Elsie was a redhead and was tall and thin. She had slim hips (a turnoff for me) and a very plain face. Her compensating factor was her huge rack (38DD). I learned of her DDs in the course of inspecting the laundry hamper for her panties and bra, a practice I followed for all my sisters' visiting girlfriends. I was surprised to learn those measurements - as a college student, Elsie always dressed conservatively and wore clothes that hid her figure. The crotch scent of her panties also intrigued me. I had to check her out. The set up I had was pretty good. We lived in an old house with keyholes in the doors - including the bathroom doors. The guest bathroom just had a tub, no shower.

Watching Elsie through the keyhole as she prepared for a bath, I got a nice surprise. The front of her panties looked like they were filled with popcorn.

When she pulled them down I was distracted momentarily by her long, hanging tits, but when she stood up straight again, even though I was watching from her profile, I saw her huge red, unshaven bush. When she turned away and bent over to test the bathwater temperature, she unknowingly displayed her asshole and full pussy lips to me. I remember thinking how I preferred broad hips and a juicy ass better when bent over, but Elsie's big tits and red bush made her my next target.

It actually happened on a night that we were all at a party across town. It wasn't even late but Elsie was sloppy drunk. She was slurring her words and was completely uncoordinated. I saw my opportunity and offered to drive her back to our house. My sister didn't' object because she still wanted to stay with her other friends.

Getting Elsie into my car wasn't too bad, but getting her back out and then up the stairs to the house was a real challenge. Remember, she was a tall lanky girl - and she was out on her feet. When I got her to the guest bed, I laid her out on her back and spread her arms and legs out. She was wearing a long a long flowing skirt down to her ankles, flat heeled shoes, and a vest over her blouse. I gently shook her shoulder and then cupped a tit. I got no reaction.

I attacked the buttons on her vest first, then those on her blouse and peeled them both back to reveal a huge white bra with the catch in the front. It was like opening a present, but actually I got two presents when I unhooked the catch. Without the support of her bra, her reasts sank to each side of her chest. Still, they were an impressive sight. I must've played with her tits for about 15-20 minutes. They were so much fun. Massaging them, holding them together so I could suck both nipples at the same time, tapping my cock against the tips.

I could have felt them up all night but I knew that I had to continue my thorough inspection, as my sister would probably be home in an hour or two. It would have been frustrating to have spent too much time playing with Elsie's tits and then missing a chance at her pussy. I pulled Elsie's dress up and peered under it. Her panties were doing a horrible job hiding her bush as red hair splayed out from both sides of the leg bands.

Since she had no hips and a small butt, it was very easy to slip her panties down and off her. I remember looking at her sleeping face and thinking that she looked better with her eyes closed. Still, she had a very nice-looking pussy. I gently ran a finger up her slit while watching her sleep, partly as a test to see if she would react and partly because it was so much fun to take advantage of her like that without her knowing. Her inner cunt lips looked like a butterfly when I spread them out.

The intriguing pussy scent I noticed earlier when sniffing the crotch of her panties from the hamper was then quite evident. When I ran my tongue up and through her slit she actually had what I would describe as a tangy walnut taste. After alternating with jamming fingers or tongue up her hole for a while, I got her good and wet. So I wouldn't leave any evidence, I put a condom on and eased my cock into a surprisingly tight pussy. I slowly built up a nice rythm as I fucked her.

In doing so, I kept my upper body propped up with my arms so I could watch her tits jiggling with the rhythm as I repeatedly pounded her defenseless pussy. She moaned a few times during those long minutes but was totally passed out.

I fucked sweet unsuspecting Elsie one more time before putting her panties back on, closing her bra, blouse and vest and then placing a sheet over her.

What a turn on it was to see her the next morning, fully clothed and going out to her part-time job. She never suspected a thing. A little later we actually dated for awhile and had sex. It was good, but wasn't nearly as good as that first night.

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