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Elf Domination


-Authors Note: a story inspired by an online Role Play that got decidedly steamy between me and a friend. When I mentioned this could be a good short story he said to go ahead. So, to my Drow, thank you!-

She waited upon the bed for her master, and mate to join her. He had started out teaching her magic, before their relationship turned deeper, more intimate. Her own powers tended towards the demonic arts, his, more all- encompassing, but not as dark in its nature. Her lover was staggeringly powerful, sexy and well respected. She often worried that she did not deserve the love of one such as he.

Tonight, she was determined to catch him off guard, let him see the full extent of her wicked potential. She was a small thing, barely five foot, an elf witch, with sun-kissed skin, blonde hair straight and thick, falling to her upper back, perky round breasts, surprisingly so for an elf, but not too big, and an ass that was tight and round. She was going to need help subduing one such as her love; he towered over her by well over a foot. Smirking at the glowing eyes of the creature hiding behind the door, she knew that she had chosen the right "co-conspirator" for this night's sinful enterprise. It was time for her mate to see just what a determined and kinky witch could do.

Hearing footsteps approaching the bedchamber she drew herself into what she hoped was a seemingly innocent pose, hands resting demurely on her knees, breasts thrust out against the diaphanous short nightgown. She had spent the evening teasing her mate, deliberately stirring his arousal, before skipping off to their room with a wink. He was naturally dominant, and had seemed surprised that his little mate was being so forward this night.

His form filled the doorway. If she was possessed of the golden skin hues of the sun, he was formed as of the night itself, skin so dark it was ebony, eyes a pale almost silver blue, long cascading white hair that she loved to feel dragged across her skin.

"Well my love, you've been tormenting me all night with that body of yours, I hope you're ready for what you've been begging for!" he smirked, stepping into the chamber, eyes fixed on her small form on their bed. She smiled wickedly at him, "Oh I think it is you who had best be ready beloved" she inclined her head and the creature behind the door stepped out, kicking it closed with one bare, clawed foot. Her mate spun around in surprise, his mouth dropping open. His cunning little witch had summoned a Succubus, one she usually reserved for flaying her opponents in battle.

The demoness was tall, black hair cut bluntly at shoulder length, a slight fringe hanging over glowing red eyes. She wore a leather corset encasing her large, impossibly perky breasts, and a tiny leather g string riding between a lush rounded ass. Her skin was so deep a pink as to be almost purple, her head crowned with two horns, and a long, prehensile snakelike tail. She grinned at the stunned elf male, sliding the preferred weapon of her kind between her claw tipped fingers, the long wicked leather whip flicking against the flagstones.

Her mate turned to look out of the corner of his eye at his little wife smirking on their bed. "Two against one? Well bring it on wenches!" he suddenly jumped a little, startled when the succubi's whip lashed out catching his legs with an evil cracking sound "You talk too much Male!" she hissed softly, distracting him while the elf witch summoned magical bindings that shot out to capture his wrists, tugging him back to stand at the foot of the bed, arms now lashed to the bedposts in unbreakable dark energy strands. He could hear his mate chuckling, a light and breathy sound, as she leaned against his back, biting the side of his neck, small hands coming around his chest to rip his shirt open. "Relax my love, we won't hurt you...unless you want us too?" she purred against his throat, now trailing her small tongue up to trace his pointed ears, nibbling on the tips where she knew all of their kind were hypersensitive.

He grit his teeth but couldn't quite suppress the deep groan that escaped from his throat in response to her bites and licks. He nearly yelled when a hand holding ice cubes suddenly pressed against his left nipple, the cold searing him, raising the flesh into a taut peak. The succubus lent in, snaking her tongue out across his unattended right nipple, the contrast between the frigid pain and hot wet mouth overwhelming, and his little mate still sucking on his ear. His cock felt heavy, stirring at sensations being forced upon him.

Seeming to tire of their little hot and cold torments, hi mate stepped out to join the succubus in front of him. With a nod from her, both women started to drag his leather trousers down his slim hips and muscular thighs, to pool at his ankles, effectively trapping him further. A soft growl came from the demoness as she viewed his now hardening length, red eyes flaring with hunger and desire. His little witch snapped out a command in demonic and in unison both women dropped to their knees before him. Struggling in vain against his magical shackles he voiced a desperate "Wait stop!" before hot, silken wetness caressed the crown of his dick. Spine arching in sudden pleasure, he looked down to see both women on either side of his cock, seemingly attempting to kiss around the thick head of it, their tongues swirling around it, before they trailed this open mouth caress down both sides, all the way to the base, licking and sucking his hard flesh. His eyes widened, hips bucking involuntarily as the succubus moved her head to suck and lick at his balls, the skin growing tight with his rising need.

