Ella, Ch. 1

byJewel Tatoo©

She was more than lovely, she was breathtakingly beautiful...there in the early morning light her hair was molten copper, against her milk white skin, full lips of red, eyes green, like early spring leaves. Her clothing was tattered, full breasts strained against the thin fabric, her nipples clearly outlined, a tiny waist easily spanned by a man's two hands, full round hips, and under her skirt, a full tempting bottom, like a ripe peach.

It was seldom that she had a moment to herself, let alone enjoy the early morning. Her days usually started well before dawn. Preparing meals, and doing laundry for her stepmama . The tasks assigned to her were not hard, just so many, and her stepmama expected her needs to be met AT ONCE. Ella had learned early to do more than one thing at a time.

She paused, remembering her father, the kind, handsome man that had devoted his life to her, the memory of her father always was bittersweet...She was jarred out of her thoughts by the bell, her stepmama was an early riser.

With a sigh, Ella went to prepare the breakfast tray. Tea and muffins the water had to be just so, not to hot, or to cold. If it was not right stepmama may start throwing things. Fortunately Ella had breakfast down to an art.

As Ella took tray up, the front bell rang. Peters the butler waved her on, the Mistress did not like for Ella to be seen by anyone. Ella continued on up to her stepmama's bed chamber. It always amazed Ella that one so beautiful could be so wicked.

Constance, her stepmama, had coal black hair that fell well below her hips, like a swath of black silk, her eyes were like the finest sapphires, with licks of green flame. Her skin was like cream, her lips full and lush, like crushed berries. For a woman of her years, , her figure was perfect. There was no fat, nor was she thin. High full breasts with cherry nipples, a narrow waist that was made even smaller with the whale boned corset, her hips were round, the only flaw to her figure, was her flat fanny. Stepmama always wore petticoats that were fuller in the bottom to overcome this flaw.

Ella had discovered her stepmama's wickedness early in her marriage to her father. Papa had come home from a hunting party in the North with her on his arm. He called to Ella "Come and see what I have brought you, my dear." Ella was prepared to greet her new stepmama with open arms, but Constance took one look at her 17 year old stepdaughter and was not pleased. Ella was the image of her mother, that had died when she was 12. It was not more than 2 days before Ella was packed off to boarding school! Stepmama insisted that she needed to have the polish that the all girls school could give her.

After a year at finishing school, Ella was finally sent for. She assumed that she would be "presented" to society and start the hunt for a husband. Upon her return home, she found her father ill, and her stepmama ruling the house with heavy hand. Constance said that the doctors had no idea of what was wrong, only that it was an unknown illness. Everything was being done for her father's comfort and health.

Ella remained at her papa's side, encouraging him to eat and drink. Every evening Constance brought a medicinal drink for him, reminding him of how the doctor had instructed a dose at bedtime would help him get a full night of sleep. Only then would Ella leave her father's bedside.

One evening when Constance insisted upon Ella going to her room to get some rest, and that she herself would sit with her father. Constance pleaded with her to go and have some cocoa, and rest, that she didn't need Ella to become ill while caring for her papa. Constance reassure her that she herself would stay at his bedside until he was fast asleep.

Ella went to her room, tried to drink the chocolate, but it was bitter, she poured it out over her balcony, into the garden below. Deciding a stroll in the garden would help her winde down, she pulled on her dark blue cloak, and went down the back stairs, out in to the garden.

As she walked along the paths, she noticed that the flower beds were overgrown. This was strange, especially as she had noticed several new gardeners, and footmen had been employed. Oh well, they just may need more direction in their duties. Stepmama had her hands full with caring for papa during his illness.

As it was not very late, and there was a light on in the gardener's cottage, Ella thought to have a word with him about his neglect of the gardens.

Passing a well lit window, she pulled up short, shocked by what she had thought she had seen, she shook her head, no that couldn't have been Constance ... she was with papa. It must be a scullery maid...no there were no young maids, and she didn't think the old cook would be here at this time.

