tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEli's Promise Ch. 02

Eli's Promise Ch. 02



By the time we reached her room, Piper had gotten excited again. Unlike that which she'd displayed in my room, however, this seemed to have a tinge of nervousness about it. She unlocked her door and pushed it open.

"Oh, shit," she said.

I followed her in. Her room looked like Karl's half of the closet back in my room, only more spread out. One bed was made, and the desk was clear, aside from a pair of panty hose strewn across its surface, one leg of which hung over the accompanying chair, but the rest of the room needed some sort of disaster relief.

"The mess is mine," Piper said, all nervous excitement gone. "After . . . well, you know. After that, I kind of lost it and when I lose it housekeeping gets left behind."

I embraced her from behind. "You should see what my brother does to his room before a date," I said. "And his idea of cleaning up is throwing everything into his hamper, dirty or not."

"How can anything be worse than this?" she asked. She turned her head and I followed her gaze. "Oh, God, there's a gaff hanging from the light fixture." This she said on a groan that sounded like shame.

I held her tighter, pulling the door from her hand so it would close, shuffling us aside so it could do so. I couldn't stifle the chuckle that shook me, or the mental question of whether or not I should be happy I put a time limit on our relationship. I wasn't sure if I could endure disasters like this after arguments; then again, I was a neat freak and actually enjoyed cleaning stuff up, so it wouldn't be so bad.

"Shut up," Piper said.

"Sorry, love," I said through chuckles. "But you're so cute when you're mortified."

That got me a laugh from Piper, and I laughed as well. I pulled away from her and patted her upper arms.

"You go do what you need to do to get ready," I said. "I'll see about cleaning up a bit."

She turned to look at me, and her expression said she thought I was insane. I pushed at her shoulders.

"Go on," I said. "I'll be fine."

"You're sure," she said.

I nodded. "Absolutely. It won't take me long."

She sighed. "Well, it's not as if I take showers as short as you managed, so you'll have plenty of time to clean up."

I chuckled. She crossed the room, picking her way around discarded garments, and I started at the door. Her room contained bunk beds, and I tossed her things up onto the unmade upper bunk. That cleared off the floor in short order, and I found her hamper by the simple expedient of observing it when she opened her closet. While she collected her shower supplies, I gathered a wealth of hangers from the bar and took them to her bunk and dropped them there with a rattle.

Her room, by virtue of its small size, proved easy to deal with. I put all her clothes to the sniff test and examined them closely, dropping the few dirty items onto the floor between hanging up most of the clothes. That complete and dirties in the hamper, I fetched the stockings off the desk and put them where she could inspect them herself, then moved the chair below the light fixture to unhang the gaff panties hung on the cover's corner.

I watched the door to her bathroom while I sniffed the crotch, unwilling to be caught sniffing them. However much I thought I might enjoy the scent of her crotch, getting that scent from her underwear just wasn't a turn-on. They proved to smell clean, so I hopped off the chair, returned it to its place, and took the gaff to her side of the closet.

Making her bed proved to be an exercise in contortion. True, I only bent forward, but, damn, I must have had a dozen bumps on the back of my head from repeatedly knocking it into the ceiling. Whatever the ceiling was made of certainly wasn't soft, that was for sure, and I had to keep checking to make sure I hadn't cracked anything other than my head. I returned to the floor with a profound sigh of relief just as the bathroom door opened, releasing a billow of steam.

Piper peeked out. "Wow."

I looked at her. She hid behind the door, but I could see a bit of her right hip, wrapped in the towel she'd taken in with her, which actually covered her from pits to mid-thigh. She crept out, one small footstep at a time, clutching at the towel; right hand where the corner tucked under and left hand holding the end flap shut. She looked closer to terrified than I'd ever seen anybody.

"You're fine," I said.

"O-okay," she said, softly.

"Would it make you feel better if I turned around?" I asked.

She looked away. "Um, yeah, kind of."

So I did. I felt the silence stretch from Piper.

"Th-thanks," she said, sounding a little more confident. "Just until I get some underwear on."

"Okay," I said.