His love moved so that she was kneeling directly in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking softly, one hand coming up to pump his shaft in time with her head bobbing up and down his length. He closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, trying to control the mounting pleasure. Because of this he didn't notice his wife look up and channel her magic, sliding his shackles back onto the farther bedposts, or the demoness pulling him backwards to lie down on his back. His eyes snapped open in time to see the his demonic tormentor stripping out of her corset and panties, then crawl onto the bed to face her mistress, who was now was just toying with his cockhead like a delicious candy with the tip of her tongue.

After an almost imperceptible nod from her mistress, the succubus moved so that she was straddling his face, her hairless pussy just above his mouth. "Please me male, and you may yet be rewarded for your efforts" she commanded. He half thought of refusing when he felt his mate suck at least a third of his cock into her throat, before slowly sliding it out again. Deciding this wasn't all bad, he extended his tongue, circling the demons clit, noticing with surprise that she tasted sweet. He wished his hands were free; the urge to spank the fantastic ass hovering above him until it glowed a deep red was overwhelming. He slowly sucked her clit between his lips, lashing the trapped flesh with his tongue, and was rewarded with a long moan from above him as she ground her pussy against his lips.

Looking up from her position between his splayed thighs, the witch couldn't help but moan softly at the spectacle before her. Shedding her gown, she stood and crawled up his body, sending a mental command to her demon to sit back for a moment so that her mate could see her. She straddled his hips, the entrance of her tight, perfectly smooth pussy just teasing the very tip of his now straining cock. He thrust his hips upwards, desperately trying to enter her, but she rose up with a smirk. "Beg for me...how badly do you want me to ease your torment?" She lowered her hips to drag her wet slit up his entire length before backing away again. He snarled, pale blue eyes snapping fire in his dark face, yanking hard against his magical bonds. The succubus scratched a clawed hand down his muscled chest "None of that male...answer my mistress or we leave you here and fuck each other!"

Taking a shuddering breath, he stared at his beloved, and ground out "Please...fuck me my love! I'm dying here!" She grinned and kissed his scratched chest, "As you wish" she whispered before lowering her pussy onto the head of his cock. He hissed in pleasure at the sudden heat and tightness engulfing him, loving how she bit her bottom lip as she continued to take in his length, feeling her impossibly tight and wet around his cock.

Suddenly his view became obscured as the demoness resumed her place above his mouth. "You didn't think we were done here did you?" she asked with a laugh. He obliged her, licking at her wet pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue before drawing it back to plunge inside her core. He moaned against her wet flesh at the feelings from his cock being fucked hard by his little witch. The demon leant forward to grab her mistress's shoulders and kiss her deeply as they both sated their lusts with his body.

The witch was rocking her pussy against his hardness, grinding her clit against him as his cock kept thrusting hard inside her. Suddenly she felt him hit that spot that stole the air from her lungs and sent shockwaves through her body. Feeling her suddenly tightening upon him, her clever mate angled his hips to keep striking that spot, all the while tongue fucking the now constantly moaning demon whore's pussy and clit. His little wife suddenly gave a strangled cry and he felt her pussy start to clamp down on his thickness, milking him. This pushed him over the edge, his own cum spurting deep into her tight little cunt.

The succubus was the last to reach her peak, but possibly the loudest, coming with a scream that shook the walls, grinding her clit against his tongue, thighs clamping so tightly around his head he almost feared she would snap his neck. Shuddering, the demoness looked at her owner with a sated smile on her face "You spoil your servant my mistress...will there be anything else?" Shaking her head, trying to catch her breath the she elf looked at her with her own lusty grin plastered on her face "Pets that serve their masters well in battle deserve rewards, you are dismissed for now!" with a dark laugh, the creature dematerialized from above his face, back to the Netherworld. With a snap of her fingers, his shackles vanished, freeing his arms.

He pulled his now exhausted mate up to rest against his chest, a deep rumble of satisfaction vibrating through into her own body from his. "Well little one, I chose my mate well it seems, for she was able to surprise me in ways no one else has ever dared...I love you". She raised her head from his chest to smile at him, green eyes sparkling with mirth and love, "And I you beloved....perhaps if you're very good...we can do that again sometime." He chuckled, tucking her head under his chin and holding her until sleep took them both.

By Scarlett Crimson 2013

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