Ella snuck back to the window, which was partially open on this warm spring night. At first, not sure who was with the gardener or what was going on. She peeked in and to her surprise it was her stepmama...standing there locked in a passionate embrace with the gardener, Tom!

Standing there dumbfounded, she saw Tom's hand's slowly press Constance closer, flattening her breasts against his broad chest, then lower to cup her buttocks, pressing her against his hard thighs.

Ella found it difficult to breathe, she knew what went on between a man and a wife, it never occurred to her that it could happen outside of the marriage bed. Repulsed by her stepmama's infidelity, but fascinated, Ella could not turn away.

The embrace broke, as Tom drew back and asked "Are you here for a quick tumble?"

Constance pulled away, undoing the buttons on the front of her gown, revealing her full breasts, pushed up by the constraints of her corset, playing with her half exposed nipples she said "I'm yours for the night....my husband will not wake up, and Ella was given a sleeping potion in her cocoa. Neither should stir until mid morning"

Laughing, she pulled his head to her breast, needing no further enticement, he bit her nipples, hard, when she moaned, he laughed, and asked "Are you sure they'll wake up at all?"

Slapping him lightly on the face, obviously annoyed. Constance said "That is not for you to worry about, not when I'm so hot and wet for you, I've not been able to fuck you since Ella came home."

With that he picked up, and threw her to the bed, her skirts tangled with her legs. Growling Tom lay a top her, pushing her skirts up and her chemise down to gain access to her body.

From where Ella stood it looked as if they had done this many times before, she was angry about the drugging herself and papa, but she was too curious about the events now before her ... she felt a heat and wetness between her legs...as she continued to watch.

Tom's lips seemed to be everywhere, kissing, sucking and licking at Constance's breasts, ears and neck. His hands were working on the hooks on the front of her corset....releasing her full breasts, with hard erect cherry nipples. He grabbed each breast, bringing the nipples close and sucking them up in his mouth at the same time...."more than a handful is not a waste," he chuckled.

Constance's body was now bared to his view ... full breasts, narrow waist flowing to full hips...plump pussy. It always amazed him that the gentry plucked there hair there, oh well he thought much easier to eat. Her legs were encased in black silk stockings, that contrasted with her milky white skin.

His lips trailed down over her slightly rounded stomach. Constance moaned, and pushed his head lower, spreading her legs giving him full access to her smooth wet pussy and engorged clitoris.

Ella watched as he reached out with his tongue and slowly traced the slit of her stepmama's ... Ella herself had never even seen herself down there let alone have someone do this to her. Ella's breathing grew ragged and irregular as she watched Tom. She closed her eyes, imaging herself under Tom, that it was her body he was doing these things to!

Constance moaned low, and drew her legs up, opening herself more. As he sucked and lightly bit at her clit he reached up with one finger and slowly inserted just the tip...teasing her...moving his hand slowly.

Constance, head thrown back, cried out "Oh yes, Tom, finger fuck, fuck me hard."

Tom drew his head up, smiling complied. Knotting the three middle fingers of his right hand, pushed them into her hot wetness, eliciting a squeal of delight from her. Her hips matched his fingers, and when his tongue snaked out to touch her jewel. Constance went wild, hips jerking body convulsing, as the orgasm swept over her.

What Ella saw, and the feelings that she was experiencing made her want to move her hips and to have Tom's lips and hands on her own body. Her hands strayed to her bodice, she could feel her own hard nipples through the thin material ... she continued to watch....

Tom drew back after Constance recovered from her pleasure induced haze. He removed his fingers, from her body, keeping his eyes on hers, he licked his fingers. Constance shivered, reached up for his belt on his trousers, loosening it, his pants fell, revealing a long, hard, thick cock (Constance had never seen a hard cock before) both Constance and Ella shivered. Constance knowing what Tom would do with his huge hard dick, it was at least 8 inches long and as big around as his forearm, with a large flaring mushroom head! Ella shivered, wondering what he would do with that, it was to big to put anywhere.

