Emillya & Joe

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Official and Proper Legal Disclaimer Thingy: The characters of Duncan McLeod, Immortal Boy Scout, and Joseph Dawson, Sexy Blues Singer Extroardinaire, belong to Davis/Panzer productions. They also own the whole Highlander concept thingamajig. All rights therein belong to them, not me. The character of Emillya Sorovkin is mine, all mine. She belongs to me, its all my fault, blame me. No one anywhere anyhow has received any monetary compensation for any part of the following, and never will. No Highlander clones were harmed in the making of this tale; the Joe clone was returned to Clones R Us the following day, a little worse for the wear, but on time. The author will pay for the dry cleaning, though.


Joe leaned back from the computer with a bone popping stretch. He thought to himself that he was getting too old for this. He watched with quiet appreciation as a shy librarian researcher type walked up to him, and decided he wasn’t old, just tired. She was a small woman, barely coming up to his shoulder. She wore her long curly brown hair in a thick neat braid, and silver wire rimmed spectacles. He smiled up at her,

“All finished, Mr. Dawson?”

“Yeah, but call me Joe.” He started picking up the books he’d used and loading them on her cart. “You look familiar, have we met?”

She nodded shyly. “At the reception for the retreat last March, I’m Emillya Sorovkin.” She handed him a manila envelope for the pages spewing from the printer and finished gathering up the books scattered about the computer table.

“That’s right. Ancient Cyrillic languages. I enjoyed your presentation. “ He’d enjoyed flirting with her over the dinner table, too; but she’d suddenly turned shyer and excused herself early. He dropped the envelope in his briefcase and stretched, groaning as stiff joints and muscles popped. “I think I sat too long.” He added as he stood.

She smiled up at him, her blue eyes shy. Um, I could maybe give you a backrub if you wanted one."

“I’d probably fall asleep on you.” He said ruefully.

“Wouldn’t be the first time that happened.” Her smile was quick and self-deprecating. “Maybe some other time.” She said, turning away as a blush crept along her cheekbones.

Joe realized suddenly that she’d been making a pass at him in her quiet way. And he’d fumbled at the five-yard line. He reached for her hand as she turned. It was enveloped in his. His thumb gently caressed her wrist over her tattoo, feeling the pulse there speed up.

“I wasn’t saying no, Emillya”

“Oh.” She said, refusing to meet his eyes. She flushed, unsure of how to go on. Obviously she was unused to this. He found it intoxicating.

“I have an appointment. Do you want to meet for dinner later?”

“Sure.” She still wouldn’t look at him. He named a time and a place and gently kissed her cheek.


They met at a small café on the Rive Gauche. After dinner, they made small talk over coffee. She played nervously with her coffee spoon as they talked shop. She was a research librarian with the Bureau. Finally he took the spoon away from her and covered her hand in his.

“Stop that. You’re making me nervous.” She laughed softly. “So, is the back rub still on?” He leaned back in his chair, looking at her speculatively.

“Of course, but where?” Her soft voice cracked and trailed off as she blushed again.

“My place. We’re just around the corner.”

He paid the bill and helped her on with her jacket.

Once there, she wandered around the living room a bit as he poured brandy and sat on the couch. He pulled off his shirt as she walked over. The dim lamplight played over his smooth skin, gently highlighting his muscled shoulders. He smiled at her, hazel eyes going green with passion and arousal.

She paused for a sip of brandy before climbing behind him and sitting cross-legged. She gently ran her small hands over his back, looking for tight spots and knots. Whenever she found one, she gently increased the pressure ‘til it was smooth as silk under her hands. He relaxed under her touch, sighing as the tension left him, only to be replaced by tension of a much nicer kind.

“Where did you learn to do that?”

“No place special. I get sore sometimes with all the sitting over computers I do, and I know how I like to be touched.”

Her words were soft and straightforward, and they went right to his groin. Her faint Russian accent made her seem even more exotic. He pulled away and turned to face her.

“And how is that?” He tucked a curl behind her ear and slid his hand behind her neck. His long fingers gently stroked the soft skin beneath her braid as he leaned in.

“Like this?” He kissed her softly. It took her by surprise, and he took advantage of her softly parted lips. He kissed her gently, feeling her pulse race in her neck, under his fingers. He raised his head and grinned.

“Or like this?” He kissed her harder, teasing her lips further with the tip of his tongue then thrusting aggressively. She sighed against his lips as her eyes closed.

“Or maybe like this?” he pulled her into his lap with his arms around her, pressing against her breasts. She gasped as he paused for breath. She opened her eyes, which had turned a deeper blue behind her glasses. He cocked an eyebrow towards the bedroom, and she nodded.

