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Emillya & Joe Ch. 02

bysnowy ciara©

Official and Proper Legal Disclaimer Thingy: The characters of Duncan McLeod, Immortal Boy Scout, and Joseph Dawson, Sexy Blues Singer Extroardinaire, belong to Davis/Panzer productions. They also own the whole Highlander concept thingamajig. All rights therein belong to them, not me. The character Emillya Sorovkin is mine, all mine. She belongs to me, its all my fault, blame me. No one anywhere anyhow has received any monetary compensation for any part of the following, and never will. No Highlander clones were harmed in the making of this tale; the Joe clone was returned to Clones R Us the following day, a little worse for the wear, but on time. The author will pay for the dry cleaning, though.

* * * * *

"Round two?" She said with a mischievous grin. "What did you have in mind?"

His large hand at the nape over her neck held her down so he could kiss her. His tongue plunged deep inside, thrusting suggestively. She gasped for breath and then chuckled as she kissed down the line of his jaw to his earlobe. One large hand trailed under her slip, tracing each vertebra gently. The other hand caressed her backside through her silken panties. Suddenly, he wrapped both hands around her waist and flipped them over.

He ravished her mouth again, then kissed down to her collarbone. He kissed one silk clad breast, then closed his mouth over the tip. He sucked in deep, jabbing at it with the tip of his tongue, making her writhe beneath him. She gasped as the sensation then shivered as he released her; the damp silk clung to the nipple, which hardened further as the cool air chilled it. He slid the straps off her shoulders and down her arms, baring her small breasts. He dropped his lips to the other nipple, pressing it between the tip of his tongue, pressing hard until she gasped his name. He released it with a chuckle, then rubbed his slightly stubbled cheek against her breasts as he reached beneath the edge of her slip.

He touched her gently through her panties, then tugged her legs apart. One large hand rested just beneath her navel, pressing her down as a finger slipped into her panties. He smiled at her wetness and her heat as his thumb sought her clit. She moaned his name when he found it, closing her eyes against his devilish smile as he found it. He circled it gently, then pressed down harder. She squirmed against his hands as he kissed her again, still teasing her clit. He let her go then, working her slip the rest of the way down to her waist. He softly bit her neck as he gathered the soft material in his hands. She raised her hips when he told her too, and he snagged her panties as well, sliding them down her legs and tossing them away.

His eyes darkened with passion and his cock hardened further as he looked down at her. Her hair had come loose from its braid and tumbled around her shoulders and breasts in wild curls. Her eyes were so dark a blue they almost looked black. Her lips were parted slightly, and a faint blush had crept across her face and breasts. His eyes wandered lower, making her blush more as they paused at the juncture of her legs, at the dampened curls there. She raised a trembling hand and ran a gentle fingertip along his shaft. He played with her, moving gently against her hand. He laughed softly at the naked disappointment on her face when he pulled away.

He rolled onto his back and took her gently by the hips, guiding her to where he wanted her. Soon she was holding the headboard in both hands, and sort of straddling his chest. He took her hips and pulled her down closer. She tensed when she realized what he wanted to do, and resisted slightly as he whispered to her. Calling her sweet names and telling her to trust him.

He resistance melted away when he pressed his lips to her mound. He kissed her deeply, his talented tongue slipping deep inside her silken folds. He ran the tip of his tongue from slit to clit, feeling her body jerk in his hands. One hand slipped between her legs, gently pried her lips apart and spread her lips. Her clit trembled in the room, naked and erect and he kissed it, making circles round it and prodding it with his tongue. She cried out, then lost her breath as he sucked it in, gently letting her feel his teeth. He didn't bite down, just teased her with the hard edges. She lost her grip on the headboard and he paused, giving her a moment to collect herself. Then he moved down, dipping his tongue deep inside, fucking her sweetly with it. He could feel her trying to hold his tongue, feel her muscles bearing down so sweetly on him. She was so tight.

He moved back up to her clit, nibbling the soft flesh all around it. She cried out when he slipped one finger deep inside. She gasped his name as a second finger joined the first, twisting deep inside. Between his tongue and teeth and fingers she felt she was coming apart, that he was trying to eat her alive.

Her orgasm took them both by surprise as he nailed her G spot, wrenching a choked scream from her throat. Her hips twisted, opening her further and driving her clit against his tongue. It came over her in waves, and she cried with the wonder of it. Especially since he was still kissing her, still driving her, still pushing for more. Finally he let it fade; thinking that it was starting to hurt her. He withdrew from her body and gently brought her down to lie on his chest. He rubbed her back gently as she lay, still breathing hard.

