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Elle & Laura


Pam had just left to meet her 1:00 curfew, leaving Laura and I alone together in my room, playing truth or dare.

"Okay, Elle, truth or dare?" asked Laura.

"Truth," I responded immediately. Laura was definitely the wilder of the two of us, and I didn't know what she'd dare me to do. I admit it, I'm a sissy.

"Okay. Hmm," said Laura. She had to think for a moment to come up with a question she didn't know the answer to. Laura and I are cousins -- our moms are sisters. We've known each other since birth and are very close; we tell each other EVERYTHING.

"Okay," she finally said, "I've got one. Have you ever fantasized about sex with a girl?"

"Well...yeah," I said. I could feel my cheeks start to get hot. I frequently had dreams about girls, from which I would wake covered in sweat and indescribably aroused. I glanced at her face but couldn't discern her reaction in the semi-darkness of my room. There was an uncomfortable pause before I realized she was waiting for me to take my turn.

"Oh, uh, truth or dare?" I asked. She picked truth. I hesitated -- I was dying to know her answer to the same question, but apprehensive about asking. Curiosity won and I said in what I hoped was a casual tone, "Have you?"

"All the time," she said frankly. I wasn't sure how to react. "Truth or dare?" she asked.

"Truth," I said, as usual.

"Have you ever fantasized about sex with me?" she asked, in a tone that made it obvious she had had the question on the tip of her tongue before I chose truth.

Now, her previous question had come as a surprise. But I had a few bisexual friends, and people talk about lesbians all the time. It was a question I could handle. But, sex with Laura is NOT a concept I was used to dealing with daily. Before she had asked the question the answer would have been "no." But, now that the idea of lesbian sex was on my mind, and she had introduced the concept of lesbian sex with her, that "no" was becoming less definite. The more I thought about it, the sexier she was. The innocent tone with which she had just spoken was such a turn-on. Her long golden hair was so vibrant, her eyes so bright, her turned-up nose so cute, her full lips so inviting, her neck so slim and -- I stopped that train of thought before it moved any lower on her body. Still, I didn't know what the answer to her question was.

"Uh, I um--I, uh, changed my mind, dare," I stuttered.

"That's okay," she said. Her voice, incredibly, remained even and casual."Um...alright, come sit over here," she said.

"That's it?" I asked dubiously.

"No, silly," she giggled, patting the carpet next to her, "Just come here." So, I got off of my bed and sat down next to where she was sitting against the wall. We were real close, I could feel the heat coming from her arm. When we turned our heads to look at each otheer, our noses were only a few inches apart. "Hold on," she said, and leaned forward so that she could reach her arms up under the back of her shirt. I watched, bewildered, as she removed her bra and pulled it out through one of the sleeves of her t-shirt.

"Okay, your dare..." she said, and pulled up the front of her shirt revealing two perfectly formed, slightly larger-than-average, totally untanned breasts with exquisite light brown nipples. "Is to suck my nipples." It was unbelievable. I felt all fluttery and hot. Suddenly all I wanted to do was to touch, taste, experience her beautiful chest.

I tore my attention away from her tits to look up at her face. She smiled encouragingly and my inhibitions melted. Placing my hand awkwardly over her belly button, I lowered my mouth to a nipple and touched it tentatively with my tongue. She let out a sigh and the nipple instantly hardened. Excited by her reaction, I stuck my entire mouth on as much of her breast as I could, circling the nipple with my tongue. I removed my hand from her stomach and used it to massage one breast while I licked and nibbled the other. After a few minutes, I switched tits. I just couldn't get enough of the spicy taste of her nipples. The whole time, she made little whimpering noises, which I found so unbearably erotic.

After a while, she pulled my head away. Reluctantly, I let her. Her face was flushed with arousal and, I suddenly realized, my panties were soaked. She gave me a loving smile.

"Your turn," she said.

"Truth or dare?"


"Do the same thing to me," I said, eager to feel what Laura had felt. I pulled up my shirt -- I was braless. My breasts were the same size as hers, but my nipples were a deep pink, almost red, and pierced. Without a word she bent to her task, pushing my nipple ring around with her tongue. I gasped at the first contact, but quickly relaxed. I often stimulated my breasts manually while masturbating, but the feel of a tongue on my virgin tits was a billion times better. Each lick of her eager tongue sent a shiver down my spine.

Suddenly, just as she started really going at it, she stopped. I looked down to see what could possibly be interrupting my moment of bliss, and was met with Laura's hot lips on mine. We both groaned as she tried to devour my mouth. Her tongue walked into my mouth like it owned the place, and began exploring every crevice. My tongue met hers in a passionate embrace. This was beyond kissing any boy. Kissing a boy was just a brief clash of two mouths. Kissing my cousin was a long, passionate union of two souls.

Finally she broke the kiss, leaving my mouth vibrating with sensation. We stared at each other briefly, breathing hard. She ripped off my shirt, then pulled my skirt off. I was left naked except for my panties.

