tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEma Applies for a New Job Ch. 02

Ema Applies for a New Job Ch. 02


You should read chapter 1 first, it would be more fun, although this chapter is way more hot. I would love to hear comments and opinions, thank you.


"Mrs. Kent," Lee spoke as if nothing had happened, "this is Miss. Ema."

Ema was so ashamed and humiliated, what was she thinking? Why had she loose control so badly? She walked with her head lowered passing beside Miss. Lee which made her feel even worst.

"Gook morning Ema, sit down." Mrs. Kent offered.

She sat down in front of her with the desk between them. Miss. Lee leaned towards Mrs. Kent and whispered something. By the look on her eyes Ema was sure she had told her about what had happened, Mrs. Kent whispered back and the secretary left.

"Thank you." Ema replied.

"Well, this is here you tell me about your experience." Her voice was so hard and full of authority.

Ema felt so vulnerable, the accident with Miss. Lee had swept the ground of her, "well," Ema started, "I was an executive assistant for..."

"No, no, I don't mean that experience." Mrs. Kent grinned, "In this company we are very concerned with the background of our employees."

"Yes I understand, that is very important." Ema said trying to be condescending. She was in a tight spot and she needed the job so bad.

"Well, I was born in..." Ema started but soon she was interrupted again but this time more aggressively.

"Are you stupid," Mrs. Kent barked, "I'll make it easier for you, I'll make you some questions and you'll answer them, you got it?"

Ema was so scared that she just lowered her head and nodded. She was blowing of her interview. She was very stupid, she should make a bigger effort with her answers,

"Try to make an effort and think," Mrs. Kent said.

"Yes Mrs. Kent."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No I don't." Ema replied trying her best.

"When was the last time you had one?"

"Like a year ago."

"Wow, you must be very horney now," Mrs. Kent mocked her.

Ema couldn't believe what Mrs. Kent had just said but she didn't dare to say anything. Her thong was still bothering her and she felt very uncomfortable, she couldn't stop rocking in her chair and Mrs. Kent noticed it.

"So, are you?" Mrs. Kent asked again.

"Y... yes." Ema murmured not knowing really what to say.

"What? Speak louder, you are not very intelligent, maybe this interview should end now."

"No, sorry Mrs. Kent, I'll try better."

"I'll give you one more chance, answer Me."

"Yes Mrs. Kent, I'm a little horney." Ema said full of shame.

"Ok, that's better." Mrs. Kent got up and started walking; "about this boyfriend, was he big?"

"He wasn't very tall..." Ema said timidly

"You are an idiot. I meant his cock, was it big?"

Ema was startled, how could Mrs. Kent asked something like that? But once again, she just lowered her head and answered, "I think he was average."

Ema was red in shame and the thong was killing her, this time even worst because of Lee's little game and to make it worst she could feel the cold damp patch in her crotch.

"So it was small and didn't satisfy you," Mrs. Kent mocked her once more, "and did you suck on it?"

Ema's eyes opened so big with surprise and shame but forced herself to speak; she needed the job, "sometimes."

"Sometimes," Mrs. Kent repeated, "Why only sometimes?"

"Because I don't like doing that."

"What a teasing cunt," Mrs. Kent said bending over to grab a bottle of coke from the minibar at the back of her office, "and with his small dick, did he ever do your ass?"

"What?" Ema scream, "No way."

She was feeling so humiliated and Mrs. Kent could sense it, "Very well" she said, "Now, tell me, how he fucked you? Tell me the positions you have tried."

Ema couldn't believe that Mrs. Kent had just used the "F" word; specially to ask her how she had relations, "I only do it in missionary position..."

"Really, that is so lame," Mrs. Kent said laughing this made Ema so ashamed and specially worried that she wouldn't get the job so she tried to better her answer,

"Only one time we did it Doggie style; we went out drinking and I had a little bit too much and we did it." Ema couldn't believe that she was telling this woman about her intimate life.

"Very well," Mrs. Kent said with a grin, "Are you uncomfortable in that chair or why are you moving so much?"

"I have a problem with my underwear," Ema just blurted out.

"What is it?"

"Its too small," Ema was now answering out of fear.

"Then you'll be glad to know that now we shall proceed to your fiscal exam."

"Physical? What do you mean?" Ema asked afraid.

"Stand up!" Mrs. Kent ordered, Ema did with no delay "Now, lift your skirt all the way up."

Ema tried to protest but she thought about the job again and she did as told. Mr. Kent was behind her and Ema could only imagine the show she was setting for her. Slowly, Ema lifted her skirt; she felt how it slides over her ass until finally it was over her waist. Mrs. Kent looked at Ema's ass carefully,

"It is a small thong," she remarked. "It's completely buried in your crack, which by the way is very nice."

Ema blushed in shame and humiliation, she heard that Mrs. Kent was walking towards her and she froze in fear. "Let me help you with that." Suddenly she felt Mrs. Kent cold fingers grabbing her thong, she pulled it up and Ema couldn't do but let out a small moan when the thong got incrusted deeper in her ass, then Mrs. Kent started to put it out of her but, slowly spreading her ass with one hand and moving the thong with the other.