I couldn't hear her drying herself off, but it must have happened at top speed. She inhaled a deep breath and told me it was okay to turn around to face her. When I did, I found her in a pair of boxer briefs, back to the room, pulling something nude colored out of a bright red pouch. Her movements seemed jerky

"This is a corset," she said. "When it's all done up, I'll have a waistline and something like hips." She set the corset on her bed, hugged herself for a moment, and pulled a bra out next, then went still, arms folded over her chest, bra dangling from her left hand. "Um, the breast forms are Harry's idea of a joke," she said softly. "I kept on going on about how I wanted real breast forms because other kinds of false breasts have issues, and he got me C cups. I had to get new bras for them, and I feel like some porn star wearing them."

I sidled over to the desk and sat in the chair. "That's okay," I said.

Piper looked at me. I could tell by her expression that she'd expected me to laugh at that little story.

"Harry's your best friend?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, turning around.

She put the bra on, latching it behind her back in an act of contortion I couldn't have contemplated much less executed. She adjusted its position a bit, then dug into the same place she'd taken the bra from. I assumed she put the breast forms in the bra, because when she turned around the bra's cups were full.

"God, Eli, see?" she asked, indicating her false breasts. "Fucking porn star."

I somehow managed to stifle my amusement at her acrid tone of voice. Not having anything positive to say--how does one compliment another on their false breasts?--I bit my lower lip and kept silent. Piper retrieved the corset from the bed and pulled it on over head, then tugged it into place.

"Normally, I'd tape my chest for some cleavage, but this dress covers that, so I'm not going to worry about that. Help me with this?" She pulled her hair out from under the corset and over her right shoulder.

I rose and went to her, then froze on seeing the mess of lacing. "How do I do this?" I asked.

"Work up from the bottom, until you reach the longest pull of laces, then work down from the top. I'll tell you when it's tight enough."

I did as instructed, taking care to tighten things to specifications. Piper huffed every time I tugged, and I made sure to give her plenty of time to inhale between each tug. I pulled on the longest laces, which proved to be loops pulled out instead of the ends of them, which happened to be tied at the bottom of the corset.

"Is that tight enough?" I asked.

"A little more," she said.

I went through the process again. I'd thought I'd pulled all I could before, but I actually pulled a bit more up with each tug.

"Okay, there," Piper said. "You're strong. It usually takes at least one more round before Harry gets it this tight. It takes me absolutely forever by myself, and it's never a good fit. Now tie the long ends, but leave the free ends longer than the bowed parts."

"I'd be happy to help any time," I said as I carefully tied up the hanging ends. From my point of view, Piper now did indeed have a waistline and hips. "Want me to tuck the ends up?" I asked.

"No," she said. "Just let them hang. Annoys me half to death sometimes, but if I have to get out of this thing by myself later, it'll be easier if I don't have to pull the ends free first." She shifted a little, smoothing her hands down her sides. "I don't get you, you know? My last boy--the last guy I was with freaked out about some of my cross dressing. You sure you're not a bit of a drag queen yourself?"

I patted her waist a couple times and kissed the juncture where her neck met her shoulder. "Absolutely certain," I said.

She turned around to look at me. "Just how certain are you of that? Is it to the point you wouldn't be caught dead in women's clothes, or would you be willing to play a little?"

I chuckled. "I'll try anything at least once," I said.

Piper shook her head, sighed, and went to the bathroom. "I'm going to blow dry my hair now. It'll take at least fifteen minutes. Probably about thirty as wet as my hair still is."

"Okay," I said. "I'm going to go look something up in the phone book."

"Take my keys and lock up behind you," she said.

"Will do," I said, and fetched her keys from her jeans' pocket.

After locking the door, I headed for the payphone. I smiled a little, thinking about Piper back there, getting ready, while I spun her keys around my finger. I found someone sitting in the common room, watching TV, but neither of us paid the other much attention after mutual glances to see who was where. I spent the next twenty minutes on my cell phone, calling different restaurants. Piper may have been content to just dress up and do nothing, but I intended to show her off. She was mine, if only for a couple weeks, and I was going to make damn sure she knew how special I thought she was.

Maybe I was getting a bit too involved with this thing between us considering its temporary status, but at this point I didn't really care. I refused to make a half-assed job of this. Piper was my first, and I had a feeling I'd never meet anybody else like her. I wanted this thing to be special to both of us, regardless of the time limit I'd set on it. I knew I wouldn't change my mind about that, but I intended to do the best I could, to show Piper the best time possible.

