tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmancipation Ch. 02

Emancipation Ch. 02


Day 1 Ch 2: The Game

"That wasn't too subtle Sue, but very tantalizing anyway. Ready? I'll go first. Lois, BLUE?"

"Nope. Hmm, I want you to put your hand in Sue's armhole and pull her nipple for thirty seconds."

I don't think she figured out the game yet, but this can still be interesting. Strangely, nobody reminded her that I was supposed to lose clothes before issuing challenges. Not a problem! Sue's armholes were so big, all she had to do to fully expose at least one tit and nipple was to lift her arm slightly. "A little lame Lois, so thanks." All eyes watched my hand slide into her shirt, caress her tiny tit and toy with her nipple. The shirt managed to hide most of the moves. Both nipples hardened for us and at least two of us licked our lips, aching to bite them.

Sue's turn. But Joe's jeans completely hid his underwear. We decided someone had to unzip his fly to give Sue a chance, and Sue should be the one to unzip him. Despite that, "You know, even the open fly isn't enough, so I'll just take a cold guess. RED?"

"Shit! You got it in one! Now what?"

"HA! You have to prove the color, so lose the pants."

Joe stood and pretended to be upset. He gyrated between the women and wisely asked for their help. They loosened his belt and both managed to stroke his ass and press against his dick before unbuttoning the pants. [26] Nice to see Lois get involved. Controlling the pants drop, each kept a hand on his ass and the other under his navel before following the pants down his legs. Both extended hands and pushed his little dick down so they could watch it spring back under his red Speedo. Sue pressed her ear against his cock as she helped guide the pants off. Joe barely suppressed a groan. His turn to guess.

"Sue, would you cross your legs one more time for me? NO? OK, then I'll guess a GREEN thong."

"Nope! I want you to do the same thing Lois ordered."

"But she doesn't have arm holes."

"No dummy. To ME!"

Lois's eyes popped, Joe grinned and rubbed his hands. His fantasy of seeing, now pulling Sue's tits was coming true. We all got to watch him slide his hand into Sue's shirt and salivate as he pulled and pinched her nipple. Sue closed her eyes and smiled serenely, obviously enjoying this. Lois couldn't believe he was fondling her sister openly, and [27] by her order yet! Now she caught on.

It was her turn. She pointed at me and yelled "WHITE!"

"WRONG! Decisions, decisions." She might be ready, but pushing too fast would break the spell. So, "Take off your bra."

"Well, it could have been worse. Thank you [28] dear." She unhooked her strapless bra and slid it out of her tube top. We didn't see any nice bits, but we did watch her big tits jiggle.

"My turn. Lois, GREEN!"

"Oh no! How did you know? What do I do now?"

"Well, this will be fun. You have to prove I was right and lose clothes, so take off the panties and toss them here."

Lois stood and briefly wiggled her ass for us then demurely showed us her panties before hooking her thumbs in the waistband. [29] She managed to slide them off without exposing anything else and tossed them to me [30] before dropping onto the couch with a pout. I pushed them against my nose and she blushed. "Hmmm, fresh scent with a touch of arousal. Yum." I gave Sue a smell and she liked them too. Then I let Joe smell and asked when was the last time he had a close encounter like that.

"I've never smelled my wife's panties. They do smell great. I think I'll keep these."

"No you don't, I earned them so they're mine for now. Notice the nice wet spot in the gusset?" Lois hid her face. "Not only does this smell great, but I bet it tastes great too." With that, I pushed the flat of my tongue against the gusset, making sure that at least Lois could see me taste her dew.

"OK, Sue. Since we know his color, you can order Joe to do anything now."

"Yup. So many choices, but I think I'll get straight to it. Joe, you will let us remove your Speedo with our mouths!"

"What? Already? I'm not sure I'm ready to see Joe naked.... well, at least it's not me and I get to help him strip."

Since we'd all removed shoes and socks before the game, Joe only had two scraps on. He stood between them again and they plotted how to get his shorts off with just mouths. They seemed to be a little distracted by his tented Speedo. Both girls started with an ear against his leg. Biting and pulling his waistband didn't work, though bumping their chins against his dick was fun. [31]

They tried biting a leg hole each, but we guessed that was mostly to tease him by bumping noses against his throbbing dick. Finally, they bit the front and back waistbands. Lois let Sue take the front, as she pulled the back half way over his ass and waited, and stared at her husband's exposed ass. [32] Sue braced her chin on his dick and bit the front waistband. She pulled it down, past his bush and had to stop when she barely exposed his shaft. Lois could now pull the back completely below his cheeks. Sue took a long look at the firm and fuzzy bare ass up close as Lois grinned. Both girls bit the front and pulled, keeping his dick as flat as possible because they wanted to watch it spring back.

Noses sliding along his willy, they pulled the shorts past his little bulge and it did spring back. It hit Lois in the eye on the way up. Dick and ass exposed, Joe groaned, but the shorts weren't off yet. Lois pulled the back down a little more, joined Sue under his balls and pulled the front loose. Sue kept teasing him with her nose or head and nuzzled his balls until they switched to the sides and pulled it down his legs. They made him stand still a minute while they inspected his stiffy with their noses. [33] Contact! This was the first time Lois ever studied any dick, even Joe's. Finally, they helped pull the shorts over his feet. I think I was jealous!

