mallory says loudly as we step onto the elevator in my building. "It's so tall."

"I told you I get a fat check each month." We are both soaking wet. It had started raining when were at the bar. It is getting pretty bad outside. I push the seventeen and the doors close. The elevator starts an Mallory loses her balance and falls into me. I help her get her feet back and she smiles her big beautiful smile.

"I really like you. You're nice." She hugs me. As we pass by the twelfth floor there is a sudden jolt and the elevator stops moving. The lights shut out, and the emergency lights kick on. Mallory gets a Frightened expression on her face, and opens her mouth to say something. I cut her off.

"Nothing to worry about. That's what this is for." I reach out and grab the elevator emergency phone. It rings twice.

"Hi. We are stuck on the elevator...ok thanks." I turn to Mallory. "The power is out in the building. They won't be able to get us out til the power kicks back on."


It's been two hours and Mallory and I have sobered up a bit while sitting and talking.

"I'm getting really cold," Mallory says "Would you mind if I leaned against you?" I scoot closer to her and put my arm around her as she leans up against my chest. We sit sharing body heat. I look down at her. I suppose she feels my stare and looks up at me. Our eyes lock. Her brilliant emerald green eyes pierce my soul. I do the only thing I can think of and kiss her. It only lasts a second. When I pull back she looks at me before reaching up and pulling my face back to hers. Our lips lock again. I feel her tongue caressing my lips before entering my mouth. Her tongue returns to her mouth but mine follows. My tongue circles the tip of hers.

I feel her hands working at the buttons of my shirt she tugs my shirt tails out of my pants as she undoes the last button.

I clumsily fumble over the buttons of her shirt as she unbuckles my belt and undoes the button and zipper of my slacks. By the time I get her shirt open, revealing her full chest cupped by a black lace bra, her hand is deep in my pants. I push her shirt off her shoulders, and she let's go of my erection long enough to finish taking off her shirt. She reaches back between her shoulder blades and unclips her bra. The cups fall away revealing two full and percky breasts topped with two perfectly shaped nipples.

I stand up and extend my hands to her. She grabs my hands and I pull her to her feet. In her heels, she is almost as tall as I am. I lift my right hand to one of her round tits as I lower my mouth to the other.

I circle her hard nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. Mallory moans lightly. I feel her hand dive back into my pants and wrap around my shaft.

"Can I suck you?" she whispers in my ear. I nod, and she squats down and tucks her fingers into the elastic of my boxers. In one move, my boxers and slacks hit the floor around my ankles.

Mallory grabs my rod and licks the tip. She licks down the shaft and back up before wrapping her lips around the tip and inhaling my cock. She sucks up and down over and over again. Every time she reaches the top she swirls her tongue around the head and descends again. She stops just as I am about to blow.

"Not yet," she says. Mallory hikes her skirt up around her waist revealing the tops of her tigh-high nylons and black lace undies. She hooks both thumbs under the strings of her panties, and slowly wiggles them down, kicking them to the side. Her pussy is shaved clean.

She lifts one leg and sets her foot on the hand rail. Her pink pussy lips glisten from the juices emanating from them. She crooks her finger at me. I ablige.

I start to guide my dick into her slick slot, but she lightly grabs my chin and lifts my head so that I am looking at her. She shakes her head and puts her hand on my shoulder. I kneel as Mallory's palm gently pushed down on my shoulder.

I bring my face in close and begin kissing her clit. I lap at her juices and circle her little button with my tongue. I see her shudder, and I hear her moan as I play with her. She begins to shake harder just before she sprays me down with ejaculate.

"That was amazing!" she says. "No guy has made me do that before." she puts her leg down and turns around. "I need you to take it."

I position my self behind her and guide my shaft to her entrance. I rub her lips with the tip before sliding in. I push as far as I can and pull back out. I go in and out again and again quickening my pace with every thrust. I feel her trembling again. My balls tighten.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum." I say closing my eyes.

"Oh yeah, cum deep in me." she responds moaning louder.

Just as I blow my load she pulls off and her juices shoot all over the floor and our shoes.

"Oh my god. I know I said this already, but that was amazing. I've cum like that before, but not with a guy," she says as she turns around to lean aginst my chest. She looks up at me. I lock lips with Mallory again. As we pull apart the lights kick on.

"Well that was perfect timing," I say. We quickly put our clothes back on. The doors open on the seventeenth floor. Mallory takes my hand and leads me off the elevator.

"You can fuck me again when we get to your apartment."

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