"Fuck, you're soaked," she said breathily. That was an understatement; my panties were entirely saturated with my juices. I watched as she pulled off her own t-shirt, then wiggled out of her shorts. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw her beautiful blond bush. Before I could comment she was removing my panties. I stretched my legs out so she could pull them off easily. Then she fixed her gaze on my wet, shaved pussy.

"I'm gonna make you come all over my face," she said, and dove for my cunt. I squealed with pleasure and surprise as she licked me, and was so aroused that I orgasmed immediately. I squeezed my eyes shut tight as, true to her prediction, I came all over my cousin's face.

We both relaxed. For nearly fifteen minutes we sat in that position, trying to catch our breath -- two naked girls, me with the top of my back and my neck leaning on the wall, the rest of my body sprawled over the floor, my cousin still between my wide open legs, head resting on my thigh. After a while, I couldn't wait any longer to taste her.

"My turn," I said, and we switched places. I was suddenly directly in front of Elle's cunt. I inhaled deeply, letting her musky scent fill my body. Then I began kissing her inner thighs lightly, around her pussy, coming tantalizingly close but never quite there.

Finally, I attached my mouth to her. Her bush tickled my nose as I shoved my tongue into her hot hole. I licked and sucked and sucked and licked and her cries slowly got louder and louder. I tasted every part of her salty slit and she bucked her hips with incredible pleasure. Finally, there was a dramatic rise in the volume and pitch of her yelps, and in less than a minute she lost control. Her powerful thighs squeezed my head painfully, her heels dug into my back, her entire body spasmed violently and she filled my mouth with hot, salty girl-cum. I swallowed every drop, then lovingly licked her pussy clean as she sighed with post-orgasm bliss.

Finally I moved up and lay on top of her, smashing our breasts and pussies together, and putting me in the perfect position to continue exchanging saliva with her. I chased her tongue around her mouth while lightly stroking her cheek with my fingertips. I could still taste traces of my pussy in her mouth, and I knew she could taste hers in mine. We made out for a long, long time. I could fuck Elle for hours, but I could kiss her for days.

I kissed her for an eternity, one hand on the side of her head and one on her thigh. Her thigh, her beautiful thigh. It was so smooth and flawless and warm. I let my mind wander around Elle's body while my tongue wandered around her mouth. Her beautiful, sexy tits, her long, sensual legs, and her hot, tasty pussy. Every part of her body turned me on, and the intensity of the kiss grew as I got hotter and hotter. My cousin was such a fucking hottie. I wanted her so bad.

Before long my pussy was dripping again and I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. I gave a long, sexy moan into my cousin's mouth, then broke the kiss. I rolled off of her and stuck three fingers in my pussy and began fucking myself wildly while massaging my clit with my thumb. I needed an orgasm so badly.

"Now, now, that's my job," my cousin grinned, and pulled my hand away.

"Fuck," I whispered, breathing hard. "I need it so fucking bad. Eat me, baby..."

"Why should I?" she asked. I looked at her and saw a mischevious grin on her face.

"Please, Elle, I need it," I moaned. I couldn't believe how horny I was. At that moment, I would do anything to get off.

"Oh, I don't think you want it enough," she said, her grin widening.

"Just fucking eat me!" I practically screamed.

"Make me," she said. I couldn't believe her.

"Damn it, Elle, I need to fucking come!" with every second I was getting hornier, and the fact that my cousin was sexy, naked, and right next to me wasn't helping.

"Oh, I'm sure you don't REALLY need to come," she said. Unable to stand it any longer, I tried to masturbate again. Again Elle moved my hand away.

"If you want to come, Laura, you're gonna have to convince me you need it," she insisted. She was driving me insane, but I knew she wouldn't get me off until I had satisfied her.

"Please, Elle! I have to have you! You're so fucking sexy! I need you to devour my wet pussy before I EXPLODE!" I gasped.

"You're such a little slut," she giggled.

"Lick me, you bitch!" I groaned. I can't express how much I needed it.

"Well, gee, when you put it that way," she said, and bit my clit. I screamed while she continued to chew on my clit. In less than a minute, I screamed again and came all over her face a second time. This orgasm was the best of my life. I felt like I pumped come all over her for five minutes straight. I was screaming the whole time, shaking my head back and forth. Finally I began to calm down, and sucked in huge gulps of air while she moved away from my clit to lick my pussy clean. As my moans subsided, she continued to lick my cunt. I had barely come down from one orgasm before another one started building. My cries quickly started getting louder, and I began to rub one of my nipples while she licked me. This time she ate me for a long time before, finally, I had three delicious orgasms in rapid succession. It was a long time before either of us could move.

After a while, she lay down next to me. We both propped ourselves up on our elbows and engaged in a long, tender, kiss. Her hand rubbed my stomach gently, lovingly, in circles. Her circles got lower, and lower...

I broke the kiss to moan. She slid a finger in me, then added another and started finger-fucking me. I groaned and reached down to her pussy. We rubbed and fucked and massaged until we both had one last simultaneous orgasm.

Finally, I laid my head on her shoulder.

"Wow...wow...w...wow," I said, too amazed to do much else.

"I know," she said in a dream voice. "That was incredible."

"You're so hot," I said. She laughed. We talked for the rest of the night.

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