tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElixir For The Undead Ch. 07

Elixir For The Undead Ch. 07

byVampire Sedet©

After they disposed of the demon, Buffy and Spike headed back to the hotel to call Giles and let him know what happened. While Buffy was on the phone, Spike had decided to take first dibs on the shower.

When Buffy was finishing up in the bathroom, Spike got the room sun proofed with the extra blankets from the hotel closet.

"Slayer, are you done in there?" Spike asked from the bed, "You don't need to do your hair if I'm gonna mess it up anyway." The last part said under his breath.

Buffy peaked out the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Spike... Who says I will let you mess my hair?"

"Oh... I didn't think you heard that..." He smiled cheekily.

"Oh I heard you alright... I do have slayer hearing you know... And besides... Since we are both fresh and clean from the demon 'gook', I don't think I feel like getting all sweaty and icky again..." She knew she was bating Spike. The look on his face was priceless, if he actually thought she didn't want to have sex. Buffy decided to toy with him a bit longer.

"I mean," she said walking into the room making sure her towel would unhook by the time she was at the base of the bed, "Do you think that I could be in the mood after dissecting that slimy gross beast?"

Spike's mouth gaped as she teased him by trailing her hand from her neck, slowly moving down through the valley between her breasts, stopping and circling them absent-mindedly, knowing that she was driving him insane with lust.

"Please Spike... You must know me by now..." With that she pounced on the bed with a big smile on her face, attacking his mouth with fervor.

"I knew you didn't mean it Slayer... since I can smell your arousal a mile away!" Spike confirmed as he dipped his fingers into her wetness.

Buffy sighed as she felt his talented fingers inside her. Spike rolled her over and lapped up the droplets of water from her shower on her skin. Buffy lay back to enjoy the treatment she was receiving, stretching her arms above her head, and grabbing the headboard.

Spike stopped his ministrations, to peer up at his woman, his mate... He decided he was going to take his time with pleasing her tonight! The night was for them and no one else at this moment.

Spike started caressing her fingertips, down to the palm of her hand. Down her wrist with a feather-like touch to her elbow.

All the while Buffy lay still with her eyes closed.

"Such determination to lay still Pet?" Spike asked, "Why don't we up the stakes a little... No pun intended...."

Buffy opened her eyes... a scared look came across her features... "Um, Spike... What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I wager that I can make you cum without touching you... where it counts that is..."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Buffy said with amazement in her voice.

"That's right! So are you game?" He asked with a raised brow.

"What would be the reward?" Buffy asked, pondering the proposition in her head.

"Well... it could be breakfast in bed for a week." He replied.

"Breakfast? Yeah... and what would you make me huh? Blood pudding? Blood sausage?" Buffy joked.

"Now, now Slayer... I might add that I'm a very good cook when I need to be..." Spike defended himself.

"OK, ok... You're on. Prepare to make my eggs sunny side up, and cinnamon toast, thank you very much."

Spike was always up for a dare, especially if it was anything sexual, more so including his Slayer. He went back to her elbow and started circling it with his fingertips, then turning her arm so that he could kiss the inside crease. His tongue snaking out to her vein.

Down he went toward her armpit, passed her supple mounds, he lingered on her rib cage. His fingers traced each rib from side to midriff then over to the opposite side.

Buffy's breathing was becoming labored, but more so to keep from letting Spike know that she was ticklish around her tummy.

Spike knew Buffy was ticklish, but he had to make sure to find all the pressure points for female orgasm.

Before the Boxer Rebellion, Spike had eaten an acupuncturist, but had learned a few things about pressure points and massage techniques that would bring any woman to orgasm. No one would ever say that 'William the Bloody' was a selfish lover!

He knew that he had found one of the points around Buffy's belly button; by the way she was arching her hips. He trailed down her body, passing her centre of desire. His fingers lightly massaged her thighs down to the tender flesh behind her knee, there Spike knew would send her over the edge.