I could even halfway predict what this would do to me. Piper was my first. However far she took us, and I was being sentimental here, I knew I'd treasure these two weeks for the rest of my life. Really, considering my situation with my brother, Piper might be my only. I'd talked myself into this once, and if this situation ended up as I half feared it would, I knew I'd do my best to become asexual so I wouldn't go through it again. Hell, it wasn't as if I hadn't already done that between my focus on school and work, but I wanted to experience this just once. I knew it wouldn't be easy to return to what I'd been doing before, but I would.

It would be better to give up on any love life at all than do this again, much as this meant to me. I'd be lonely, might be miserable, but at least I wouldn't be tearing in half from conflicting desires like I was now. What hurt most of all was that if I hadn't made that promise to Alec, that if I'd instead promised Piper I'd come out to my parents regardless of my brother's wishes, I'd be looking at longer than just a couple weeks with her.

I'd made the wrong promise. I was trying to correct it, and it was a damn poor way to do so, what I was doing. I went still, thumb poised over the keypad of my cell phone while I considered going back to Piper's room and telling her I couldn't do this. But I couldn't do that, either. I'd as good as promised her two weeks, and she clearly wanted it as much as I did.

We were both grasping at straws, and neither of us could find enough of them to make bricks with. We were just wallowing in the mud pit, floundering after what we could have had if I hadn't been so stupid.

For the first time in my life, being honorable felt like shit. I inhaled a deep breath and called around until I found a restaurant whose hostess described in such a way that a dressed up couple wouldn't look out of place. They didn't require a reservation, which pleased me. I wanted to keep the invitation as spontaneous as possible, and if I'd had to worry about when we had to get there, it could have gotten awkward.

I returned to the room to find Piper pulling what must have been her new green dress out of the closet. "I'm back," I said as I shut the door.

She looked over her shoulder, then turned, grinning, to show me the dress. "What do you think?" she asked.

I bit my lower lip for a second. "It's on a hanger. What do you want me to think?" I asked in a pert tone.

She laughed. "Shut up," she said, removing the dress from the hanger. She tossed the latter onto her bed and flipped the dress over to pull it on. It slid down her body and settled into place with a couple gentle tugs. "Zip me up?"

I went over and did as had been asked of me, taking care. She'd pulled her hair over her shoulder and waited patiently while I drew the zipper up. I fastened the hook and eye at the top, then kissed the spot of her skin just above.

"All done," I said.

She turned around, smoothing her hands down her torso. I watched, more than a little titillated by the whole picture before me.

"Now what do you think?" she asked.

I looked her up and down, noting the fullness of the knee-length skirt, the width of the neckline, which barely covered her shoulders before puffing up in little cap sleeves. Silk edged all the hems, a green that matched the velvet perfectly. I shook my head, seeking words of praise and unable to find any that were adequate.

"Well?" she asked after a minute of my unresponsiveness. She sounded a little uncertain.

I opened my mouth and said the first thing that came to my tongue. "Exquisite."

"Really?" she asked, voice almost flat.

"I'm telling the truth, Piper," I said. "I've never seen anything as fantastic as you right now."

She looked away, down at the floor, hair sweeping forward over her shoulders. "Thanks," she said.

Not knowing what else to do, I pulled her into an embrace and held her. If I'd had any idea what she was willing to accept from me, I would have kissed her. Since I didn't know how far she wanted to go in this thing between us, I could only hold her. She slid her hands up my chest and pressed her face against my neck.

"You're too good to be true," she said.

I opened my mouth to deny that, realized that I'd have to remind her of my promise to my brother and thus the limit she'd placed, and inhaled a deep breath instead. I closed my eyes and pressed my face against the top of her shoulder, doing everything I could to keep my tears from falling. It worked. I didn't even shudder. But I had to hold myself very still, and my teeth just about pierced my lower lip I bit down so hard.

She pulled away a little, but not completely free, and raised her hands to my head. We gazed at each other for a while, then she kissed me. I parted my lips for her, following her lead in this as in everything else I'd done with her. It was all I could do. Her arms slid around my neck and I pulled her close, reveling in the feel of her feminine shape even as I lusted for what lay beneath the trappings of femininity.

