tagErotic CouplingsElvie at the Office Ch. 02

Elvie at the Office Ch. 02


Robert watched as Elvie walked out of his office. He was spent, he collapsed into his chair, sperm dribbling down his legs, his cock still rock hard from Elvie's hand.

God she was hot. I really want her, he thought to himself, I need to fuck her.

Walking to his bus, Robert saw Elvie getting on hers, he could see from the way she walked that she was excited, he knew she was turned on, and he guessed how wet she must be. All the way back to the camp, all he could think about was Elvie, and imagining ways he could seduce her. Robert got back to his room and immediately stripped off his jeans and stood in front of the mirror. In his reflection he could see the huge wet patch on the front of his underwear where he had exploded in Elvie's hand. As he pulled his underwear down, his penis immediately sprung to life again as saw his body covered in his own cum.

The following day Robert had regained some of his composure. Elvie strode confidently past his office, Good Morning, she said positively, smiling seductively. Each time she walked past during the morning, Elvie smiled at him, usually while raising her eyebrows and biting her bottom lip.

She was sexy, and she knew it, but Robert had plans.

Five minutes before the safety meeting Robert strode into Elvie's office.

"Elvie, can I see you for a moment please," he said. Robert walked back to his office followed by Elvie. As soon as she stepped into his room, Robert closed the door. His hands went up to Elvie's shoulders and he pushed her back against the door. She was pinned there, trapped. Robert didn't say a word. He moved one hand to Elvie's soft neck and felt the velvety skin of her throat under his hand. His other went down to the top of her jeans and expertly undid the button.

"What are you doing?" Elvie asked in a low, shocked voice. But Robert did not speak. Elvie instinctively crossed her legs as she felt Robert start to push down on the waistband of her jeans. The more she struggled to resist him, the harder he pushed. She felt the waistband of her jeans snatching at the skin of her hips. Soon she felt the cold of the door against her ass as Robert started to pull down her clothing.

Robert knelt in front of Elvie and saw the top of her pubic hair just starting to appear above her dishevelled underwear. Using both hands Robert tugged hard until her jeans came down to her ankles, exposing the silky flesh of her glorious legs. Robert did not stop to admire her though; he immediately yanked down Elvie's white cotton panties. He gasped as he saw her naked pussy for the first time. Elvie felt the burning of the skin of her legs and ass from the struggle to keep her clothes on. As she stood exposed in Robert's office, Elvie was surprised how she liked the feeling of being manipulated.

"Open your legs for me," Robert commanded. Elvie flushed with shame as she immediately tried to comply with his demand. Elvie's legs were trapped by her jeans, so she bent her knees to spread her thighs. She felt an intoxicating mixture of excitement and shame rush through her body with Robert looking between her legs.

"You are wet!" Robert exclaimed. "My god you are a dirty little girl."

Elvie felt humiliated at his words, but now the thrill of being exposed to Robert, made her ache for his touch. But when it came, it was not his fingers as she expected, as she looked down she saw Robert inserting a purple coloured device into her excited sex. Waves of lust focussed on her groin and she moaned out loud at the touch on her wetness. What was he putting into her? She was not familiar with the object, it was U shaped and half was inside her while the other half sat snugly against her clitoris.

Robert was feeling the same longing in his crotch. His cock was growing rapidly and he desperately wanted to lean forward and taste the divine vagina in front of him. But after he had inserted the sex toy in Elvie's pussy, he quickly pulled up her panties and jeans, ignoring his desire.

Elvie was shocked, what was happening? Why was he stopping? No! Don't stop she thought to herself in frustration.

"OK, meeting time," Robert said

"What?" Elvie said confused, "you want me to go to the meeting like this?"

Robert opened the door and pushed Elvie into the stream of people walking along the corridor to the meeting room. Confused, Elvie joined the crowd and found herself sitting at a chair in the conference room. As she sat, she felt the unfamiliar feeling of the device between her legs. What was it? Maybe she should go to the bathroom and take it out......

"OK welcome to the safety...." She heard as the meeting started. Oh God, too late to go now. Looking around, Elvie saw that the room was full and she noticed Robert standing behind her at the side of the room.

