tagLesbian SexElli's First Time Ch. 02

Elli's First Time Ch. 02


(Author's note: due to recent reader feedback, be aware that this is the second and final chapter in this story. Your reading enjoyment will be enhanced if you read Part One first.)


I just lay there looking up at my older cousin with Elli's sweet juice dripping from my chin. Elli reacted by trying to cover herself with her hands. She blushed bright pink. Of course she didn't know that Melanie was into girls. Big time.

Mel just laughed. "Don't bother trying to hide now," she said. "I've already seen everything. Besides, you have a great body. You should be proud of it." She closed the door and walked over to the bed. I didn't move and Elli looked like she would die of embarrassment. Melanie stroked Elli's smooth blonde hair then ran the tip of her finger down one arm until she reached my new lover's hand—the hand that was covering her pussy. Gently she lifted the hand to her mouth and sucked on the terrified girl's finger.

"Mmmm," she said. "Tastes good. Andy, you are a naughty girl for keeping her to yourself. I guess you haven't learned how to share."

"I...I didn't plan this..."

"Yeah right," my cousin said. "I could see you wanted her from the second you two met. Now it's my turn." Melanie crossed her hands in front of her and lifted her t-shirt over her head and off. I think I actually heard Elli gasp a little. Melanie does have the most amazing titties. They're big and round yet they hardly sag at all. The nipples are bigger than mine but about the same color—not brown and not pink but somewhere in between. The rest of her body is really nice too, a narrow waist with a slightly rounded belly and a great ass. And smooth skin without a blemish anywhere.

I could see Elli checking her out and it made me a little jealous. Mel knelt on the bed next to me between Elli's wide open legs. She said, "You know your face is all wet." I must have turned three shades of red but Mel just looked at me hungrily. She turned me over on my back and kissed me, and I know she could taste Elli's juice in my mouth. Out tongues danced together for a minute and then she licked up the sauce on my chin and around my mouth. "Mmmmm," she said. "Yummy."

Then she swung one leg over my head so her knees were straddling my face. She said to Elli, "You know what I call your friend Andrea?" Elli didn't know what to say. She just stared as Melanie lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. "I call her my little fuck doll." Looking down at me she spread herself open with her fingers. "Yeah, lick me little fuck doll," she said. I was humiliated that Elli was watching and listening, but I was sooooo horny and the smell of Mel's pussy seemed to make me drunk. I would have done anything she wanted right then.

I stuck out my tongue and licked her cunt. She lowered herself some more until she was pressed against my mouth. "That's right little fuck doll. Lick it." And I did. I licked her juicy cunt and Melanie started to move her hips, riding my face. I pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could, making her squeal. Then Melanie did something that made me so ashamed but at the same time made me so hot that I had to reach down and rub my pussy while she humped against my mouth. She started to talk really dirty. Not to me, but to Elli.

"Oh god, Blondie," she said, "do you like watching your little friend eat my cunt? Did my cousin do a good job on your little pink pussy? It sure looked like she did. I was watching and you two were so hot together. She made you cum real good didn't she? Yeah, she's a good little cunt licker. That's right. My little fuck doll."

She moved her hips faster and I just held my tongue flat against her clit. "Are you getting hot for it again, Blondie?" my cousin asked. "Is Andy your little fuck doll now too?" What happened next made my really angry because I'd already started to think of Elli as my new girlfriend. But it made me horny too. Melanie is like that. She does things that piss me off but she's just so sexy I can't resist her.

"Come here Blondie. Come here and squeeze my titties." I could feel the bed move as Elli changed position, then I could see her above me, her hands on Mel's big boobs. "Mmmm, that's right," Mel said. "Now kiss them. Kiss and suck on my big fat tits." I wanted to say No! I found her! She's mine! But I couldn't say anything with Melanie's pussy covering my mouth. I could only watch as Elli's sweet face moved closer and she took one of Mel's nipples in her mouth.

Melanie's hips moved faster and faster as I closed my eyes and tried to keep my tongue on her clit. Her girl juice poured into my open mouth. She was moaning now and I could tell she wasn't far from cumming. When I heard Mel say, "Yeah, pinch my nipples," I looked up again. My cousin and my new friend Elli were kissing like lovers and their hands were all over each other. "Oh god yes, eat my pussy little fuck doll," Melanie pleaded. A hand grabbed my hair and pulled my face even tighter against Mel's cunt. It should have made me angry but it only made me rub my pussy more frantically.