Piper was, this way, everything I'd ever dreamed of having. I liked the secret her clothing made of her true gender. Knowing that secret made her more mine, something only I could really fathom, and I'd seen her from the skin up. Everything about her excited me, from what she now wore to her truth, to the kiss.

She ended it, the sweet kiss, and sighed, resting her forehead against mine. I slid my hands up her back, opening my eyes. Hers were still closed. I felt her fingers tangle in my hair, the tickle of her hair against the backs of my hands. A little smile played about her lips for a few seconds before she spoke.

"The good thing about a skirt like this is that I can wear normal underwear," she said. Her eyes opened and a grin spread over her lips. She chuckled, and it had a decidedly wicked sound to it. "So when I get horny, it doesn't hurt."

I chuckled. Piper pressed closer, raising her right leg over my hip. Her gaze held mine; I couldn't have looked away if a bomb exploded beside us. She grinned again, this one wicked to match her previous chuckle.

"Feel that?" she asked, pushing her groin against my thigh.

"What?" I asked, half-teasing. "The skirt's in the way."

"Damn thing," she muttered, lowering her hands to pull it out as flat as possible.

This time, when she pressed against me, I nodded. "I feel that," I said.

"Yeah," she said. "I haven't gotten a hard on from a single kiss since I was sixteen."

I chuckled. "Three years," I said. "Still close enough."

"Maybe," she said. She kissed the side of my chin. "I think it's mostly you, though. I practically have to be wearing a gaff to not get an erection around you." She released her skirt and raised her left hand to my shoulder. "You must be some really kinky bastard," she said, lowering her leg so she could rub my groin with her thigh. "You're not exactly soft, either."

I chuckled. "I realized I was gay when I was ten," I said.

"How? I'm sure this story has a point," she said.

I chuckled again. "Yeah, it was the first time I saw the movie Some Like It Hot," I said. "Basic gist of the plot is a couple of musicians witness some major gangster murder round and have to go into hiding. The only gig they can get is with a girl-band, so they have to dress up as women, and they end up in Florida, at this resort for rich idiots. Well, while one of the guys is going around acting all rich in pursuit of a fellow band mate--played by Marilyn Monroe--the other is, as a woman, being wooed by this rich guy who has no clue he's really a guy."

Piper chuckled. "Oh, funny," she said.

I nodded. "To this day, I'm not sure which excited me more. The romance between the millionaire and the cross dresser, or the fact one of them was dressed as a woman. All I know is that every time the two got together, I knew I wanted to be in the millionaire's place with regards to whom he was wooing."

I backed up a few steps, grasping her hand from my shoulder, and swept Piper into a little waltz. She chuckled.

"As I recall, the millionaire liked to tango all night long, and he wasn't exactly young," I added, tone of voice thoughtful as I danced Piper and myself around. "But a tango is a bit too dangerous to try when you're not wearing shoes and I am."

"My toes have been stepped on before," she said.

"Hey, I'm trying to prove how good a dancer I am here," I said.

She laughed. I grinned.

"It's been ages since I last saw that movie," I said. "Last summer, at least, when I was home. Mom bought me my own copy when hers kept disappearing for nights on end when I was fourteen." I sighed. "It was the first thing I ever didn't listen to my brother about. He hated my obsession with it."

I bit my lower lip, stopping there. Any further, and we'd be back on taboo territory. Perhaps Piper felt it, too, because she didn't ask after what I'd started on, but found a completely unrelated question.

"How did you learn to dance?" she asked.

"Lessons from when I was twelve until I was fifteen. Alec dropped out as soon as Mom let him. Another bone of contention between us, but I refused to drop the lessons. I had fun. I had a group of friends my brother never had any opportunity to impose upon."

"Why did you stop?"

I sighed, pulling Piper closer. "I did too much of it," I said. "My grades started failing, and I knew if I didn't do something what little happiness I had would fall apart. It happened anyway. Leaving the dance community even a little bit left openings for Alec, and he took every one, and I started falling apart. I finally gave up all pretense of independence from him when I was sixteen and decided to bide my time until I could get into college."

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