Robert went to the front of the room, one hand in his pocket, and started talk, but she didn't hear anything. Her head was swimming with bewilderment and arousal. She briefly looked up and saw that Robert was looking directly at her. As he did so she was shocked to feel her body starting to vibrate. "Ahh" she said involuntarily. The tremors were coming from the device inserted into her sex. Everyone in the room turned and looked at her, she blushed, deep redness colouring her lovely cheeks. The vibrations stopped as quickly as they started.

"Elvie, is everything OK?" Robert asked her. In front of everyone in the room, all she could do was give a meek nod.

Oh God, he has put a vibrator in me!

Elvie looked down at the table, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and joy, relishing the riskiness of her situation. Robert had finished and she assumed he was standing behind her again.

As the next speaker stood up, Robert reached into his pocked again and pushed the button on the small remote control. He could see Elvie's body stiffen noticeably as the vibrations pulsed between her legs. This time he increased the speed and allowed her to feel his pleasure for a little longer. He saw Elvie's hand drop into her lap and her fingers digging into the fabric of her jeans. Robert smiled to himself as he felt his penis stretching in his jeans. Seeing Elvie's excitement was rousing his need to feel her naked in his bed.

The room was now clapping someone's accomplishment. Elvie's eyes widened as she felt the third series of vibrations throbbing in her wet sex. This time they were much more intense and were not stopping. Oh God. Oh fuck, please stop! Elvie desperately wanted to touch herself, but knew she could not do it in the middle of the meeting. She put her chin on her chest and closed her eyes tight revelling in the tremors washing through her body. She held her breath and dug her nails deeply into her jeans as the thrill of having her wet pussy stimulated took hold of her. Finally the vibrations stopped and Elvie opened her eyes as she let out a long sigh. Too afraid to look up she continued to look down at her lap desperately hoping the meeting to finish. Before she had time to regain her composure, the vibrator inside her vagina started to shake again. This time with pulses, first growing in intensity and then subsiding. Each pulse caused her legs and stomach to tremble and Elvie knew she would cry out if she reached orgasm. God this is so fucking good. Please stop, I can't take any more. Fuck. Elvie knew she would lose control soon. The pleasure in her soaking wet vagina was too much to resist. Soon she would cum, in the conference room, during the meeting.

Standing behind her, Robert was focussed on Elvie too, totally absorbed by the excitement she obviously felt. He could see she had stopped breathing and knew she was close to cumming. He could see that all the muscles in her arms and neck were tensed. His arousal was huge, he wanted to go over to her and hold her as she came.

Just as Elvie decided she had to run out of the room to cum, the vibrating stopped. She relaxed her body, but her muscles all started trembling. Her sex ached; she felt a desire to be fucked. Her pussy needed attention.

The meeting had ended and Elvie's felt complete relief. Her body was still buzzing, and she did not dare to stand up in front of everyone. As the room emptied, Robert came over and bent down next to her. Elvie's heart raced, is he going to start again?

"Are you ready to have sex with me now?" he whispered in her ear.

Another wave of lust ripped through Elvie as Robert's breath tickled her ear. Nervously she looked up at him. Even before she spoke, Robert knew his fantasy of being with Elvie was going to come true tonight.

* * *

Robert heard the gentle knock on his door and immediately jumped up from his seat to open it. Elvie slipped in and he locked it behind her. She turned and smiled meekly at him and as he looked up and down her slender frame, he smiled. "God you are sexy," he told her truthfully. She was wearing shorts and a white blouse. Robert drank in the view, this beautiful girl really excited him and he felt the desire to take her well up inside him. Robert and Elvie took a step towards each other, Robert pulling Elvie to him. "I want you," he whispered to her, and Elvie knew she would not resist.

Elvie's mouth was already open when Robert leaned down to kiss her. Elvie shamelessly probed Robert's mouth with her tongue, moaning as the lust welled once more inside her. Their tongues pushed deep into each other's mouths, Elvie hungrily sucked Robert's tongue; he pushed it deeper and deeper into her mouth and she sucked harder and moaned louder.