"There you go," she said petting her ass when she finished, "that is better, isn't it?"

Ema couldn't answer anything.

"Are you deaf?" Mrs. Kent said angry.

"Sorry... Yes it's better Mrs. Kent." Ema answered.

"Now bend over the desk," slowly Ema lowered her back and rest her elbows on the desk in front of her. "I have to check if you are clean, you know; see if you wipe your butt well or not."

Mrs. Kent moved aside Ema's thong and opened her crack again, but this time with both hands spreading her cheeks as much as she could; Ema's eyes were watering with shame,

"Not bad," Mrs. Kent said, "You are clean. Now turn around, lets see that unsatisfied pussy."

Ema was in shock, how could Mrs. Kent be so rude?

"Come on, turn around," she hurried. Ema turned around trying to cover herself with her hands in front.

"Go on, move your hands." Mrs. Kent ordered, Ema did it exposing herself to this powerful woman,

"My god, what is that?" Mrs. Kent shout, Ema's c-thru pink thong gave Mrs., Kent a perfect look of her hairy pussy and it was so small that her hair came out on the sides making it look even worst, "that is awful,. Take that thong off!" she ordered Ema while she walk to her desk and called her Miss. Lee, "Miss. Lee, bring the full kit, hurry."

Ema was about to cry, Mrs. Kent wanted her to take her underwear off and to make it worst, Miss. Lee was coming too,

"And you," Mrs. Kent said looking back at Ema, "move it, and sit on the desk."

Ema started to pull her thong down, she felt the invasive peace of cloth coming out of her crack, for a second it was a relief, but when she sat down on the desk she felt like a cheap whore on display.

"Open your legs and lean back," as soon as Ema got in position Miss. Lee entered with a box on her hand.

"Here you go Mrs. Kent." Then seeing Ema with her open legs on top of the desk she said, "My god, that is the hairiest pussy I've ever seen."

Ema was completely humiliated, how did she end up sitting on the desk, pantyless and with her pussy on a show.

"I know," Mrs. Kent, "I'm gonna need some help."

Both woman sat on the chairs in front of Ema and examined her, "Lets begin," Mrs. Kent said, "give me the scissors."

With tears on her face Ema stayed still while Mrs. Kent trimmed her pussy. Both women kept making comments about her pussy that only added up to Ema's shame. When Mrs. Kent finished trimming she took a can of shaving cream.

"Please, stop," Ema begged, "Please don't go on."

Mrs. Kent acted as if Ema hadn't said anything, Miss. Lee opened her hand and Mrs. Kent applied some of the cream, then Miss. Lee started covering Ema's pubic hair and pussy with it,

"Please don't do it," Ema cried again.

"Oh, shut up stupid cunt," Miss. Lee shouted, "if you want to get the job, you have to be presentable." Miss. Lee started to spread the cream over Ema's pussy. While she did it Ema felt that she was taking her time on doing it. Miss. Lee hold both lips and started caressing them. Ema felt her pussy react to the soft touch, her lips were getting swollen and she knew she was getting wet.

"Look Mrs. Kent," Miss. Lee said, "she is getting horney."

"Yeah, the poor creature hadn't had a proper fuck in over a year." As soon as Miss. Lee finished covering all Ema's pussy area, Mrs. Kent slipped two fingers in Ema's cunt all the way up to her knuckles. To this Ema just moaned, "You see how the bitch liked it."

Mrs. Kent shaved clean all Ema's pussy and then wiped the extra cream she had.

"Now you can see that pussy." Miss. Lee said.

"Put your thong, bitch, Miss. Lee will take you on a tour of the office."

Ema got down from the desk and put her thong on, "It suits you better," Miss. Lee remarked. "I can see your puff up lips better now."

Ema was in complete humiliation, she couldn't say anything or think straight.

"But before the tour," Mrs. Kent added with a grin, "bend over the desk again, I need to do something."

By now Ema's spirit was broken; she was a puppet, a puppet to entertain.

"This is what we call, The Compromise Test, we will see how much you need this job."

From the box, Miss. Lee took out a 7 inch dildo, she lub it while Mrs. Kent moved Ema's thong and spread her ass.

"It's bad luck you decided to use such a small thong, I hope it doesn't fall." Miss. Lee said. Ema hadn't seen the dildo, but as soon as she felt something pocking on her ass she got the idea.

"Please don't do this, I can't do it, I've never had anything in my ass."

It didn't matter much to Miss. Lee because as soon as the fake cock was in place she rammed it in Ema's asshole making her scream like crazy.

"Nice job," said Mrs. Kent as she put back the thong in place. The peace of thread was the only thing that kept the dildo in place. Since Ema had never had anything up her butt her natural reaction was for her to push it out. Slowly Ema raised again, she could feel the big thing nested on her ass; as she tried to move she could feel it moving with her too, rubbing her, making her hornier realizing how wet she was after all the touching and attention on her pussy she could only think on finger fucking herself.

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