"You okay?" he asked, amusement warring with concern in his voice.

"Yeah," she said, still breathless. "No-one's ever done that for me before, or to me. Whatever. Wow. Or thanks." She laughed breathlessly.

He laughed too. "Anytime sweetheart. Especially after what you did for me." One thing was confusing him though. "Can I ask you a rather personal question?" She tensed slightly. "Don't panic, it's not a bad thing."

"Okay." She was unsure of herself again. But that was what was bothering him.

"You seem so quiet and shy, and I'm guessing you don't do this sort of thing often. Where the hell did you learn to do all that?"

She laughed at his tone of voice. "You're right, I don't have a lot experience. But I'm a research librarian, and I have an active imagination." She sobered for a moment, raising herself up to look into his face. "Besides, I've had a crush on you since my academy days. At the retreat, you finally seemed to realize that I'm a grown up, but then I wimped out. I decided if the opportunity ever presented itself again I'd take it."

She bent her head and kissed him again, tasting herself on his lips. It was a bit strange, but still arousing. His callused fingertips still wandered over skin. One had slipped between her legs, teasing her clit. She jumped, and trembled against him.

"I don't think you're done yet, sweetheart." He grasped her hips again and drew her down over his body. He legs parted as she slid down, straddling his hips. He gave her one of those smouldering kisses then whispered in her ear.

"Sit up, baby. Sit up and take me." She drew herself back on her heels and reached for him, closing her eyes as the tip of her cock entered her. He guided her hips as she sat down slowly, letting her body adjust to him. He felt bigger inside her than she thought he'd be and it hurt a bit. Kind of a stretchy good hurt, but an ache nonetheless.

"Open your eyes." He ordered his voice gritty. She did, and the naked lust on his face made her shake.

Finally, she cradled all of him inside, deeper than she'd ever felt anyone. She paused, unsure how to move. He could see her uncertainty in her eyes, and it made him throb inside her.

"Like this" he said, cupping her backside and lifting slightly. She followed his lead, slowly working himself on his cock. He hands rested on his flat stomach, for balance as well as leverage. She lifted herself nearly clear and slid down again hard. She moved faster, harder. He had a fierce grin on his face. She had no idea what an arousing picture she made; a small woman with wildly tousled hair pleasuring herself on him. And her tight little body was giving him a hell of a ride.

He showed her another way, no thrusting at all, just taking him all in and rocking against his pelvis. He clit was throbbing between them and she spasmed around him suddenly, taking both of them by surprise. Her orgasm burned through her, gripping his cock in undulating waves of pleasure. He was in some sort of heaven. A lovely young woman was coming for him, on him, calling his name. He groaned her name and swallowed harshly.

He worked one hand between them and tweaked her clit, hard, setting her off again. The combination of his fingers tugging her clit and his cock inside her was mind-blowing, making her sob his name. He just smiled and kept at it. Her hands were tight on his waist; her fingers leaving red marks on his skin that would take forever to fade. A tear of pleasure tracked down her cheek one cheek to splash onto his stomach. It touched him in some strange way, going right to his heart, making him think this was no ordinary affair. Her muscles clenched finally, in a tight spasm, not releasing him as she drew him in. She cried out again, a wordless cry for help.

He couldn't take it any more; he threw his head back and came with a shout. His abused member was twisting inside her, releasing a whole evening's tension in one long primal scream. His hands clenched on her hips, holding her tight against his bucking body. She sighed his name as he filled her, overflowing her small body. One more time she came, this time with a whimper, weeping with relief and release. She fell forward onto his body, spent, feeling limp. Finally she relaxed enough to let his diminished member slide from her. He rolled her to the side, pulling her up to share his pillow. He wiped a few tears with a gentle thumb, and then kissed the rest away, tasting the salt on his lips.

"Are you okay baby? I've never had a woman come like that for me."

"Yes, well, it was a new experience for me, too, Joe. I don't think I've ever, y'know, done that so many times."

"Done what?" he teased. "Come like that?" She blushed. "My God, Emillya, you were great! Most women don't come like that!"

He could see her getting drowsy and fading in his arms, so he pulled the blankets up over their damp bodies. She cuddled closer.

"We should maybe try that again sometime, then, just to be sure it wasn't a fluke."

"Scientific research and all that." Her voice was soft, slurred as she hovered on the edge of sleep. He smiled and nodded in agreement.

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