I told him to go away and get us some drinks. The Black Label was waiting on the table. Swinging his little dick, he brought us four doubles of my best twelve-year old scotch "Here, let me stir these for you." and he shoved his dick into a glass. When he started stirring a second glass, Lois and I grabbed the other two drinks. Lois quickly gulped hers and mine down. "WHOA hun! You just downed FOUR shots of a potent drink. Not to mention committed the grievous sin of not nursing and savoring an innocent twelve year old!" Sue and Joe toasted their flavored STRAIGHT scotches and smugly imbibed.

"He's right, Lois. This will be an incredibly sensuous day for you and you shouldn't need the 'liquid courage.' I don't want your senses dulled. But I perform better without the booze, so that's good."

"OK, Sue, let's try RED."

"Sorry Joe. I want you to let Lois take your shirt off with her feet only."

"Hey, wait. Isn't this supposed to be a penalty for Joe? I don't have underwear on now, so who's getting penalized? This IS a challenge....in for a penny etc. Joe, sit on the floor here. Hmm, that won't work. Lay on your back." Lois lay down by his head and wrapped her legs around him to reach the bottom sides of the T-shirt. As she struggled with the hem, Sue's ploy worked and we all got several peeks up her tiny skirt. She made a few futile efforts to keep her skirt down and closed. [34] Joe may have had the best view, close up and between her legs.

"Wow, Lois, I've never had this view before. [35] I have to tell you, I like it. I forgot how beautiful your pussy is."

"Well keep your pants on... oops, too late! Roll to your side, I'm getting this." And with alternating pulls she did get it off. Now Joe was completely naked and our first loser.... or winner. Sue and Lois are even with two bits on, though Joe and Lois think Sue has THREE, and I'm untouched and insulted. Lois's turn on me."BLUE? What are you writing down?"

"Nope. I'll tell you about these notes tomorrow. Time to show us your tits. Let Joe and me take off your top. I figure I'm going to like the sight of those beauties falling out the bottom of the tube top and rebounding. Not to mention that now it's my turn to share YOUR wife's tits.

"Ok, Joe, let's do this nice and slow. I'm sure the three of us will enjoy watching these nipples harden as her tits bounce. Lois, you won't see them, but you should enjoy the feeling of their jostling free. Tune in to your boob nerves starting now and enjoy the sensations, as we touch you and begin dragging your tight top off. It should fire many nerves. When we have your tits loose, feel free to rub them the way you like." She was too embarrassed to comment, so she groaned and she surrendered to us.

I slipped four fingers in the top back and four more in front above those big warm nipples. My fingers automatically found and squeezed her hardening nipple. Joe did the same. As I slowly swept her top up, I dragged her nipple up as far as I could and compressed her mound. [36] It's likely I'm only the second person in ten years to sexually handle her breast. When the bottom hem started to reveal a nipple, I made sure everyone saw it. Before letting it slip free, I tenderly pet her tit from the bottom to the half-exposed nipple and we watched it pucker. We all teased her and delighted in her enjoyment and emancipation.

The top of the tube top reached her elbow, freezing her with both arms straight up and her tits free to my whim. Carefully, I stretched the hem over the nipple exposing the complete bud while the tube top held her tit up for me. "Sweetie, I can't resist this delicious looking nub. Joe, it's my play but feel free to bite that beautiful bud." Taking liberties, I flicked her nipple with my tongue and licked around the bottom of her tit. Happily, she groaned. I savored one more lick and abruptly pulled the top up to her chin, setting her glorious tits free.

"Lois, let's see how well you can guess who's touching you. We'll work on both nipples at once." I called Sue over and we each sucked a nipple. How bizzare was that? My wife and I sucking the nipples on her sister as her husband watched! Lois guessed Joe and I were sucking her. "One of two. Try one more." Joe and I rolled her puckered nipples and she guessed right. "How does this feel? Do you prefer one more than the other - sucking vs. pinching etc.?"

"I can't tell you how good it all feels. It's been years, if ever, since I felt such stimulation and affection. I love it. I didn't know I missed this so much." And she began to sob with joy. [37] We gave her a minute with privacy since her top still hid her face.

"OK, let's watch these boobs bound for us." We briskly yanked the tube top up to shake and release her generous tits. They did rebound seductively for us. "Lois, I can't wait to swallow one of these. How could you ever call these gorgeous tits your 'huge ugly top'? Many women can cum just from nipple stimulation. I'd like to know if you're one of them. Wouldn't you? I'll take that groan as a yes. Hmm, I see one of us is still completely dressed. Oh oh, it's my turn and you don't have underwear, so I can order anything. Should I let you keep your skirt awhile yet? Mmm, I don't think so. My order, Lois, is for you to remove your skirt in a sexy way."