I wanted Melanie to cum and I knew just how to make it happen. I plunged one finger way up inside my sopping pussy and got it good and wet. Reaching between Mel's round butt cheeks, I found her little puckered asshole and worked my finger in circles until the tip popped through her tight ring and into her anus. "Oh fuck!" she screamed, flooding my mouth with her cum. She fell forward against Elli as her legs trembled around my head. Her sap was still running and I licked it up.

After a minute or two Melanie rolled off me and snuggled up against Elli. I was furious but what could I say? 'Hey Mel, I seduced this girl first so she's mine?' Instead I just lay there watching them fondle each other, and stroking my pussy slowly with my fingers. Then Melanie did something that made me instantly forgive her and love her all over again. She said to Elli, "Have you ever tasted another girl's pussy?" Elli shyly shook her head no. "Then kiss Andrea. Kiss my little fuck doll," Mel said. "I bet her mouth is full of my pussy cream."

Not only was the taste of Mel's pussy in my mouth, half my face was still coated with her slippery girl juice. Elli came to me on her hands and knees. She smiled sweetly and my heart melted. "Thank you," she said, and kissed me. It was a delicate sort of kiss at first, but soon grew heated when her tongue dipped into my mouth. I heard her say, "Mmmm," and I got the feeling she liked the taste of Melanie's pussy. When she licked the cum from my cheeks I was sure of it.

"It's good, eh Blondie?" Melanie asked. "Now suck on her tits," said my favorite cousin, directing Elli's lovely head toward my breasts. The sweet lost Canadian looked into my eyes as she licked one of my aching nips and then sucked it into her mouth. I groaned with pleasure. She moved to the other breast as I ran my fingers through her hair and told her she was gorgeous. Elli went back and forth between my tender buds, all the while looking up at me with her wide blue eyes.

"Okay, enough of the lovey-dovey," said Melanie. "Eat my little fuck doll now, Blondie. I want to see you eat your first pussy." Elli took a last loving lick on each nipple before turning south. I grabbed her wrist.

"You don't need to do this," I said.

Elli raised her head and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. "I want to," she said, then moved down my body planting sweet kisses along the way. At last she was between my legs. Melanie was right, of course. I'd wanted this ever since we met Elli in the park.

"Oh sweetie, oh baby," I murmured as she kissed the tops of my thighs. She explored my sensitive labes with a fingertip, making me shiver.

"Your pussy is beautiful," she said, before raising her eyes to mine once more. Then, as Melanie and I both watched as if in a trance, she slowly brought her mouth down on my seething cunt. She first covered it with kisses before the tip of her tongue appeared, snaking into my folds of quivering pink flesh.

"Oh god," I whimpered.

"Oh yeah!" Melanie said triumphantly. "Blondie eats her first pussy!"

We watched my new lover's expression change from trepidation to joy, as Elli moved from tentative exploration to full-on cunt sucking. She was good. I could have guessed from the way she kissed that she would be good, but not this good. It was like she'd been born to it. The sexy blonde waif ate me just the way I like it, licking slowly from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit and circling my little pink love button. When my hips began to move she fell in with my rhythm as if we'd been lovers for years. It was wonderful.

It felt soooo good I wanted her to do it for hours...but I also needed to cum. "Put a finger inside me," I said. Elli sucked on a finger to wet it, then slipped it into my molten hot cunt. "Oh yes," I gasped. "Just like that." The pressure was building and I moved my hips more urgently but she stayed with me. "Try two fingers," I said.

"Andy, you are such a horny little slut," Melanie said. I looked over at her and saw that she was finger fucking herself as she watched. Then I looked down at Elli's pretty face as she ate me. Her tongue tickled my clit as her fingers worked deep in my fuckhole. But it was her eyes that pushed me over the edge. So wide and blue and seemingly innocent, and they looked up at me with such longing. I could see that this was something that she really wanted—that she wanted me. I screamed as the first spasms ripped through my body. It was so intense that I actually started to cry.

"Oh god, oh Elli, oh fuck, oh baby, oh Elli..." I blubbered. It was the best orgasm of my life and it seemed to go on forever. Like and out-of--body experience, I felt I was floating over the bed somewhere. And that wonderful girl kept her tongue pressed on my clit the whole time. As I finally came down from my sex high, Elli slowly eased her fingers from my dripping quim while lapping up my juice.

When I'd got control of my limbs again I pulled her up so I could kiss her. "Elli, you're incredible," I told her. She smiled and her lips were wet with my greasy emissions. We kissed softly. I held her in my arms and squeezed her tight.

"No, you're incredible," she said, and kissed away my tears. We giggled and kissed some more and I could have spent the whole night that way. But Melanie was ready for more and she didn't let us rest for long.