"Oh Elvie," Robert panted and the fury of their passion increased. He tenderly sucked her lower lip into his mouth and rolled it between his teeth. Elvie's hands started to explore Robert's ass and he bit into her lip causing her to cry with delight.

"Undress," he instructed her. Both Robert and Elvie started removing their clothes as quickly as possible. Soon the floor was littered with Elvie's blouse and bra and Robert gasped as he saw her stunning figure. He had always wanted to see her naked and the sight of her naked breasts made his penis swell even more.

Robert's jeans and shirt joined Elvie's clothing on his bedroom floor. In one swift movement, Elvie hurriedly removed her shorts and panties, and lay on the bed. When Robert turned around he saw Elvie, totally naked lying on the bed with her legs spread wide, waiting wantonly, her hands massaging her aroused nipples. Elvie's eyes were glued to the bulge in Roberts underwear, as he slowly removed them she gasped to finally see the erect member she had been holding yesterday.

Robert climbed onto the bed next to Elvie, his erection rubbing up against her hips tacking a thin trail of precum as he moved closer to her. They hungrily explored each other's bodies, Robert feeling the exquisite skin on Elvie's stomach and ass, and Elvie rubbing Robert's hard cock again. She loved the feel of his swollen member in her hands. It was hot to touch and was throbbing as the blood pulsed through him in anticipation of the wonderful sex they were going to experience together.

Robert leaned forward and kissed the wonderful breasts he had dreamed about so many times. Elvie moaned loudly as his tongue flicked over her dark brown nipples, they tasted sweet and immediately hardened as his lips sucked gently on them. Oh god I love his touch, Elvie thought as she thrust her chest to Robert's face to encourage him.

As Robert sucked on one nipple, his hand teased the other between finger and thumb. The more he teased her and sucked her, the more Elvie writhed her body in excitement and the more she moaned. Reassured by her reaction, Robert squeezed her nipple a little harder. "Hnmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, yes," Elvie moaned out load. Robert could not believe how excited her moaning made him. Inspired by her moans Robert squeezed and sucked her nipples harder, causing Elvie's back to arch right off the bed and scream with delight, "Yes Robert!!! Do it." Robert had never been so excited and lightly ran his teeth over Elvie's erect nipple, "yes bite me, BITE me!" she demanded. Repeatedly Robert rolled Elvie's nipple between his teeth, biting her harder than before until her moans reached fever pitch.

Robert slid his hand over Elvie's body feeling her hips, her thighs, her stomach and the warmth of her sex. Wow she is so wet. The excitement of feeling Elvie's wet pussy caused Robert to bite down hard on Elvie's tender nipple. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Elvie screamed, "oh yesssss." Oh my God she fucking loves this!

Precum was now dribbling from Robert's desperate cock, he longed to be touched and as if Elvie read his mind, her hand slid down between his legs and started to caress his balls. His penis responded jerking with excitement and dribbling more precum over Elvie's arm.

Robert slid two fingers into Elvie and immediately noticed how much juice ran over his hand. The other thing he noticed was how hard he had to push to enter her, she had a very tight vagina. As he pushed his fingers into her tiny sex, Elvie's hips bucked violently causing his fingers deeper inside her. "Yesssss, yesss, more, I want more," she demanded. Robert responded pushing his fingers hard into her until his palm slammed into her pubic bone. Elvie opened her legs wider welcoming the intrusion. As he forced his fingers deeper into her, Elvie's hips rotated and rode him like a wild animal, a wanton woman.

Stimulated by Elvie's desire, Robert took a penis shaped dildo from the bedside table. Pushing the long phallus into Elvie's mouth she sucked and licked on it hungrily. Nicely wet, he placed the dildo between Elvie's legs and pushed his fingers into her mouth. Both Elvie's mouth and her pussy were hungry for the invasion they were being subjected to. She licked and sucked all her juices from Robert's fingers as he stretched her pussy with the thick dildo.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me," she pleaded as the dildo slammed deep into her pussy. "Aaahhhhhh, yes, I love you." Robert was shocked by the force he was able to apply and still Elvie wanted more.