"Oh no! I just bared my tits to you all. This will make me the second naked one here. ...All right, watch this." With that she stood, gulped and shook her newly freed tits like a harem dancer. [38] Crimson faced, she began sacheting her hips seductively. "You know that if I drop this, my bare pussy will be open for you?" Lois turned her back to us and slowly bent over, letting her tiny skirt climb higher. [39] She shook it harder and it bounced above her tiny ass. We began chanting 'take it off, take it off' and, blushing brightly, she spun around quickly, making her tits swing out and her skirt fly parallel to the floor for a second. [40]

That was long enough to flash her raven clad pussy at us. She unhooked her mini and unwound it, then held it by its ends against her front hips. "Oh God, what am I doing?" She kept swinging it side to side, raised it to where we could see the bottom edge of her pussy then reversed. [41] She lowered it slowly to her hair line, dipped slightly lower and kept teasing us. When she let the skirt sag, it exposed her erect clit. [42] Joe gasped at this totally new, naked Lois. Sue applauded and whistled at her sister. The skirt seemed to pause below her gash and then in slow motion it fell away. Her face glowed bright crimson and Lois yanked the flyaway skirt over her head with a flair. "Eeeeek! Here I am! Tot . . . tot... totally naked. What a gas!" And what a sexy body!

Sue ordered Joe to take off my shorts using only his teeth. "Lois never guessed my underwear, so now you're all going to gang up on me. OK, I'm game." Joe foolishly guessed my loose shorts would be easy to remove. He bit the bottom leg hem on each leg and tugged. My dick was still chubby from Lois's strip and acted as a wedge that kept my shorts from getting by it. Joe had to grab the top hem right above my cock. When he rested his chin on my dick, it pulsed and got stiffer.

"I wish Lois were doing this!" He grabbed the hem below my ass and tugged, then went back to the front. He struggled trying to pull the waist over my dick, but each time he pressed, it got bigger and worse. The girls giggled, he sweat and I was tempted to cheat and help him. I couldn't. When he pulled the rear waistband again, it slid down a little then he pressed his face against my ass and slid down it. I felt a kiss on a cheek. He finally got one side past my swollen cock, but then had to bite the hem that was against my dick. The final trick was to use his chin to push my cock against me while biting the hem it was wedged into and pulling it up, then out. The girls applauded as he went back to each leg hem and pulled my shorts down to my feet. "Damn Joe, I was worried we'd have to go gay. You KNOW that when you kissed my dick it pulsed by reflex only. Right?" ...awkward.

"Oh, I dunno. It seems like you wanted more!" Joe still wasn't sure about Sue's underwear. Before he guessed, she suggested she give him a little help without actually lifting her skirt to show him. She led us to the well-padded cabinet, cleared it and then hopped on. Her crotch was at eye level when we sat on Chairs. As if her tiny skirt wasn't short enough, it climbed to within an inch of her puss when she sat.

"Watch carefully, dumb ass." Sue timed her knee bouncing so when they bumped together, the skirt flew up and made our view clearer. Though her pussy was hidden, her pelt was obvious.

"NONE!" Joe shouted. "You're not wearing any. Your pussy's been bare all day?"

"It's about time you got it. I wanted to be the first one naked. All I had on was TWO little things! Now master, what is your order."

"Well sis, I love your hard nipples, but I want to look into your pussy so lose the skirt like Lois did."

"OK, music please. No? So, I'll hum." And she mimicked Lois's act. She bent over away from us so we could see her cute little squared ass and her already puffy pussy. My dick jumped to full attention when it 'saw' her bent over invitation from both holes. Sharing that lusty view with her sister was a kick, but watching Joe twitch and drool was embarrassingly exciting. She swung her hips and made her tiny tits strain against her short shirt; unhooked her plaid mini mini and shoe shined it across her hips also raising it until we saw her pussy begin showing. Sue lowered it until her light brown thatch peeked at us, then dipped below her excited clit and exposed her reddened, swollen lips. Joe whistled and she threw the skirt at him. She danced about a little, celebrated her pussy freedom, showed off that tempting little ass, and fulfilled another Joe fantasy. At this point two of us were naked, Sue wore only a loose shirt and I still had a shirt and Speedo on.

Lois seemed to already forget she was naked. I suspect that the spotlight on Sue helped. It was Lois's turn again. "I think I'll mix things up a little and issue a challenge. I order you to thoroughly eat Sue as we watch up close! I suspect Sue has no objections, but are you up for it." [43]

"You think that's hard? It's too bad you didn't insist I eat BOTH of you. I'm up for that too. Sue, lean back on the cabinet and put your heels on the edge. Now let your knees fall widely apart. OK, people, here's your closeup view. Isn't it beautiful? Yet, she insists it's ugly. I've never shared her with anyone like this, so I'm having a few 'firsts' myself. Before I dig in, are you interested in an up close sex anatomy lesson? I know you know this stuff, but have you ever had a live, warm body to look at and play with? If it's OK with Sue, there are a few places you may want to feel, smell and maybe taste. Aren't you glad, Lois, that we all washed thoroughly before lunch?"

"Yes, and it was considerate of you to insist so I didn't have to. Thank you."

"I'm sure Joe won't pass up a chance to be close to Sue's snatch, and I'm questioning how much I DO know so yes, I'd like a tour too. ...of my sister's pretty pussy? Yeowww!" [44]

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