"It's time for Blondie to learn some new games," Mel said. Then she lay on her back, pulling Elli toward her. "So is this really the first time you've been with a girl?" asked Melanie of our new friend. Elli nodded. "Then you're in for a treat. It's a two-for-the-price-of-one special." The blonde hottie was positioned so that she knelt over Mel's head, exactly the way Melanie had straddled my head a little earlier. I could see that Elli was still a bit awkward about the situation—she was blushing as she lowered her juicy peach to Mel's face—but she didn't refuse, either.

I knelt in front of Elli and hugged her, our boobs squished together. "Are you sure you're okay with all this?" I asked.

"Yeah....ah...I think so," she answered as Melanie began to lick her pussy. We laughed and then I kissed her. She sighed into my mouth as Mel's tongue explored the recesses of her pretty pussy. It made me hot to watch her face as my cousin licked her clit. I moved down to her perfect beasts and sucked on them. Her nipples were pink and stiff and I loved them. I could only imagine what she must be feeling with one mouth on her pussy and another on her tits.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Yes..." she answered hesitantly.

"Just relax," I said. "You're going to love this." And with that I pushed her shoulders down until her breasts were pressed against the mattress and her ass was high in the air. Mel never stopped licking her pussy—she probably knew what I was going to do next. I crawled on top of Melanie, stopping to suck her amazing breasts. They were slightly flattened from lying on her back, but still round and full. Mel paused long enough to kiss me, sharing Elli's tangy flavor. Then she went back to licking the blonde girl's clit while I leaned in between her thighs and pushed my tongue as far as I could up her fuckhole.

"Oh god," Elli moaned as her pussy was double teamed by me and my twenty-three-year-old cousin. I lifted my head after a few moments. It was a beautiful sight. The blonde Canadian's perfect round butt thrust high in the air, my cousin's tongue on her clit, and Elli's face, turned to one side, contorted with pleasure. My attention was drawn to her ass. Her butt cheeks were so smooth and round, and between them lay the most perfect pink puckered asshole.

Did I dare? The girl was enjoying herself, no doubt. Just how far could I push her boundaries? Did she ever play with her butt? I could only guess. She hadn't said no to anything yet. It was just too tempting—I had to find out. I spread her cheeks apart with my hands and ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. Elli moaned. Encouraged, I licked her rosebud, swirling my tongue in a circle. "Oh fuck," she cried. That sealed it. I knew her ass was mine. I stiffened my tongue into a point and tried to squeeze it through the blonde girl's tight little sphincter.

Elli wailed, "Oh fuck yes! Yes! Oh my god! Oh Andy, do it! Yes!" She screamed even louder as the tip of my tongue slipped into her anus. Melanie paused in her cunt licking to watch.

"Oh Blondie, what's the little fuck doll doing to you?" she asked.

"She...she's licking me..."

"Licking you where? Where's her tongue? Tell me."

"My ass...her tongue is in my ass..."

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes...oh god, yes..."

Melanie pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwining. I could taste Elli's pussy in her mouth and she...well, you know. "You're such a dirty little slut," she said to me.

I took Elli's hands and pulled them behind her so that they rested on her ass cheeks. "Spread your ass for me," I said. She did. Then, as Melanie went back to licking her pussy, I began to rhythmically spear her asshole over and over with my tongue.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed. "I'm cumming! Oh god, I'm cumming!" It gave me great pleasure to make my sweet Elizabeth cum so good.

Melanie and I kissed as Elli caught her breath. "We're so bad," I said.

"Uh huh," Mel answered. "I think Blondie wants more." She held two fingers between our mouths and we kissed around them, soaking them with our saliva. Then she sank the wet fingers into Elli's fuckhole and went back to licking her clit. Elli sighed. Moving her hands back to her butt cheeks, I ordered her to keep them spread. I slobbered and drooled on her asshole and wet one of my own fingers in my mouth. Then, while continuously adding more spit to keep it lubed, I slowly eased the finger into Elli's tight little bung hole. I licked all around my finger as I began to fuck it in and out of the blonde girl's ass. Meanwhile Mel fucked her pussy with two fingers and licked her clit.

It was too much. Her orgasm was mind bending. I'm sure our neighbors could hear her screams and her body was wracked with convulsions that went on for more time than seemed possible. I have never seen anyone cum so hard in my life. When we were finally done with her, our little blonde was reduced to a trembling shuddering helpless curled-up ball of delectable flesh. Her face was bathed in sweat and a light sheen covered her entire body. Melanie and I looked down at her and gave each other high fives.

When at last Elli could relax from the fetal position, she lay on her back looking up at us. She was still breathing hard.

After a moment, she said, "Do we really need to find my parents right away?"

The End

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