Buffy couldn't believe that she was experiencing this pleasure, and that he hadn't even caressed her breasts or entered her. She was tempted to let her own fingers do the walking, but she knew that Spike would call all bets off if he had noticed that she was helping herself along.

Spike found the area behind her legs that needed to be manipulated. In less than a minute Buffy was reeling from her climax, her hips bucking and her head tossing from side to side.

"How the hell did you do that??? I mean... WOW!! But God! WOW!!" She cried, trying to clear the stars from her vision.

Spike just had a big smirk on his face and said "Well luv, ancient Chinese secret!" Then crawled up her body. "I'm glad I was able to take the doubt out of your eyes!"

"I didn't doubt you Spike!! Well maybe for a minute! I will never doubt you again! She replied. "Oh... And by the way, I like my blood heated to 98.6... 'Thank you very much'." He said coining her phrase.

The two kissed deeply, which lead to the more traditional style of lovemaking.


Spike was running... Running to find shelter. Looking every which way to hide from the dawn.

"Holy Shit!" He cried, as he saw for the first time in over 100 years the sunrise reaching the horizon. With nowhere to hide, he just stood still to await his impending doom.

He tried to shield himself with his duster, then realized that clouds started to form as a storm wad brewing over the skyline to protect him from the UV rays.

Squinting, even though the storm clouds had saved him, Spike stared out to see the world in its waking hours. What he saw was ocean to the left of him and cliffs that went on for miles up the coast.

Spike walked along the road, cliff side, smelling the ocean air and kicking at the stones on the road. The wind blowing at his duster was also howling in his ears.

On he walked, discovering odd things in his travels up the coastal highway. He came upon a scooter, not the ones that are a poor excuse for a motorbike, but the kind that looks like a giant roller skate. He figured that at least every young boy would ask for one at Christmas from Santa... He snickered to himself at that thought.

He picked it up; it was all shiny, silver plating with red rubber wheels. He proceeded to take it for a spin. Pushing with his left foot, he balanced with his right.

* Push *

* Push *

It was getting harder as he headed up hill, around the mountain. Once at the lookout point, Spike noticed a gap in the road.

He felt like he was in the Roadrunner cartoons, with he being Wylie Coyote, about to be snookered by his own trap, foiled by the roadrunner.

The gap was no more than 10 feet across. He was sure that he could make it. Spike went to assess the distance up close as well as peer down to see what lay beneath.

He put the scooter down and stood back about 30 feet from the edge. He turned to see Buffy sitting on a rock by the cliff's edge.

"Go on Spike, I think you can make it." Buffy reassured him.

He started to run as fast as he could, getting the momentum to cross the roadway.

At the point of where he would leap, he stopped. Stopped dead in his tracks. Blood sweat lightly covering his forehead, he looked down again to see distance below.

Again he walked back 30 paces to where he began, Buffy was still sitting, watching, waiting, to see what he would do.

"I have faith in you Spike, you will do the right thing!" She said matter-of-factly.

Spike looked at her, as if he didn't recognize the person who was speaking.

Concentrating his thoughts on the leap ahead, he tried again. Lifting one foot, then the other, it seemed that all he was waiting for was someone to yell in his mind "On your mark. Get set. Go!" And he did.

Muscled thighs working to maximum strength, arms pumping back and forth, he reaches the edge with barely enough time to stop himself from falling over the cliff. Bits of dust and gravel float off the cliff, he watches the dust carried off on the wind.

He feels a tap on his shoulder, he turns to see Buffy, and intrigued she asks,

"Spike? Why don't you just jump? Aren't you ready to take the plunge?" She questioned.

Spike grimaces, then replies,

"Not too big on the 300 foot drop."

Spike woke up abruptly, looking at his surroundings, getting his bearings. He sees Buffy sleeping soundly next to him, with a quiet snore escaping her.

"Bloody Hell!" He whispers to himself, then curls up next to his beloved and slowly falls back into slumber.


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