She slipped into the bathroom as he made his own preparations. When she slipped back out, he was in his shorts, seated on the edge of the bed. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as her gaze slid over his prosthetics at one side and kept on going. She reached for the lamp, but he intercepted her hand, drawing it to his lips and kissing the palm.

“You want them on?” She asked shyly.

“Of course. You’re gorgeous. I want to see your lovely eyes.” She blushed, resisting slightly when he attempted to pull her down on the bed.

“Wait, what about your back rub?”

“I’ll take a rain check, c’mere.” He said as he drew her closer and kissed her silk clad breasts.

“No really, lay down.” Her soft smile promised something wonderful, so he gave in. He divested himself of his shorts and lay on his stomach as she pulled a small bottle out of her purse. He heard it pop open and smelled sandalwood and spices as she climbed up next to him, clad only in a slip and panties. He jumped as her small hand smoothed the lotion over his skin, tickling him softly, savoring the feel of him under her hands.

He was in a most curious state. His back and shoulders were wondrously relaxed, even as his cock tried to carve out space in the mattress beneath him. He shifted slightly as her hands reached his ass and kneaded softly. She leaned over him and softly nibbled along his neck as her soft hands reached his thighs. Her silk clad breasts were making him crazy as she stretched over his back, to whisper in his ear.

“Still awake?” He nodded, not trusting his voice. “Roll over for me, please?” She slid off his body as he nodded again.

He rolled over and looked up at her, kneeling over him. Her eyes behind her glasses were now a dark sapphire in color. He plucked them off her nose and put them on the nightstand. She straddled his midsection, making him groan as her silk clad bottom touched his cock. She took a bit more lotion in the palm of her hand, smiling down at him.

She smoothed the silky stuff over his chest, starting at his collarbone and working down. Her soft fingers trailed down his breastbone, outlining his pecs and abs. Small fingers circled his nipples, spiraling inwards as she leaned over to kiss him. Her thumbs pressed into his nipples. He couldn’t believe the way his shy librarian turned into a siren in bed, but he wasn’t complaining! When his nipples were erect and he was shaking, she kissed his breastbone. Her hands explored his belly, slipping lower as her lips and teeth wandered over to his nipples. She “mmmh”ed against his nipples, biting them softly. He groaned in frustration as she slid down his body, carefully avoiding his erect cock. He was really aroused now, hard and ready for her, but apparently she wasn’t ready for him.

She slid off him entirely, kneeling between his spread thighs, giving him a great view down her slip as she leaned over him. She took another dab of lotion and smiled up at him again. He gasped her name softly as he realized she was reaching for his cock.

She smiled as she caressed him. She cupped his sac in one warm hand as she stroked his shaft. Her thumb caressed the spot on the bottom where the vein met the head. It slipped up over the head, taking the wetness from the tip and drawing circles in it, teasing him. She had both hands wrapped around him as she lay down. His eyelids fluttered closed as he realized what she had in mind. He felt her warm breath drifting over the tip as she paused. She waited a long moment.

“Oh God! Emillya, just do it already! I’m dying here!” His breathing was fast and hoarse and his body was shaking. Finally, he felt her lips as she kissed him.

She kissed the head again and let it pass her lips. One hand wrapped around the base as she stroked the head with her tongue. One of his hands was in her hair, gently guiding her as she took more in. The other was clenched in the sheets. He was pretty sure she couldn’t take him all in, but damned if she wasn’t trying! Her tongue danced across the head of his cock and dipped gently into the slit in the center. She slid her mouth off him. He stood tall between them, trembling with arousal.

She slid her tongue down the shaft to his balls. She kissed them softly, nipping at the soft skin there. She nibbled at the spot where the shaft met the sac, making him jump at the sensation, calling her name. She nibbled her way back up and swooped down on him. She could only get about two thirds of him in, so she wrapped her lotions slick hands around the bottom of the shaft and squeezed softly as she drew him, sucking harder as her tongue stroked the shaft.

Joe knew he was going to come, just knew it. The sensations were too intense, and he gasped her name, looking up at him.

“Emillya, I just have to..” She smiled and went back to her work, teasing him again. He lasted longer than he thought he would.

Suddenly, he felt his orgasm coming, rising from his legs into his balls and further, until he cried out. His cock burst in his mouth, spilling over her tongue, jerking as he pumped into her. She stayed with him, swallowing as he came. Finally, he was drained and she let him slip out, still semi-erect. She crawled up his body, lying across him as she reached for his brandy. She took a sip and then kissed him. He felt his cock stir between them and smiled at her, knowing she could feel it. He pulled her down for another kiss, murmuring as he kissed her.

“Ready for round two?”

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