"Suck my cock," Robert said, and he climbed astride her his balls touching her face as his head faced her feet. He continued to shove the dildo in and out of Elvie's vagina as she grabbed his cock and greedily pushed it into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around the swollen head of his penis and greedily sucked all the precum from him. As she sucked harder on his engorged penis, Robert watched the thick dildo as it stretched Elvie's wet sex. Soon Robert felt the familiar rising feeling in his loins and thrust his cock deep into Elvie's throat. The deeper he pushed the more she accepted and moaned harder and harder.

God this girl is hot, she can take anything!

Robert could not hold back any longer and he roared as the first jet of semen squirted from his member into Elvie's mouth. Then the second, third and fourth jets pumps cum all over Elvie face and hair.

"Fuck me Robert," Elvie pleaded, "please fuck me"

Robert was once again fucking Elvie's mouth as she ensured he did not lose his hardness. Hearing her words and feeling her tongue on his head fully aroused him once more.

"Turn over you fucking slut," Robert demanded as he climbed off her.

"I am a slut, I am your slut," Elvie responded as she rolled over and lifted her ass in the air invitingly. "Please fuck your slut."

Robert knelt behind her and pushed the head of his rampant cock between the lips of Elvie's soaking wet vagina. "Do you want me?"

"Yes PLEASE," she pleaded, "take me."

Robert gently eased his cock half way inside Elvie. Her pussy was so hot and so fucking tight. Elvie wanted his whole length and pushed her ass backwards to ride him fully. Soon Robert was pumping his cock repeatedly into her wetness.

"Oh yessss, fuck me harder, take your dirty little slut"

Robert rudely grabbed Elvie's hips and as he thrust forward he pulled Elvie back over his penis, fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster. Robert could not believe how hard he was ramming his erection into Elvie, her juices flowing over both their legs.

God this fucking bitch can take anything.

"Ohhhhh yes, I love it when you fuck me." Hearing Elvie's dirty mouth spurred Robert on more and more, he was close to cumming again. Without thinking Robert lifted his hand and brought it down squarely on Elvie's ass. The noise of his had striking the soft flesh of her tender ass excited both of them.

"Oh Robert, spank me Robert."

Robert spanked Elvie again and she felt the warmth of the slap across her ass. SLAP, again he spanked her and this time she cried out in ecstasy as the pain sliced through her. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP

"Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeeessssssssssssssssssss." The pain burned her inflamed ass and Elvie had totally surrendered. Yesterday she was in control, but now she had submitted to his will. She was his. He could do anything he wanted to her, and it would drive her crazy with lust.

Fuck she can take anything and she still wants more. She is fucking amazing.

"Turn over; I want to see your face when I come inside you."

Robert's words were like a drug to Elvie, and she almost came as he uttered them. She turned over and he gazed at her longingly, even in her dishevelled state she looked beautiful. Robert kneeled between Elvie's open legs and told her he was going to fuck her until they both came. As he mounted her, Robert looked at Elvie's face, lines of sperm splashed across her cheeks and lips.

Robert slid his penis agonizingly slowly into Elvie's wet vagina. They kissed deeply tasting the remnants of sperm from Robert's first ejaculation. He licked the mess from her face and kissed her again sharing the last of his cum with her.

Slowly, he reached full penetration, and then paused before removing his penis fully and sliding it back in again. Elvie's pussy clamped around the thickness of his penis.

"I have wanted to fuck you for so long," Robert whispered

"You can fuck me anytime. I am yours; I am your cum-slut," she replied.

Elvie felt the release start in her toes. She rotated her hips faster and faster stretching herself against each of Robert's slow thrusts, rubbing her clit against him willing the final release to crash over her. Elvie's legs were now trembling as the orgasm rose up past her knees and into her thighs. The walls of her silky vagina clamped around his hard cock as she screamed out in delight, the release absolute. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through her body. She dug her nails deep into the flesh of Roberts back, throwing him over the edge. As he emptied his seed into her, she felt his sperm shooting into her sex. Still her body pulsated in ecstasy as her orgasm continued to flood her soul with pleasure. She was his. Completely his.

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