Tom grasped his cock with one hand, and rubbed it hard over her little hard nub, and down the dripping wet slit. Ella's legs went weak watching this. Constance went wild. Her hips bucked, and sought to impale herself on his huge member. Tom just laughed, and asked what she wanted.

"Fuck me you beast, stuff me with that rock hard cock" Constance ground out. Biting her lips, and thrusting her hips at him, Tom proceeded to stuff that huge thing in her stepmama. Ella thought that he would tear her asunder...but no she only encouraged him more," harder, harder" she said. He drew back nearly pulling all of the way out, then only with the tip of his cock, slowly pushed in and out of her. Until she lay there gasping and panting ... her legs wrapped around his body, attempting to pull him deeper inside her, her hands on his tight ass. Screaming her frustration "you bastard, don't tease me, fuck me!"

With this Tom seemed to lose control, slamming down into her body. Hearing the rhythmic slap of their bodies, the muffled moans of pleasure. Ella fell to her knees, her hands creeping up under her skirts, touching herself in a way that she never had before. As the two in the cottage reached their simultaneous climax. Ella was at the window, frantically rubbing her clit, reached her own heaven.

Shaken and confused by what had happened, Ella stumbled away, back to the house, to her room.

While back at the garden cottage, Constance and Tom were just getting warmed up.

Constance pulled the rest of her clothing off, watching Tom do the same. She then reached out and took his semi soft member in her hand. It was hard to believe that just a few moments ago, it had been so rock hard, and had fucked her so well. She took him in her mouth, her little tongue, teasing, her lips pulling and sucking on him. Her teeth lightly grazing over the tip. Pulling him deeper into her throat, she let out a low moan at the expression on his face. She pushed him to his back, her mouth never leaving his hardening cock.

Her hands cupped his balls, squeezing them, he became so full and hard, that she could no longer contain him in her mouth, falling back, grasping him in both hands, she sucked hard on the head, licking down the side, taking each testicle in her mouth and drawing and sucking hard on each one. Her hands never leaving his shaft.

All Tom could do was lay back, gasping with delight. Reaching out, he cruelly grasped her breasts, pinching her nipples, then rolling the hard nubs between his fingers.

Swinging her bottom around, she presented him with her smooth, wet pussy just begging for his attention. While she continued to suck and lick his cock and balls, Tom attacked her wet pussy with a vengeance.

Tom's tongue snaked along her slit, entering her, he fucked her with his mouth. His thumb found her clit, rubbing in circles, not touching it directly. She couldn't keep her hips still, pushing her pussy into his face, she sucked harder on his dick, nearly causing him to shoot his load in her mouth.

"Not yet you little bitch"....pullling her off of him. He came to his knees, hands on her hips, he forcefully entered her from behind. She squealed as he slammed into her, his balls slapping at her engorged clit. As he rode her hard, raised a hand, and slapped her hard on her butt cheeks, all the while saying "you have been a bad little bitch,, and you need to be taught a lesson"

Gasping with each thrust Constance said "Oh yes, I have been bad, you have to punish me." As the waves built, pushing her towards a powerful orgasm. Tom abruptly stopped, withdrawing from her tight hot cunny. She cried out "NO!"

Grasping her by the hair, he pulled her around, lightly slapping her across the face, and flinging her to her back. He drew her legs over his shoulders and filled her with his massive cock. With each thrust, he seemed to grow bigger, stretching the walls of sheath until she thought she would tear. As she felt her own body contracting as a huge orgasm washed over her, he filled her with hot cum, so much hot juice, feeling each pulse, pushing deeper.

Tom collapsed on her, both fell into an exhausted, fulfilled sleep, neither caring or knowing they had been observed.

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